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An incident which revives the CFNM moments in my life. Now it's my nephew's turn.
Part 1

I’ve recently come across this CFNM fetish across the internet. I’ve seen many people, including women like me, who grew up watching their father’s or brother’s penises . I similar stories that I wish to share, I’ve never have shared this with anyone and I hope you all enjoy it.
Well first things first. My name is Samantha and I am now 32 years old. I have long black hair, dark brown eyes, white skin. My breasts are 34C and have been the fantasy of many men, including my brother, he’s seen them before, specially when we were teenagers. I take good care of myself and work out every day, specially after my divorce and so I like to keep in shape.

I have a bachelor’s degree in massage therapy and an associates degree in nursing. I work in an prominent spa giving massage to people, all of them women. I’m not allowed to give massages to men, it’s the company’s policy. So unfortunately for me I’ve never seen a naked man at my job. Some people; including my brother accuse me of being a health freak. To be honest I do like to take good care of myself by eating good and working out.

My brother Brian is 5 years older than me so he’s 37 already. We’ve always had a good relationship since we were kids. We had a very close relationship. I don’t mean to go too much into detail but I basically grew up watching his cock. I had seen it both flaccid and erect and I always thought it was cute. He would walk naked around the house on purpose just so I could see it. When I was 12 I found out about masturbation I asked him how guys did it and he masturbated in front of me. He had seen me naked a few times as well and we both acted like there was nothing wrong with it, though we both knew that we enjoyed seeing each other. He grew up accustomed to being naked in front of me and sometimes I would bring friends to the house and he would “accidentally” expose himself to my friends. My friends all loved him for that. Even now that we’re older I will go to his house and he’ll be naked in front of me, his wife and I get a good laugh but behind the humor there is also a strong sense of sexual attraction. I love my brother for teaching me some of the things that he taught me.

A few years ago we were talking on the phone and we started reminiscing about our teenage years and the conversation changed to our ‘home nudity’. It was a bit embarrassing but he confessed to me that he enjoyed being naked in front of me and he still does, he asked me if at any point I felt guilty about anything and to be honest I didn’t, I enjoyed it so I told him so. He also told me that he still liked being naked in front of me and hoped I wouldn’t mind and I did enjoyed watching his penis hanging out whenever I got the chance. Then half-jokingly he said that he wouldn’t mind if he put my son through the same stuff as he was in his “prime years” years and was hoping he would learn something from a “knowledgeable woman”. I just laughed and didn’t make any promises but I did tell him that I would try.

My nephew Vince was a cute kid. He is 14 years old and I did not intend for some of the things to happen but needless to say I enjoyed watching him naked. He is very tall and has dark skin. He plays soccer at his school and is very athletic. He is very polite and I am always nice to him by giving him money, gifts and letting him do pretty much anything he wants. When he gets in trouble I usually stick to his side and he talks to me about his problems.

Well one particular weekend, my brother and his wife were going on a business trip to Iowa, so they left me in charge of Vince. That Saturday morning I was wearing a pink sports bra and a pair of tight black spandex shorts. I heard the apartment door bell ring and I opened the door. It was my sister in law Jennifer and my nephew Vince. I said hi and hugged my nephew, pressing my breasts against him, I loved teasing men this way. She informed me that Vince had got injured yesterday in his soccer practice and asked me if I could take a look at it. I told her that I would see what I could do. After that she told me they were running late and she had to go so we said our goodbyes. Vince had his duffle bag in his hand and I told him he put it anywhere he wanted. He was wearing a pair of blue shorts, white tee shirt and white sneakers. I asked him if he had eaten breakfast and he told me he hadn’t, so I asked him if I wanted some pancakes and so I started making him some. He started eating his pancakes and I asked him how his soccer was going, he told me it was going great. Then I asked him about his injure and he told me that another guy had hit him with the bottom of his shoe right on his thigh and left him a nasty bruise. I asked him if he wanted me to take a look at it and he hesitated for a second and said sure.
After he was done eating he went to the couch and started watching TV and I washed the dishes. When I was done I asked him if I could take a look at it now and he got a bit nervous and said sure. So I got close to him and he pulled down his shorts a little bit. He caught me off guard since I was expecting the wound to be somewhere on his lower extremities but instead the wound was right next to his pubic area. I could see his pubic hair and I could make the base of his cock. The images of my brother naked were now going through my head and I felt such a need to see my nephew’s cock.

I could see the big bruise and I told him that it was nothing serious and there wasn’t much I could do but I didn’t want to slip up the opportunity to see his cock neither. I was going to try and take a peek if I could and if he let me. I needed a plan and it came to my head that I should rub some coconut oil on his bruise. I had done this a million times and it worked great. I just told him that I would rub coconut oil on his bruise in hopes it would make it go away.

“OK first I’m going to need you to strip off your shorts and boxers.” I told him after building up the courage to tell him. There was really no need for him to do this but I lied to him that I didn’t want to get oil all over his clothes.

He looked at me a bit embarrassed and confused but told me “sure”.

He pulled down his shorts first, then his pair of blue boxers and to my surprise he was well endowed. His cock was flaccid but it had to be at least 5 inches long. When he stepped of his boxers his cock dangled a little bit and I was instantly horny. I tried to show no signs of sexual arousal and just told him I was going to be right back and to wait for me. I went into my bedroom and pulled out the coconut oil that I had and took a look in the mirror to make sure I looked good. I was still wearing my pink sports bra and my tight black lycra shorts when it came to my mind to expose a bit more of my breasts. So I tried to pull down the bra as much as I could to make sure he could see my cleavage. I was so horny and wanted to masturbate right then and there, but I composed myself and tried to look natural. I pulled a small white towel out of the closet and headed to the living room.

He was still standing in front of the sofa watching TV which gave me a precious few seconds to admire his cock, he was uncircumcised which made me think of my brother’s cock. I got close to him and put the towel on the couch. I instructed him to sit down on the towel and he did as told. The sitting position didn’t allow me to reach very well into the bruise so I told him if he could please lay down instead. He just said sure and I could see his face flushing from the embarrassment. When he laid down his cock laid right on the bruise and I took the opportunity to grab it with my two fingers and lay it on top of his stomach, which left his penis about 2 inches away from his navel. As soon as I let it lay flat on his stomach I saw that it had gotten a bit thicker, maybe he was getting an erection but I’m sure he tried to keep it down.
I wanted to make him comfortable so I asked him if he was embarrassed. I saw his face and he was just looking straight onto the ceiling and he told me that indeed he was a little embarrassed but I told him that I had seen him naked many times before. Well the last time I saw him naked he was maybe 8 or 9 and hadn’t hit puberty but I didn’t tell him that. I also told him that there was nothing wrong and I had done this a million times to some of my patients. I was lying I had only done this maybe twice including during my nurse training back in college, but I wanted to make him comfortable having his nice cock out in front of me. I told him that he could trust me and that I didn’t think anything of him being naked in front of me. That in fact I didn’t think anything wrong about being naked and that in fact I spent most of my time naked in my apartment. That apparently caused him to become aroused as I saw his cock pulsate a couple of times.

I got on my knees and now his cock was maybe 15 inches away from my face and I wanted to kiss it and suck it but he was my nephew and I didn’t want to go that far but his cock looked real nice being thick and long. I got the bottle of lotion in my hand and I poured a lot of lotion on his bruise. Some of it went down his leg to his side to his buttock and some of it went down between his leg and testicle area. I grabbed one hand and started rubbing the oil in a circular motion and it was impossible to keep the side of my hand from rubbing against his scrotum. I saw his penis pulsate a little bit and I knew he was trying to keep his erection down.

I tried to make him more comfortable by starting a conversation with him so I asked him how his parents were and how school was going for him. He started to ease up as the conversation went and as I kept asking questions which bought me time to admire his cock really good. I tried to act normal but deep inside I was burning and paying attention to each detail of his penis. When I was done I told him to stand up so he did and I grabbed the towel on which he was laying on. His cock was now 5 inches from my face as I was still kneeling down and his penis past below his sack. I grabbed the towel and dried off the excess oil that had gotten around his butt and when I got to the excess oil in between his legs I told him to spread his legs a little bit. This gave me good access to dry him off and it was inevitable to touch his penis and balls with the towel. There wasn’t any skin to skin contact as I had the towel wrapped around me but I did get a good feel of his balls and penis.

After that I told him that he could put on his shorts an boxers if he wished but I recommended that he didn’t as he could some of the oil onto his clothes. I stood there unconsciously staring at his penis and I quickly turned my head to his face and he noticed that I was looking down at his crotch. His penis was slowly becoming larger and he said that he was going to put his shorts back on. It was a bit awkward and embarrassing that my nephew had caught me staring at him but I was hoping that he knew that I liked it. Moreover I hoped that he was comfortable being naked around me because I was hoping that was not the last time I saw his penis.

I wanted to masturbate so bad to his penis and I'm sure that he wanted to masturbate as well, though that was going to have to wait a little bit.

After that little incident I got back to our normal self and acted as if nothing had happened. I asked him if he wanted to do anything later tonight and he told me that he wanted to go to the movies. I never denied my nephew anything so I told him that sure we could later in the evening.

Part 2 coming soon...

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