You all know the legal bull crap required at the beginning but here it is anyway; The following story is a complete work of fiction, It is for Adults Only, Do not read if under 21 years old, Do not read if it is illegal to do so where you live, ya-da…ya-da…ya-da. Also, this is story about adults having sex with minors; if this offends you; DON’T READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Trade – Chapter 2

For the next four or five years I never touched another underage girl again. Then I thought I had been transported back in time while on vacation. What happened was that I went into a mall and there was a group of teenagers hanging together. One girl in the group looked so much like that first girl I literally stopped walking to stare at her. She saw me stare at her and she stopped what she was doing and stared back at me. As much as I tried not to I ended up following the group around the mall for close to thirty minutes to get more and better looks at the girl. Finally I walked away from the group and sat on a bench in the mall and thought about that first girl, seeing this girl now just brought back the memories. After about twenty minutes of daydreaming I was aware that someone had sat down besides me on the bench and when I glanced that way I was shocked to see the girl sitting right besides me!

“Why were you following me” she asked.

“I’m sorry” I responded. “I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just that you so look much like a girl that I knew a few years ago. She was even about the same age that you are now.”

“Oh” is all that she said. “So you’ve been sitting here thinking about her ever since you stopped following me?” she asked.

“Yeah, I have.”

“So did you fuck her?”

I just stared at the girl. “What did you say?”

“Did you fuck her” she asked again.

“Why would you think that?”

“Well, you said you’ve been thinking about her the entire time you’ve been sitting here and your cock is hard!” I looked down at my cock and could see a very slight bulge in my pants. I laughed.

“You’ve got good eyes!”

“Not if you know what to look for” is all she said. “So, did you or not?”

I looked in her eyes. She was not passing judgment or scared, just asking a question. I thought, why not answer her honestly. I’d never see her again.

“Several times” is all that I said. What she said next floored me though.

“For a hundred and twenty bucks you can fuck me too.”


“For a hundred you can fuck me and you have to pay the janitor twenty for us to use his office.”

“You’re kidding?”

“No; I’m not kidding”

I sat there for a second thinking about what had happen and what had just been said. I looked at her closely; she looked like an average thirteen or fourteen year old girl.

“You want to do this or not?” she asked.

“This something you do often?”

“No, not really. But I need some cash. Just thought that maybe we could help each other is all. You get to empty your nuts and I’ll get the money I need. You got a rubber on you?”


She stood up. “Yes or no?” I thought for less than a second.


“Good! Let’s find that janitor.”

With that we started walking around the mall. “There he is” she said. As we walked towards him he looked up and stared at both of us. The girl motioned to him and he stopped what he was doing and walked towards us.

“We need to use your office.” is all that she said to him. The girl turned to me. “Pay him.”

He held out is hand and I reached into my pocket and pulled out a twenty. He started walking and we followed him. I watched him as he walked sizing him up. I decided could take him without a problem if he tried to pull anything. Finally he turned and walked down a long corridor between stores until we came to a sign that said “Storage – Authorized Personnel Only”. He stopped and unlocked the door. We walked through a room of supplies and boxes until we came to another door. This door said “Mall Maintenance Office”. He unlocked the door and stepped aside letting the girl and myself walk into a small office that was in disarray. The janitor smirked as he closed the door. I took a chair and propped it against the door knob. The girl gave me a quizzical look.

“I don’t want anyone walking in” I said.

She just shrugged her shoulders and held out her hand. I reached into my billfold and removed five, twenty dollar bills and the condom. I handed her the money and she put into a shirt pocket. Then she walked over to a box and removed several while linen towels and placed them at my feet. Without saying anything she knelt at my feet and began unbuckling my belt. As she got it unbuckled I unbuttoned my pants and dropped my pants and underwear all at the same time. For a second she started at my cock.

“It’s big” she said.

“That a problem?” I asked.

“I’ll think it’ll be okay” she said.

She took my partially erect cock and stuck it into her mouth. Between that warm wet opening and the sight of my cock in that small child’s face it only took seconds before I was completely hard. As I began to open the package that the condom was in she got up off the floor, reached under her skirt and pulled her underwear off. Then she walked over and got more towels out of the box and put them on the kind of office chair that tilted backwards and turns. She sat in the chair and spread her legs apart. Once I had the condom on I knelt in front of the chair, grabbed both ankles and raised her legs. Then I put my hands behind her knees raising her legs even further. I put my mouth on her opening and began to lick the juices coming out of her. I forgot how the juices from a young girl taste so much different than from an adult woman. I licked and put my tongue into her trying to get as much juice out of her and into me as possible. By now the girl was squirming on the seat she was so enjoying what I was doing to her. I was fully erect thinking about I was getting ready to do to this young girl so I stood up still holding her knees. I pushed her knees into her shoulders which caused the chair to tilt backwards. I grabbed my cock, put it at the top of her slit and slid it down lubricating the head. Slowly I pushed into her.


I stopped. “You okay?” I asked.

“Damn that’s big. Just go slow; okay?”

I grabbed the chair’s arm rest with the back of her knees resting inside my elbows. As I started slowly sliding my shaft in and out of her I thought about what was happening. About an hour ago I walked into this mall to kill time. Now here I am; in a strange town, in a strange mall, in the mall maintenance office, with my pants around my ankles, sliding my cock in and out of a thirteen year old girl I just met! I tried to keep a slow steady pace but the closer I got to an orgasm the faster I began to pound that small girl. But then she began doing something that made me have an orgasm even quicker; she began making a little squeaking noise each time as I drove into her. Shortly the look, feel and sound of doing the girl brought me to an orgasm, spilling my sperm into the condom. For a moment we both did nothing catching our breath. She looked at me and began to smile.

“I’m not sure I shouldn’t be paying you; or at least give you a discount.” she said and we both started laughing. Shortly later I pulled out of her and we began to get dressed. After we were dressed we walked out into the mall together. As people walked by I thought; if you all only knew what I just did to this girl a few feet away from here!

“Hey, If your ever interested in doing this again” she said. “I’m usually here most Tuesday nights.”

“Thanks for the offer” I said “but I’m from out of town and I leave in two days.”

“Oh….well, if you want to get together again before you leave,” she said as she reached for a paper and pin. “Call me at this number. You have a motel room?”


“Okay. Maybe we’ll just go to your room so we can be more comfortable.”

“Let me think about it” I said.

“Sure, and hey…I’m serious about that discount!”

I laughed as I walked away. But I knew what I had just done was stupid. To do it a second time was even more stupid. So I left town without seeing her again.

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2011-05-11 06:48:58
Having left towne without fucking the little slut again was stupid. I would have called the little bitch up and had her come to my room and fucked the tramp in evary hole she had several times and if she didnot like it to fucking bad.

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2011-03-21 07:14:19
I am English and live in Rouen (France) with my two daughters who are sixteen and seventeen now and I am thirty five. Six years ago when I came here I was working in a clerical position and supplementing my income by doing some expensive sex work; at that time I was charging at least five hundred Euro for a full night anything goes event with the man (or woman) paying for a four or five star hotel room. My oldest daughter found out what I was doing and told her school friend who was surprised at how innocent she was. Within a week, my daughters friend had shown her how to masturbate to orgasm, how to use a vibrator and dildo and how to lick another girls cunt and trib with her. Her first fuck with a man was when she was only thirteen and her friends mother arranged it for her; she got eighteen hundred Euro's for it and hasn't stopped fucking since. We work as a trio now and are becoming quite affluent. One man who fucks with us is a stockbroker and invests for us.

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2010-04-08 10:58:19
The story was a little on the short side but I did enjoy it. looking forward to reading the rest of the story!

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2010-04-07 17:13:50
Rushed & nothing to it, I fail to understand the 89% positive feedback that you received when other much better written stories got less.

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