Chapters 26-30
Trying to keep this story moving has been interesting, some scenes here many of you have been waiting for hope you enjoy it. And a little plot twist for everyone hooray for plot twists. thanks all for reading and keep the comments and support coming. Last story someone questioned the whole Japanese possibility let me explain a little bit; the Allies during the second World war collected most of their equipment but toward the end of the war the Japanese burned many of their records and later after the war some survivors showed up in various places in the pacific still believing that the war was on. It is a Vague possibility that something like this could happen and I thought it would make interesting reading and be not entirely unbelievable. Again Thanks for reading.

Chapter XXVII

Jeremy woke up in a tangled heap of bodies he slowly extricated him self and went over to the lagoon to wash up. The sun was just coming up over the horizon and the sky was the color of port, that is to say it was dark and red and the message from it hit him strongly. He raced to the highest point on the island. To have a look at the sky in all directions, it was mostly clear some light puffy kind of clouds scudding across the sky nothing to be alarmed with for now. He got his hunting spear and moved the precious salt works into the cave as well as many of the provisions. Nicole looked up from where she was sleeping “Hey Jeremy you’re up early something the matter you look a little worried”

“Don’t worry too much Nicole odds are we will be okay but I think there is a typhoon nearby?”

“You know Jeremy that’s one things that has always puzzled me in the pacific they are called typhoons and in the Atlantic they are hurricanes.”

“Actually north of the equator they are hurricanes and south of the equator they are typhoons either way if it hits this island we are in big, big trouble. Jeremy collected a long string of line and got to work braiding it to something more resembling a rope he just hoped it would hold. He wasn’t particularly worried about the Japanese buildings most of them were made of concrete, but he started doing calculations in his head anyway. They were by his best reckoning about 10 feet above sea level, storm surge from a week tropical storm could be expected to be greater than 4 feet and if it was a big ugly nasty one it would wipe out the island. There was no good way to plan for this he thought. The spire of land that the cave was on was perhaps 50 feet tall, and the cave was cut up as well far enough he had no idea.

He made a crude torch out of dried grass and fish grease and put that aside. The other girls were waking up. “Hey Jeremy didn’t see you when I got up what happened” Sunni asked

He looked over at Naomi who was yawning the “sky this morning was blood red”

“Seriously” Naomi asked looking at him now intently Jeremy just nodded “Were on an island what can we do”

“Survive I think is the best course of action.”

“What are you guys talking about” Annabel asked I mean you to are mister and miss secret.

“How long do you think we have” Naomi asked ignoring Annabel’s question.

“Few hours on the outside I think”

“Well some warning is better than no warning” Naomi said.

“Right I’ll need to check some things everyone gather up as much food as you can, and fire wood and well no I guess that’s about it isn’t it store it in the cave for now I have to look at something in here. He made two more torches and lit the first in the fire, and he climbed into the cave looking up and using the sides of the cave to climb up higher there was in fat another chamber about 20 feet above the floor. He climbed up by feel having to hand his torch back to one of the girls below him. It was a smaller space it would barely fit all of them and it wouldn’t be comfortable. He lowered the rope and tied it off to a natural hole in the wall and then climbed down the rope it appeared that it was sturdy enough. He took some more of Sunni’s line for making clothes and showed Sunni and a few girls to make a net something that they could pack supplies in and pull up.

Finding a Goat to kill was not an issue they were crowding around the rock peak slowly working their way higher and Jeremy took a younger ram. There were perhaps 60 goats there was no way they would all survive but if they were lucky a few would. He worked on another rope and quickly went to where his canoe was hidden and he tied it down to a tree. It would be nice if he didn’t have to make another one. He then helped Tiffany and Pricilla and Rose up onto the higher platform in the cave. He then worked with them pulling the supplies up until they had what they thought would be enough for a few days. While Rachel and Naomi worked on the goat carcass.

He built a fire on the second platform and checked to see if it was ventilated it appeared that there was a hole up near the top somewhere, so the smoke could escape. He worked on getting the supplies stashed while the girls worked out seating and sleeping arrangements. It was maybe twenty feet square it was going to be cramped with a fire and everyone else. He got the other girls to Haul up the goat and went out to see what else needed to be done.

A cold wind blew across the island and he could now see large black clouds forming on the horizon. “Get in the cave he yelled” The sounds of the first waves hitting the breakers was deafening. He helped the other girls get up but stayed down on the first level with Sunni who insisted that she stay with him. The other girl’s hoisted Norman up he was a very nervous puppy. Jeremy stood outside as he watched the waves crashing on the shore they were steadily getting closer, then the rain started, bleak cold cutting rain that came in large heavy drops. Jeremy retreated into the cave and told Sunni to get up on the second level, and that he would be up shortly. After Sunni climbed up he followed, just as seawater started filling the cave he reached the top. They ate quietly in the dark Sunni sat at his right. “What do we do now” Pricilla asked as the wind whistled through the cave the water rising steadily up the wall.

“Relax and hope for the best,” Jeremy said.

“I’m scared” Said Rose.

“Me too” Said Shannon.

“Perfectly reasonable,” Jeremy said “Lets just hope its not a super bad storm we should rest if we can, Rachel you watch the water level and wake us up if it gets above that level there” Jeremy pointed to a stony outcrop perhaps 5 feet below them. Naomi shed her clothes the other girls followed her lead. It was cold and the nine girls huddled together for warmth Rachel sat on the edge of the ledge her feet hanging over the side.

“Hey watch your feet” Annabel said.

“Shut up Annabel” Someone said.

“What are you going to make me?”

Jeremy watched as Annabel tried to move but two of the other girls grabbed her arms and then Shannon jammed her wooden dildo into Annabel’s ass. Annabel sucked air at the intrusion but didn’t say a word. “You’re a pain in the ass Annabel” Shannon said; “now you have one. Annabel gasped apparently unable to form words. Tiffany grabbed the hilt of the dildo and started sawing it in and out of Annabel’s ass, Annabel in turn gurgled

“Yeah” rose said, “Fuck that ass” Then the lights dimmed to nothing as the water reached the top of the cave no one could see anything.

Chapter XXVIII

It was some time later before Jeremy managed to get the fire lit. The girls ate and took turns jiggling the dildo in Annabel’s ass. The water level had dropped from before. Rachel called Jeremy over just as everyone heard a great slurping sound and the water exited the cave more dramatically than it came.

“What’s going on?” Sunni asked

“Eye of the storm” Naomi replied

“I’m fucking Annabel in the ass” Said Pricilla. “She likes it hasn’t said a word since we put the fucker in there” the other girls giggled at this and Jeremy cautiously made his way down into the ground floor of the cave. He walked out side and looked around the sky was dark and clear, there was no wind to speak of and the air was cool. The stars shone bright and the moon glowed, he walked around the campsite nothing was left of the hut that had taken so long to build but he supposed that was to be expected. He could hear the calling of the goats so at least a few of them survived. He couldn’t make out the other side of the storm, but maybe it just grazed them he hoped.

Nicole walked out of the cave behind him, “Hey there big boy?” she smiled at him is it over?”

“I hope so but we should still stay where we are until morning I figure. Just to be safe.”

“You’re the boss and you haven’t steered us wrong yet”

“Thanks” Jeremy said “Well we better get back inside” They walked back in the cave and climbed up the rope

“I’m horny” Pricilla said

“Its all this closeness” Said rose

“ Comere bitch” Pricilla said taking Annabel by the hair and dragging her face to her crotch “eat me I know you know how” at first Annabel seemed a bit reluctant to lick the younger girl but soon the hair pulling convinced her that she had no choice. “Yeah that’s it you nasty slut eat me”. Jeremy watched as Rose and Tiffany started making out, as did Sara and Sunni. Rachel and Naomi were well past making out and actively eating each other.

“I hope you don’t mind” Nicole whispered in the near darkness as she moved to straddle Pricilla’s face. The bodies writhed in the near darkness and Jeremy felt hands pressing him against the cool wall and then a mouth on his cock. He strained to see what was going on there was so much to take in Naomi fingering Rachel’s ass Tiffany sucking Rose’s breasts, Hands on his cock again and he felt the head of his cock slipping into the rubbery confines of a warm inviting pussy. He moaned softly though no one would have heard him so engrossed they were with what they were doing and he felt the firm tight curves of an ass bounce against his pelvis,

“Norman” Pricilla commanded “Get some” the dog moved forward and began licking Annabel’s pussy and then a few seconds later mounted the woman, pounding her hard and fast, whoever he was fucking was apparently really turned on by this and started fucking against him harder. Annabel gurgled and slurped at Pricilla’s slot as Pricilla pushed several fingers into Nicole, Pricilla’s fingers moving deftly and quickly massaging all the right spots as Nicole soon began to shake uncontrollably and collapsed on top of Pricilla. The passionate moans and the near darkness the smell of wet pussy and sex drove Jeremy over the top and he unloaded into the unknown pussy. He relaxed against the wall the moans reverberating loudly Shannon leaned over and kissed him

“Thanks” She whispered and took his cock in her mouth and began sucking the remnants of his load from his wilting rod. The other women soon reached their climaxes and some got in two or three before they collapsed to rest. Only the soft sounds of breathing and soon the light patter of rain broke the silence. The tide surged in again and the water level was inches below the ledge before it began to recede.

The light was dim enough to see again and Jeremy could make out Norman fucking Annabel again it was the fourth time in the night and she would moan and gurgle in pleasure as the dog pounded her swollen and punished pussy.

Chapter XXIX

Jeremy got up and climbed down to the lower level of the cave, and walked outside careful not to wake any of the sleeping women. Many trees were knocked over and much of the island was changed. He went first to locate the canoe it was gone. He then ran down the path to assess the old Japanese base, it still stood a lot of trees were knocked over but it didn’t seem the worse for wear a concrete channel was now evident leading up to the hangar where the Plane was. He checked on the plane it didn’t seem to be damaged to he moved on to the machine shop. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw that Naomi had thoughtfully sealed up the tools and engines in the concrete and metal box. There was a small amount of water inside he supposed it couldn’t be helped. Confident of his assessment he hurried back to the campsite. He saw a few goats on the way back and smiled that some of them had somehow survived.

Jeremy Collected most of the gear from the cave and started lowering it down as the women slept on. He woke them when he had finished and one at a time they made their way down to the floor of the cave and outside into the light of dawn. Jeremy had to drag Norman away from Annabel and lower him down and Tiffany pulled the dildo out of Annabel’s ass, Annabel moaned loudly. “Oh my god” she said “that felt how can I describe it I was so full and it felt so good and then I got fucked that was so wonderful and mmm who’s pussy did I eat? I can still taste it”

“Let’s get you out side” Jeremy said though Annabel seemed distracted by scooping up dollops of cum from her thighs and pussy and sucking them off her fingers. “Annabel!” he said almost losing his patience.

“Yes master” she said kneeling in front of him and mouthing his cock “can I pleasure you please master?” she whimpered

“Not now Annabel get down and get some fresh air I think it’s a little stale in here” he said

“Please master” she said “ I live for your pleasure what do you wish me to do?”

“Climb down and get outside”

“Is that all master?”

“For now”

“As you wish master” and she somewhat reluctantly descended the rope. When they were all outside Jeremy called everyone together.

“We need to make another hut or several I think “Nicole tiffany Shannon see what you can do about that. Sunni Sara work on other materials we might need. Rose Pricilla and Rachel go and see about what food is left. The girls left leaving Naomi and Annabel standing nearby.

“So what’s up?” Naomi asked

“Well I checked things out we lost the boat. But everything else seems ok”

“Master is there anything you need me to do?” Annabel asked?

“Yes Annabel apologize to Naomi, you are to follow her orders as if they were my own as well as Nicole’s.
“Yes master” she said she then turned to Naomi and knelt “I am so sorry mistress that I offended you I did not know my place please forgive me” Annabel’s hands clasped in front of her. If there is anything your humble servant can do please tell her and she will do it?”

Naomi looked at Jeremy with a raised eyebrow. Jeremy just shrugged. “Kiss my ass” she said

“Yes mistress” Annabel said crawling behind the now coffee colored Naomi where she began to gently kiss the curve of the other woman’s butt. Jeremy watched slightly distracted by the sight, when Sunni came up

“Jeremy, oh what is she doing?” she started ogling Annabel laving naomi’s ass with her tongue now

“There is still some grass and stuff not much in the way of fruit though and a lot of fallen trees and junk…” She broke off as Annabel pushed her mouth in-between Naomi’s butt cheeks, and Naomi let out a low moan.

“That is sufficient for now Annabel” she gasped

“Yes mistress” she said though she remained kneeling.

“Stranger things have happened” Jeremy sighed

“I really don’t think so,” Naomi said “and I sure as hell never expected this, especially from her”

“Great Sunni see about gathering what you can do to help Nicole and the others.”

“Will do?” Sunni said “Can we um fuck later I’ve been kind of missing that big pecker of yours.”
“Sure Sunni once we get everything sorted out”

“Oh goodie” Sunni grinned and skipped off to fine Nicole and the others.

Construction of a new hut began a few hours later as Naomi and Annabel started lunch or supper it was hard to tell it was afternoonish anyway. Jeremy went to his calendar and marked off the days that he had missed and returned in time to catch some fish and start stretching the goat hide for salting. He showed Sunni how to scrape the hide as bits of meat came off as it dried and he helped the girls work on the new hut.

Chapter XXX

It was now nearing dark and Jeremy had found an appropriate sized log to turn into a canoe and he started working on it, it was slow and tedious. Work but he figured it needed to be done. Sunni walked up her skin wet and shiny from sweat and coconut oil. “Did you really put your pecker in Nicole’s butt? She asked

“Been comparing notes?” Jeremy asked.

“I don’t have notes I just asked her about what all you all did? Did you really?”

Jeremy laughed, “That’s what I meant you’ve been talking to her?”

“Yeah well I mean she knows more about sex and stuff than I do she is very smart I think not pretty like me but smart.”

Jeremy sighed “Pretty doesn’t always cut it Sunni sometimes smart is very nice.”

“Really? I thought guys liked girls to be pretty and dumb”

“Only the ones that really aren’t worth your time.”

“What’s that mean?”

“Ask Nicole?”

“It doesn’t matter anyway though I just want you I don’t need other men in my life and your going to give me and Nicole babies too right?”

Jeremy rolled his eyes “I suppose its inevitable that I will”

“And I’ll get pregnant when you stick your thing in my butt right?”

“Sunni where did you get your information”

“Well I figure when a girl gets pregnant her belly gets big you know her stomach and well I’ll either get pregnant from eating your juice or if you like it better you can put it in my butt or both! I would like that a lot?”

“Sunni your wonderful and beautiful but I need to finish working here how’s the hut coming?”

“Well we are making progress there are not as many materials as we would like”

“I’ll finish here in a little bit and we can fuck okay?”

“Okay” she said brightly and she hurried back to camp

“Dear lord that girl is dumb” Naomi said

“Please I know but I suppose she’ll learn one way or another.”

“I suppose your right?” Naomi replied, “So the Plane is still there?”

“It looks like there was a channel we may have to dig it out once we get the plane fixed”

“Speaking of which when are we going to start on that?”

“I want to wait till we see where we stand make sure we have enough food and everything before we get too involved”

“We are going to have to tell them eventually”

“Hey didn’t you say that you all wanted to get knocked up first?”

“Speaking of which, maybe” She smiled thoughtfully rubbing her belly “But yes I did”

“We can work on it off and on I suppose no rush then I’d be surprised if it worked at all”

“You and me both but we have to try” Naomi said

“Well we certainly aren’t getting rescued.”

“Yes obviously”

“We will have to see what tomorrow holds” Jeremy said

“It will be okay we can survive on fish and goats till the fruit grows back should be a month or two at most”

“That’s about why I figured” Jeremy said resignedly.

“Well back to camp then” Jeremy nodded and walked back to camp with his arm around Naomi. Most of the girls were stretched out in the warm sand snoozing and Jeremy found Sunni quickly. She was laying beneath one of the few palm trees to have survived the storm Jeremy leaned down and sucked her warm pointed nipple she moaned drowsily as he kissed his way up from her breast to her neck pausing briefly to suckle on her ear lobe. He gently kissed his way up across her chin and she opened her eyes when he kissed her lips. He positioned himself between her legs and let his cock sink into the warmth of her sex. He didn’t really move he just lay there feeling her clenching his cock and their pulses pounding together. After a while he started moving slowly taking time to drink in her nipples with his mouth and she in turn lightly dragged her fingernails down his chest and back.

Thank you all for reading there will be more to cum, comment as you feel is appropriate or contact me if you like.

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