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Mystery needs help and this man can do just that!
Mystery runs into the restaurant free from the pouring rain outside and smoothes down her damp dress and fiddles with the wet strands of hair falling front of her eyes. She doesn’t notice the man standing half way in the shadows only a few feet from her looking at her intently, letting his eyes roam down her body and stopping at the small round lumps of her breasts pressing against the wet top of her dress like ripe fruits ready to be picked. He figures she can’t be more then 16 or 17, well “maybe 18 at the most” he says to himself. The man watches as the girl talks to the host but not really hearing what she is saying as he is still too busy checking out every aspect of this girls body. He can almost visualize what she might feel like should he reach out and touch her but this wasn’t the right time. “The time will come soon though”, he thinks, “very soon”. He moves back even fuller into the shadows not wanting his “prey” to notice him just yet. He was looking forward to this hunt and in the end he knows he can convince this girl to be his …. “And his alone”, he grins to himself.

The host leads Mystery towards the back of the restaurant and slides into a booth not noticing the man grinning even more in the shadows. “This is perfect”, the man nods his head in approval towards the host who doesn’t even know he is approving her choice for the girl. It was as if the host knew even though logically the man knew the host had no clue what was going on in his head. For several moments the man stayed in his place in the shadows watching this young girl, observing her movements and actions. He was a good reader of people and was able to know that the girl was alone, to most an obvious observation but not his true meaning. She was alone period, no parents to think of or a boyfriend much less friends in general. Sure she looked satisfied with her life from outward appearances but the man knew better. He could save her and he planned to do just that.

He waited for just the right moment and then started his way across the room towards her. She was like any other woman, making her order and then sliding out of the booth to make her way towards the powder room. This is what he waited for and was able to time his actions accordingly. For the brief second that her back was to him he walked up behind her and whispered into her ear, “I can help you girl.” The girl is startled and freezes as she listens to his deep sexy voice but she doesn’t respond to him. His hand goes around her waist and his palm presses against her lower abdomen while his other hand goes onto the side of her thigh and slowly starts moving up towards her hip in a very precise movement, like he knew exactly what he is doing. Still the girl doesn’t say anything, she doesn’t even move away from his grasp. There is something about him that makes her want to stay where she is although she isn’t sure what just yet.

The server starts walking towards the girls table with her drink and stops in mid-stride seeing the man and how he is holding the girl. The server isn’t sure if the girl is in danger or if she knew this man. She stands there staring and the man feeling eyes on his back turns his head toward her without loosening his grip on the girl and nods towards, “I will need one of those drinks as well Miss, we will be sharing a table”, nodding towards the girl in his arms. The server nods saying, “Very Well Sir,” and sets Mystery’s glass down and hurries away to get another. Mystery hears the server leave and can’t help but to wonder what kind of man this is to receive all his needs met without hesitation. The man almost seeming to read her thoughts says, “I come here often and everyone knows their place.” Then leaning even closer to her ear he whispers, “but do you know yours girl?” Mystery shakes her head no and the man laughs a loud sexy laugh and then whispers again, “you will know my girl, you will know.”

“Now let me get a look at you, love,” he says as he turns her around to face him finally. He uses a finger to move some hair away from her face and his eyes start moving very slowly down her face. Whispering to himself, “stunning, absolutely stunning”, while he runs his palm softly down her cheek and leans in towards her neck and kisses it softly. He knows he must control himself for a bit longer but his hormones were in full alert and wanting anything to break free and consume this girl. The man then continues the tour of her body down her neck and towards her chest and once again stopping to get another good look at her small breasts protruding through her top. While still looking her body up and down he says, “so tell me, why have you not screamed or at least tried to run my girl?” Mystery stares back at him not really knowing the answer. Logically she knows that is what she should have done long ago but there is something about this man that seems … interesting. All she could think to say is, “I am not sure.” Almost instantly after he hears her words she hears him saying in an almost stern sounding voice, “Sir!” Mystery quickly moves her face towards his and stares at him with a question look to which he replies, “Sir! That is what you will say following everything you say to me. You understand my girl?” Mystery is a little taken back at first but finds her head nodding yes and hears what she believes is her own voice saying, “yes Sir”. The man smiles at her and runs his hand down her face, “Good Girl. That isn’t so hard is it?” Mystery shakes her head and says, “No, Sir”. Again the man smiles and leans in and places a soft kiss on her lips and whispers, “The sweet sound of your voice calling me Sir is like music to my ears”.

Just then the server comes back with the man drink and the man takes it right from her hand and nods towards her in appreciation. Just as she was walking away the man calls out to her, “Hold the girls meal, we will dine later, until then I would like some privacy in this corner of the restaurant, therefore I will pay for the use of every table near ours. He then nods and grins at the server, “Thank you, I will call on you later and believe me you will be tipped for your services well.” The server then nods and walks away mumbling, “Yes Sir”. I look towards this stranger and ask, “Why does everyone call you Sir.. Sir?” The man grins, “You remembered my girl and that makes me proud of you.” Mystery blushes and half smiles at his compliment, “Thank you Sir.” The man then continues, “The server calling me Sir is out of respect. She calls every man in this place Sir. Now you, my beautiful girl, Call me Sir because I asked you too and you have chosen to obey and therefore, once again, I will say how proud I am of you.” Mystery nods again in understand even though she wasn’t sure she really understood.

“Now where were we girl?” he asks her. She just looks up into his eyes and sees him staring back into hers, “Oh yes,” he interrupts the mutual gaze, “I was in the process of taking a good look at you. From what I can tell, you are perfect in every way.” Mystery waits a moment and then asks, “Perfect for what .. Sir?” “Why perfect for me, my dear,” he says with a smile. Then he puts his hands on her hips and sets her up on the table behind her and moves his hands to her thighs gentle caressing her legs through her nylons. Moving his body forward while at the same time spreading her thighs so he can stand between her legs. Mystery’s short dress starts moving up high on her thighs the more he spreads them. His hands moving up higher and higher on her thighs as well moving up the dress even more. Mystery still isn’t sure what is going on or what is going to happen and her head keeps telling her to fight and get away from this strange man but another part of her keeps her there. There is still something about him that intrigues her and compels her to stay put and see what transpires. The man looks down at her and says quietly, “You aren’t sure if you should stay or if you should run are you girl?” Mystery is once again startled by hearing the words in her head said out loud by this man and shakes her head yes. The man then continues, “That is totally up to you dear, but I do wish you would trust me and stay a bit longer.” Mystery looks up at him and asks, “Why Sir? Why should I trust you?” And the man smiles and places his hand against her face, “I will never hurt you only help you. You will learn who you are and what your place is in this great world. I will protect you and you will learn to let me. You will learn to love me just as I love you.” Mystery interrupts him saying, “Love you like you love me? You only just met me! I can’t believe you can really love me.” The man glares at her after she is finished and Mystery glares back then quickly adds, “Sir” to her last comment.” The man smiles widely. “You are already learning my girl and he kisses her once again on the lips.” The man continues his little speech, “If you obey me I can give you everything you want and need. If you should choose to disobey me then I can take it all away again. If you chose to leave, even now, I will still receive you back if you beg for my forgiveness. You will be mine and will always be mine. You will never be alone again.” Mystery starts shaking her head thinking this man must be insane and still telling herself that he can’t love her for they just met. “Enough words for now, you will learn it all in time. For now let’s get to know each other better shall we?” Mystery shakes her head yes, “Yes Sir”.

The man presses himself even further between her thighs until she can feel his pants almost rubbing against her private areas which are almost exposed with her dressed pushed up so high on thighs. The man leans in and starts kissing her neck and feels his hips move closer to her and hears him taking in deep breaths through his nose and letting it out slowly across her neck. “You smell absolutely wonderful girl.” His hands start moving through her hair slowly and he pushes some of it back from her neck only to continue kissing it and the girl can’t help but angle her head in such a way that he gets good access to it. The man smiles to himself and continues the kisses up her jaw line and eventually getting over to her lips, so young and full and very sweet. He can’t help but want to get a taste of her and easily pries her lips open with no opposition from her and dips his tongue into the sweet wet opening exploring all of it. He hears the girl moan slightly and that makes a certain organ on his body twitch as he gives a small moan of his own in return. His hands find her hips and slowly start moving up the sides of her thin small body high and high until they are adjacent from her small round breast and without hesitation he moves over and grabs them both into his big strong hands and starts kneading them gently. They feeling like putty in his hands and he hears again a moan from his prize, the girl. He pulls away from the kiss and grins down at her while still kneading her breasts between his fingers and whispers, “Does my little beauty like that?” Mystery can’t help but say, “Yes Sir” and that causes the man to grin even more, “very good my dear” as he pushes forward even more causing her to move back. He takes one hand and puts it on the back of her head and leans closer and whispers, “Lay back” and starts guiding her backwards so she is lying on the table top with her legs dangling over the edge and him standing between her thighs still.

He then stands up right and looks down at this little beauty on the table in front of him and licks his lips. “All mine” he says to himself, “and soon she will want it no other way”. He places his hands on her thighs and starts’ moving them up higher and higher until her skirt is up high enough to see her thong beneath the nylons. Not wanting to rush things he just stands there looking as if trying to decide where to start. It feels similar to a birthday and this girl, this lovely young girl is his gift and he wants to open it as carefully as he can. He looks into the girls eyes and holds the gaze while he fans his fingers out and starts running his hands up even higher pushing the dress up even more. It gets stuck where her body is laying on the table and with just one look she obeys his unsaid command and lifts her hips slightly and he continues sliding the dress up to her waist. He lets his gaze move down her body slowly and stops it at the small of her stomach just barely showing at this point and watches his own hands as he pushes the dress up even more… causing more and more of this young body to be revealed. He almost gasps as his thumbs touch her bare flesh for the first time and the girl’s body jerks slightly and she moans. “Yes, my dear, enjoy it”, he says in his head to himself.

After the dress is slightly passed her belly button he stops and lifts one of her legs and slowly undoes the buckle on her sandal and slips it off and lets it fall to the floor. He looks into her eyes and she looks back at him. He realizes that she wants him to continue and he certainly wants to as well, just it makes things easier when the girl is willing to accept her role. Oh yes, she will be loved always and yet she will also love me in return and when that moment comes things like this will turn into an art that is shared. For now though, she is his art and he will craft her to his liking and she will let him, she IS letting him even now. He does the same with the second sandal and then moves his hands up to her waist and slowly while watching her eyes starts pulling her nylons down her body and legs until they too are laying on the ground at his feet. He looks down at her half naked body before him forgetting that they are in middle of a restaurant, that fact doesn’t bother him at all as takes in the view. Looking back at her face he smiles at her, “Still want to get out of her my dear?” Mystery shakes her head no and says, “No Sir, but at the same time I know I should but I can’t.” He asks, “Why can’t you?” To which she replies, “I am not sure Sir.” He smiles at her and then a hand around her arm and pulls her upright again and reaches around the back of her. He finds the zipper to her dress and while slowly moving it down he whispers unto her ear, “Does the fact that you are about to be naked in middle of a restaurant frighten you girl?” Mystery nods her head, “yes Sir” as she quickly scans the room. There is no one in the tables near but there are people at further tables who she is sure could see everything if they looked this way. “I said I would protect you girl so you do not need to be frightened, you hear?” She nods her and says, “Yes Sir” quietly.

Once the man has the zipper down he start moving the dress up the rest of her body and slowly lifts it over her head and drops it on the floor with everything else. The girl feels a slight chill and shivers slightly and the man grins as he pushes her back once again and guides her down so she is once again lying on the table in front of him, only her bra and thong remain and the table is cold against her bare back. The man starts to move his hands up her thighs again and up onto her stomach not stopping as they get higher and higher until once again his palms are resting on her breasts and he is kneading them. He hears her moaning again and smiles at her nodding his head in approval. His eyes move to her breasts and he notices an almost hidden clasp right in front of her bra and without stopping he lets his thumbs work at opening it and once successful he eager pushes the bra aside and gasps quietly at the sight of her breasts in the flesh. They appear to be bordering on “young girl trying to grow into woman” form but not quite womanly just yet. He nods his head to himself again and Mystery is fascinated at that as he seems to be doing it a lot tonight at the same time it makes Mystery feel good that he seems to be approving of her. No one has ever approved of her before and maybe that is what is driving her to stay even though she knows she shouldn’t.

Just at this moment Mystery sees movement from the side and looks that way and the man looks that way as well and sees the server making her way to our table and Mystery starts to fidget and tries to cover herself but the man turns towards her saying, “stay just how you are girl, everything will be alright, I can promise you that” and then he turns back towards the coming server and smiles at her broadly. “Hello Miss, would you be a dear and grab my bag that I left at the coat counter, thank you” and then he turns back to me dismissing the server before she has time to respond saying, “Now, where were we again my girl?” Before the server even leaves the man starts running his hands on mystery like there wasn’t just an interruption and that surprises Mystery but something inside her made her grin back at him. It frightened her immensely but at the same time it was a bit of a thrill how the man acted as if this was a normal occurrence and the girl lays her head back on the table and relaxes once again moaning at the feel of his hands roaming her body once again. “Yes, I might get used to this after all” she says to herself. She heard him tell the server to get something which means they will be interrupted once again and that thought does bring her some fear but she knows that once the server leaves the second time she will also feel the wave of excitement it caused and that seemed to make the experience worth it somehow.

“I promised that you would naked here and naked you will be for me girl.” The man interrupts Mystery’s thoughts by starting to pull her thong down her legs and soon enough they too join the rest of the girls’ clothes on the floor and here she lays in all her naked glory and the man feasts upon the scene with his hungry eyes. It wasn’t long before the server returns and hands the man his bag to which he thank her and turned back to Mystery. The server looks over the scene briefly before walking away shaking her head. The man laughs, “Don’t worry about her girl, your only job tonight is entertaining your Master.” Mystery looks up at him and says, “Master? Sir.” The man nods his yes, “That would be me my beautiful young girl and tonight you will become mine.” He said it in such a way that brought fear and excitement at the exact same time to the girl and she doesn’t say a word back to him as she doesn’t really know what to say. The man lays his bag onto the seat beside the table and sees him open it and he pulls out a silver collar with jewels on it and what appears to be a lock of some sort and he says, “This will bind you to me but not until you are ready to bound. You may beg to have it at any time tonight or you may chose to not have it all at which time I will leave and let you think on it longer. You can, Like I said before, come back to me and beg for it at anytime but I will never force you to have it. You understand girl?” Mystery nods and says quietly, “Yes Sir” as he lays it on the table beside her. “ I will lay it here so you can look upon it tonight as you consider my offer.”

After his words and seeing him lay the collar on the table Mystery looks back up at him and sees that he is once again looking down at her body. It is quiet for a long time and Mystery decides to ask, “What do you mean by ‘entertain’, Sir? Looking up at the girls face he smiles saying, “You are starting to entertain me quite well my girl, but there is more that can be done.” Like what Sir?” she asks him and he shakes his head and laughs, “That is for you to figure out my dear” and steps away from the table no longer standing between her thighs and crosses his arms and looks at her. “I am completely confident that you will be able to figure out how to entertain your Master my lovely girl.”

Mystery sits up on the edge of the table while thinking and of course looking over him almost the same way that he looked at her before. He was very handsome but slightly older then she was by 10 years or slightly more maybe. He wore a white shirt with buttons but it was untucked, she can’t remember if it was untucked the whole time or not though, but that didn’t matter he still looked just as handsome as he would if it was tucked in. His hair was mostly short but slightly longer in some areas. The way some of it hanged over his face was quite sexy and she smiled at her own thought. It seemed somewhat odd that she would think this stranger that undressed her in a very public spot and leaves her sitting here naked in front of him as sexy. Most girls in this position would use this very opportunity to run away from him but she can’t make herself do that. Maybe it was how he made her feel special or how he approved of her, or maybe it was how he kept talking to her saying she was lovely and calling her “my girl” like he owns her somehow. She still cannot figure it out but she wasn’t ready to give up and leave just yet. He was creepy kind of and yet she still felt safe in his presence. Yes, she decided that she would “try” and entertain this creepy sexy man and then see what transpires. She will trust him as he has asked her too. Mystery gets up off the table and stands in front of him for a long time, completely naked and once again his eyes are rushing around her body and out of nowhere he says almost sternly but still somewhat loving at the same time,” kneel girl”. Mystery looks at him startled but then does as he asks and once again he is nodding and saying, “Very good girl” to her. She smiles at his approval, it somehow warming her heart in a way that she never experienced before. He starts walking toward her and gets right front of her and he looks down at her and she looks up at him. “You are even more beautiful to me on your knees girl.” And Mystery nods her head and blushes, “thank you Sir”.

The reaches his hand down and runs it through her hair a few times before holding onto a clump of it and pulling her head back further and smiling at her again with a softness in his eyes. “The way you obey me girl excites me. Your willingness to do as I ask makes me love you more. You body makes me want to devour it. Everything about you makes me want to make you mine and to own you for all time. With that ownership, you will do all I ask. Your willingness to do what I ask will always excite me and my love will grow each time I see you kneel before me. I hope you are starting to understand girl what all I am saying.” Mystery nods her head yes, “Yes Sir” and without thinking much about it first she asks, “Sir, this girl would like to start entertaining her Master.” Pulling the girl up by her hair he plants a hard kiss onto her lips and then grins at her and says, “Very well, you may girl” and then he goes to a near by table and get a chair putting it down in front of the girl and sits down in it and says, “On your knees love” to which Mystery does without hesitation this time. He leans back in the chair and puts his legs out in front of him while partly laying back with his hands behind his head. “The first thing I want you to do girl is get me more relaxed, you may start with the shoes”. Mystery moves quickly and unties first one shoe and then the next taking them both off. “You may leave the socks on girl, but come closer and unbuckle my belt for me.” The girl moves closer quickly and does as he asks to which she is rewarded again with a smile and nod. “Now stand girl right here in front of me and turn around slowly and each time I say something I want you to respond by saying, “Yes Master or No, Master, you understand girl?”

“Yes Master” Mystery responds and he nods at her again, “Very good”. Mystery stands up in front of him and he looks her over again. “Does it excite you to have an older man looking at your naked young body girl?” Mystery thinks for a moment and replies truthfully, “Yes Master.” The man smiles replying, “good”. For a few moments there isn’t anything said and then the man turns slightly in his chair and calls for the server to come over and Mystery steps back trying to hide in the shadow to which the man says, “Stay still girl, remember that you do not need to be afraid, I will not let anything harm you ever!” His voice is somewhat stern as if it is something he wants her to always remember and he is trying to drill it into her and she steps back out towards him, “Yes Master”. “Good, now hold just a second and don’t move .. you look absolutely lovely and I want to look at you while I order your meal”. Mystery nods, “Yes Master”, and sure enough he never takes his eyes off her while he is ordering their food. The man then hands the server a hundred dollar bill and tells her not to put the order in until he tells her too and also tells her to stay after her shift and continue to serve him and his girl, nodding over to Mystery while saying “his girl” and saying she will be greatly tipped. The server nods her head and agrees knowing she will more than likely walk away from her job tonight with several hundred dollars in hand that she couldn’t say no too.

The man turns back to Mystery once the server leaves and grins, “Now that that is taken care of let me ask you girl, ‘Did that make you uncomfortable?” Nodding her head she replies, “Yes Master”. The man leans forward in his chair saying “Come closer girl” and when she does he grabs her around the waist and pulls her stomach towards his mouth and kisses it in several places while mumbling between them “When you are mine I will have you like this all the time so you best get used to because I can not tear my eyes away from your lovely body for even a second.” He Then pulls her down onto his lap and lifts his hips up so the front of his pants are pressed against her pussy and continues, “When you are mine you will entertain me wherever and whenever I ask you too and you will grow to love doing it.” Then reaching between them he drags his zipper down and pulls his mostly hard cock out and rubs it against her clit, “You will be rewarded for your services all the time my lovely girl, that I can promise you.” Then he pushes her down off his lap and spread his legs apart and pulls his cock out even more and starts to pump it in his hands … “This will belong to you and you alone. No other girl will see it or touch it when you are mine and this I can also promise you. I will love you for all time and make myself yours as much as you are making yourself mine. You understand girl?” Mystery shakes her head yes, “Yes Master” The man lets go of his cock but leaves it laying outside of his pants and leans back again with his hands behind his head.

Mystery tries not to stare at his cock but it is hard not too. Even in it’s semi hard state it still looks quite big and she does wish she could touch it but she is afraid to ask. The man interrupts her thoughts, “What is it girl?” Mystery looks up at him and starts to blush and the man grins, “What thoughts are playing in your head girl, your Master wants to know.” The girls opens her mouth to say something and the man interrupts again, “You may” and then grins broadly at her and she looks at him with wide eyes and can’t seem to continue talking and closes her mouth. The man laughs a hearty laugh and grins, “You want to touch my cock girl don’t you? I can see it in your eyes and I said you may.” Then he winks at her and she blushes again. “ The girl moves closer and slowly starts reaching her hand out to which he grabs her wrist and pulls faster and wraps her fingers around his cock and moans, “Yes my girl that is just delightful!” Then he leans back and closes his eyes with a smile on his lips and a little laugh. The girl just sits there for a moment and feels the man’s cock twitch beneath her fingers. She shifts her body slightly and starts to slowly move her hand like he was doing himself a few moments before and this causes him to moan more and the girl smiles and continues. She could tell she was pleasing him and she wanted to please him more although she still wondered why pleasing him was exciting her so much. She doesn’t even know this man and yet she is finding excitement in his “game”. She vowed from that moment on she would do her best to please him tonight and she really meant that.

Mystery continues moving her hand up and down his cock for a few moments and then the man lifts his head forward and looks down at her and smiles and starts running a hand through her hair mumbling now and then, “yes” … “yes” .. and sometimes using his other hand to rub across her cheek and over her lips all the while still moaning now and then. “More my girl, your Master needs more” and then he using the hand that is in her hair to push her face forward and his other hand on her cheek he uses on her chin to open her mouth, “Yes girl please your Master” he says so lovingly that the girl can’t say no and she lets him guide her mouth to his cock and she takes it into her mouth and he gasps harder than other times and says “good girl” again and then reaches over to sip his soda. The girl continues to suck on his cock moving her mouth back and forth over the shaft and letting her tongue run across the tip tasting the precum on it. While she continues the man yells out “Server!” and places a hand on the back of the girls head to keep it there saying “don’t stop girl your Master is VERY pleased”. The server comes over and the man asks for a refill of his soda and the server stands there staring at the scene and then rushes away with the glass. “Yes my love yes!” the man exclaims several times through moans not even caring that we are in a restaurant and the girl seeming to forget that fact as well as she sucks harder and a bit faster.

Mystery can feel Master’s cock getting harder and harder inside her mouth and yet she continues picking up her pace as does and the man starts pushing his hips towards her making his cock reach further and further into her mouth. Eventually the server comes back with a full glass and is instructed to wait a moment while Mystery’s tries to reach for his wallet seemingly trying to take a long time on purpose so the server can watch the girl eagerly sucking his cock. The man notices the server watching and grins at her saying, “My girl is doing a lovely job pleasing me tonight, I hope the food you server later is the best here as she will be rewarded, you hear?” The server nods her head and the man finally getting his wallet from his back pocket uses one hand to pull out another hundred and using his other hand he pushes his girls head harder causing his cock to slip down her throat and the man moans loudly, “Yes my girl take your Masters’ cock I am so proud of you.” Then turning to the waiting server he hands the bill to her and says, “In a few minutes I want you to return and stand right there and I will tip you again Miss.” The server nods, grabs the bill and walks away quickly as the man laughs and looks upon his girl with a mouth full of his cock. “You my dear are the loveliest creature I have ever seen and this view of you is by far the best yet!” He smiles broadly and forces his cock deeper still knowing that the girl is taking all of his huge hard cock deep into her throat and at this moment he couldn’t be more proud of her. The man leans back in the chair still holding onto her head and grabbing some of her he holds her close and lets his cock twitch into her throat then leaning forward once more he says, “I am going to cum three times tonight before we leave this place girl.” Then he nods satisfied with his statement and starts pumping himself in and out of her throat and the girl complies completely letting this strange man fuck her throat while being naked in this restaurant with him.

Sure enough a few moments later the server comes back and the man grins at her and then smiles down at his girl, “Let show the server here how proud you make your Master shall we girl?” The girl just shakes her head as she can’t speak at the moment. The man starts to fuck her mouth even hard causing her to gag somewhat but still he keeps on going and then after a few moments he looks down at the girls and nods his head and pulls his cock out of her, “Lean back girl” he says and she does it and not a second later hot sticky cum shoots down her neck and over her small breasts and he reaches down with one hand and starts rubbing it into her breasts slightly firmly to which the girl starts moaning and rubbing the cum in as well to her stomach and her neck. Next thing she knows his cock is back into her mouth and he tells her to continue and “Again my love Master needs it harder than before!” and he whips out another hundred and gives it to the server and tells her to leave and not return unless he calls for her. She rushes away with only a nod and the man laughs while rubbing his hand across his girls face, “You are such a good little girl and I want you to be mine girl. I will not force you though like I promised. I am just saying what I want and most the time I get what I want. The girl continues to suck and the man continues to pump his hips towards her fucking her mouth again getting hard again. Before too long the man pulls out of her mouth and stands up and picks up the girl in front of him and lays he back onto the table grinning. “I promised rewards girl and I don’t break my promises and with that he pulls her thighs apart and leans down and runs his tongue over her clit tasting her for the first time. He then continues moving his tongue up and down firmly across it because after that first taste it only made him want more.

Wrapping his arms under the girls legs the man pulls her body so that her ass is hanging half off the table and he lifts her legs and places his hands under her ass and presses his tongue deep within her whole moaning at the sweet taste of her nectar and eagerly eating more getting faster and faster because at this point he can’t stop himself from wanting her sweetness. The girl moans over and over and that just makes him want more, more of her juices, more of her moans, more of everything. He dives in as far as he can get with his tongue and circles around inside her pumping his tongue in and out really fast and the girls moans get louder and louder and other guest in the restaurant start to look over towards them but the man doesn’t stop. He wants his girl to cum right here and right now in front of everyone in this place and on his tongue. Usually he would stop and tell his girl to cum but not this time because be can’t bear the thought of pulling away from her juices for even a second and so decides that this first time she will not be required to beg but to instead just let it happen and go with it. There will be a time for begging later and he knows without a doubt she will beg and he will comply because he can’t say no at this point either.

He sees her grab the edge of the table and in his head he is screaming “Yes Girl, cum for your Master” and he fucks her even harder with his tongue so much that she can’t hold back and reaching with his thumb he rubs her clit vigorously and then it happens. She screams and she screams loud and if every person in the restaurant wasn’t watching yet, they certainly would be now as this girl gives her juices to her Master and he will be her Master there is no denying that! The girl cums and her juices pour out onto his tongue and he sucks hard to gather it all into his mouth. No better feast could be served in his honor then this right here and he wasn’t going to let a single drop go to waste! Even after she cums he continues and doesn’t slow down and he can feel her body writhing on the table and it excites him. He has to have more and he will have more and so he continues rubbing her clit and fucking her with his tongue and only this time he does lift his head briefly and says loudly for the benefit of the onlookers, “Again girl! Master is still hungry!” And he forces his tongue back into her tight little hole and fucks her some more and the girl cums again. This time she is louder than the last time and the man screams “yes” in his head. He knew he had made a good choice tonight of all the girls in this place he only wanted one and in walked her and she is his now. After the second time the man stands up and puts his hand onto her hips and looks down at her saying “from now on girl you will beg me to let you cum and you will not cum unless I approve you hear?” The girl nods, “Yes Master” and the man replies, “Good girl” and pulls her body towards his waiting hard cock and lets it rub against her clit for a few moments first back and forth over its sensitivity and the man looks towards the collar on the table and back at the girl, at her neck, he knew it would be a perfect fit and can’t wait for the moment when she asks him to give it to her. The girl sees where his eyes were and looks at the collar as well and then back at him. They stare at each other for a long time neither saying a word while he moved his hips back and forth letting his cock massage her tiny hard clit and he cocks his head slightly and asks, “Yes girl?”

The girl reaches over and picks up the collar and holds it towards him and he looks at her puzzled, knowing what she wants but pretending like he didn’t. “What do you want girl? Say it!” The girl says, “I want this to be mine, Master” to which the man grins and pulls back slightly and pushes forward letting his cock push into her tiny hole breaking her cherry (which made him even prouder that she waited for him all her life) and while she screams out in the initial pain of that action he says calmly with a grin, “Then you must beg for it my girl” and he starts fucking her right then and there. Not slowly but fast and careful as he never wants to wound her. He only wants to have her as his own and once he claims this part of her then he is that much closer. The girl starts moaning loudly feeling his cock pumping in and out of her all while he is grinning at her saying, “Beg girl” over and over. The girl is finding it hard to beg while being fucked but she tries and yet he still wants her to beg more. “Again girl!” “Please Master this girl wants to be yours!” “Again girl! He says as he pumps far into her and holds it there. “Please Master! She cries out to him. “Why?” he yells back at her (only because of the noise). “I want to please you Master!” and again he says. “Why girl?” Because I want to learn to love you Master. The man smiles, “You don’t need to learn girl, it is already there in your heart you just have to accept it.” He leans down over her body on the table and starts kissing her while still moving his cock in and out of her. Kissing her deeply and noticing how she is kissing him back. Feeling her hands in his hair and her eager tongue looking for his. He wraps his arms around her and under her body and picks her up so he is holding her against him and her legs around him and they kiss deeply and she mumbles into face and neck and hair “Please Master Please” over and over and he continues to fuck her with a huge grin. “Yes she is mine finally” he says in his head and he leans her against the nearest wall and holds onto her body tight kissing and fucking her hard all at the same time.

The man after a while leans towards her ear and whispers, “Cum for your Master girl, right now” and she does just like he asks her too. Then moving his mouth to her other ear he says, “Again girl, Cum for me” and again she does because her body is his to command now and she will obey him .. always. After a few more minutes he asks her, “Do you want your Master to cum girl?” The nods “Oh yes Master I do” and the man smiles and says, “Then I will my girl” and with that his head goes back and he shoves into hard and she can feel his hot cum shooting deep into her pussy and she hears him say, “Girl! Cum Now!” The girl cums and her tense muscles squeeze his cock hard and he moans loudly still pumping in and out of her tight tense pussy. “Oh yes my girl, Your Master accepts you as his own. You are mine and like I promised girl, I am yours!” After several minutes of hard breathing by both of them the man looks into her eyes and then grins, “Do not think you are finished yet my girl for we have just begun!” And with that he carries her over to the table and drops her onto it and continues pumping his still semi hard cock in and out of her while she is sitting up looking at him.

He pulls her hair away from her neck and rubs his fingers around it and grins. “You will be loved my pet from this night forward and with that he picks up the collar and puts it around her neck and locks it into place and there is almost a tear in his eye as she smiles at her. “It looks lovely my girl!” And he takes her hands and brings them up to touch the collar. “You are mine girl”. He leans down and kisses her softly as he lays her back on the table once again and continues to slowly pump his cock in and out of her over and over again while kissing her body in any place he can reach with his lips moaning softly while exploring her body more thoroughly by touch and feel.

While he makes love to her softly and gently he starts running his hands up and down her arms one at a time and a few minutes later the girls feels him putting a metal cuff around wrist and then on her upper arm which is then followed by doing the same to her other arm and wrist. The girl just lays there enjoying his kisses and his cock inside her. He finds a leg and places a cuff around her thigh and then her ankle and the same with her other leg and ankle, locking them all into place. The girl isn’t scared though even though this isn’t what she expected. She trusts him to know what he is doing. Whispering in her ear he says, “One more time girl then we will do something else and with that he pulls her down to the floor and stands in front of her and opens her mouth and pushed his cock inside it and nods at her. She starts to suck and he starts to rub his hand on her head and through her hair as he stands there with his head slightly back moaning softly. “Yes girl, don’t stop” and the girl doesn’t. He tells her to lift her arms behind her head and she does and he chains them together and then holds onto both wrists with one hand while looking down at her and he tells her to look up at him and when she does his heart almost beats out of his chest. His girl holding his cock in her mouth looking up at him was one of the most beautiful sights he has ever seen and he nods his approval and keeps looking not wanting this vision of beauty to end.

Before long the girls Master is hard again and he pulls out of her mouth and lifts her up to her feet and kisses her firmly yet lovingly while wrapping his hands around her and rubbing her ass. This is the only place he hasn’t claimed yet and he will now he decides and turns her around so she is facing the table and bends her over it so her cute little ass is sticking out towards him and with one hand he reaches between her thighs and spreads her legs apart and moves his hand up to the crack of her ass. He moans in anticipation as he leans his body closer to her letting his cock move up and down along the crack gently. He positions himself just right behind her and starts leaning over her and whispers, “Just relax girl” as he pushes the head of his cock toward her cute little asshole. Moving up and down the crack deeper between the ass cheeks he moves on hand around her body and seeks out her clit and starts rubbing it slightly fast as he pulls her ass out towards him more and lets his cock slip into the open. He moans loudly at the tightness of it and pushes a bit more letting more slip insider her. He starts rubbing her clit harder now so to give her something pleasant to feel as he pushes harder and lets the rest of his cock into her tight ass. Then holding onto her hip with one he starts pumping in and out of her. Slowly at first but hearing her moans he gets a bit faster and he leans down encouraging her, “Yes girl, enjoy Master’s cock because it’s yours”. To keep up with his girls moans, the man starts moving faster and faster inside her ass. The tightness of it feeling better than ever so much so that he can’t help but to go even faster. He grabs her hips with both hands and goes deeper yet until he can’t go any further and before he knows he is all out fucking her ass and his girl is moaning loudly. “Yes! My girl likes it as much as I do! He exclaims to himself. He yells at her to cum and she does and he just goes faster and harder. His balls are hitting her pussy hard and the table is rubbing her clit for him and he can’t bring himself to slow down because he has to have this ass of hers! “Girl! When I cum, you cum .. you hear?” “Yes Master, she replies and he smiles and starts concentrating on fucking her again. Her body moving back and forth across the table as he pushes and pulls his cock in and out of her ass. “Yes girl yes, your Master will cum very soon!” And after saying that the girls feels hot jets shooting off like rockets inside her ass and her Master is screaming “CUM NOW GIRL!” and she does .. and hard. He continues pumping in her as he can’t stop. He has already cum but he wants more. Over and over he continues to fuck her and she continues to cum each time he tells her too and his excitement keeps growing and driving him for more.

Soon he can’t take it anymore and flips her over and forces his cock into her pussy once again and fucks her with newly found energy over and over harder and harder until he cums again. Never before has he cum 4 times so quickly but this girl is more than worth it and he would do it again if he could. But he knew he should rest and that is what he will do but first, one last time .. for now .. he looks at her and leans down on her body one last and while wrapping his arms around her and holding her tightly he whispers, “Cum one last time for your Master girl, make me proud!” and she puts her arms around him and holds him close to her body and cums. He can feel every jerk or her body and hear every moan like it was coming from him instead of her. “Yes girl, your Master is proud!” He leans down and kisses her and continues to hold her close for a few moments before picking her up and sitting down in the chair with her on his lap and his cock still pushed up inside her. He hugs her close to him and just holds her this way for a long time.

After both of them have caught their breath the man asks, “Is my lovely girl hungry?” to which she replies, “Only for you Master” and that makes him smile and he hugs her close again. “Good answer my love!” He calls the server over and cancels the order and gives her 500 hundred dollars and says “We will be leaving now. But from now on when my girl and I visit this place you will be our server.” The server nods and hurries away and the man laughs. “Let’s go home love so that I may devour you once again!” And with that the man stands and closes his pants back up and puts on his shoes and leads his girl out of the restaurant on a leash and still completely naked for all to see and the girl doesn’t even flinch at the stares but instead keeps her eyes on her Master the whole time. She was his and he WILL protect her… he promised and she … trusted that to be true.


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Wow, I haven't been back here for years. I am so glad that people are still reading my story. 10K reads.. blows my mind. Thank you so much for the comments! I have written more stories but haven't posted them anywhere yet. ~ The Author

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