Robin joins Thomas and Ashley
My cock stirred at the thought. “Robin?!” I asked, surprised and aroused.

With a smile, Ashley propped up on one elbow and looked me in the eye. “Absolutely. She’s so hot, don’t you think?’

“Well, yeah, but…”

“But what? I’m a woman? She’s a woman? That’s not right?”

“Actually, that would be really hot,” I replied.

“You’re damn right it would. I’m getting wet just thinking about it.” Ashley lay back and placed her left hand on her left breast, kneading it while her right hand trailed down her stomach to her pussy. “Kissing her, tasting her lips, her neck. Then holding her tits in my hands and feeling her nipples harden at my touch before I take them into my mouth. I picture her spreading her legs for me so I can taste her pussy. I can smell her just thinking about it.” At that, she brought her hand to her lips and licked her own juices off her fingers. “Mmmmm. I wonder if she tastes like me.” She convulsed a little when she said it.

She dipped her fingers into herself again and offered them to me, asking, “What do you think? Do you think she tastes like me?” My mouth opened on its own as I was dazed by Ashley’s display. She tasted incredible, which I already knew from having buried my face in her crotch less than an hour ago.

Amazingly, my dick was rock hard again. I thought for sure he would need a nice long nap after Ashley’s performance, but apparently not.

“God, I hope so.”

“Really?” she said, still playing. “Are you planning on joining us?”


“I would love that. You could fuck me from behind while my tongue was buried in her pussy.”

My cock was starting to leak a little now. “Oh, damn, Ash!”

“Unless,” she said, “you would rather me sit on your face and kiss her while she rides your cock.” Her hand was moving faster now and I could hear her hand moving through her juices as they slurped at her active hand. “Ohgod! I’m gonna cum just thinking about it!” Immediately she let out a series of sharp breaths and short moans before sitting up to hold a crunch for a few seconds, her face tensed in a frown. Falling back onto the carpet, she picked up her breathing again, but like she had just run a race.

I couldn’t stop myself. I immediately rolled over and buried my face in her pussy. She let out a yelp and her thighs clamped around my ears. She quickly relaxed her legs again and as I looked up at her face I saw her looking down at me with a wicked smile. My hands found her tits and I began to pinch and pull at her nipples while my tongue worked on her clit. I would pay attention to her noises and breathing to take my cues in giving her the most pleasure.

As she climbed toward her climax, I didn’t change a thing in what I was doing, except that I brought one hand off her breast and brought it down to touch her rosebud, already slick with her juices and my saliva. She jumped a little at the sudden touch, but didn’t protest. With gentle pressure, I pushed the tip of my finger just into the super tight opening.

“OH my god! That feels fucking amazing!” Her hips thrust a little just once. I didn’t move my finger, but the added stimulation brought her orgasm that much faster and a little flood of juices hit me and I noticed a little sweeter taste. After her orgasm subsided, she curled her hips up and grabbed her knees. As I began to sit up, Ashley commanded, “I didn’t say you could stop! You started something now! Use that magic tongue on my ass. Do whatever you have to do to make me cum again.”

And I did. Using my tongue and one finger, I brought her to the peak one more time. I was encouraged by her as she barked orders, peppered with the occasional, “I can’t believe I like my ass being played with” muttered along the way.

After her anal orgasm, she ordered me onto the couch and spent almost three minutes working me over with her mouth before swallowing my load, all while looking me in the eye. I was wiped out, but she stood up and held out her hand to pull me up from the sofa. We took a nice leisurely shower before heading to her bedroom and falling into bed naked and warm.

Naturally I woke up with a serious bone, but this time it was making a tent with someone else’s covers. I lay there for a few minutes in the dim light of morning, tracing every detail of Ashley’s face, shoulders, and one bare arm that was above the covers. As I returned to see her face I noticed that she was awake now, looking at me. She smiled.

“Good morning,” I said, smiling.

“Hi.” Her smile brightened and she moved toward me to give me a quick kiss.

“I need to brush my teeth,” I said, “and then we’ll have some breakfast.”

Smiling, she said, “That sounds good. I need to brush mine, too. I’ve got a few of those free toothbrushes from the dentist so you can have one of those if you want.”

After brushing our teeth and copping the occasional feel of each other, we went to a little breakfast and brunch place Ashley recommended. Because it was early on a weekend, the place was dead and she said it would pick up at about 10. This gave us a chance to talk.

“So, Thomas. Is this a one-time thing? I mean, do you think this is going to go anywhere? I’m not pressuring, just trying to set my own boundaries, you know?” She looked at her juice, playing with her straw as she asked the question.

“Ashley.” When she looked up at me, I smiled and continued. “I don’t want this to be a one-time thing. If that’s what you want, I can do that. But I’m willing to take it one day at a time and see where it goes. I have no set expectations. I enjoy spending time with you from what I can tell. Besides,” I whispered, “you’re a good fuck.”

Ashley laughed at this, loud enough to get the attention of a few other customers. “So are you,” she whispered back.

“Tell me about this thing you have for Robin,” I said quietly.

Leaning in, Ashley told me about her crush on her high school cheerleading coach. “I don’t know that I would call it a thing. In high school I just thought she was pretty, but I never wanted her or anything. It wasn’t sexual, what I saw in her. She’s very pretty. Of course, most cheerleaders are pretty and she has aged well, still keeping in good shape. When I got this job and saw her again, I realized immediately that she was as attractive as ever.”

“So when did you develop sexual feelings for her if it wasn’t in high school? After all, you haven’t seen her since then, right?”

“Actually, I got turned on by her when I was in college.”

“College? I don’t understand.”

“Long story short, I had gradually been introduced to lesbian sex and occasionally slept with a couple of friends. Mostly it was in fantasy, though. I would be jilling off and enjoying myself. All of a sudden one time, Robin’s face appeared in my head and I was surprised because I had never thought of her that way. But because I had tasted and felt a couple of women, I went with it and was able to build a pretty detailed experience around it. From there, she became one of my regulars.”

“I want you so bad right now. Just the thought of you rubbing yourself, having sex with girls, and pairing up with Robin has me so hard it hurts.”

Ashley laughed. “In due time, if we’re lucky. Shit! That reminds me! We left Robin pretty wasted last night. Do you think we need to check on her?”

“I’m sure she’s been wasted before. Besides that can’t be the worst she’s had it.”

“Let me put it to you this way, Tom. I’m horny as fuck and want some pussy. Robin wasn’t feeling well last night and as her friends I think we have an obligation to check on her. Get it?” she said with her lip curled up on one side.

“You sneaky bitch, you want to take advantage of her.” I plopped back in my chair and smiled. “What if she doesn’t go for it? After all, we’ve been talking, but she hasn’t.”

“I know for a fact she’s into chicks, too. At least she used to be. Remember her friend Stacey who came to some of the games with her my senior year?”

“No way! Brown hair, big tits?”

“You do remember!”

“Only because I watched her eat an ice cream cone at one of the games and formed a video in my head from it. That was Robin’s girlfriend?”

“Yep. There were signs. Hand on the thigh unconsciously, the way they looked at each other when they talked, sitting too close, and a few other things. Anyway it was confirmed by a statement one of the cheerleaders made. It turns out Robin ‘dated’ this girl’s aunt for a little while.”

“Still hard. Getting harder.”

“Okay, tentpole,” Ashley said with a laugh, “Let’s go check on our friend.”

“Okay, but let’s play it by ear. I don’t want to push too hard,” I warned.

“That’s fine. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll just fuck each other.”

We arrived at Robin’s house and knocked on the door, giving her plenty of time to drag herself out of her bed and to the front if she had to. It didn’t take as long as we thought. She looked through one of the windows on the side, sleepy-faced and hair a rat’s nest. As soon as she recognized us, we heard the locks unbolting and she opened it up, dressed in a short pale green terry cloth robe that came barely mid-thigh. “Come on in,” she said. “What brings you out here?”

“Well,” I said, “You were pretty out of it last night and Ashley thought it would be good to come check on you.”

“So she called you to bring her over?”


After a long pause and a funny look on her face, Robin finally caught it. “You never left?” She looked at me and then at Ashley and Ashley just smiled and shrugged. “Damn, girl! You move fast.”

“You have no idea,” Ashley laughed.

“Well, Robin, we came to see if you were okay. So, are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’ve had worse. I slept it off and woke up just a few minutes ago. I hadn’t taken a shower yet obviously, but I figured I would get cleaned up and grab some lunch later.”

“Want some company?” Ashley asked.

“Sure, but it’s going to take about an hour for me to get ready. Just make yourselves at home. I’ll be out when I’m ready.” With that, she turned and went into her room and closed the door, leaving Ashley and I alone in her living room.

We sat on the couch and I turned on the television to flip through the channels. Sitting next to me, Ashley put her hand on my thigh. We heard the shower turn on and Ashley took that as a cue. “I need to cum. Eat my pussy.” I was taken aback as she made that statement and stood up on the couch and, straddling my head, pulled her panties to the side, holding her short skirt up. I dove right in doing what I could while I stroked her legs and ass with my hands. With one hand, Ashley held her panties to the side and with the other she held the front of her skirt up against her stomach. Her knees were pressed against the back of the couch, keeping her steady and keeping her pussy right at my mouth.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened and Robin called out, “Feel free to turn…shit! I’m sorry!” She closed the door back as suddenly as she had opened it.

Ashley didn’t even miss a beat. “As soon as I…cum I’ll…go talk…to her…dammit! You feel so….good….godImcumming!” And she did, too!

Ashley straightened herself up, stepped off the couch and licked my lips, saying, “Mmmmm. Well, at least I tasted SOME-body’s pussy today.” She walked over to the door, knocked twice and turned the knob. Surprisingly it wasn’t locked. “Robin, it’s Ashley. Can I come in and talk?” Not waiting for an answer, she went inside and closed the door behind her. I never heard any noise. The only noise coming from that room was the shower. I guess in her shock, Robin never turned it off. In fact she was probably sitting on her bed deciding what to do to us.

Thirty minutes later, Ashley was still in there, the shower was still going and there was still no yelling. As much as I wanted to go in and see several times, I resisted and sat on the couch flipping through the channels after a while. Hey, the television was already on. I noticed that Robin had a couple of adult channels, but thought better than watching them or bringing it up now, even in jest.

Eventually the shower stopped and my ears perked up, awaiting…well, something. Anything! The door opened and Ashley said, “Come here, Tom.” I was mesmerized because I didn’t believe what I was seeing. Ashley was wearing nothing and was dripping wet from head to toe. She smiled at me and I knew. She had pulled it off. I didn’t know how, but she had done it. I had to get this story from her later. She truly is a sneaky bitch!

Not surprisingly, when I entered the room Robin was likewise naked and wet sitting on the bed, her knees raised and feet planted on the mattress toward me. Totally shaved bare, her lips were splayed open in an obvious display of arousal, pink and beautiful and dripping wet. Her mature body was still in excellent shape with her breasts hanging just right, round and beautiful and tipped with pink. Also, no tan lines. She was amazingly hot!

“Well?” she said simply, her head cocked to the side? As she reached her arms out toward me, I felt Ashley’s hands wrap around me from behind and unbuttoning my pants before pulling down the zipper and sticking her hand inside to grab my now-harder-than-its-ever-been prick.

“Well, nothing, Robin,” said Ashley. “Get your ass off that bed and come get some of this dick.” Immediately Ashley pushed down my pants and took my cock in her mouth in one move. All of it. When I was all the way in, she stuck out her tongue and licked my balls, sending electricity through my body.

Soon enough Robin had joined her and when Ashley pulled back, Robin grabbed the base and said, “Damn that looks good. I haven’t had one of these in so long.” Giving me a long tentative lick from balls to tip, she soon began sucking in earnest. She was on her knees looking up at me with my dick in her mouth, bobbing back and forth. She didn’t notice Ashley disappear from beside her until she felt Ashley’s hair on her feet as she slid between Robin’s legs to eat her pussy.

Robin looked down while stroking my cock and made sure she gave Ashley plenty of clearance before settling back down over Ashley’s mouth. She shuddered and let out a low moan as Ashley’s mouth first made contact with her pussy. Soon enough Robin went back to work on my cock and Ashley confirmed her previous suspicion. “I was right, Thomas! She does taste like me!” I almost came right then at the thought and as Robin grunted with wide eyes, her lips still wrapped around me. She was apparently surprised and aroused that we had talked about how she would taste. Soon enough Ashley was able to eat Robin to orgasm. Robin squealed around my dick, before pulling back and dropping one hand to the carpet to stabilize herself as she flooded Ashley’s face with her cum. She convulsed and uttered a strained “fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckohfuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” before tensing in absolute silence.

“Whoa,” Robin finally breathed out. “You’ve done that before.”

As Ashley slid out from under Robin, I stroked Robin’s golden locks and when she looked up at me with a smile, I grabbed a handful and guided her back to her task. She readily agreed and continued her work. I could tell SHE had done THIS before, too, and was quite skilled. She varied her rhythm, used every trick in the book and did it all with expertise. Ashley now stood beside me and gave me a long kiss, allowing me to taste our co-worker.

“What do you think?” she asked with a smile.

“Well,” I said, and made a face like I was trying to decide. Then I dipped a finger into Ashley’s pussy, dragged it across her clit, making her shudder, then sucked the juices off as I looked into her eyes. “Yep, like you.”

Robin had apparently been watching our exchange because she interrupted. “Are you two just always horny? What’s the big deal?” With that she buried her face in Ashley’s treat and went to work. I heard Robin’s muffled laugh as Ashley squealed and held onto me tight for balance. Ashley laughed at first, but that quickly turned into gasps and moans and profanity. She placed one foot on Robin’s shoulder and gripped my shoulder tightly. It wasn’t long before her knees gave way and I had to catch her around the waist with my arm as Robin pulled back, her mouth and chin dripping with Ashley’s passion.

“Stand up. Let me taste her off your lips,” I commanded. Immediately Robin complied and we locked in a passionate kiss as Ashley watched and smiled during her recovery.

“Thomas,” we’re about to fulfill your every desire. We’ll make you cum once, then we’ll clean up and get some lunch. But when we get back, we’re all yours. Anything you want.”

I just about came right then. My mind was reeling with all the things I wanted to do to these two goddesses. I was speechless as they led me to the bed and pushed me onto my back. From there they both climbed on either side of me and kissed just over the head of my cock. Almost as if they had rehearsed it, they both lowered their heads to either side of my shaft and, both looking me in the eye, licked from the base to the tips before kissing around the head. As they alternated between kissing each other and sucking my dick, their hands worked in perfect harmony, one on my balls and the other stroking my shaft. After a few minutes of this, I was approaching my strongest orgasm ever it felt like. I tried to watch it shoot it out to see their response, but all I saw was spots and my head plopped back onto the bed. I heard them making comments about it and when I looked up after it was over, they were kissing and licking each other, my dick and the areas around it, and their hands. They both had at least one stream in their hair and some on their faces. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen.

After a few minutes of lying there trying to catch my breath, with Ashley on one side and Robin on the other, Robin said, “I think I need another shower.”

“I think we all do,” replied Ashley. The two helped me off the bed as my knees were a little shaky. After a long, hot, and arousing shower (it was a tangle of hands, bodies, and mouths), we decided on a local restaurant for lunch, one that had a patio. Because it was so hot, the patio was practically empty, which gave us freedom to talk freely and to learn more about each other, specifically our sexual experiences.

“So Robin, what did Ashley say to you after you…caught us this morning?”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Well,” I said, looking at Ashley, then back to Robin, “She went into your room after seeing us and you two were in there for a long time. Then when Ashley comes out, you’re both naked, wet, and horny, and Ashley’s barking orders for you to come give me a blowjob. What gives?”

It was quiet for a moment as Robin thought, then looked at Ashley who gave her a raised eyebrow.

“Tom, before today I don’t know if you knew, but I’m bisexual. I haven’t been with a man for a long time and I’ve had a few steady girlfriends over the past few years. I’m trying to keep it low-key because not everyone is understanding about homosexual relationships. I don’t want to risk my teaching and cheerleading jobs because some parents get in an uproar about me being a lesbian. I’ve never made any moves on the girls and I never would, but that’s how people think.

“When I saw you two on the couch I was a little surprised that you were so risky with that in someone else’s house, even if you thought I was occupied for a little while. But I have to admit I was a little turned on seeing it. When Ashley came into my room I had already gotten in the shower and she actually caught me playing with myself. At first I was embarrassed, but she put me at ease when she undressed and climbed in with me as she explained that she’s wanted me for a long time. From there we just enjoyed each other.”

I was getting hard just thinking about it, and frankly I was a little sore from all the attention I’ve been getting the last couple of days. It was more than I was used to. “So did she tell you about us? About our talk?”

“I don’t think so,” Robin answered. “What talk?” She looked at Ashley with a confused look. So did I. I thought I had blown it for sure.

“It’s no secret now,” Ashley laughed. “Robin, last night, Tom called my bluff on our dinner game. He caught me hesitating when you asked who I would want to fuck, so after our time together last night, he asked me who else I wanted, and I said you.”

Laughing, Robin said, “Yeah, no secret now!”

Ashley continued, “We talked about it and thought maybe you would want to join us, but you already did this morning, so again, no secret. I guess that clears the air.”

“Well,” I said, “that’s a relief. Whew!” I wiped my arm across my brow in an exaggerated gesture. This brought laughs from both ladies.

“Okay, then,” said Robin. “It looks like after lunch we still have work to do. I think we agreed that Thomas could do anything he wants with us, didn’t we, Ash?”

“We certainly did. And I don’t mind telling you, Robin, that he’s got a magic tongue.”

“Really? Well, I can’t wait to try it out!”

“Come on, Ashley,” I said, only half-joking. “You don’t tell a lesbian that a guy has a magic tongue. The bar’s already set pretty high.”

“Easy!” Robin interjected. “I’m not a dyke. I’m bi, remember? I’ve had incompetent guys before so you should be fine.” She belted out a laugh with Ashley joining in.

“Nice,” I said, smiling. Now I had to prove her wrong. I hope.

“Let’s get the check get back. All this talk of Tom’s magic tongue has me revved up. And I need to taste Robin again.”

“Damn,” Robin said, shuddering a little. “Let’s go home.”

I picked up the check and we drove home. Actually I drove home while Ashley and Robin kissed in the back of Robin’s SUV. I’m surprised we didn’t get in an accident as I was trying to concentrate on the road while also stealing glances in the mirror to watch the lez-fest in the back seat.

As soon as the front door closed, Robin and Ashley were at it again, only this time with more passion and fervor. Their hands explored every inch of each other’s bodies and removed each other’s clothes as they went. I just stood there with a raging tent pole, mesmerized and fearful of interrupting something so incredibly hot.

After a few minutes, with both of them in nothing but panties, Ashley’s a dark green thong, and Robin’s a white thong, they turned toward me and Robin said, “Well?”

“Well, what?” I answered.

“Are you just going to stand there like a tripod, or are you going to come take care of business?”

I snapped to, seamlessly. “What do you mean, ‘Are you just going to stand there?’ Both of you need to come over HERE and take care of business. We’re doing this MY way, bitch!”

Robin looked shocked for a second, then broke into a smile and led Ashley over by the hand. The three of us began exchanging kisses as my hands found their tits, backs and asses. Slipping my hands down the backs of their panties, I ran my finger across their assholes, receiving a moan from Ashley and a jump from Robin. While I was massaging their ass cheeks, I ordered them to undress me. Ashley began working on my shirt while Robin dropped to her knees to remove my pants.

Because I wasn’t wearing underwear, my dick sprung out when it was freed from my pants and the dripping tip was just inches from Robin’s mouth. She grabbed the base and squeezed the rest of the pre-cum up to the head and licked it off as she looked me in the eye. Ashley was watching her and Robin looked at her, stood up, said “Taste this,” and stuck her tongue into Ash’s mouth. My cock jumped at the sight, but then I realized I was giving them control, and it was my turn to get what I wanted.

I interrupted their kiss, by grabbing them both by their hair right at the back of their scalp, surprising them both, Robin’s hand quickly grasping mine with a look of shock. I gave her a hard kiss, sweeping the roof of her mouth with my tongue, then forced her onto her knees as I gave Ashley the same kiss before forcing her down to her knees beside Robin.

Without a word I thrust my cock into Robin’s mouth and fucked her face for a few strokes before pulling it out, shiny and slick, and forced it into Ashley’s gaping trap. Back and forth I went, forcing a little more in each time as they got used to it and knew it was coming. At first I thought they would be a little upset, but they quickly got into it, knowing that they had promised me whatever I wanted this afternoon, then called me out with mild ridicule. If they said I could have anything, dammit, I was going to take EVERYthing!

After a few minutes of musical throats, I roughly helped them up with their arms, dragged them to the bedroom and tossed Robin onto the bed, holding Ashley beside me by her arm as I forced Robin onto her back and ordered her to spread her legs. Then I dragged Ashley to the bed, bent her over and pushed her head into Robin’s pussy. “Eat her pussy!” I demanded. I knelt down behind Ashley and ate her pussy and occasionally her ass as she munched on Robin’s cunt. Robin was loud, grabbing Ashley’s head, barking orders, and screaming as she came.

Ashley came at least twice, buckling her knees, but never leaving Robin’s crotch. Ash’s juices ran down her legs, slickening her thighs with girl-cum. “Make yourself cum again, whore!” I ordered as I climbed onto the bed, feeding my rock-hard cock to Robin, her hair in one hand and her tit in the other. I watched Ashley eating her out with passion, watching as Robin sucked most of me in her mouth. Robin was still holding Ashley’s head and with her other hand she was pulling her own nipple and squeezing her tit.

I heard Ashley cum again by her own hand. That was my cue. “Get up here,” I commanded as I lay back on Robin’s bed. Ashley climbed up and crawled over me, kissing her way up my stomach and chest as she straddled my waist. We kissed long and hard, as my hand found Robin still on her back beside me, I grabbed her arm and pulled and she obliged, rising up to sit beside me. I turned my face from Robin and told her to turn around and fuck me. Ashley turned her back to me and lowered herself onto my dick, lowering herself slowly. She was incredibly hot, tight, and dripping wet. As she began to raise and lower herself she felt amazing! I loved to hear her grunt and moan as she worked to bring herself to another orgasm.

“I finally get to taste your pussy, Robin. Have a seat, facing Ashley.” Robin complied and straddled my head, spreading her knees until her pussy was just above my mouth. I began to explore her pussy with my tongue and lips and realized Ashley was right. “You DO taste like Ashley. Suck her off of me.” Ashley must have heard me because she raised all the way up so my dick popped free, and Robin leaned down to take me in her mouth. She must have enjoyed the taste because she moaned. After a moment, she held me as Ash lowered herself back onto me.

“Lick her ass, Robin.”

Robin sounded surprised. “What?!”

“Do it! Lick her ass! Like this.” I proceeded to lick Robin’s asshole the way I had done for Ashley and she responded with a gasp “Oh, shit! That feels so good! I can’t believe I’ve missed out on that! Keep going!” Robin leaned forward and I heard Ashley moan as she forced herself down on my cock and held herself there. She picked up the pace again and Robin began rubbing her own clit as I worked her ass and pussy with my tongue. Soon both women were coming within a few moments of each other. It was a symphony of gasps, moans, screams, and profanity.

Robin sat up. “Fuck, Ash, you’re right. He does have a magic tongue. Fuck me.”

I pushed Robin off of me and told the girls to get in a 69. They promptly replied and began tongue fucking each other with passion. Robin was on the bottom, and with me at her head, I fed her my cock again, right next to Ash’s pussy. Taking it from Robin’s mouth, I drove it into Ashley’s box to the hilt, eliciting a scream from her, followed by “Fuck me, Tom! Fuck me!” As I pounded into her, I could feel Robin’s tongue occasionally lick my shaft as we competed for the same space.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Ashley squealed, then forced herself back onto my cock and held there for a moment, her juices running down both our thighs and, I could only imagine, onto Robin’s face. This almost made me cum, but I grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed, holding Ashley in place with the other hand.

I slowly withdrew from Ash, to see that sure enough Robin’s face was dripping wet and she had a big smile. “Damn, that was amazing to watch. Now I know why people like threesomes!”

“We’re not done yet, dyke. Start cleaning Ashley up while I fuck you raw.” They both got excited about this and made it obvious with another string of gasping expletives.

Crawling around Robin, I rested on my knees between her legs and Ashley immediately took me into her mouth again. She took me all the way into her throat and when I withdrew, there was a string of that back-of-the-throat saliva coating my bone, and making a bridge to Ashley’s mouth. It broke when she said with a smile, “That ought to make it easier to force it into your dyke whore. Fuck her, Tom!” My dick jumped again, sending out a little more pre-cum when I saw her straddling Robin’s head, her face inches from her pussy, and hearing such filthy language as she looked me in the eye. That’s a picture I’ll never lose.

Dropping her chest onto Robin’s stomach, Ashley reached around Robin’s thighs and opened her pussy, flicking her tongue across her clit. Robin was writhing a little and moaning into Ashley’s cunt, but I was able to find my mark and poke just the head in. “On three. One…” I forced the full length in as soon as I said “one”, causing a scream of pleasure out of Robin and a laugh out of Ashley. I laughed and said, “Sorry. I couldn’t wait” Then started taking long steady thrusts all the way to the hilt. About every ten thrusts I’d do a few short ones near the entrance so the ridge of the head slipped past her g-spot.

“Are you a gusher?” I asked Robin.

“Sometimes,” she gasped.

“Well, today you will be! Ashley, get ready to drink from the fountain.”

“Yum. I’ve never tasted that before. God, that’s going to be good.” Ashley began licking Robin’s clit as I drove into her with a quick, steady rhythm.

“Ashley, pull her knees back,” I said. Ashley sat up and pulled Robin’s knees up a little, rolling her hips off the bed. My head started rubbing along her g-spot with every thrust and Robin started getting louder and louder. Finally, she let out a scream and a small flood gushed from her urethra spraying me and the bed. Robin’s feet had planted firmly on the bed, slipping from Ashley’s hands and Ashley was quick to dive in and taste what was coming. I heard her moan as she lapped up Robin’s juices.

While they were still distracted with each other’s pussies I opened up nightstand drawers until I found Robin’s stash. Ah, toys and lube. I noticed a few but plugs and various dildos and vibes. I knew what I wanted and didn’t care how they felt about it. Like I said, I was taking EVERYthing. I grabbed the lube. “Mmmm,” I thought, “Strawberry kiwi flavored. They’ll enjoy that.”

“Get off, Ashley, and lay down beside Robin. I grabbed two of the pillows and rolled their hips back, placing the pillows underneath them.

Robin looked at the lube and got a concerned look on her face. “What are you doing, Thomas?” Ashley shared a similar look, though hers what mixed with excitement.

“You said anything I wanted. I’ll be gentle.”

Robin started to object. “No, Tom. Not that. I’ve never…”

“Bullshit. I saw the plugs. Don’t play that game with me,” I countered.

“But not with a person.”

“Today you are. With a person. Relax and enjoy it. Ashley, help me out here. Get her ready.”

“How?” she asked.

“First, lick her ass, then slowly insert a finger. Here’s some lube.”

Ashley crawled between Robin’s legs and pushed her knees up, then licked Robin’s ass, getting Robin revved up again. Robin began to moan as Ashley was becoming more skilled at rimming. I would see Robin’s legs curl up even more as her hips would occasionally twitch from the pleasure she was receiving. Her eyes were closed, but she would often look down at Ash who was looking back at her, making them both moan and Ash would become more aggressive.

With her mouth still attached to Robin’s ass, I saw Ashley reach for the lube, flip open the top with her thumb, then pull back and pour a little on Robin’s starfish. Ashley struggled to find the right angle to get the first finger in, but when she did, Robin obviously enjoyed it.

“Shit, Ash, you know how to work my ass. Keep licking me.” And Ashley did.

“Mmmm. Fruity,” Ashley said. “Robin’s ass tastes like strawberries,” she said with a smile.

“And kiwi,” I added. “Add another finger, Ash.”

With a second finger, Robin flinched a little, then settled into the pleasure of being filled anally. After a few minutes, I tapped Ashley on the shoulder and gave her a thumbs up as I settled next to her on the bed. She took me into her mouth and then I poured a little lube onto my hand before smearing it onto my cock. Ashley took me back into her mouth and moaned, closing her eyes. Withdrawing her fingers, she poured some more lube into my hand and poured some onto Robin’s asshole.

“Fuck her ass good, Thomas. I wanna see you bury it.”

Robin looked up at me, then down at my glistening cock. Still holding her knees, I could see more lust than fear in her eyes and when I touched the head of my probe to her ass, she took a sharp breath. We kept looking each other in the eye as I slowly pressed forward until I was all the way in. I stayed there and leaned forward to kiss Robin. Our kiss was passionate and the passion of the kiss combined with the hot, tight ass my cock was buried in made me want to cum so badly. So I stayed there and just kissed Robin with my dick in her ass.

When I raised up, I looked over to Ashley who was watching us with two fingers buried in her own ass, thrusting back and forth slowly. Her ass was slick with lube and presumably her own juices. With her free hand, she was alternately fucking her pussy, rubbing her clit, pinching her nipples and licking her fingers.

“You’re a horny bitch, aren’t you, Ash?” I asked with a smile.

“Hell, yeah. And I’m just waiting for my turn, getting ready for you to fuck my ass like Robin’s. Hurry up, dammit!” Her fingers were a blur on her clit and she was trying to work a third finger into her slick backdoor.

That was all I needed. Robin was watching Ashley and touching her own tits and pussy, so I withdrew and started gradually picking up the pace. Robin’s gaze shifted from our union to Ashley’s jill session and back. She was starting to moan and rock her hips a little. She eventually grabbed my ass and started pulling me into her.

“Fuck me harder, Tom! Fuck my ass until I cum! Shit, Ash!” After a few short minutes Robin came again, clinching my dick in a death grip with her sphincter. When she came down from her orgasm, she went limp, her face and body were covered in a sheen of sweat from the afternoon’s activities and her hair was sticking to her forehead. Damn, she looked good. I withdrew from her ass and Ashley came out of nowhere to grab my cock at the base and pull us together.

Slathering my rock-hard wood with lube, she wiped the excess off her fingers onto her asshole and dipped her fingers into it.

“Come on, lover! Fuck my ass!” she commanded with a wild look in her eyes. She grabbed her knees and rolled her hips up, exposing herself to me. She looked over at Robin and said, “Robin, watch this! You’re about to see him take my anal cherry! Do it, Thomas!”

I moved toward her and placed the head at her entrance. “Wait,” she said. “Robin, get behind him. I want both of you to be a part of this.” Robin crawled behind me and pressed her tits to my back, wrapping her arms around my waste. “Robin, grab his cock and help him out.” Robin grabbed the base of dick and held it tight, making sure it was swollen hard. I could see every vein and the head was as swollen as it had ever been. I pushed forward and popped the head in, then stopped to let her get used to it.

“Whoa! I never thought…damn, that’s tight!” Ashley muttered, almost talking to herself.

As I sat there, she said, “Why’d you stop? Robin, give him a push.” Robin started gently pushing on my back, her hand still on the shaft of my rod. “Dammit, Tom, I said fuck my ass! Now fuck me!!” At that, I gritted my teeth, looked Ashley in the eye, and forced every inch into her in a single thrust.

“OH, SHIIIIIT!” Ashley squealed. I withdrew again until just the head was in, then drove it all in again. On every thrust, Ash became more determined and demanding and my thrusts picked up speed until I was pounding into her with everything I’ve got. Every time my balls would slap her ass, she would force out a curse. “Fuck!...Yeah!...Like!…That! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” She was sweating and gripping the sheets with white knuckles. Her brow was furrowed, and her teeth were gritted, but she would occasionally let out a little laugh. “…ass…Tom!” on each thrust.

By this time, Robin had moved out and sat next to Ashley’s head, watching with silent amazement, absentmindedly rubbing herself as she saw my straining cock stretch Ashley’s asshole and pounding it into submission. Watching Ashley grit her teeth, demand my punishment, and seeing her sweaty tits bounce with every thrust, combined with the entire afternoon’s events, was more than I could bear. I was about to cum and cum big.

“Fuck, Ashley, I’m about to cum! Dammit, it’s gonna be huge!” To my surprise, Ashley let go of her knees, dropping her hips, and forcing me out. Without warning, she grabbed Robin’s hair and pulled her forward, surprising the blonde, forcing her to plant a hand on the bed to catch herself. Ash grabbed my ass and deepthroated my cock which had just been buried in her own ass! Robin seemed as surprised as I was, but not as surprised as when Ashley withdrew and forced Robin’s mouth onto it.

“Mmmm, strawberry,” Ashley said innocently. Pulling Robin off by her hair, she placed her own mouth back on me and prepared to take whatever I gave her. “Go ahead, Tom. Fill my mouth up.” She looked at Robin. “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll share.” Robin’s eyes got big, but she also shuddered and muttered, “Oh, God.”

I felt it from my toes to my chest. My knees got weak and I was short of breath. Fire was shooting up my thighs and into my balls where it gathered strength for just a second. “Shit, here it comes!” Ashley grabbed my shaft, aimed it at her open mouth while she looked up at me, and stroked the fire out of me. I think I screamed when it hit, it was so strong. Ashley’s mouth was an open pot and every shot hit it’s mark with incredible force and volume. I don’t know how many shots I made, but it was a ton. Robin squeezed the last bit out into Ashley’s mouth and Ash sucked the tip to get the last drops.

I heard Ash make a noise. “MMM”, like she was trying to get my attention. When I looked down I couldn’t believe what I saw. Her mouth was filled, I mean FILLED with cum. Ashley closed her mouth with a smile, then looked at Robin. Ash pulled Robin’s hair, tilting her head back, and lowered her mouth to just a couple of inches over Robin’s open mouth. The redhead poured the contents from her own mouth into Robin’s and then Robin returned the favor, but not with all of it. The two showed me what they had, then swallowed it down, opening their mouths afterward to show me the emptiness.

I was too worn out to get hard again or I would have. I plopped onto the bed as the two beauties kissed over me. They lay down on either side of me and we all drifted off to sleep.


2010-05-25 14:57:49
Correction: female ejaculate is produced in the Skene's gland and is expelled through the urethra. It is not expelled from the vagina as some porn would lead you to believe. This is why it has been confused with a loss of bladder control before more recent research in the last several years.

But that's not the point of the story. Thank you for reading.

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2010-05-21 16:47:07
not to be a stickler, but female ejaculate isn't expelled by the urethra. excellent story.

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