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This is the First story of many stories of Luke Davis to come, this is my first story so im sorry for the errors in my writing.
Hi, my name is Luke Davis. I am a freshman at West High School. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Im 5'9 almost 5'10. I have a 5'5 inch dick when hard and 4 inches when soft. I have a athletic body, and a small patch of blonde pubes above my dick. I play baseketball, football, tennis, and track. I'm bi sexual and still in the closet, and i'm still a virgin. My turn-ons are whity tighties, pubes, small tits, uncut cocks,and muscles. It was the first day of my freshman year, and i had already been to my first two classes, my school goes on the block system so i only have 4 classes in the day. My first 2 classes were ok, but now i was in comp. apps. (computer applications). We had already been introduced to all the class rules and lesson plan. The teacher said that we could now have free time so we all went on the internet. Then a knock at the door and the most beautiful boy i had ever seen walked in."Hi, my name is Blake Wolfe," he said to the teacher,"i got lost."
then the teacher told him to sit down in the computer station next to me, there were only 2 computer stations at a table. He sat down next to me, and he looked so hot in his faded holester jeans, and orange holester shirt. He also had on a shark teeth necklace. Blake is 5'9 with messy brown hair. He is has a tanish tint to his skin that makes him look mexican, but i american. i started to grow a hard on just thinking of him. So i slid my chair as far as i could under the table to hide it. Then the bell rang and everybody hurried out of the room. My next class was gym, so i went to the locker room to change. I sat down on the bench in front of my gym locker and opened it. I put my under armour drawstring bag in the locker. Then i started to untie my shoes, and take off my shirt. Then i took off my t-shirt. I felt some one sit down on the bench next to me. It was the dream boy Blake.

"Hey, whats up. weren't you in my last block." asked Blake.

"Yeah i sit right next to you." I confirmed.

"Whats your name?" Asked Blake.

"Luke." I told him.

"Blake." He said.

"Nice to meet you." I said," What sports do you do?"

"swiming & baseketball, you" Asked Blake.

"Football mainly."i told him.

He started to take off his shoes, and take off his shirt as i started to take of my jeans.I couldn't stop lokking at his hot six pack. Then he unzipped his jeans to reveal his blue hanes boxer briefs that outlined his lymp dick perfectly.I had a semi hard on and growing. So I quickly slipped on my baseketball shorts. As he slipped on his baseketball shorts also. Then we both put on our gym shirts and shoes, and headed out to the gym. After class Blake and I stayed after to shoot some hoops. After we were done I invited Blake to come to my house to hang out.

"But I have to take a shower." Blake said.

"You can take one at my house." I begged him.

"cool." he thanked me. Then we headed over to my house. my parents are out of town i told Blake, but he just smiled.

"I don't have any clothes to change in to.

" i'll let you borrow some of mine." I assured him.

"Ok."he said.

"Do you think we could shower together?" I persued him," so we can save some water."

"Sure if it will save some water." replied Blake. So we went into the bathroom and started to take off our clothes. We were both still wearing our gym clothes. I started to take off my smelly gym shirt as did Blake. Then we both took off our gym shirts to reveal our athletic chest. Blake was still in his Blue boxer briefs, and I was still in my Whity tighties. Now we were only in our socks and underwear.we both faced each other as we took off our underwear at the same time. Blake took off his underwear to reveale his beautiful 4 inch lymp cock.he had a small patch of pubes shaped like mine, but his was brown. His beautiful Uncut cock made my cock start to grow as i took off my underwear to reveale my uncut penis. As we got into the shower i turned on the waterwe let the water flow down our teen boy bodies. i was facing the wall, blake was facing my back.
"You've got a nice ass Luke." complementing Blake.
"Ugh thanks," i hesitated,"You to."
"Thanks,"he replied. Then he grabed the bar of soap and started rubbing it up and down my back, and then reached around me and rubed it all over my front, even my cock. I think his fingers touched it a couple of times. then he set the bar down and started to rub in the soap with his hands he spent a lot of time rubbing it in in some places. especialy my as checks. I swear he rubbed those around for 5 mins. when he got to rubbing it in on my now fully hard cock, he rubbed it in like he was jaking me off, but i didn't care. I felt like i was gonna blow all over the shower wall. Then i felt something poek be in the ass check. it was Blakes Beautifull cock, and it was fully hard. Then he pulled me closer and his cock slid up between my ass checks like a hot dog in a hot dog in a hot dog felt so good then he whispered in my ear and asked me to wash him. so i did. It felt so good rubbing his hot ass cheaks round and round. then when i got to his cock by the way it felt. It was flawless, and it was about 5'5 inches the same as i pretended to wash his cock but i really was jacking him off. But i didn't stop and he blew his warm cum all over the wall.then he whipped his head around to look me strait in the eyes in shock then he ran out of the Bathroom grabbing a towel as he ran out.

Look for part 2 of My First Encounter, if oyu wish to see a picture of blake then send me a message, and ill make sure to get back to you.

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Kudos to you! I hadn't thouhgt of that!

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Definite keep writing, but double space to make it easier to read on the screen.

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to the boy who put the phone number u need to put the area code if u want me to text you, thanx

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By the way guy who put his cell # no one colud txt u anyway without the area code

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