My phone vibrated strongly on my bedside table, I quickly grabbed it as I knew who it was.

‘’Hey Babes’’ I answered as sweetly as I could

‘’Hey Mike guess what?’’ she said in a hurry

‘’what’’ I said simply

‘’My mum and dad are going away for the weekend so you can come round and stay for Saturday night if you wont’’

My eyes widened with shock.
‘’yeah great baby.... does.... does this mean were finally going to make love’’

I used the make love version because I knew if she was going to say yes it wouldn’t be if I used the word fuck.

‘’ Fuck no dick head im not ready but we can have some fun and you might just get a blowjob or two’’

She finished in a sweet voice the total opposite of how she started,

‘’ok I’ll be over at 6 ok’’ I tried not to sound too disappointed

It wasn’t good enough any more I needed her body; I needed to have sex with her. Rachel was a smoking hot girl only young but she had a very slender figure about 5 foot 8. She had long legs that seemed to go on for miles. Her ass was amazing quite big for such a slender girl. But the best thing about her body was her amazing tits. They were DD very big for a girl her age. Even though we had been dating for a year now she had never let me see them fully naked. I had seen her with just a bra on but she would never take it off almost like she was ashamed of them. I had often told her that they were amazingly beautiful but she just disagreed and wouldn’t let me see them. I had fingered her pussy before she seemed to have no problem with her tight, bald, pink pussy.

I was going to do it I had to she owed me, I was going to rape my girlfriend I had a whole weekend to play with her it was the perfect situation, I was really going to do it Rachel was going to be my whore for the weekend whether she liked it or not.

I arrived at her house at 6 on the Saturday and she we did the usual routine she greated me with a long thick kiss at the door and then grabbed my hand and took me to her bedroom

She pushed me onto her bed with a hurry and undid my jeans. My hard on had sprouted from my boxers and she wrapped her mouth around my cock.

‘’ Ahhhhhhh, yeah. Keep going baby. I fucking love you’’

Rachel’s mouth was like velvet roaming my shaft; she had always had a knack for blowjobs varying the pressure, deepness and the times when she whipped her tongue around the head of dick. She would occasionally open her eyes and look right into mine to see the pure pleasure and raw ecstasy on my face which she knew she was inflicting. She started to gag after a few moments of deepthroating my cock I grabbed the back of her shiny brown hair to hold her down for just a few more seconds. She erupted off my cock in a fluster anger streaming over her face.

‘’You twat you know I hate in when you do that, play nice or I’ll won’t give you a blowjob for a month’’

She meant what she said as once I had inserted more fingers in to her sweet pussy than she would let me and she didn’t give me hand job for months. That was a time before she was giving me blowjobs so the sexual starvation that I endured for those months were some of the worst months of my life.

‘’I’m sorry baby I forgot’’

I always lied to her with the deepest serenity in my voice that usually made her forgive me in a moment and then would nuzzle back down on my raging hard on. She did ever so slowly and she began face fucking my dick gathering pace until she was bobbing down extremely quickly on my member.

‘’ oh my God keep going baby, it feels so fucking good’’

She did what she was told which was very rare with Rachel. I could feel the tip of my dick hitting deep into her throat it was truly a spectacle when she engulfed all seven inches of my wide dick.

‘’oh yes im gonna cum, im gonna cum’’

I exploded into her mouth with an un godly amount of cum. She held her head in place taking all of the cum into her mouth. I seized my chance for some fun and slapped the back of her head firmly, not enough to hurt her but enough to jerk her head I repeated it again and again quickly not allowing Rachel to comprehend what I was doing. she gagged strongly and then suddenly my still hot cum fired out of her nose. The shock in her eyes was to be honest incredibly funny. She shot off my cock and started to gag uncontrollably because of the cum in her sinuses.

I seized my chance I grabbed a belt of hers from the floor and quickly pushed her hands to the head board. I tied her hands with incredibly frustration due to her shock of what was happening she fought with incredible persistence. She had finally cleared the cum from her throat and began to scream at me

‘’what in the fuck are you doing Mike’’ ‘’ stop it stop it’’

‘’Shut the fuck up’’ I replied with a years worth of sexual frustration.

It was a good thing that Rachel’s house was secluded and the nearest house was a good 200 metres away.

‘’I have had enough of you teasing me you little bitch you know what im going to do?’’

She was getting very worried now and tears began to form in her eyes

‘’I’m going to rape you’’ I said in a very calm monotone voice

‘’It’s going to hurt, you will cry, you will beg me to stop, you will scream in pain and pleasure. And there’s not a thing you can do so here we go.’’

I didn’t wait around I grabbed two more belts from her closet and used them to tie her feet up this proved to be extremely difficult as she thrashed at my face with her feet. I kept my face expressionless as soon as her legs were in place I set to my fun. I saddled her on her hips and looked into her eyes; she had already cried so many tears.

‘’Listen to me im going to fuck you every way I know. I wont you to cry I wont you to orgasm, I wont you to scream so to be honest what ever you do its going wont to make me fuck you more’’

I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down her legs, she was wearing naughty black panties which I tore clean off her hips she let out a little sequel. I looked down on her bald pussy with lust but I couldn’t fuck it yet I needed to have her tits there to play with as I fucked her.

I cut open her top with some scissors next to her bed to revile her bra which lucky for me undid at the front. I undid it slowly only to revile the most magnificent breasts I had ever seen.

‘’why were you keeping these away? There beautiful.’’

She was still sobbing strongly I looked at the tag on the side of her bra to find that the bra was size E

‘’oh baby that’s just nice to know look at those puppies’

I set to work on them sucking her nipples with heavy force I groped her tits so hard that she cried with pain. I was loving it. I couldn’t wait any longer I needed her pussy. I stopped and put my cock at the entrance of her pink.

‘’Any last words as a virgin bitch?’’

‘’Please don’t do this Mike please’’ she was crying so hard but nothing was going to stop me.

I pushed my dick slowly into her pussy the further I got the more she screamed in pain I reached the hymen and pushed with and ungodly force to brake it.

‘’ARRRRRRRR’’ she was in so much pain it made me wont to fuck harder.

‘’do you see Rachel do you see what you made me do?’’

‘’shut up you rapist’’ she stumbled out with a rough scorn in her voice still in an incredible amount of pain from my 7 inches filling her for the first time.

‘’ It’s your fault babes I’m doing it because we need this’’ I let out a maniacal laugh and slapped her left tit with and increaible force.

‘’ARRRR’’ she screamed again in pain.

I grabbed her tit again, still not moving my rod in her belly.

‘’well, well look at those nipples’’

They were has hard as diamonds they looked like they could cut glass. Rachel wouldn’t look she just adverted her gaze.

‘’I said look’’ I bellowed

I grabbed her left nipple with one hand and pinched it whilst with my other hand I got her erect clit and pinched that ever harder.

‘’Awwwwwwwwwww, you twat’’ she was screaming

As she did I felt her pussy become extremely hot and even tighter than it had been before, which I didn’t believe to be possible.

Her screams turned to pleasure from there original pain.

‘’awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god’’

It continued for a 30 seconds before she started to calm down

I looked into her eyes and for the first time since I had entered her she looked into mine.
‘’Did you enjoy that whore?’’ I asked in an evil tone,

‘’Fuck off dick head’’ she mustered in an equally evil tone a bit ashamed that she had just cummed while being rapped.

I slowly pulled my dick out of her pink much to her relief and then just as slowly pushed it back in she was biting her bottom lip which I took as to help with the pain but something told me that it was to stop herself moaning. I began to pick up pace but something was wrong Rachel wasn’t crying anymore, she had come too easily.

‘’Having fun honey’’ I said with a hint of glee

‘’Fuck off prick’’ she snipped at me

I instantly pushed my cock in harder, faster and deeper than I had before

‘’ARRRR’’ she yelled at me

I lent further over her and grabbed both her nipples and started to tweak them radio dials this made her scream heavily

‘’Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr’’ she screamed again

I began to fuck harder my breathing and moaning became frantic

‘’God baby im going to cum in you, oh god, oh god’’

I began to spurt my juices into her I felt her pussy clamp down again on my cock, I looked up at her face and she was in an amazing amount of pleasure, as her orgasm was pulsing deep in her pussy and spreading though every part of her body. I felt exhausted and I could tell that she was. I flopped down and onto her chest. I grabbed her boob and lifted the nipple into my mouth. We lay there with me sucking her nipple falling asleep together.


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