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It started as a bright sunny California beach day.
It was a bright sunny late June California day and Brenda was going to spend it at the beach. Brenda was a true California beach bunny. She was at the beach every chance that she got. Having just graduated from high school and not going to college, she would now have more time for surf and sun. She still lived at home and did not plan on getting a job for a year. It was surfing and party time for Brenda. Brenda was 5'5", 120# with 34b boobs. She thought about implants but that would wait for a while if she decided to do it. She had bleached blond hair, a flat tummy and a large collection of very small bikinis that just covered her nipples and neatly trimmed pubic hair patch.

She drove her BMW convertible to the beach about eleven just as the sea fog was receding from the land. She spread her blanket out at her favorite spot and rubbed on her tanning lotion. The surf was predicted to be low that day so she did not even bring her board. She lay on her stomach looking at the water and untied her top string so as not to have a tan line there. She took out the novel that she brought with her and split her time between looking at the ocean, her book and the other people on the beach.

About an hour after she arrived there was a bright flash of light. Brenda closed her eyes and when she opened them she was no longer on the beach. She was on a padded but hard table about the size of a double bed. She was nude, on her back and had what she thought were metal rings around her wrists, ankles and neck. When she tried to move she couldn't. Brenda struggled to get up but it was no use. It appeared that the table might be metal under the padding and that the rings might be magnets. The room was brightly lit with metallic walls. It felt cold but only a little colder than the late morning California air in the shade.

Brenda turned her head to look around and screamed when she saw monsters. There were three of them. They were not really monsters but when Brenda first saw them that is how her mind reacted. They were all over seven feet tall but very thin with very long fingers and large heads. They were humanoid but surely not humans. Their skin was a light pinkish tint. They had no visible hair, small mouths and had big eyes with oval pupils that were oriented vertically. They were wearing tight fitting jumpsuits that looked to be a silver metallic fabric. Brenda again tried to break free but to no avail.

One of her captors stepped forward and spoke. It's mouth did not move but she heard it say,” Brenda, please do not be afraid. We will not harm you. We are men from the planet Vergon 4 and we need your help. You are on our ship in orbit around your planet” Brenda yelled, "Let me go I don't want to be here. Keep away from me." "You have no choice but you will not be harmed and will be returned to your home" was the reply. They turned and spoke to each other in a language that she had no idea of what it meant. Then the captain turned back to her.

"My name is Groff and I am the captain of this vessel. We had a war on our planet and the results left all of our women sterile. Our scientists have said that the effects will last for about 300 of your earth years. Our life span is about 150 years so you see that we would die off as a race if we do nothing. We have learned how to change your dna so that you may bare our children and you, as well as many others of your species, have been chosen to help us keep our race alive till we return to normal. You will have our children and then we will return you to normal and take you home to continue your life with no ill effects."

Groff stepped back with the other two and a forth alien walked in through a doorway that opened. They all looked identical to Brenda but this one did not have on the jumpsuit that the others wore. He stood there naked beside the table that Brenda was attached to. Brenda screamed for him to go away and leave her alone. None of them said a word. She looked at him and again her thoughts were of monsters. He was over seven feet tall but skinnier than any fashion model on earth. He stood there in nothing but his hairless light pink skin. Brenda was afraid but could not help looking between his legs where she saw a firm cock shaft that must have been 10 or 12 inches long and about one inch thick sticking straight out between his legs. She could not see any sign of testicles. On the end of the shaft was a triangular head that was twice the width and a deeper purple color. On the end was an extension that was about three inches long and a half inch wide and wiggled around like a night crawler. Brenda was scared but realized that she did not have any options. She was far from being a virgin but she did not want to get fucked by this creature.

All of a sudden the magnets around her ankles started to move apart and up toward her hips spreading her legs and bending her knees. She could not resist the strength them. The alien went to the foot of the table and climbed up between Brenda's legs. She screamed. He put his hands on her knees and pulled himself forward. His skin was soft and smooth but cold to the touch. As his cock reached her private areas the wormlike appendage on the tip of it started to crawl around between her pussy lips and started to put out a lubricating liquid. She screamed again. When it found the opening to her passage it crawled inside. Brenda wanted to puke but it was all slow and gentle and almost like she was not being raped even though she was. She was very well lubricated and his cock head pushed in easily. He slowly pushed in till the worm passed her cervix and entered her uterus. His cock head followed but it was a tighter fit and for the first time Brenda felt him use force. His worm crawled around inside her uterus and it was a strange but somehow calming sensation. He started to move his cock in and out without the head ever pulling out past her cervix. Brenda did not get turned on but there was no pain and her fear was gone. She started to think about what it would be like if they were able to get her pregnant. Then the alien fucking her thrust deeply into her and held his cock still while the worm went wild, squirming rapidly inside of her. Next Brenda felt his cum pouring into her. It was scalding hot and caused a lot of pain. There was a huge amount of it and she did not think he was ever going to stop filling her. She could not hold any more and it started flowing out of her. It felt like someone had poured hot coffee into her cunt and all over her upper legs. Then the alien pulled out of her and got off the table and walked out the door.

Groff and the others had stayed in the room and watched. She looked over and could see big bulges in their jumpsuits between their legs. Groff said, "You did very well Brenda. Each day one of us will breed with you till we are sure that you get pregnant. Rest for the rest of the night. We will bring you food. Good night." With that the three of them left the room. The magnets released and she was able to get up. She looked around the room and there was nothing else to be seen in it and her swimsuit was nowhere to be found. "I have to piss. Where is the toilet?" she yelled out to the empty room. The wall opened and a toilet came out. It was very high up off the floor and very small. She almost had to jump up to get on it but she did. Cum just poured from her into the toilet and then she pissed like she had not pissed for days. The kind of music that Brenda likes started to play from the background. Shortly after, one of the aliens came in and set a plate of food on the table and left. She did not know what it was and it didn't look very good but after a while she ate it and it was filling. There was no silverware so she had to eat with her hands but there was a cloth to wipe her hands with. After wiping her hands she used the cloth to wipe the piss and cum from her pussy and legs. They came and took the dish and cloth away.

Brenda wondered around the room. She could not tell where the door had been and there was nothing in the room but the table. She looked at it figuring it would be all wet from the excess cum that had come out of her after being fucked but it was clean and neat like it had just been freshly made. There was no clock or window and the lighting never changed so she just sat there till she got tired and then lay on the padded table and went to sleep. When she woke she said again "toilet" and the toilet came out of the wall. Then she said "food" . Within a couple minutes the door opened and an alien came in with a plate of food. When she finished he came in and took it away. She tried to talk to him but he did not answer.

After what she thought was a couple of hours the door opened and the four aliens came in. Three were dressed and one was naked. She could not tell which one it was as they all looked identical to her. She heard a voice tell her to get on the table but she rushed the naked one and tried to kick him between the legs. He may have been very skinny but he was very strong and fast and she had no chance of hurting him. The voice again told her to get on the table or they would have to use force. She sat on the edge and the magnets took control of the rings and pulled her into position. This next alien got between her legs and it started over again. Things went the same as the time before. He presented his erect cock to her pussy and the worm wiggled around spreading its lubrication fluid and then crawling into her opening followed by the rest of his cock. Once he was all the way into her uterus he pumped till the appendage went wild and overflowed her cunt with hot hot cum. That was the part that she had come to fear. The rest she had learned was not all that bad. Just as before he got off and they all left the room.

This happened two more times just the same way. Now when they came in she just got up on the table and positioned herself for what was to come. There was no more fight left in her. Except for the very hot cum she was actually starting to enjoy the feel of it. She assumed from what she was told that each time was a day apart and with a different alien but she could not tell from anything she could judge from. On the fifth day Groff came in and she got up on the table and spread her legs. Groff told her that they were done and she was pregnant with one baby from each of them. Groff told her that it would be twenty earth days before that babies would come and that she should just relax and make herself ready. The next time she woke she felt a little cramping and her tits felt a little tender. They brought her food any time she asked but never talked to her and she never left that bare room or had any clothes to wear.

On what she thought was the forth or fifth day she started to see that her stomach and tits were starting to get bigger and with each day they grew. About when she guessed that it was about time, she had D cup tits which were dripping thick green milk and a belly that looked like she had a watermelon in her but she felt very calm and happy and enjoyed rubbing her belly and tits and talking to the things inside of her. Groff came in and told her that tomorrow would be the day that she would produce their offspring. and he would see her then. It had been more than twenty days from when she had last heard any voice except Groff's. She had tried to talk to them but they never answered. Groff told her that it was time and to get on the padded table. Brenda did as she was told. The magnets took over and pulled her into the same position that she was in when she had been fucked by all of them. A couple minutes later she felt movement down between her legs. There was no pain but one by one four babies, each about the size of her fist crawled out of her womb and crawled up her stomach to her huge tits and started drinking the thick green milk that she was producing. The magnets released and the thought of smashing the babies went through her head but she touched each one tenderly. The aliens came over to her and each one picked up a baby and walked out with it. Brenda protested and asked for her babies back. Groff came back in and told her that her job was over and she would never see them again. He thanked her for her co-operation and said that she had helped save his race. He told her that she should get some rest before they took her back to Earth. Brenda thought about asking Groff if one of them would fuck her one more time before they did but she decided to rest first and ask him when she got up. Brenda went to sleep.

When Brenda woke she was on her blanket on the beach looking at the ocean. She did not know what had happened but something seemed strange. She looked at her watch and saw that she had only been asleep for about twenty minutes. Then she noticed that her tits were straining at her top trying to break it open. Somehow she had huge D cup tits and her top was soaked with this thick green milky fluid.


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It was ok you should havve them turn her fully into one of them and the babies grow up with her then fuck her so much it hurts

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Just think that on the other planet there will be strange looking beings that look like her. Will they be accepted?

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