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Yet another poem...first poem of the month...
Seduction is a mighty word,
As powerful as you’ve ever heard,
Starting out with a simple glance,
Will not end till they’re in your pants,
Telling you everything you want to hear,
Slowly calming your every fear,
They’ll slowly get into your head,
Until they get you into bed.

Seduction is a mighty tool,
Can make you act just like a fool,
More powerful than any drink,
Once it starts no time to think,
Pretty soon time will tell,
If you fall under their spell,
Yes, seduction is a mighty word,
As powerful as you’ve ever heard.


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2012-06-22 07:24:53
Just a heads up that your here link doesn't work. You have an extra %20 tagged on at the end of the link. Once I detleed that I got your page and of course placed my order! Looking forward to it, Joel .

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