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Nikki was woken in the middle of the night by Joan pulling her out of bed. Joan dragged her upstairs and forced her finger into Nikki’s mouth over the toilet. The little contents of Nikki’s stomach spilled out. “You bitch.” Joan said smacking Nikki. “How dare you take food from my kids?!”
Nikki had no answers as it continued to come up. Nikki sat back on the floor and Joan grabbed her by the hair again. She pulled Nikki down the stairs and pulled off the dress and underwear Nikki had replaced after Richard ripped the old ones off. She forced Nikki to her bed and made her lay on top of the covers. She bound Nikki with a rope around her wrist and ankles. “Richard is off tomorrow and he will punish you properly then.” Joan said and left.
Nikki didn’t sleep. Around midday the door to the basement opened and Nikki heard two men walk down. “See John,” Richard said.
John was a friend of Richard’s. They worked together and John had openly molested Nikki during a poker game of his and Richard’s. “Oh man,” John said. Richard undid the ropes as John sat on the bed. He opened Nikki’s legs even more and stuck his mouth on her pussy. He began to eat her out as Richard rubbed her breasts.
John nipped at Nikki’s flesh and Nikki couldn’t help but cry out in pain and pleasure. Richard and John each fondled her and began to fuck her hard. As Richard was going his second round with Nikki on top John got behind her and pushed her forward. He broke through into her ass. Nikki screamed in pain and Richard smacked her with the back of his hand. “Shut up ho.” He said.
Nikki couldn’t fight the tears as the men filled her, first with their dicks and then their seeds. They left Nikki naked on her bed filled with their juices. Nikki curled up on her bed trying to keep warm as they had taken her blanket. Nikki felt the tears fall silently. She wove in and out of sleep.
She finally woke up fully a long time later. “Mom,” Juliette was whining. “I need her tonight. Sheryl is coming over.”
“You and Sheryl will have to make do.” Joan said. “She’s being punished.”
Nikki had never felt so miserable. She tried to sleep some more.

Nikki woke to a small sound. She tried to hide her naked body. A flashlight hit the ceiling and Nikki saw Drake placing a camping light on the floor so it could illuminate the room. Nikki got off her bed and hid behind the side so Drake wouldn’t see her. “You shouldn’t be in here.” She said. “You’re going to get into trouble.”
Drake looked at her. “I don’t care.” He said and pulled out a small bag. “I brought you some food. You need to eat.”
Nikki shook her head. “Just go upstairs.” Nikki said. “Please. Just go.” The door began to creak, which meant someone was coming. “Turn off the light and hide.” Nikki said. Drake turned off the flashlight and hid in a corner. Someone walked to Nikki and the lamp beside her bed turned on. Richard was sitting beside her. He began to finger Nikki’s crotch.
“You’re going to have to be very quiet tonight.” Richard said. “Juliette and Sheryl are still up.”
Nikki nodded and Richard began to suck her breasts. Out of the corner of her eye Nikki could see Drake watching.
Richard got on top of Nikki and began to fuck her. Nikki clenched her teeth to stop the screams. Her body was raw and it hurt. Richard bit one of Nikki’s nipples and a soft cry escaped. “What did I tell you,” Richard said. “You dumb slut.” He hit Nikki in the face and a louder cry escaped. Richard covered her mouth and kept hitting her and raping her. He finally came and pushed himself off of Nikki. “Now be a good slut and Joan might let you take a shower.”
Richard threw a blanket on Nikki and left.
Nikki fought the tears as she heard Drake come out of hiding. “Nikki?” he asked.
“If you don’t go now,” Nikki said. “We’ll both be in trouble.”
“I’ll make sure they don’t see.” Drake left and Nikki cried.
The next morning Joan walked down to Nikki’s room. She lifted Nikki’s face to hers. “Those will take at least a week to heal.” Joan said. “You’ll stay down here until then. Now, Sheryl will be accompanying us to the cabin for Christmas vacation. This means you will too. While you will not be punished there, you will be punished when we return and the more you misbehave the worse off you will be. Understand?”
“Yes, ma’am.” Nikki said.
“Good, now get dressed you little slut and get to work.”

For the next few weeks Nikki managed to stay out of Joan’s way. On the evening the family was preparing to leave Joan called Nikki upstairs. Nikki found Joan in the kitchen. “Drake is unwell,” Joan said. “He’s caught a bug from that school of his, private my ass, if my son can get sick. Anyway, he will not be leaving so neither will you. You are to stay in this house and give him all he asks for, understand?”
“Yes, ma’am.” Nikki said.
“Good, now we are leaving and we will be home on January 5th. That’s the Sunday before they resume school. You are to stay near Drake’s room in case he needs anything. Got it?” Nikki nodded. “Good.” Joan, Richard, Sheryl, and Juliette left. Nikki gave a sigh of relief. She went to Drake’s room and sat outside the door. She began to doze off.

Nikki woke to see Drake sitting in front of her. “Why are you sleeping here?” Drake asked.
“Your mom told me to wait here in case you needed anything.” Nikki said.
“So they left you?”
“Good, I want to talk to you. Come on. I’m hungry and so you must be starving.”
Nikki followed Drake to the kitchen. He began to make a frozen pizza. They sat at the small island. “How long have you not been a virgin?” he asked.
“A couple months after I started here.” Nikki said blushing furiously.
“Always him?”
“No one else?”
“No, there is his friend John.”
“And my mom knows?”
“She orders it. That is how your dad punishes me or teaches me a lesson in her words. Both he and John are sterile so she doesn’t care.”
“Do you?”
“I─It’s not too bad.”
“Tell me the truth Nikki.”
“I do not like it, but what else can I do?”
“I tried at first and that only made it worse.”
“Oh,” They ate in silence.
“Are you really sick?” Nikki asked.
“Nope,” Drake said. “Just got a couple parties to go to later this week and I am sick of Juliette.”
Nikki nodded.

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