I know that a lot of people didn't like the original hardcore version, so I rewrote it to make it less rough and more kinky.
I know that a lot of people didn't like the original hardcore version, so I rewrote it to make it less rough and more kinky.

I love fucking my sister’s tight wet cunt, we started screwing over the holidays (see Fucking My Sister Over The Holidays). Ever since that night, any time Emily and I had the house to ourselves, we would fuck each other until we were exhausted. My house would be empty when my sister and I would get home after school. On the days when I got home before her, I would watch TV on the couch until my sister got home. When she arrived, without speaking a word, she would get undressed, climb onto the couch, pull my dick out of my pants, and deep-throat it while I fingered her tight ass.
But even with all of that sweet pussy, I wanted more. One girl that caught my eye was my twelve-year old neighbor Julia. My sister was busty with a round ass, but Julia was very petite with A-cup tits. I don’t know what it was, but her diminutive stature gave me a bulging hard-on whenever I saw her. She considered me a good friend, and I thought the same of her, but I would be lying if I didn’t hang out with her on the off chance that I would get to split her in half.
One afternoon in the early May, I came home and the heat was sweltering. ‘Damn global warming.’ Down the road, Julia was getting off at her house. My mind was just focused on taking a shower and getting rid of the ten pounds of dried sweat stuck to my skin.
Like every day this month, I was bummed. My sister was going with her friend Becky on some sort of “college tour” to see where she would go after high school. If you can have sex any time you want, and then have to go through a month without some pussy, that is the raw heart of torture. But to make up for it, she was constantly sending me sexy text messages and pictures.
My phone beeped and I pulled it out. My sister had sent me a text:

You’ll just have to take care of yourself ;D

Attached to the message was a picture of my sister, completely naked. She was sucking on a pink dildo, and there was a close-up on her pussy. From the way it was ravaged and sloppy wet, I knew that she had just fucked herself wild with the dildo. Seeing her sucking her cunt juice off the dildo gave me a boner.
I chuckled as I gently squeezed my dick.
“Yeah, I guess so.” I said to myself. I went home and took that needed shower. As I was walking to my room, wearing my bathrobe (don’t judge me), I heard the door open and slam shut. I already knew it was Julia; she came to my house almost every day after school. Just as I stepped into my room, I heard her run up the stairs.
Making sure that the knot of my robe was tight enough; I sat down and sighed as I waited for Julia to walk into my room, blathering as she always did. I enjoyed hanging out with her, but it was a psychologically exhausting. She stepped into my room and closed the door. There was a look of dread on her face that peaked my curiosity.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“My parents are going to butcher me.” She moaned in anguish as she held out a detention slip.
‘My parents are going to kill me’ is one thing, ‘my parents are going to butcher me’ is serious.’ I thought to myself as I took the note and looked at it. I could feel myself gaining a slight erection as I read it.
“You were caught watching porn?” I asked with a huge smile. She nodded.
“Why?!” I laughed.
“I’ve been wondering about sex and I wanted to know what a guy’s thing looked like. I also wanted to know what it looked like with two girls. I think I might like girls too.” She said. I was using all of my strength to keep from getting a boner.
“I need to have it signed by my parents, and I was wondering if you could forge my dad’s signature? I know that you have good handwriting.” She asked. I thought about it as I looked at the note. Her parents were serious Catholics, really hardcore Catholics. If they found out about this, they would punish Julia in ways that are just under the line of being considered child abuse.
“Sure.” I said as I grabbed a pen and signed her dad’s name with my best penmanship.
“So you really wanted to know what a guy’s dick looked like?” I asked. She nodded. Then I could see her eyes widen as if she was just now realizing that I was only wearing a bathrobe.
“Jake… can I see yours?” She asked shyly. I could feel blood starting to pump into my dick as every fantasy I had had about her shot through my mind.
“Are you sure?” I asked, trying to play it cool. Incredibly nervous, she silently nodded. I walked to the center of the room and faced her. Making it seem like that I was nervous, I pulled off my robe. Talk about the perfect combination: my dick was right between the levels where it was growing in size, and it was becoming hard. My dick was huge, but still looked like I didn’t have a boner.
(By the way, I’m not going to lie for the sake of my ego. I’m an average guy: 6 and half inches, 7 on a good day.)
Julia just stared at my dick and I could see her shaking.
“Now its your turn.” I said. She jerked her head with a look of shock.
“Come on, I showed you what I look like without anything on. Now you have to show me.” I said playfully, trying to ease her. She didn’t move for about ten seconds. Then slowly, she pulled off her shirt, revealing her budding tits, just barely hidden behind a see-through training bra. She slowly unbuttoned her jeans and let them fall to her ankles. Standing before me in nothing but underwear, I could feel my dick hardening as I looked at her.
“Come on, all the way.” I said with a smile. With her face showing her nervousness and even fear towards the situation, she slowly pulled off her bra and panties. I licked my lips as I looked at her pointy nipples and the sweet lips of her young cunt. I just wanted to ravage her all day.
“Do you want to touch it?” I asked, motioning down. She didn’t move.
“Come on, you’ll like it.” I said. Slightly reassured by my words, she slowly walked over to me. Very nervous, she reached out and gently touched my dick with one finger. My dick jumped from a sudden rush of blood, and she pulled her hand back.
“Its alright. Come on.” I said softly with a small smile. I gently took her hand and pulled it to my dick. Her hand closed into a fist out of instinct as I brushed it against my bulging erection. As she got more comfortable, she opened her hand and then closed it around my cock. I swear, I almost shot my load as she slowly stroked it.
“Can you do me a favor?” I asked. She looked at me.
“Get down on your knees. Trust me.” I said the second part when she gave me a look of scared confusion. Very nervous, she got down on her knees and faced me with my dick just five inches from her face.
“Now grip it and start rubbing it.” I said. She reached up and slowly began stroking my now fully hard cock.
“Now give it a kiss.” I said.
“What?!” She gaped.
“Come on, just give it a French kiss on the head. You’ll like it.” I said.
“No! No Jake, that’s too weird!” She began.
“Julia, do you trust me?” I asked, trying to make my voice as sincere as possible.
“Yes.” She said after several moments.
“Then do it. Trust me, you’ll like it.” I said. Julia looked at my bulging cock in her hand and started rubbing it. Very gently, she leaned forward and pressed her lips against the head. I could just barely keep from shooting my load. A few drops a pre-cum dripped onto her lips and she leaned back. I smiled as she licked her lips.
“Now you’re getting in the mood. Ok, this time, close your lips around the head.” I said. With much of her nervousness gone, Julia put her lips around the head of my dick and gently sucked on it.
“Now, put as much in your mouth as possible.” I said, grinning. She slowly put my whole cock into her mouth. Holy shit, this little twelve-year old was good at this! She had the softest mouth imaginable, and she was sucking on my cock like a Popsicle in the summer.
As she brought her tongue up and down the shaft, she rubbed it with her hand. A splotch of cum squirted onto her tongue, completely surprising her.
“Sorry about that. Come up onto the bed, I’ll make you feel as good as you made me feel.” I said with a smile. Julia lay down on the bed and I started licking her young tits. I missed the taste of some quality jugs.
I moved down to her pussy and just looked at the luscious lips.
“Hello beautiful.” I said to myself. I placed my fingers between the lips, and Julia squirmed.
“You alright?” I asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine. That felt… good.” She panted. I sent my tongue deep into her pussy, causing her to squirm. I had a flashback to licking my sister’s pussy as I sent my tongue as far into her young cunt. Twelve years old… I could literally taste her innocence. I stood up and hefted my cock near her pussy.
“Be gentle.” Julia said. I pressed the head of my dick against the lips of her pussy and she shivered. In a slow thrust, I forced my cock into her cunt. Holy shit, it was tighter than my sister’s asshole. Julia arched her back and moaned in a mix of pleasure and pain.
Blood dribbled down the shaft of my dick as I ruptured her hymen. I forced my cock deep inside, pulled it out, and rammed it back in. Julia moaned and squirmed as I picked up speed, fucking her harder and harder. I missed having a tight pussy to fuck. I wrapped my arms around her and picked her up. Holding her up, I increased my speed even more, fucking her as hard as I could and causing her to moan even louder.
After several minutes, I shot a massive load of cum deep into her cunt. I laid her back down on the bed and stepped back. There was blood, cum, and pussy juice oozing from her cunt. She was panting as heavily as I was. I looked at my dick. I had plenty of cum left, but my boner was gone. I had to buy some time so that I could keep this going.
I got down on the floor and rolled her onto her stomach. I spread her soft ass cheeks and looked at her tight anus. I started licking her asshole, shoving my tongue deep inside. The moaning preteen lurched as she felt my tongue flit the inside of her asshole. Enjoying the taste of her young innocence, I licked every corner of her anus.
I could feel my boner returning.
“Julia, do you trust me?” I asked as I started rubbing my dick to get the blood pressure back up.
“Yeah.” She said.
“Then believe me when I say that you will both love and hate this.” I said as pressed the head of my cock against her asshole and shoved it in. Julia gave a mix of a moan and a scream. At first I thought I had gone to far, but I started shoving my dick back in when I saw her rubbing her pussy.
I fucked her as hard as I could, causing her to squirm and moan, but much more actively than when I had ravaged her pussy. After several minutes, Julia screamed and I felt something warm on my dick. I looked down and saw blood oozing around my dick, but it wasn’t mine. I had actually fucked her so hard that I had torn her asshole.
“Oh my god, are you ok?” I asked, seriously worried.
“Yes. Please don’t stop.” She moaned. With a smile on my face, I started ramming her again. She moaned as I reached down and shoved four fingers deep into her pussy. She moaned even louder as I bounced her on my cock and hand.
After ten minutes of some of best fucking ever, I shot a load up into her asshole. I let go of her, letting her fall back onto the bed. She was completely exhausted. I climbed onto the bed and moved up to her face. I put my cock in her mouth and started fucking her mouth. She definitely loved it; I looked back and saw her fingering herself. After a few more minutes, I shot my last load of cum into her throat and onto her tongue.
I had a system for fucking. I would fuck the pussy, the asshole, and then the mouth to drain the last of my sperm and wash off my cock. Whether it was my sister or my preteen neighbor, the system was perfect. I backed off and waited to catch my breath.
“Oh my god, that was the most fun I’ve ever had.” Julia moaned as she washed the cum around in her mouth and rubbed her pussy. I looked at the clock.
“Holy shit, your parents are going to be home any minute.” I gaped. Julia let out a small scream and jumped off the bed. She grabbed her clothes and ran out of my bedroom, letting the door close behind her. She then opened it and looked at me.
“See you tomorrow.” She winked as she kissed the air.
“This is going to be fun.” I chuckled as I stroked my sore dick.

Julia had detention for the rest of the month because of what she did at school. Luckily she still managed to get home an hour before her parents would. When she got home, she would leave her backpack there, and walk to my house. I would answer the door, and she would be smiling and winking at me.
I would pull her inside, rip the clothes off her, and mount her like a dog. After the daily fuck sessions, she would stagger home, filled with sperm. She loved screwing almost as much as I did. I kept on thinking back to the porn she had been caught watching. She said as she was also watching lesbian porn and that she decided she liked girls. An idea popped into my head that gave me a throbbing boner.

My sister came home on the weekend at the end of the month, and we were all happy to see her, especially me. If it weren’t for the fact that my parents were watching us when I Emily a welcome-back hug; I would have grabbed her ass while kissing her neck.
After my parents went to bed, Emily and I stayed up talking.
“So how was your trip?” I asked.
“I saw some great colleges and I know what I want to do after graduation.” She smiled.
“Did anything interesting happen?” I asked with my eyebrows raised. Emily got a coy smile.
“Well I had an interesting night with my friend. We were staying in a hotel room and I finally convinced her to have some naked fun. I’ve always wondered what some pussy tasted like, especially hers.” She said.
“No way!” I gaped. The idea of my naked sister making her hot friend Becky moan as she licked her pussy gave me a huge hard-on.
“I just took a page out of your book; the power of suggestion. Remember that sensual night?” She asked. I could feel the blood draining from my face.
“Oh please, with how hard you were ramming my twat, I knew you had been planning it. And that blowjob was my way of saying ‘I forgive you’” She laughed.
“So anyway, the trip was a mixture of sitting through college description speeches with Becky and I fingering each other under the tables and the 69 position in hotel rooms. I don’t know how much time I spent with her sitting on my face.” She purred. An idea popped into my head.
“How do you like the idea of threesome?” I asked with a smile.

“So what is this girl like?” Emily asked, as she stood before me naked. I had a raging boner as I looked at her bouncing tits and luscious cunt. Oh how I had missed them.
“She’s scrawny in a really sexy way. I’ve been fucking her nonstop, and she loves it just as much as you do.” I said.
“Kinky.” Emily said as she licked her lips with a smile. She reached into her bag and pulled out two bottles of pills.
“By the way, I got these from some stoner in one of the colleges. It’s Viagra and a testicular enhancer. It’ll allow you to ejaculate by the pint a and let you keep an erection for an hour. I want this to last for a while.” She said as she handed me the pills.
“Christmas came early.” I said as I swallowed one of both.
“You do realize you just uttered the world’s greatest case of irony?” Emily chuckled as she rubbed her clit and then sucking on her fingers.
The bedroom door opened as Julia stepped in. She was surprised to see my sister, but I saw her lick her lips as she looked at Emily’s curves, bouncing tits, and shaved pussy.
“Ooh, she’s cute.” Emily purred as she walked around the nervous Julia, inspecting her petite form. The preteen shivered as Emily began kissing her neck, but started rubbing her pussy with arousal.
“Julia, this is my sister Emily. She’s just as happy to meet you as we know you are to meet her.” I said as I walked over, pulling off my clothes. Emily faced Julia and held her hand up to her face. Shyly, Julia flitted her tongue in between Emily’s fingers.
Emily helped Julia undress, complementing her petite form as she did. Julia began to moan as Emily began licking her nipple and rubbing her between the legs. I stepped behind Julia got ready to fuck her in the ass.
“Hold on Jake, lets take things slow. I want to see what she can do before we get to that.” Emily smiled. She grabbed Julia’s head.
“Come to mama.” She said as she pushed her round jugs into Julia’s face. Nervous but horny as hell, Julia began sucking on Emily’s tits. First she did it experimentally, then with gusto. My sister moaned and I started to kiss her, the two of us licking the inside of each other’s mouths. I began fingering both my sister and Julia.
“Get on the bed.” I said to Julia. Julia walked over to the bed and climbed on.
“You too.” I said to Emily as I smacked her on the ass. She smiled and squeezed my dick extra hard as revenge. She climbed up onto the bed, hovering over Julia and gently kissing her young body.
“Have you ever been with a woman?” She cooed as her tongue flitted around Julia’s nipples. Julia shook her head.
“You’ll love it.” She whispered as she began kissing her. Sucking on Julia’s tongue, Emily licked the inside of her mouth, then releasing and rubbing her bouncing tits into her face, forcing her to suck on them. I walked over and started licking my sister’s asshole, making her moan as Julia was being suffocated under her perfect rack.
Emily got off Julia, and I took her place, licking and squeezing Julia’s small tits as Emily got down to her cunt.
“Ooh, young cunt.” She gently licked the lips of Julia’s sweet twat and hummed.
“There is nothing better than preteen pussy.” She said as she delved back into the soft wet cunt. After a few minutes of licking every corner of Julia’s cunt, she got up and moved back up Julia’s face. With her knees on the side of Julia’s head, Emily hovered her wet pussy right over Julia’s face. I took my turn down at Julia’s pussy, enjoying the taste of her cunt juice and my sister’s saliva.
“You are going to love this. I know I did.” Emily purred. Julia smiled and licked her lips. Simultaneously, Julia buried herself into Emily’s cunt at the same time she sat on her face. Emily moaned and coated Julia’s face in pussy juice, while the young girl was licking as if her life depended on it.
Emily moved again, getting into the 69-position. Lowering her cunt onto Julia’s face, Emily burrowed her own into the preteen’s pussy. I got on the other side of the bed, and got behind Emily’s bouncing ass cheeks. With my nuts draped over Julia’s face, I pushed my cock up my sister’s ass.
Emily moaned as I took my rightful place; fucking her tight little asshole. That pill was really working; I could fuck my sister for as long as I wanted and just shoot load after load. After several minutes, Emily looked back at me; her face was covered in pussy juice.
“I want some cum in my mouth.” She said coyly I nodded as I rammed her as hard as I could, once last time. Sperm was overflowing from her ass. She got off of Julia and I got off the bed. Wrapping her legs around Julia’s, the two girls rubbed their pussies together in a sloppy wet grind. As the two girls grinded their cunts against each other and moaned loudly, I held my dick in front of Emily and she started sucking on it.
With her on her back and her head off the bed, her mouth and throat were completely in line. With that perfect angle and Emily’s teeth hidden behind her lips, I was able to fuck her face as hard as I wanted as my nuts slapped her face. I shot a load of cum into her mouth, causing her mouth to overflow with sperm. I shot another load onto her face, completely coating it. As I moved over to Julia, my sister hummed in bliss as she swallowed the sperm.
The two girls started grinding again while Julia gave me a blowjob. I was amazed by how good she was at sucking dick. I had been fucking my sister for months, but this twelve-year old could give best oral massages ever. Emily looked at me.
“Do you want to fuck her?” She asked. I nodded as I filled Julia’s mouth with sperm. Emily got off the bed and walked over to her bag.
“I brought back a souvenir from my lesbian trip. I want to show it to this little nymphomaniac.” She said as she pulled out a strap-on dildo.
“You aren’t planning on using that on me are you?” I laughed as she put it on.
“No, but I want to use it on her.” Emily said as she climbed back onto the bed. With us both up by Julia’s head, she began sucking on the dildo while rubbing my cock. She sucked on the dildo with gusto, deep-throating it soaking it in spit. She then pulled the dildo out of her mouth, leaving it with a thick coating of saliva. She started rubbing the dildo and sucking on my cock. This preteen had the softest mouth.
I shot my load into her mouth. She pulled out my cock and I shot another load onto her face. As if we were reading each other’s minds, Emily shoved her dildo into Julia’s mouth at the same time that I shoved my dick in.
Julia gagged on the dildo and cock, but loved it.
Emily pulled the dildo out of Julia’s and moved down to her pussy. As I moved myself right over Julia’s head so that I could literally fuck her face, Emily shoved her strap-on dildo into Julia’s cunt. It wasn’t very tight; the daily fucking had made sure of that. The preteen moaned in ecstasy as she choked on my cock.
Emily and I switched places, so that now I was fucking her pussy while my sister fucked her face. After several minutes, we rolled Julia onto her stomach. Julia rubbed her pussy, as Emily got ready to go anal.
“Hold on.” I whispered in her ear as I pressed my cock against the lips of her cunt. I shoved it into her sloppy pussy the same time that she shoved her dildo into the horny preteen. Julia and Emily moaned in bliss. Moving in unison, I fucked my sister while she fucked Julia. When I moved back, she moved back, and when I rammed it in, she rammed it in. This made it so that both girls got fucked at the same time and Emily and I were moving in perfect synchronization.
Finally, Emily and I had a gushing orgasm. Pussy juice and cum dripped from her cunt. She pulled out the dildo and moved to the side to catch her breath. I grabbed Julia by her hips, got under her so that her back was to me, and pulled her onto my lap. I pushed my cock up her tight ass, and she let out another moan. Holding her over me, I fucked her like an upside-down jackhammer. I looked at Emily and winked.
Emily got the idea and got in front of Julia. I paused the fucking so that Emily could shove her dildo into Julia’s pussy. I started up again, and my sister and I fucked the preteen in both holes. Within seconds, both her asshole and cunt were bruised from abuse. Finally, I shot my load up her anus, and the mixture dribbled down my cock while Emily licked it off.
I got off the bed and pulled Julia over to me. I forced my cock back into her ass. The sperm made it much easier and acted like lubricant. She I fucked her as hard as possible, shooting one load after another up into her ass. Beneath us was Emily, stroking her dildo and licking Julia’s pussy. She was sucking the mixture of pussy juice, ass juice, and cum that was dripping off the shaft of my dick.
Emily then got back on the bed, bended over the edge. I pulled my cock out of the Julia, and moved onto my sister. I started fucking her ass, listening her to moan. I then shifted to her pussy, shooting more cum up into her.
I stepped back, and looked at the two girls. They were both bent over the edge of the bed, with their assholes and cunts a total mess. Rivers of cum were running down their asses and thighs. Emily got behind Julia, and began drinking cum out of her ass. Julia then did the same to her.
Emily and Julia got onto their knees and started giving me a hand-job. I shot several loads of cum onto both girls’ faces and into their mouths. I then coated their tits in sperm. Emily got up and spat a mouthful of cum into Julia’s mouth.
“Now spit it back into mine.” She said. Julia emptied the contents of her mouth into Emily’s and they started cum swapping back and forth several times. Emily then licked the sperm off of Julia’s small tits and had her do the same. Finally, I made Julia suck me off one last time to drain the last globs of sperm I had left and to clean my dick off.
I collapsed down onto the floor. The three of us were sitting on the floor, trying to catch our breath. Emily was stroking her dildo and fingering Julia, and I was squeezing both girls’ tits.
“We are going to have a lot of fun over the summer.” I said.

As summer started, Emily and I experimented with every kinky thing we could do to our little nymphomaniac. I would screw her while Emily would watch and masturbate, and Emily would screw her while I would masturbate. We also fucked in every part of the house when it was empty. I would be fucking Julia’s pussy on the dinning room table, or Emily would be forcing Julia’s face into her wet ass as she fucked her in the bathtub, or Julia would fist my sister and lick her asshole. We would often stay up late, just screwing each other in every possible way and position.

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