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I found this story in one of my folders a long time ago, it only has the first and third parts so I'd have to write the second one. Tell me if you want me to. Thanks. Funny how I never post any of my new writings. Oh, and, apparently my stories have been too violent and this isn't really violent, and as it goes on the story steers away from sex and more towards love and a relationship. Just news of what's in store. Anyhow, read on and comment if you wish.
-11th Grade- Chris, the Player

“Hurry up! Or you’ll be late for school!” I roused myself from my deep slumber and wiped the sleep from my eyes. The rising sun cast a warm beam of light onto my blanket, warming me, and tempting me to drift back to sleep. To keep myself awake, I yelled back.

“You tell me this every day, and yet I’ve never been late!”

“That’s because I tell you every day!”

I pulled off my blankets and stood up, completely naked. I went into the adjoining bathroom, and quickly took a shower, letting the hot water engulf my body. I quickly cleaned myself up, and got out of the shower, dried off my body from head to toe, and walked back into my room.

I closed the curtains, before anyone saw me naked, and went over to my door and locked it. I wobbled dizzily, still half-asleep, over to my closet and dresser to get dressed. I pulled out a lacy bra, some cotton panties, and managed to get them on without passing out. I found a scarlet-colored skirt and slipped it on along with a white tank top and a scarlet, school issued, jacket. I found some white socks, and a pair of black leather slip-ons, I wasn’t in the mood for flashy shoes today. I walked over to my mirror, put on some cherry lipstick, but only a little. I ran a brush through my long brown hair, which was already forming into curly locks after drying. I hadn't had any time to straighten it.

I looked at the clock, swore under my breath, and quickly got my book bag and escaped from the house. I raced to the bus stop and reached it just as the yellow deathtrap pulled up to my stop.

Jason, my neighbor, with his cropped night-sky-black hair, copper skin, and vibrant green eyes looked at me and laughed, “One of these days you’re gonna be late.” He shook his head and walked up the steps and down the aisle before taking a seat.

“Never!” I followed him and sat down next to him, leaving him plenty of space to put his backpack in between me and him, which he did accordingly.

If it had been someone else, somebody would have turned around or made fun of us, but everyone on that bus knew we had been friends for years, so nobody dared to say anything. We didn’t date; we didn’t like each other that way.

I pulled out my Government textbook and began studying for my test.


“And that concludes the day’s announcements, all students report to third period.” The drone of Mrs. Ironclad finally came to an end, as we all wished it finally would. I stood up, shaking myself to awareness and away from the state of boredom the announcements had dragged me into, and forced myself to think clearly.

Finished Government, along with the test… It had been hard, but luckily I was prepared and I think I did well. Now, I need to go put away my government book and get the other textbooks for my next class.

English - yay! A bit excited about it already, I quickly gathered up my books and headed to my locker. My friend, moving slower in gathering up her supplies, followed closely behind.

I weaved my way through the ongoing crowd of students while barely thinking about it, my mind was definitely elsewhere. Someone said “hi” to me in the hallway, I smiled and kept going. I reached my locker, started spinning the dial on it, but then stopped abruptly as my eyes wandered off.

The clank of slamming lockers and rumble of students screaming at each other in their loud, somewhat pointless conversations served as only a minor distraction to me in the hallway of Eagleton High School. The bell would be ringing in seven minutes but I could care less. I stood, staring; I hadn’t even opened my locker yet. My feet were locked to the ground, my arms wrapped around my books, and my eyes glued to one thing, and only one thing.

I faintly heard my friend walk up to me, say something I didn’t hear, open her locker, talk to me more, and then wondering why I wasn’t responding. It took her only seconds to trace my eyes and then understand.
“Ahhh… him.” She sounding knowing, but I was only aware by a thread, “Yeah he’s hot, you like him?” My friend whispered softly into my ear. I could barely hear her, as I can barely hear anything when I’m so obsessed I cannot help but stare.

I barely found myself enough to respond a mumbled, “No.” It was a lie; an obvious one at that. I hopelessly stared at him as he stood there, a good five lockers away from me - absolutely transfixed - like always. His face was gorgeous, with smooth blonde hair that reached to his neck and his crystalline blue eyes sparkled intelligently every time I looked into them. His skin was slightly tanned and perfectly complimented his flawless features. But his smile, his smile was my favorite. His lips curved into a gentle smile that wasn’t too wide or too small. He often showed me such grins on occasion, passing me in the hallway or glancing at me from across the room. He didn’t have braces, and his teeth were a soft white, clean, but not bright. His delicately curved chin had small stubbles of facial hair, but other than that his face was clean-shaven.

My eyes wandered lower… to his chest. He was wearing a solid black muscle shirt; against the dress code of course, but things like that didn’t stop him from showing off his body. His chest was well built, his abs outlined clearly through the thin layer of fabric. I didn’t know for sure, but I envisioned his chest being hairless.

My eyes ventured lower - oops! I stopped myself too late.

I forced myself to pull away from him, I shouldn’t look there! I barely knew him anyhow, what was I thinking? And not to mention it isn’t like me at all: I can control myself. No, not when it came to him. I stole another glance back at his face, and noticed him gazing back at me.

He winked, flicked his hair seductively, and grinned at me. Oh, I loved that mischievous, devilish grin! It never failed to make me blush though. My face burned crimson and I turned down in shame to my cute fuzzy boots. My curly locks of brunette hair clouded my view, and for once I was thankful.

For some reason I found my eyes on his hands. They were nice hands, large, he looked like he used them often enough, and I was certainly correct. His hands moved from his pockets, and I followed their route. They found their way to where they could work their magic on a young girl who he had managed to entangle with his arms in a hug, from behind. I was slightly surprised, for him doing such a thing in the hallway, but part of me suspected that it happened often.

I recognized the girl immediately, Marcia from English! She had appeared independent enough. She had thought herself too good for boys. I guess she was wrong, judging from her posture, position, and the look of childish glee and eagerness on her face. She was pretty, with strawberry blonde hair, pale skin, and pretty glasses that gave her that typical ‘sexy librarian’ look. She had her curves in all the right places, wonderful curves that flaunted her large breasts and ass, but she could use some touching up personality wise. I wondered why this gorgeous boy had chosen her when he could have anyone, especially someone who wouldn’t be so disagreeable.

My friend’s voice interrupted my dirty thoughts again, “His name’s Chris Fowler,” I remembered now. “The guy’s a player,” Ah, that explained his choice of Marcia; he wanted sex and would probably be done with her soon. That would teach her something! “He’s never had a girlfriend for more than a month! If I were you I’d stay with your friends, you can trust them. Just wait, Marcia will get her virginity taken away soon enough, and then she’ll be left to rot like the rest of them. That’ll put her panties in a twist!” Tara, my friend, laughed at her own joke - I was barely listening though.

Chris’s noticeably experienced hands delicately cupped Marcia’s breasts through her tank top, and pulled her up against his strong body. My friend watched with me for a moment, said “Hmph!”, and then furiously paced off to her next class, slamming her locker as she went. I kept staring, oblivious to the crowds storming by me.

The time passed quickly, as I watched his hands cup her breasts more, his lips softly touch to her neck, and his hands deliberately move down to her thighs to caress her skin more. I could see her expressions, intense pleasure from her smiles, and fiery lust from her eyes. She wanted him badly enough, I could tell, but he seemed content enough to simply kiss for now. I could tell he was teasing her, and enjoying it so. He was probably going to take her virginity soon, and just stay with her for a couple more sex and make-out sessions before finding a new toy. I watched more, and I found myself gradually become wetter as one of his hands slipped up her skirt and played around with her more. His mouth moved up, to nibble on her ear while his hands cultivated her lust until she was filled with such a desire that she leaned up against him, finding it hard to keep standing.

Time was short; I had less than a minute left before I was tardy.

I tore myself from this scene, half wondering what would happen and half appalled that I had watched so much of it, and crammed a textbook into my locker and pulled out another. I took a quick glance in the small mirror, dabbed a smudge of cherry lipstick off with a tissue, and straitened my silken hair before turning away and racing off to English.

Back in the hallway I could hear the yells of the Assistant Principal - probably scolding Chris and Marcia for their activities - and I grinned, thinking “Haha. Marcia’s gonna be late.”


“Today, class, we’re going to learn some Shakespeare.”

“Awwww!!” Chorused the class, and Miss Foster had to smile. She always loved their reactions, and teaching students had become more than just a job to her because of the connections she made, it was her life.

She looked as if she could giggle girlishly any moment, but then the amusement whisked away just as quickly as it had appeared as Miss Foster spoke again, “I know you guys hate it, to say the truth… I hate it. But unfortunately it’s in the curriculum, and you guys sort of have to learn in here.” She was my favorite teacher, and youngest. According to her son, Jason, she’s twenty-six. I didn’t believe it at first, but he had said he was adopted, and she did seem to understand what the kids in her class went through on a daily basis.

The only problem with Miss Foster is that a couple times she had lost control of the class. Sometimes the sixteen-year-old kids didn’t want to listen to a teacher who wasn’t much older than them, and I had even heard people talk about Miss Foster in a sexual way, surprisingly enough. It was not surprising to see a boy at least once a semester, jacking off at the back of the class while whispering her name. Every time they found someone doing it, it was Nick, the silly boy who always joked around with everyone, but kept everything minus masturbation to his girlfriend. Miss Foster looked around the classroom carefully, eying the students and their activities while she stalked quietly to her desk and pulled out an old, antique book.

The class let out choruses of “Awww”s before she smiled and put down the book.

The young, dirty blonde haired teacher moved to a desk in the first row and sat down next to a student. They started talking about some book or other, but I wasn’t really paying attention. My mind was elsewhere.
Even now, Chris and Marcia still hadn’t shown up. That was surprising. Usually Miss Goody-two-shoes always showed up on time, but obviously she had given in to her desires and only God knew what she and Chris were doing now. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I raised my hand…

“Yes Alyson?” Miss Foster noticed my raised hand within seconds and she was quick to call on me. Having been Jason’s friend for years, we’re pretty close. In my younger years, she let me and Jason have sleepovers. Recently she had stopped allowing that though - we all knew why, but I didn’t mind that much. It was understandable, and anyhow, she’s my favorite teacher. I couldn’t get angry at her.

I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but the words came from my mouth on their own accord, “I’m actually feeling a little sick, can I take a pass and go to the restroom?” I managed to look somewhat sick and she looked at me, concerned.

Her eyebrows rose with apparent worry, “Are you sure you don’t need to go to the nurse? I can write you a pass for there.” She would have I’m sure, but going home or laying down in a cot for thirty minutes was not what I was trying to do.

“No I’m fine; if I need to go there I’ll ask you once I get back. I might be a while, is that ok?” I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing, but I needed time and I needed out of class. A note from the teacher would suffice; I wouldn’t be gone that long… I thought.

“Sure, we’re not getting anywhere in here.” She spoke over the teenagers already caught up in their own conversations. Jason waved at me, from across the class, as I walked out of the room. I smiled and waved back. I closed the door soundlessly.

I still didn’t know what I was doing.

The feeling I had was so strange. I didn’t know where I was going and I wasn’t really controlling myself, but I was seeing and taking in everything through my eyes. I felt like I was trapped in my body, unable to do anything but watch. Or maybe my body was just on auto-pilot, and I just had to take control and turn around. But I didn’t. I was curious where this would take me, even though I think it was fairly obvious.

I found myself back at my locker, and then I realized what I was doing. I had suspected it, but it was only confirmed now. I wanted to see Chris and Marcia. I wanted to watch what they did; it had made me feel different and even a little excited. I walked to the nearby restroom, peeked in, but heard nothing. I walked into the restroom at the other end of the hallway, listened carefully, heard nothing, and walked on. I had checked several of the restrooms and janitorial closets, but was unable to find anything. Surely they hadn’t ditched school? But then again, you could never be sure where their cravings would take them.

There were only a few restrooms left, and hopefully they were in one of them. There weren’t many places they could have their fun without being caught, but the restroom would be safer than the hallway. I paced around the corner and down a corridor, and then stopped at the door.

I had found them. Unless, of course, there were others fucking in the bathroom.

The audible moans of ecstasy gave it away immediately. I knew I should go back, turn them in, and pretend it had never happened. At least I should leave! But I was curious, and turned on so by Chris and I wanted to see. So I quietly crept into the restroom, unsure of what I would do if they saw me.

I saw them both instantly, both in plain sight. Both were stripped down completely, and all their articles of clothing were strewn carelessly around the room. Marcia’s back was to me, giving me a view of her much-praised ass, with even paler skin than the rest of her angelic body. Chris was facing me, but I’m not sure he could notice me, his hair shrouded his eyes. His hands were on Marcia’s ivory ass: one on each cheek, his fingers digging to the soft, supple skin as he pulled her body into him. She moaned, she screamed, she cried out in childish glee with each touch he presented her with, each caress of his lips over hers, and each thrust. His hands roughly massaged her bare ass, stroked it, gripped tighter, and pinched it, pulling her against him to end each sensation with the constant soothing warmth of his tender lips on hers.

Outside the bathroom another observer sat up against the wall. They listened carefully to the moans of waves of mixed agony and delight, paying careful mind to the three young students experiencing sex in the bathroom. Holding back urges to masturbate; the observer started a tape recorder.

I was not new to kissing, or being touched by a boy. I had let both be done to me on occasion, and so it was the thrusts that I was most interested in. Of course, from my position, I was unable to see anything of Chris’s lower body, especially his dick. I could only see his face, himself being taller than Marcia, and Marcia’s back, not to mention his action with her ass. Regardless, I didn’t dare move for fear of being seen, whether I longed to see his cock or not.

Then Chris flicked his hair, flashed his eyes at me, and grinned at me. I was discovered. Wow, that had been fast, and far simpler and easier than I had thought it would be. Chris practically ignored me, minus his seductive smile, and continued with Marcia. I found myself confused, why didn’t he say anything?
He guided Marcia up against the wall only a few feet from me, giving me a sideways view of what he was doing to her. I wondered why he would do such a thing. He did it for my entertainment, perhaps. He pushed her up against the wall, and she stayed that way, wobbling dizzily before she was settled. His hands moved up to hers, and his fingers intertwined with hers and he held them above her head up against the wall. He had her pinned, and he was in the dominant position while she simply let him do as he wanted to her. Marcia groaned, and I noticed the puddles on the ground - by the looks of it Marcia had already had several orgasms. Chris lowered his head to her breasts and took one of her considerable tits into his mouth. He suckled on it, exciting more moans from Marcia, who now was practically a zombie, her only desire was sex.

By now I was soaking wet. Having walked in on such a scene, even on purpose, had gotten me wetter than I had been in a long time. I lowered my hand to my skirt, and slid it up, carefully slipped underneath my cotton panties, and began playing with myself to satisfy what I knew I truly desired.

Chris finished with Marcia’s breasts, kissed her on the lips again, and aligned his throbbing eight inch manhood with her vagina again. I watched, from the side, as he eased it in gradually, letting more caresses of his lips cover her neck, face, lips, eyelids, and cheeks help to her relax. He had slid in about an inch when he stopped, whispered something to her - probably something dirty, and then thrust in all the way to the base. I winced at the thought, it looked painful but I was even more turned on at the sight of their two bodies connected.

“CHRIS!! Oh… God… CHRISSSS!! Fuck… me… Fuck me…” Marcia was panting and squirming up against the wall, and I had never thought there’d be a day I’d hear Marcia asking for a boy to give her something, but here I was. And even stranger, she was asking for sex! She groaned in pain and pleasure as he pulled out and grinded back in again, “I’m your whore! Fuck me!”

He obliged, lightheartedly, and proceeded to keep thrusting with extreme speed and pace, keeping a steady, rapid pace of short, hard thrusts. Marcia arched her hips to meet his thrusts, allowing him to push even deeper into her. I couldn’t completely comprehend either feeling they had, the feeling of electricity pulsing through Marcia’s veins like liquid fire, or the pressure and agonizing grip of Marcia’s vaginal muscles squeezing and pressuring him for release. But regardless, I found the whole scene extremely hot. I watched the two fuck for a long time, at least twenty minutes, in this same style. Chris held her still and fucked her as he chose; long and hard, and she simply enjoyed whatever he gave her.

I could tell, as this went on, that while Marcia was enjoying herself, Chris was in this only for his own pleasure. Marcia’s pleasure was only a side benefit. I could tell from the way he thrust into her, from the way he kissed her, the speed, the smirk on his face and the lack of true emotion in his eyes that showed he really didn’t care about her. My friend was right, Chris was a player.

He was handsome… gorgeous really. I hadn’t seen someone so hot other than movie stars, but even they didn’t possess the same young looks and flirty qualities. I had seen him flirt on occasion, and to say the truth, I liked how he did it; regardless that it was a bit dirty. Seeing him having sex awakened a darker side of me that I was somewhat nervous about, also a little bit afraid of. For certain, I felt a desire for him. Also, though, I knew that I could never do anything with him unless I was certain he would fall in love with me, or else it would just be sex. Although that was an interesting concept, I didn’t like the thought of being dumped after having whatever dignity I had taken away.

By now, Marcia was nearly out of it. She had had more than her share of orgasms and was beyond exhaustion. She slumped up against Chris, murmuring gibberish as he guided her back away from the wall. She almost dropped to the floor, but he wrapped one of his arms around her back and pulled her soft, pale body up against him. With his other hand he delicately leaned her head against his shoulder, and touched his lips to her neck during this relaxing embrace, before letting the hand wander away on its own, still trying to find some entertainment in the worn out girl. It rested on her ass, again, and went back to massaging each cheek lovingly before brushing over her ass crack, making the young girl sigh contently as she drifted off to sleep. When her breathing deepened and she was asleep, he tightened his grip on the supple skin of her soft ass. He thrust forward with his hips and grinded into her again, feeling her vagina muscles contract and squeeze around his cock that was more than ready to give in by now.
He let go, and his warm cream shot deep into her. He thrust in and out a couple more times before he ran out of sperm and his cock deflated in the comforting depths of another girl who had lost her virginity to him. I wondered, now, if Marcia was on birth control. They didn’t seem concerned about pregnancy or even STDs. Chris wasn’t wearing a condom, but I hadn’t really expected he would. To do that would reduce his pleasure.

Marcia was out, it seemed apparent that Chris had really taken a lot out of her. I half expected him to get on the ground and help her get comfortable, but then again, I remembered he really didn’t care about her. He let go of her, and let the naked girl slide to the ground. He leaned down, gathered up his clothes, paying no mind to Marcia’s. I watched him get dressed, slip on his lime green boxers and loose baggy jeans, and finally his black muscle shirt. He washed his hands, and got splashed some onto his face and hair.
I would have stared at him more, enjoyed his body, but I was a bit worried about Marcia. I got down next to her, some of Chris’s sperm was oozing back out of her vagina and onto the floor, but aside from that she seemed fine enough. Her face was on the floor sideways, her cheek pressed to the grimy floor and her hair everywhere. Her arms lay at her sides, her large pale breasts pressed against the dirty tile, and her ivory legs lay flat on the ground. It was a sad thing to see, regardless of how beautiful she looked fully naked or the hotness of Chris’s cum oozing back out of her, it was so sad to see Marcia ruined.

“It’s alright, baby, I’m all yours now.” Somehow Chris had gotten behind me. What he said scared me a little, but I was horny from watching what he did to Marcia. I wanted him to have sex with me, but I knew now that regardless of his body, his smile, his looks, he was devoid of love, which is what I wanted most from him.

Chris’s warm hands rested on my shoulders, barely massaging them. I turned around to push him away but before I could even move my hands his lips connected with mine. I tried to resist - I did! But the feelings were so good, and I was horny enough as it was. His hands had now found their way to my petite ass, and were delicately rubbing the skin through my skirt and pulling my body against him and releasing in a steady rhythm. He kissed me more passionately, and I struggled to resist, but he was much stronger than me and I didn’t have a chance. His lips were so smooth, and warm. They soothingly rolled over mine again and again, and his pants, now showing a bulge, pressed against my skirt harder.

He tasted my lips, and grinned roguishly, “Cherry flavored, how sexy.” He moved back to kissing me, and forced his tongue into my mouth. Once I let him in, I had given in. Struggling would prove useless. I now realized that I had to try to enjoy it or else he would be raping me.

No…! I couldn’t let him have sex with me! I couldn’t be a slut! My virginity was mine… and only someone who deserved it should have it: Someone who loved me, someone who wanted more than sex. Someone I could count on to never lie to me, to never stop cherishing me like how I felt Chris was doing now, even though it was evidently fake.

If I resisted… what would he do? If I told him I would report him for rape… what would he do? Would he kill me? Was he capable of that? I didn’t know, and I didn’t want to find out. I had to give in.

“I want to touch you, I want to feel you. Lemme take off your clothes, baby.” My only response was a quick swallow and curt nod, but for him it was more than enough. He began undressing me. His hands, very carefully slipped off my jacket, feeling my smooth-skinned arms as he pulled down the sleeves and dropped the jacket to the floor. He put his hands at my sides, and moved upwards, slipping off my tank top as he did in one smooth stroke. His hands rested at my bare shoulders, my upper body completely open to him except my bra, and he slipped his hands around my slender body and pulled me up against him in a devoted embrace. I sighed and leaned up against him, wishing that it would stay like that and I didn’t have to be afraid, but I knew it was too good to be true.

The hug’s only purpose was so he could undo my bra.

His fingers delicately undid my bra and the lacy fabric dropped to the floor. How typical, I thought, as he looked over my breasts hungrily. Mine were smaller than Marcia’s, but the pale orbs of soft skin fit well into his large hands and he enjoyed playing with them. He cupped the delicate skin carefully, leaned his head forward and gently kissed the tip of each one, before pulling back and watching his handiwork. He held my breasts, one occupied each of his loving hands, and rolled them around in his hands for a moment, feeling them with his warm fingers all over, and it looked as if he was thinking what to do next.

I looked down at Marcia, the pale girl was dead asleep, and I had no idea how long she’d be out, or for that matter, how long I’d been in here. Chris interrupted my thoughts by tightening his grip on my soft skin and easing his warm thumb into the center of my breast while the rest of his practiced hand would alternate between cupping either breast. His other hand made away from my naked upper body, wandering down to where I knew it would eventually find. He pulled up my skirt and looked at my soaking wet panties. I saw his delightful grin, and he flicked his hair as he looked up at me again, “You adorably cute whore, you’re fucking wet for me!”

I felt like a whore, but I knew I wasn’t! His talking dirty to me only succeeded in turning me on more, and he chuckled at me as I gave him a look he saw as desperation.

“Oh Alyson, I’ve been wanting to do this to you for so long.” He seemed a bit unbelieving, and yet it was me who was surprised. How could such a handsome, gorgeous, and even sexy boy be surprised he could get me? Didn’t he know how his smiles made my heart melt? Didn’t he know how I felt like I would fall apart every time I saw him? Didn’t he know the secret, undying love and passion I had hidden away for him? No, he knew none of it. I barely knew it myself.

“Don’t you want my throbbing dick in you? Don’t you want me to fuck you?” He didn’t wait for a response, and he carefully touched a finger to my soaking cotton panties and pushed down on it. It pressed against my pussy lips, and I groaned with anguish at even the small touch. Just to imagine, how it would feel when he got around to fucking me…

Oh God! No! He couldn’t! I couldn’t lose my virginity! Whether he loved me or not, I couldn’t! Not now! It was illegal to have underage sex. I couldn’t break the law.

Oh… but I wanted it so badly. And he wanted it too! Stopping me would be hard enough if he wanted it also he would get it. Screw the law.

He let go of my attentive breasts and focused both of his hands down on my pubic region. He pressed down against my soaking pussy through the cotton again with his finger again, looking up at my face to see my groans of pleasure and lust as if I was some toy and he was experimenting with me. His other hand rubbed across my inner thigh, simply giving it something to do while he toyed with me.

“Just relax and I’ll take care of you…”His voice turned my legs to jelly. I crumbled to the floor in front of him, he pulled back his hands and he looked over at me, surprised with only the barest tint of worry, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Just go as you were.” If he had really cared, he wouldn’t have left it alone at that, but he just wanted to get around to sex. This was a bad idea, I should get up and run out now, I thought, but I was unable to move. He put his hands back to work, and all the while I stared at his face. Watching him play with me - him, Chris, the boy I had watched from afar for so long, wishing for something like this to happen - made me feel even better.

“Chris…” I gazed at him longingly, I had to know… He pulled down my panties and looked at his second pussy for the day.

“Yes?” He felt the swollen lips around my shaven pussy with a finger, teasing me, before he pushed it in. I clenched my teeth at the intrusion, but the feeling was so sweet and yet so wrong. My muscles squeezed around his finger, and he chuckled as he fingered me slowly at first, but then soon morphed into a rapid pace, adding fingers until he got to three.

My vaginal muscles expanded to hold the three fingers, but he was still stretching me painfully. I clenched my teeth and looked at him again, “Chris… once you fuck me are you going to forget about me?” I doubted I could expect an honest response, but I listened intently anyway.

“Aww Alyson…” He looked up at me, his face caring, “How could you think that? I love you. I’ve loved you for so long… I’d never just let you go.” I held one hand in his hair, stroking it back and forth as he spoke.

“You’re lying.” I felt like punching him. He didn’t love me.

“So…?” He chuckled, and moved back to fingering me, “This is all about making us both happy Alyson, if you want me to tell you I love you I will. No sweat off my back.” I didn’t know how he could do something like that, so effortlessly. His lack of true emotion was now so obvious it was sad. He was addicted to sex, and he would do anything to achieve it at its finest, even tell me he loved me.

He continued fingering me, letting the pleasure and lust consume me. He barely brushed his fingers over my clit once; it was almost as if he was avoiding it. He spent perhaps five more minutes of his fingers exploring my pussy, exciting groans and moans, and whispers of my love for him. He turned his face up, our eyes connected, and he whispered “I love you Alyson.” before lowering his mouth to my soaking wet pussy and letting his tongue enter at his will.

He fucked me with his tongue, not going slowly or gently like a real lover would. His tongue lashed out like a weapon, like a predator, and my vagina was his prey. He licked all around, his tongue exploring me like he probably had with countless others. His hands, however, rested one on each thigh, gently stroking them as his vicious tongue attacked my sensitive pussy.

Then one of his tongue attacks misfired, and he hit my clit. Having been built up from being fingered and each touch, along with his tongue in me, I was more than ready for the orgasm that I had felt the build-up for. I arched my pussy into his face, forcing him to drink my overflowing juices as I screamed, “Chris!! I… I… love you! Fuck me! Oh god… please Chris… touch me… fuck me! Please!!” He practically ignored it, and after drinking up a miniscule amount of my sex juices he pulled back out and got over on top of me.
“You’re ready.” It wasn’t a question. It was a fact. Chris’s face was inches from mine, and I could see the desire in his eyes, but they were nowhere near the intensity reflecting in mine. I was far gone; I wanted him to fuck me. He whispered into my ear, “Take off my pants… rub my cock you naughty bitch.” He nibbled on my earlobe, and I eagerly unbuttoned his baggy jeans, unzipped them, and pulled down his pants. The bulge in his lime boxers was ready. I was ready. I reached into his boxers and slid my icy fingers around his throbbing, blood-filled dick. Eight inches of Chris throbbed for my icy hands to comfort them, and after everything that he had done for me I had to do this for him.

I slid my hand up and down on it slowly, letting Chris passionately kiss me on the lips as I did. My god he was a good kisser - nobody had kissed me as well as him. Love was all he needed to be perfect. If he could know what love was, feel it… then he would be an angel. I tightened my fingers, brushed the ice cool fingers up and down, marveling at his cock as I gave him my second hand job.

One of his hands gently released my fingers from his dick and he took it into his own hand. He let our skin touch, our bodies touch, and he carefully aligned his thick shaft… He teased me for a couple more seconds, but both of us wanted this badly enough for him to be serious and not get carried away. He brushed the head of his cock around the lips, letting me groan and moan and arch into him.

“Shhhh…” He barely touched his lips to mine, but I felt like liquid fire was already flowing through my veins. “Alyson…”

“Yes?” I was calm: much calmer than I would normally be in such a situation. Chris Fowler, the player who I had dreamed for, was going to take my virginity. He didn’t deserve it, but he would have it.

“Whatever you think about me… I love you.” His lips brushed over mine differently. They didn’t feel of lust or fake passion, it felt like genuine love. But I knew it was too good to be true. I would let him have it his way; if he wanted to please me he was doing one hell of a job. He wasn’t done, “The thing is, you’re different than the other girls. They just want sex out of me, and I just wanted that out of them. But you see, you’ve opened my eyes. I’m madly in love with you.” He just had to go and make a big deal, didn’t he? He liked mocking me. Our eyes connected, his face was so serious but his eyes were laughing hysterically.

“You can stop lying any time now.” It was too good to be true, I knew that.

“I thought that’s what you wanted…” He looked confused, but I suppose he couldn’t really understand the emotions I had. He had been treating me differently, for some reason actually caring about how I felt, unlike Marcia who he had just fucked for the hell of it. That counted for something, maybe I could last longer than Marcia would. Maybe he wouldn’t leave me to rot as quickly. Maybe I could prove myself to him… I laughed inwardly. It was doubtful.

“Chris, it’s too unreal. It mocks me.” I closed my eyes, and prepared for the worst.

“In that case, get ready you fucking whore, you’re my toy now and this has just begun!” He thrust in with all his strength, and tore past the thin layer of skin with ease. He had me. I was his. Me: The cute girl, who always followed what she was told, was now a sixteen year old boy’s toy. I was his slut. I whimpered, and one of his hands wiped the tears from my eyes and rested on my cheek.

He thrust in, and pulled out quickly. His lips found mine again; he did as he wanted to me. Each thrust was agonizing, but ten times more pleasure overwhelmed the pain. His hands cupped my breasts, squeezed them, pinched the nipples, and played with them while he thrust in and pulled out in a seemingly endless cycle. In… and out… - like breathing. I felt my sex juices overflow my pussy again, and engulf his dick. My muscles contracted and expanded around his dick, squeezing it in a feeble attempt to make him cum without his consent.

He thrust in… and out… Breathing was so peaceful… My muscles pulled on him tighter. His lips brushed even more softly over mine. My eyes closed… I felt his lips on my eyelids, it was becoming gentler, less real and more of a dream, I was losing awareness.

Time was moving so fast, he was slowing down… Oh God this felt so good! I could hear his voice, warning me? I could only hear his tone, not the actual words. My vision was blurred and my mind was fuzzy. He easily realized I couldn’t respond, and simply whispered more dirty things to me, for his sake more than mine. I felt his hands on my ass, pulling me into him as he thrust one final time.

I felt warmth ease into me, making me tremble for a few strange moments. Chris wrapped around me in a warm embrace, ceasing my trembles and making me sigh and breathe in deeply. Sleep…

Sleep was becoming more alluring. His lips brushed over mine a couple more times, pushing me towards sleep, and finally I gave in, my last words being murmured as I drifted off into a dreamless slumber, “Chris… I love you.”

Outside the bathroom their observer shifted to ease his swollen erection, stopped the recording, and sat up and walked back to class, acting as if nothing had happened.


End of Part 1


Alright, it has been a very very very long time since I've posted anything, and this is one of my older writings. Please tell me if you want me to write the second part because, like I said earlier, the third part is already written.

Feel free to read some of my other stories by visiting this link:
Oh, and read the updated versions of any stories, as there is this huge Point of View problem (1st and 3rd person) in one of the stories.

I'd like everyone to guess who the person eavesdropping and recording is! (No, not the principal.)


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Thank you for your comments (on this and others).

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