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A brother and sister get closer than ever
James was hot, sexy and confident, with an amazing body. But Katie knew she shouldn’t feel this way about her brother.
But she couldn’t help herself.
She remembered the time she caught him wanking. Since that moment she had longed for his big hard shaft to penetrate her.
Their sibling relationship had always been close, and this just seemed to bring them closer together.
So, one day Katie decided to hatch a plan of how to seduce her brother. She knew the kind of girls he was into as he had spoken to her many times about how to get a particular girl.
She dyed her hair a darker shade of blonde, drastic some may think, but to Katie, this was nothing. She needed her brother, and this was the least she could do to get him.
She planned the evening carefully, when her parents were away. She informed her brother she wanted to cook them a nice meal, then spend the rest of the evening catching up, having ‘special time’ together.
Katie spent all day making herself beautiful, getting her legs waxed and her pubic hair trimmed. She knew her brother preferred the ‘trim and tidy’ type as he had told her he got freaked out once by an ex who had had her whole area waxed.
James didn’t know what to think of his sisters suggestion of a nice meal. He was sure that is all she intended on it being - two siblings spending time together. But yet something niggled him. He realised his baby sister had grown up into a beautiful young lady, with a pert bottom, and the most fantastic tits. On many occasions he had wished she could help him out with his erection. But he knew this would never happen, would it? The day she had caught him wanking, he had left his bedroom door open on purpose, so that she would find him. He could tell the sight of him had turned her on, and later he overheard her playing with herself, which turned him on once again.
This evening, he showered, dressed to impress, which part of his mind kept telling him was stupid, as he was only having dinner with his sister. But nevertheless, he wasn’t sure what to expect.
He was waiting in the dinning room when Katie appeared at the door wearing a short denim skirt which showed off her legs nicely, and a cute t shirt which clung to her breasts. He could tell she was not wearing a bra, and could she how hard her nipples were.
She walked over to him and leant over him to pour the wine, seductively leaning into him perhaps a bit more than she would of usually. He felt her soft breast brush against his shoulder, and he could see down her top. James felt a bulge appear in his pants, and he tried to ignore it, but realised his sister had already seen it. He tried to cover it up, but it was too late.
The sight of the bulge in his trousers had been enough proof for Katie that she really did turn him on. She had let her brother seen down her top deliberately. As she changed hands on the wine bottle, she accidentally on purpose let her other hand fall upon his cock. She quickly removed it, as if she hadn’t meant to do that, but it was no use.
James grabbed her hand and put it back on his hard-on. She looked down at him and he leaned up to kiss her. His hands were grasping at her top, ripping it slightly as he pulled it off her. Katie’s firm bouncy breasts were unleashed and he couldn’t keep his hands off her. She pulled him into the living room, onto the sofa. Their kisses were long, hard, passionate and needy. In between breaths he asked her ‘Is this what you want?’ She breathlessly replied ‘You should know me enough by now, that I always get what I want.’
He undid his trousers and took them, and his boxers off. His large cock sprang upwards and Katie knelt in front of her brother, stroking his manhood. He pushed her head forward, forcing her to take him into her mouth. As her tongue swirled around the tip of his cock, he let out a long moan. Watching her head bob up and down on his cock he couldn’t believe what they were doing, let alone his dream come true. ‘Oh my God Katie you have no idea how much Iv wanted this moment to happen.’. ‘Me too’, she replied with a mouth full.
James lifted his sister back onto the sofa, caressing her breasts and inching her skirt up to her waist. Katie was wearing no knickers, which turned him on even more. His fingers found her clit and he started rubbing her, making her wetter and wetter as he kissed her. She longed for him to be inside her, she was so close to begging him, but before she could mutter a word, in one swift movement he had pushed deep into her wet pussy. She let out a slight gasp, and let herself succumb to his needs and wants.
He pounded her pussy, wanting her to cum first. ‘Tell me what you want’ he said. Katie replied ‘I want to cum, I want you to let me cum. I want to be on you’. He granted her this wish, turned over, so she could slide up and down on his cock. Damn, she felt so good, he thought. She was riding him hard and fast, just the way he imagined she would, but it was even better than his imagination. He could feel her tightening up around his hard sharft. She was close to cumming and they both knew it. She beat down on his cock, taking his massive length inside deep. The feel and sound of her breath was amazing. Her moaning got louder and louder , her rhythm on him slowed as she shuddered into orgasm. It was all he could do not to cum. She turned him on so much.
He flipped her over, and pushed himself deep inside her, taking her from behind. She was wimpering, and he could tell she was going to cum again. ‘Don’t cum yet’, he whispered. ‘Let us cum together’.
She nodded in reply. He reached around and started to tease her nipples. This was too much to bear. His moaning let her know he was going to cum. He sped up his pumping into her, and let out a loud, long moan as he filled her pussy with his hot sticky cum. She, once again shuddered to orgasm, mixing their juices together.
She flopped down onto the sofa, as he pulled out of her. She could feel their cum dribble out of her. Breathless they both stayed silent for a while.
Katie and James both knew that was the best sex they had both ever had, and both knew it was sure to happen again.
‘Well I guess dinners ruined’, James said with a laugh. ‘Maybe, but that was so much better than any dinner’, Katie replied. She turned over, to face him. He kissed her hard on the mouth, their tongues intertwining. ‘Do you think it will happen again?’ she asked her brother. ‘Id like to think so,’ said James. ‘Shower?’ he asked her. ‘Come on then. Oh, you did’, Katie replied with a laugh.


2012-02-05 10:45:21
Epic story. A little short and nonde for my tastes but verry hot. Looking forward to a sequal


2012-02-05 10:41:58
Epic story. A little short and nonde for my tastes but verry hot. Looking forward to a sequal


2010-04-02 11:45:02
Try a re-write, maybe? Using a less idiosyncratic form, and with a different narrative style?

I'd suggest that you limit your narrative to dialogue and deion through the senses of only one of the characters. That is, tell the tale from only one point of view, as if the tale were told by one of them. The omniscient narrator knows too damn much---but is too distant from the feelings of the actors in the piece.

I'd suggest also that you tone down the sexual deions a bit, as this gives an emphasis on the sex as such, that seems to me to miss the point of incestuous themes---unless, of course, your theme is that 'sex is just sex.'

I don't mind so much that the scenario is a cliche. My own work relies pretty heavily on ridiculous situations. There is a problem in that,, though, as the characters have no real problems to solve, beyond picking the hole to probe and choosing the instrument for the probing.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-04-02 03:44:30
The previous commentor, instead of checking to see that the writer is a new author who'd left herself open to and for constructive advice, took a chain saw to her legs.. a rude, stupid and ignorant action.

Before finishing the story, I wanted to come here and leave some advice because, without having to check, I already KNEW that the author was a novice.

Rule #1. Have a spell checker (not saying you don't) and write your story the way you'd have it told to you.

Rule #1a. Take the time to read and pay attention to the way other authors write and how they present their stories. Expand your vocabulary, brush up on your English grammar and then try to emmulate the authors whose work favorably impresses you.

Rule #2. Try to keep your sentences short, while still a complete thought. During proof reading, look for ways that you could have more concisely said the same thing, without plucking the flower words and expressions.

Slippery Saddle BumReport

2010-04-02 03:44:08
Rule #3. Read, re-read and re-read your stories with a critical eye for mistakes, before posting them. (called Proof reading... The fewer mistakes there are, the fewer negative comments there'll be)

You use the word "BUT" too often and, also, too often use it in the wrong place. That was my tip-off that you're an amateur writer.... BUT, fear not. You'll learn and you'll get better.

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