Denise was a beautiful 66 year old woman and she was being stalked
Denise Stricker is a beautiful woman.

With short bobbed blonde hair (well, maybe her hair dresser did help a little); she had an erect stately posture, a slim body with almost girlishly narrow hips and jutting breasts that would make a thirty year old proud. Denise could easily pass for forty. Denise Stricker is a beautiful woman. Denise is sixty-six years old.

No doubt because of her beauty and poise Denise still had a number of gentlemen admirers. Although she was unaware she also had one who was fixated on her.

He had first seen her two years ago. She worked in the same building as he. She was an executive secretary with another firm; he’d ridden in the same elevator with her. He was taken by her appearance and intoxicated with her mild soft fragrance. As she left the building he’d followed her home.

She lived in a small bungalow. There was nothing ostentatious about her home but it was neatly landscaped and meticulously maintained. It reminded him of a gingerbread house from a fairy tale. He filed her address away for future reference.

He liked older women; not wrinkled and arthritic, he preferred them to be between forty and sixty. In fact his first sexual experience had been with an older woman. She was forty two, he was fourteen and it had been fantastic. It was with his mother. Over the ensuing years he had bedded quite a number of older gals; many were friends and contemporaries of his mom. Oh, he dated younger girls and would, of course, sleep with them but his passion was older women. He was twenty-seven.

Denise had retired a year and a half ago and he hadn’t seen her since. He’d heard that her mother had passed away somewhere up north and that Denise had received a substantial inheritance but he wasn’t certain.

Then there she was. He was having a pre-work latte in the coffee shop in his office building when she walked in. He’d almost forgotten how stunning she was; dressed in a floral print sun dress and white sandals she was the picture of spring; light and airy. He felt his pulse quicken. She looked so desirable; he had to have her. Although, at sixty-six she was older than his normal age range he would certainly make an exception for her.

He noticed that she was looking around, looking for someone; probable meeting an old co-worker for coffee. Maybe there was time.

Quickly he left the coffee shop and took the elevator to his floor. He put on his sickliest looking face and went to see his boss, telling her that he needed to go home; he was coming down with something nasty. He hurried from his office to the parking garage, got his car and sped to Denise’s home; he still remembered the way.

Parking his car two doors down the street from her home he walked to her porch. Most people secret a spare key somewhere near the front door; for friends or if they inadvertently lock themselves out. He found hers under a flower pot overflowing with geraniums. Taking the key, he raced to a nearby Ace Hardware store; he had them cut a duplicate then returned the original to its hiding place. He knew he shouldn’t hang around but he wanted to be certain that his new key worked. He opened the door. Startled, he stepped back. At his feet was a little white West Highland Terrier; she didn’t bark just wagged. As he reached down, she licked his hand and he scratched her ears. He wanted to walk through the house to check the layout but decided to come back later; Denise might only be having a cup of coffee before her friend had to go to work. He left and found a secluded parking space down the street. He could observe her driveway without drawing undue attention to himself. It was about an hour later when she appeared. She was driving a small red two seat Mercedes convertible. She came out again slightly less than an hour later. She’d changed clothes; nicely dressed in a light beige pant suit set off handsomely by a Hermes scarf in multiple earth tone colors. As she drove away he followed. She used valet parking and entered the Commodore Ritz Hotel. He watched as she walked through the lobby to the ground floor restaurant. Three nicely dressed matrons met her at the door; he was certain she would be having lunch. This gave him plenty of time to set his plan in motion.

Returning to the house he unlocked the door. He was again greeted silently by the little Westie. As he walked through he noted that the house was spotless, the kitchen appliances and spigot gleaming. The living room was furnished with floral print and pastel furniture. It was nicely coordinated. She had an eye for decorating. But he really wanted to check out the bedroom. As he entered the room he noticed the smell of her perfume; light and heady. At the foot of the bed a carpeted bench, a prie deiu or kneeler and wondered about its purpose; was she that religious, kneeling in prayer each night? He went through the drawers in her chest of drawers and vanity. In her lingerie drawer he found her panties. There was a sachet in the drawer emitting a mild fragrance. Although there were several pairs of cotton panties she seemed to favor French cut bikinis trimmed in lace; pretty damned sexy for a sixty-six year old. He went through her walk-in closet. He noticed a clothes hamper and checked its contents. He picked up a pair of her panties and sniffed. Her scent was mild; more the sachet than Denise. He walked on through. At the end of the closet there was a second door. It opened directly into the bath. The bathroom was nicely appointed; a large Jacuzzi tub, commode and bidet; in the corner was a separate walk in shower.

He returned to the bedroom, he needed to find a place to hide; he'd noticed a louvered door across from the bathroom. Opening it he found a small storage space holding tennis racquets, golf clubs and such; the type of things she would only use occasionally; it was perfect. As he closed the door and looked he could observe the complete bedroom and bath through the louvered slats. Another question was soon answered; the little Westie bounded into the room, jumped on the kneeler and leapt onto the bed. She couldn’t make it up without the booster. He chuckled. But now it was time to go. He’d found his hide; now he needed to prepare.

He already had several light weight cotton masks, plastic restraints and latex gloves; now he’s buy a complete change of clothes; sneakers, underwear, grey cotton sweats with elastic at the ankles and a light weight long sleeved top. He’d dispose of these immediately after. Even if he got sloppy and left fiber evidence or a foot print the clothes would be gone and none of his own would appear to be missing. He paid cash for everything and avoided surveillance cameras. Done with his shopping he stopped at an Exxon station near his home and filled his tank. He didn’t really need the fuel but he knew there was a condom vending machine in the rest room; he bought three lubricated Trojans; no pharmacist to see and remember his face. He went home, shaved his pubic area; no hair evidence to shed, changed clothes and put the rest of his paraphernalia in his pockets.

He waited until 7:30. He wanted a little daylight while he got set up. He didn’t want to blunder around in the darkness or risk a light giving him away. He parked several blocks away and jogged toward her home; in his sweats he looked like just another exercise junkie. As he approached he saw that her Mercedes was not in the drive; he thought, my lucky day. He opened her door and walked in locking it back after he’d entered. The little Westie greeted him again; he scratched her back; she really was a cute thing. He wiped the door knob where he had touched it then pulled on the latex gloves. In the bedroom he wiped all of the surfaces he may have touched earlier then flushed the paper towels he had used down the commode. He’d seen too many episodes of CSI to slip up there. He sat outside the storage area and waited; nine thirty came and passed. His adrenalin was pumping; the minutes seemed to crawl. Finally a little after ten he heard her car in the drive. He hid himself and waited.

Denise had enjoyed a pleasant day. She’d met three old friends at the Commodore Ritz’ restaurant for lunch; she’d had the fabulous lobster salad accompanied by three, yes three glasses of a crisp Pinot Grigio. After leaving her friends she’d spent several hours window shopping at Macy’s and Burdines’s; she hadn’t bought anything, just looked. She decided to go the country club and see who was around. As she walked through the entrance she saw her friends Harry and Mary Schwartz along with another man, Harry waved her over. “ Denise, may I introduce you to Malcolm Woods, Mal, this lovely lady is Denise Stricker.” She and Malcolm shook hands each mouthing “How nice to meet you.”
Malcolm was an attractive man of about sixty. Harry asked her to join them for drinks and dinner. She accepted. They went into the bar where she had two Cosmopolitans, her favorite. After the wine at lunch she was starting to feel a little mellow. She found Malcolm, please call me Mal, an interesting conversationalist; she was quite enjoying herself. Once in the restaurant she ordered a rare veal chop and asparagus, undressed. She hated to think what was required to produce the veal, so she just didn’t think about it; after all they did them so splendidly here at the club. Harry ordered two bottles of light red wine, Nouveau Beaujolais, to accompany the meal; Denise had three glasses. After finishing Harry said, “Denise I’m so pleased that you could join us, I know it’s made Mal’s evening more pleasurable as it has Mary’s and mine. I mention Mal’s enjoyment because this meal is a small celebration for him; he’s in town because he’s just been promoted to executive vice-president of our firm; he’ll be moving here soon; but now for dessert and champagne. Denise dear, what will you have.” “Well Harry since we’ve having champagne I think I’ll go light. How about chocolate dipped strawberries?” “Oh my Denise, that sounds decadent.” He motioned the waiter over, “Sam please bring us a large bowl of chocolate dipped strawberries and two bottles of Dom.” They shared the strawberries and toasted Mal’s success with the champagne.

Denise glanced down at her watch and noted it was nearly ten; she needed to get home to feed Morna, her West Highland Terrier and besides, she was feeling a bit tipsy.
“Good friends, old and new I must bid you adieu, this girl is about to turn into Cinderella. Harry, Mary thank you; Mal it was a pleasure. When you get settled in give me a call if you like, I’ll show you the sights, Harry has my number.” “You can count on it; I can’t recall when I’ve had a more enjoyable evening; let me walk you to your car.” “Mal that’s very polite of you but the valet will retrieve it for me.” “Ok then let me walk you to the valet.” As the valet opened her door Mal took her hand and gave it a squeeze; “I think I’ll like it here; goodnight Denise.” “Goodnight Mal.”

As she drove toward home Denise was in a mellow dreamy mood; good friends, good food, good wine and a man she certainly found interesting; she was humming to herself as she walked in the door. Morna, her little Westie greeted her at the door. Morna is Scotch Gaelic meaning beloved and Morna certainly was. “How’s my little girl, did I stay out too late? Come on, I’ll let you out while I fix your dinner.” As Morna took care of her business, Denise freshened her water and put her food down. She was still floating on cloud nine; she put in a classical disk and danced a little to the music. She thought, I’ll have a nice leisurely bath; not the Jacuzzi just hot water and a little scented bath oil; then I’ll put on some lounge wear, hold Morna and listen to this music. Maybe I’ll even go to sleep with it still on; I feel so mellow. She went into her bedroom and slowly undressed. Starting her bath water; she hung up her pant suit and returned to the bedroom. Her panties and bra were color coordinated to her outfit, light beige. She stripped; tossed her lingerie in the hamper, took a fresh pair of panties from her drawer and reentered the bath.

With hungry eyes he watched; the fresh panties appeared to be cotton, maybe more comfortable for sleeping. He thought, my how modest, she’s going to dress in the bath. No matter, the panties would be coming off soon enough. As he watched her immerse herself in the hot bath his excitement was peaking; God he had to have her and soon. He could hear her gently splashing as she washed; she was still humming to the music. She spent almost thirty minutes just soaking; he was so anxious he was almost ready to jump out and grab her there; but he waited. Finally she got out of the tub, toweled dry, rubbed on a dab or two of body lotion and pulled on her panties. Taking a robe from the closet and donning it, she walked back into the bedroom and stood in front of her mirror brushing her hair.

Pulling on his cotton mask he slowly opened the door and rushed her from behind. Maybe she sensed his presence, maybe she caught a glimpse of him in the mirror, whatever the case she started to turn toward him. He was too quick; he took her from behind and pushed her face first onto the bed, falling on her and crushing the breath out of her with his weight. He whispered in her ear, “Denise I don’t want to hurt you but I will. Do as I ask and don’t scream; you’ll survive this.’’ He pulled her to her feet and removed her robe. Almost gently he pushed her back onto the bed, saying,” Lie there and cross your hands over your stomach. That’s right, now I’m going to bind your hands. It won’t hurt but I don’t want you scratching me.” With the plastic ties he bound her wrists. He positioned her lengthwise on the bed and stood back to admire her. Clad only in her panties she was prettier than he’d imagined. He did notice that her breasts were not as firm out of her brassiere, they fell to the sides although still, they were large and full. What the hell did he expect; she was after all sixty-six. Regaining her breath Denise pleaded, “I’ve got a little money, take it; take anything you want from the house but please don’t hurt me.” “Denise like I said, if you cooperate I won’t hurt you; and I am going to take what I want. Denise, the only thing in your home that I want is you.” With that, he straddled her chest, pulled his turgid rod from his sweats, placed it on her chest and surrounded it with her breasts. He’d wanted to titty fuck her from the first time he’s seen her; now he was. He considered cumming all over her pretty face but decided against it; trace evidence you know. “Denise you have beautiful tits but I guess all the boys tell you that, don’t they?” Denise lay mutely. Pinching her left nipple hard he said, “Denise I asked you a question, do they?” Through the pain Denise meekly answered, “Yes.” “Well I thought so and they’re right.”

Through all of her years Denise had never been molested. Not by her father, not by her brother, nor by any of the men she’d dated; she thought she was blessed. Now she was experiencing a woman’s worst nightmare. Releasing her breasts he arose and stood at the side of the bed; looking down at her. He took the waistband of her panties on both sides. “I’m afraid these have to come off for what we’re going to do next; lift your hips.” The fear nearly paralyzed her, she couldn’t endure this; she lost control of her bladder. She was humiliated but thought; at least this may deter him. Instead he cupped her sex and let her gushing flow warm his hand. “Very nice Denise, if I’d known this was going to happen I’d have made it part of my plan.” Losing control, she began to scream. He quickly rolled her onto her tummy; spanking her hard and fast. First tears then sobs, the pain was horrific. She’d never been spanked in her life. Then he rolled her onto her back. Very quietly he said, “I told you no screaming, Denise. I don’t want to hurt but, like I told you, I will, do you understand?” She didn’t answer but she nodded yes, she didn’t want to get spanked or pinched anymore. “That’s a good girl; now raise your hips.” He tugged her soaked panties off and raised them to his nose; inhaling deeply he said, ‘Very nice Denise but you ignored the one thing I told you not to do, you screamed. I think a little penalty is in order.” Lifting her wet panties to her face, he ordered, “Open your mouth.” She knew what he was about to do; she didn’t want it; she clamped her jaw tightly shut. “Oh Denise, you’re going to make me work, that’s ok I really don’t mind.” He gripped her jaw; forcing it open he shoved in her panty, sopping gusset first into her mouth. “How do you like the taste of yourself Denise?” he smirked. The odor was sourly pungent and the taste was appalling, she could only swing her head from side to side, no. “Cooperate with me and you’ll come through this. Remember what Scarlet said, tomorrow is another day. You’ll have another day, too, if I get your cooperation.

He got on the bed and spread her legs. She didn’t fight him, she just lay there; she’d decided that the rape was inevitable and she didn’t want him to hurt or humiliate her any further. As he positioned himself between her splayed legs, she was surprised. He opened a condom and rolled it on, putting the wrapper in his pocket. “No chance of disease and they’re already lubricated in case you’re dry. He reached between her legs and began massaging her. As he suspected she was dry, sere, arid, and dry as a desert. He found her clitoris and played. In spite of herself Denise could feel her vagina moisten; not a flood but the massaging had forced nature’s reaction; she was getting wet. Obviously he felt her respond, too. He lifted her legs over his shoulders, rubbed himself several times along her slit and thrust into her vagina. He buried himself to the hilt. He was huge; she’d never in her life felt anything like this. She moaned into her panty, but no one could hear her but her.

As he pounded into her she could feel herself being torn; he was ripping her apart. God damned she thought, he should be starring in porno films. He was so deep in her he was ramming her cervix, she thought she might faint from the pain; she was in agony. Blessedly, she felt him swell and climax. “Denise you’re even better than I’d imagined. God woman, you were tight as a virgin.” She knew she wasn’t tight down there now. As he pulled out she could tell that her pussy was still gaping open and she could feel something running down her leg; it was her own blood; he’d torn her. He pulled out and rolled the rubber off his huge cock. She stared at it, it was immense; at least a foot long and as big around as a six ounce coke bottle; no wonder she was bleeding. Denise we’re going to rest for a while, would you like to suck my cock while we rest?” She slowly nodded no. “I thought not; that’s ok with me, I’d rather leave your panties in.” “Tell me, how do they smell and taste? Can’t answer? Just nod your head yes or no, do you like them?” Slowly she nodded no.

“Denise, I’m going to get into you again but you might like it or, at the very least, avoid some of the pain if I had some lubricant. I’m sorry I forgot to bring any. Do you have some? Just nod yes or no.” She ached so bad, she’d cooperate all she could if it helped her avoid further pain; she nodded yes. “In the medicine cabinet in the bathroom?” Again, she nodded yes. He went to the medicine chest; it seemed he had a choice; she had both Vaseline and a tube of KY jelly. His first choice would have been the Vaseline; he wouldn’t mind leaving her full of grease; but it could play hell with latex and both his condoms and gloves were latex; he opted for the KY, safety first you know, his safety.

He carried the lubricant back to the bed. She didn’t look so proud now but she was still beautiful. Denise lay sobbing in pain, humiliation, embarrassment, fear and frustration; she was in a terrible position and could nothing about it. She was surprised when he gently pulled her legs over the side of the bed and sat her up. “Denise, I’m going to leave you as you are, you’re bleeding a little but not badly; I’ll clean you up when we’ve finished.” Denise began trembling in fear, there was one thing more that she thought he was going to do; it terrified her; after the way she was torn in her vagina she couldn’t even imagine the pain that would cause. She was sixty-six years old and still a virgin back there; oh a lot of guys had tried but she had fended them all off. Now, she thought, she was going to lose her virgin bottom to a monster. She began to sob harder and whip her head from side to side; no, no she prayed, this can’t be happening. But it was; he lifted her to her feet and hugged her. She didn’t understand if he wanted her bottom why hadn’t he just rolled her over on her tummy. She had a big King sized bed. They had been lying in her puddle of pee; he didn’t seem to have minded that. He could simply roll her over on her tummy onto the dry side and take her. Maybe it wasn’t going to happen. He caressed her and kissed her eyes then her lips and gently massaged her bottom. Standing in front of him she realized he was only about two inches taller than she, but she knew he was strong, she had experienced that.

“Denise if I take the panties out of your mouth are you going to scream? Understand that I’ll harm you if you do?” She nodded her head franticly no. She thought maybe he was going to let her go. He reached up and took the panties out. “Remember, quiet.” She whispered, “Yes, I understand.” Again, he caressed her bottom, saying, “That’s a good girl.” Then he picked up her pillow and walked her to the foot of the bed. Putting the pillow down he forced her to her knees on Morna’s launching pad. He pulled her bound arms above her head and forced her forward so that she lay flat with her face in her pillow. “Yes Denise I think you know what’s going to happen but I’ll try to make it as easy for you as I can. I’m going to use a lot of lubricant but it will still hurt. You can help, as I start to enter you, you can push out your anus like you were trying to use the bathroom. That would make it easier for me to get in. Remember, you have your pillow. If you feel the need to scream, scream into it; I don’t want to hear you, ok?” Almost breathlessly, Denise said, “Yes, I understand.” Now Denise, I’ll be honest with you; I didn’t take your panties out of your mouth just for you. I want to be able to hear you when you moan, and you will moan. You felt what I was like in your pussy, what do you think you’ll feel when I go up your sweet ass?” With her body trembling in fear and in a voice that was barely a shaky whisper she answered, “You’re going to hurt me.” “Yes Denise, I am. Put your face on the pillow.” He massaged her vaginal slit using her own blood as a lubricant and strummed her clitoris. She thought he was trying to make it easier for her but it didn’t help. She felt her spread her back cheeks; with her narrow hips and small tight ass there wasn’t much to spread; then he felt him push a greased finger into her. She had never experienced such abject terror in her life. As he pressed into her she felt her bowels grow watery, her stomach cramped and her heart thumped so hard she thought she could hear it. She thought she was losing control of her bowels. God, what would he do if that happened? He’d probably spank her and make her wallow in it. On top of everything else that would be the ultimate humiliation and embarrassment. Fortunately, that didn’t occur; but again her bladder betrayed her. She released; she didn’t have much left, no volume, but still he cupped her sex. “Thank you Denise, I do love a woman’s pee. I’m not into golden showers and such but I do love to listen and watch a woman gush and I love the feel of it on my hand as I hold their lower lips. If I’d known you could give me this pleasure, I’d have visited you earlier.

Denise, I want to give you a word of advise; don’t hide your key under the geraniums, I found it. He pushed down on the small of her back to hold her in place as he forced a second finger deeply into her. All she could do was moan into her pillow. He added a third finger pumping deeply and stretching her hole. She felt the cold lube being squeezed directly into her. She almost wished he’d continue with his fingers; she knew what was coming when he stopped. As his fingers slipped out of her rosebud she could feel that she was gaping open as far as she could go; she also knew it wouldn’t be enough. From the side of her eye she saw him pick up her soiled panties and wipe his gloved hand; she almost lost it. Her body was shaking it terror so badly she thought she was going into convulsions; she knew it was just moments away and she couldn’t endure the thought. He’d stroked lubricant onto himself before he had cleaned his glove. Now, with a hand on each cheek he spread her for his inspection. He could see the blood from his earlier assault on her vagina mixed with her urine coating the insides of her thighs. He viewed her tight anus, now partially agape from his preparations and he could see her slight naked body quivering in terror and horrendous anticipation while she continued to sob into her pillow. He had to remember; push her face into the pillow, he knew she’d throw her head back and wail. He’d have to be quick; he decided to grasp her hips and pull her back to him while he thrust forward, he intended to impale her on all twelve inches of his giant cock in a single thrust and that would require that he use both hands to grasp her slim hips. If he was quick enough he could be in her and have a hand on her head before the pain fully registered. He was quick enough. Denise, when you feel me against you push back like I told you. Gripping both hips he positioned himself at her entrance; push Denise; He pulled her back roughly as he thrust into her deeply; his whole twelve inches was in. Denise was certain he had ripped her from tail bone to belly button. She raised her head with an agonized scream but she was muffled, his hand on the back of her head, holding her down. Muffled screams, sobs, mournful moans and even grunts as her rutted into her, she was out of any semblance of control; she’d never experienced such excruciating pain in her life. She fainted; her body shutting down to end the agony. He continued to pound viscously into her for nearly five minutes. He wasn’t a teenager any longer; he’d cum just 30 minutes before. Finally he released. He rolled the rubber off and put it in his pocket. What a shame, he still had one left but he didn’t think Denise would be any more fun. It went into his pocket with the one’s he’d used; he would burn the clothes, shoes, gloves, condoms, everything. Screw CSI.

He lifted her limp body, placed in her own urine pool and cut off her bindings; he wouldn’t even leave those. He left and jogged back to his car.

Denise was out for over thirty minutes. As she came around her little Westie Morna was licking her face. Denise hurt everywhere; she pulled Morna to her and sobbed into her soft body.

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