A girl is awoken into her fantasy
I awoke with a hand over my mouth and eyes. I struggled franticly and another set of hand held my legs and torso down. “Be calm, don’t worry.” I heard the familiar voice of my best friend, Scott. “Don’t scream, I’m going to take my hand off your mouth, but not your eyes.”
I nodded, and he removed his hand. I took a deep breath and tried to move my head to see. “No, don’t,” he commanded. “I have a surprise for you.” I stilled myself again. “Do you trust me?” He asked.
“Not in the lest.” I said with a grin. I heard a snicker from by my legs. “Who’s with you?” I asked with apprehension. I had been sleeping naked and now the blanket was slowly falling off my nude body.
“You’ll see, later.” He said. I cold tell by his voice that he was grinning, and from experience, knew that it probably looked rather evil.
I had no idea what to expect. Scott and I told each other everything, including sexual fantasies. He knew that I loved to be held down or tied up and that I was a masochist. “Scott…” I said in my best warning tone.
“Shhhh…. don’t worry, you’ll like it.” With that he gasped my arms and pulled them up over my head. I was lying on my back completely nude being tied to a bed, and I loved every second of it. The blanket was pulled away and the chill of the room hit my body. My nipples contracted at the cold and I tried to pull my legs up for warmth and a bit of modesty.
“No, no, no, bad girl Robin.” Scott said administering a light slap to the pout of my belly. I relaxed my legs; my ankles were in turn tied to bedposts. I was laying spread eagle on my bed now. I couldn’t move more then a few inches side to side.
I head some whispering in the darkness off to my right; Scott’s hand was still on my eyes. “What’s going on? I’m getting cold here.”
“Don’t worry hun, you’ll be to hot soon.” I jumped at the closeness of the new voice. I barely recognized it but I couldn’t remember where.
“Don’t open your eyes Robin, I’m going to take my hand off now.” Scott ordered, I nodded in obedience. His hand slipped off and a soft blindfold was put in place of it. I lifted my head to allow him to tie it behind me. “We aren’t going to put a gag on you, if you have a problem or want it to stop, just say panic and we’ll stop, ok?”
I nodded again. “Are, are you going to be doing anything?” I asked Scott.
“No, but I will be in the room, running the video camera.” He answered. I smiled; Scott had a hundred get rich quick schemes. Maybe porn would be the best.
“You are going to give me give half the earnings, right?” I asked him.
“But of course my dear,” he gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Now have fun.”
The unknown man crawled up onto my bed and kneeled between my thighs. “I will work slow, and I do want you to tell me if you don’t want me to do something, ok?” I nodded. He trailed his fingers down from my forehead to my lips and bent down to kiss them gently. He kissed down to the hollow of my throat, and then let his hands take over again. His fingertips briefly, to briefly, slid over my already hardened nipples.
He kissed down my breastbone and around my bellybutton. I tensed and giggled; he stopped and picked up his head. “I’m sorry, I’m just really ticklish there.”
“I’ll remember that for later.” He said ominously. My breath caught in throat at his threat/promise. He continued kissing down and lightly touched the insides of my thighs with his lips. I was quivering already, I could feel myself getting very excited and knew that I was drooling a bit. He slid his hand down my legs and started to rub my feet. He was very good and had very strong hands. I murmured my thanks, I could never get a foot rub out of any of my friends despite the amount I did.
He rocked up on his knees again and leaned over me. I tensed and breathed out again. “Ready?” He asked.
“For what?” I asked somewhat knowing the answer. I could sense him smiling down at me. His hand again trailed down to my breasts this time paying special attention to the nipples. My breath quickened as his fingers explored them. He pinched them, gently at first; I started to breath harder. It seemed that I could feel him smile again at my reaction. He then pinched harder and started to pull. I groaned with pleasure. “Twist!” I managed to gasp.
“As you wish.” He whispered. He twisted savagely and I screamed with pleasure.
I tried to clamp my legs together to slow the oncoming orgasm, but the unknown man was still knelt between my thighs. He noticed my attempt and let go suddenly. He slowly backed up and placed his strong hands on the inside of my thighs. “Wait,” I whispered.
“Is there something wrong?” He asked with concern.
“No, it’s…just…never mind, it’s silly.” I muttered.
“Do you want me to stop?” He asked quietly.
“No!” I almost yelled, I was a little too excited. “It’s just that I’d…I’d like to know your name, so I know what to scream.”
He started to laugh, “is that all?” I nodded slowly with a weak smile. “You can call me Master for now, ok?” I nodded again. “May I continue?”
I nodded once again, “as you wish, master.”
He spread my legs even farther apart and rubbed the insides of my thighs. He didn’t need any sort of oil, it was wet enough. He suddenly grabbed the hair of my pussy and pulled up, almost lifting me off the bed. I yelped in surprise but enjoyed it. With his other hand, he started to massage my clit. I started to close my legs instinctually, “No, no, no.” He said softly. And forced them apart with his pinkie and thumb. He did all this while still lightly messaging with his index and middle fingers. I moaned happily and tried to grind my hips lower to him to increase the pressure. But he was skilled and moved his hand with me easily. He let go of my hair and I relaxed again.
He leaned closer and spread my legs even farther. I was happy about the yoga classes I had taken; they had made me very limber. He lightly kissed the lips of my cunt. That moment I almost filled his mouth, but I managed, just barely, to keep myself under control. I didn’t want to cum yet; I wanted to wait until he said it was ok. I heard him snicker again at my discomfort. His tongue started to probe inside of my lips. His skilled tongue danced around my swelling clit but never touched it.
By this time I was panting and almost begging him to let me cum. He flexed his tongue so it was hard and licked my pulsating organ. To this day, I have no idea how he did it, but he began rubbing his tongue back and forth so quickly it felt almost like a vibrator. He brought me to brink of a screaming orgasm and lightened his pressure. I made and sound resembling a wild animal in anguish and he kindly brought me over the edge.

I woke up a few hours later. I was untied and tucked in. I wrapped my blanket around me got up. No one was around. It was still early in the morning, so I crawled back into bed and fell asleep while muttering, “I’m going to kill you Scott.”

The next day I saw Scott in class. I got there late so I didn’t get a chance to talk to him right away. He sat on the opposite side of the room giving me secret smiles the whole time and was driving me nuts. I had a very difficult time concentrating in class. The prof droned on and on and I thought about the previous night.
I had enjoyed it, but I felt guilty at the same time. Who was this guy? Why did he seem so familiar? His touch and his whispered voice hovered on the tip of my mind. I felt that if I could get him to speak in a normal voice, I would recognize it. It may have been a classmate or a friend. Or, god forbid, a teacher. But I didn’t think even Scott was that bad.
Class got over and I almost ran up to Scott. “Who was it?” I demanded.
“Who was who?” He asked innocently but his face betrayed him. “Are you OK Hun? You look a little tired.”
“My sleep was,” I paused, “a little interrupted last night.” I finished dryly.
“Well, it is Friday, so you don’t have to worry if it happens again.” Scott said with that damn little smile on his face.
“Perhaps I’ll have to start locking my bedroom door to get more sleep.” I said with a grin of my own.
“But you’ll miss out on some of the best things in life then.” He answered my threat well. He knew I had enjoyed it, he could read it in my face just like I read the fact that he knew in his face.
I sighed, “I have to get to class, see ya.”

The day passed quickly, probably because I wasn’t paying attention to anything the whole time. I worked semi-late and got back about 9:30 that night. I was tired from the pervious night and fell into bed at 10. I awoke about every half hour, at every sound I whispered, “Scott, is that you?” I finally decided that he wasn’t coming that night just to torture me and fell asleep.
Once again I awoke with a hand over my eyes and mouth. I stayed still and the hand was removed from my mouth. “Hi Scott,” I said with a grin.
“You figured me out,” He said in a pouty voice, “That’s no fun. You may have to be punished for that.” I could tell he was smiling his slightly evil smile.
“Is the same guy with you? He was really good.”
Scott put a finger over my mouth, “Shhh, no talking now. So, you liked him?”
I didn’t say anything, “Ok, be quite after you answer me.” He said exasperated.
“Oh yes,” I answered happily, if a little smugly. “ It was really great.”
“Ok, well, we have sort of the same drill tonight, but different person. Is that ok?” He asked me.
“Do I have a choice?” I returned smiling. “What should I call the new person?” I wanted to know.
I heard some whispering and then Scott replied, “Just call them … master again.” I nodded and raised my hands above my head to be tied. “No.” Scott said slapping my belly like the previous night.
“What?” I asked anxiously. “What did I do wrong?”
“I want you to fight it.” Said a new voice. I as sure I had never heard this one before. But I wasn’t sure. It defiantly wasn’t the man from last night, I knew that much right away.
A quiver of fear and excitement raced through my belly and loins. “We’re going to gag you this time. With the gag, you can scream and fight more with out some one coming to rescue you.” Scott said, again the quiver ran through. That meant no safe word; I was going to be completely at their mercy and wishes. I could hear a hidden threat under his voice.
Scott grabbed my arms and like a good girl I fought him with everything I had. He managed to get my hands together in one of his, with a little help from me. The new master quickly looped a rope around my wrists and pulled it tight. I gasped at the small burst of pain from the coarse rope. The other end was then in turn looped around the headboard. They tried to replace the hand on my eyes with a blindfold, but I pressed my head hard against the bed so they wouldn’t be able to tie it. Scott grabbed me by the hair and forced my head up. His accomplice tied the bandana around my head. While my head was still up, a second bandana was tied around my mouth.
“Are you ok for breathing?” Scott asked. I nodded, and he released my head. My hands where secured, but my feet where still lose. My blanket had almost fallen off in the struggle. It was quickly whisked away by an unseen hand. I immediately squeezed my legs together and bent my knees to ward them off. I was able to fight them off for a bit but two pairs of hands grabbed my knees and forced them apart.
My hips popped in protest, but I was wet as could be and didn’t mind the pain. Working together they managed to tie my ankles to the bedposts. We all stopped for half a moment and breathed. The final step was the looping of a rope around my midsection to keep me from moving at all. Scott walked over to the head of my bed and rearranged my blindfold and gag. “Can you breath?” I nodded, “If something goes wrong, just go completely limp. S…uh…your new master will stop, ok?” I nodded again.
I heard the door open and close, and I knew I was alone with the stranger. Soft, small hands ran their way up and down my body. I was shaking despite myself. “Don’t be afraid,” a voice whispered in my ear. I took a deep breath and nodded, I managed to bring myself under control.
“That’s better.” The voice said out loud. I started when I heard it. It was a woman. She noted my surprise with humor. “You didn’t expect a girl, did you?” I shook my head no. “Is that alright?” She asked. I thought for a moment, I was always up for new experiences, I nodded slowly. “Good, you know, Scott must think very much of you, he pulled in a lot of favors to get me here.” I nodded silently and smiled. “Well, lets get started then, shall we?”
I took a deep breath and tried to relax. The hands continued to wander over my body. They softly caressed every part of me. Every muscle in my body relaxed and I breathed slowly. I had almost fallen asleep when she suddenly jumped on top of me. Her face was inches from my own and I could smell her. She didn’t smell extremely feminine, but a little. I caught a hint of scented shampoo, “soap and water,” as Scott always said. She spoke softy, “Don’t be afraid, I am very good at what I do.”
She, like the first one, kneeled between my tied legs. She also ran her hand lightly over my body. But she paid special attention to my nipples. I moaned through the gag as she licked around them, making them erect. They were still very sensitive from the night before. She softly nibbled on one and rubbed the other. I tried to move with her motions, but she was pinning me down, as well as the rope.
I was very wet, both from the breast play and what had occurred earlier. For a moment I worried about staining the bed, but a sudden bite to my right nipple wrenched my brain back to what happening. I gasped through the gag, and arched my back as well as I could with the bindings and body holding me down.
Her teeth pulled on my nipple stretching it and I fought the urge to scream. She let go and I fell back down on the bed, still. I was breathing hard and didn’t know what to expect next. Her weight shifted and heard a strange clanking noise. She leaned down by my chest once again. With her fingertips she gentling teased my nipples until they where standing high. She also lightly blew on them to make them even taller and harder.
She pulled on one of my nipples and placed something on it. It was painful, but not a sharp biting pain that makes you scream. It was more a slight burning ache. And it felt very very good. She applied the same device to the other nipple. It didn’t take a genus to figure out what they were. I had thought about buying nipple clamps before, but never had the guts. I could feel the cold medal chain hooking the clamps together graze my breastbone. It gave me a chill and I shivered.
She ran her hands down to my belly and around my belly button, I squiggled under her fingertips. She promptly pulled on the chain holding the clamps and I stopped moving. The dull burning turned sharp and painful when she pulled. She released it and commanded, “No moving!” My breath caught in my throat, I hoped I hadn’t made her to angry.
Her hand continued down my body and ended up between my thighs. She gentling massaged the lips of my slit and I moaned thru the gag. She separated my lips and placed her thumb right above my clit and messaged in a circular pattern. I groaned and tried to lift my hips to make her thumb go lower. A gentle tug on the clamps made me stop.
She leaned down and began gently licking around my clit. Lightly, she tugged on it with her lips and pinched it every so slightly. But that slight pressure sent me thru the roof. I suddenly unexpectedly came hard. My bound body was wracked with shakes and tremors.
I was panting hard thru the gag and she didn’t relent. She pulled my hips closer and angled my pelvis up. She slid a hard object in my hole and turned it inside of me. I heard the click of a switch and the vibrator turned on. She expertly rubbed it against my g-spot and soon I had another quaking orgasm. I passed out from lack of oxygen.
I woke up a few minutes later with my gag off. “Better?” My new master asked. I nodded gratefully. “That’s about all for tonight. I had fun, did you?”
I chuckled, “Yes, it amused me for a time. Next we’ll have to do with out the gag so I can stay conscious.”
She laughed and leaned down to kiss me, “Have a good night, and see you soon.”

About five minutes after she had gone Scott came in and untied me. “Where did you find her?” I asked after the ropes where off.
“That’s a secret, did you like her?” I gave him a look at answered his question.
“She said she’s see me soon, is that true?”
He nodded, “If you like…’’

From then on, every once and a while I was awoken with hand holding me down. I never saw who it was, and it changed from time to time. Some times it was the first master, some times the second, and some times some one completely new. And sometimes, I would be kidnapped and taken somewhere. But Scott was always there, and I was never truly afraid. I could always expect it about once every two months or so, when I got stressed out over something. I discovered it was a great way to get rid of stress!

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Great topic! I look at accountability as a trust and deelgation issue as well. A manager can encourage accountability for an idea that he/she implements yes .however, if the Manager does not know and trust the strengths of his/her team and does not delegate wisely, this will consistently make the team even less apt to be part of the solution. Delegation, trust and accountability should all go together, (in my opinion). How can a manager effectively delegate responsibilities of his/her staff members if there is no knowledge and trust in their abilities? How can a manager expect to hold someone accountable without this knowledge? Delegation, which could also be a trust issue, is a tough assignment all in itself numerous Managers have a difficult time embracing this concept. One way to overcome this would be to assign tasks over and over until that “inventory of team strengths” can be clearly defined. It's also the manager's job to find the weak link in each project (and

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it was ok it coulda been alot better if u were actually afraid.


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Let me come tonight !!!!


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