Nancy gave me her usual cheerful greeting as she let me in. She led me into her living room where to my surprise, and immediate unease, two other women were already seated on the couch. I recognized them at once – both were students on campus. But unfortunately my familiarity went well beyond that. Nancy handled the introductions.

“I understand you girls all know each other. Wendy, Taylor and Cindy stopped by for a little visit, and it’s just so fortuitous you were planning to come by, too. We’ve all got a few things we need to discuss.” I wondered momentarily what she might be talking about, but I didn’t think about it for long. Instead I was remembering, without any fondness at all, my past acquaintance with Taylor. She was from my hometown, and we had never gotten along too well growing up and in high school. Her dad was in a business competing with my dad, and there had always been sort of a rivalry between our families. Nothing too hostile, just one of those silly country club socialite clique things. It had carried over to the kids, so Taylor had been in rival social circles all through high school. She was always jealous of my better looks and figure, but I just generally had tried to not let those things bother me.

The other girl also brought an unpleasant memory. Cindy was the one who showed me the website where I got the term paper last spring. I hadn’t seen her since. As I recalled, she was a couple of years older than me, which meant she was about to start her senior year. As I sat down, I remember thinking, girl, if you only knew what your “advice” had led to. I wondered what connection she had with Nancy, but then I remembered we had all been at some of the same parties my freshman year.

As usual, Nancy had a bottle of wine open. The others already had glasses, and Nancy poured one for me. They engaged in idle chit-chat for awhile, but I didn’t really have much opportunity to join in. I was finding it hard to focus, given my usual concern over what Nancy may have cooked up in the way of a new adventure, so I hardly even followed the thread of the conservation. It was something about the excitement of getting back to school, but somehow I couldn’t really empathize.

But at length the conversation died down, and Nancy took the opportunity to bring me back in. “Well, now’s as good a time to broach the subject as ever. Wendy, Cindy and Taylor have something they’d like to discuss with you,” she said. For a moment it was quiet, as the two girls seemed uncertain how to begin, but then Cindy leaned forward and began to speak.

“Well, Wendy, Taylor and I are both members of the Sigma Pi sorority. Taylor’s a new pledge. Every fall, when all the students get back into town, we host a back-to-school bash at our house. It’s probably not the biggest party on campus, be we always try to make it one of the best. We usually invite a couple of the fraternities over and basically just make it an all-day bash with food, a few kegs, games, and so on…”

She went on to earnestly and enthusiastically describe the event in more detail, as if I cared the tiniest bit about it, which I didn’t. She finally concluded, “Anyway, the party’s next Saturday, and we were wondering if you …” Then she trailed off, as if she were uncertain what to say next.

“Well, what?” I asked, not knowing where this was going. The two girls looked at each other, and exchanged giggles.

“Maybe you better explain to her,” Cindy finally said, looking to Nancy.

“I suppose so,” Nancy said. She turned and just looked at me for several moments. Then she spoke, “Wendy, Cindy and I go back quite a ways. She’s done some enormous favors for me in the past, including one involving you. You see, it was no accident Cindy showed you that website last spring. She did it on my instructions. It was kind of a team effort which brought you and I together, you might say.” She paused to allow me time to fully appreciate the import of her words.

With growing shock at the revelation, I turned toward Cindy, fury in my eyes. “You! Why you little…” Lifting a hand, Cindy cut me off.

“Hey Wendy, nobody made you cheat on that paper,” she said sharply. “That was your decision.” She was right, of course. I could only stare are her, furious. Then I realized with sudden horror that Cindy, and probably Taylor too, and God knows who else, must know all about my new little “career” with Nancy. The one decent thing Nancy had done so far was to schedule most of my adventures far away from campus, so I could at least lead a somewhat normal life at school. The thought that some of my fellow students might know about it after all made me want to crawl away and hide. I flushed bright red and squirmed uncomfortably in my seat, breaking off my glare at Cindy to stare instead at the floor.

Then another horrible thought began to take form. What was this little meeting all about after all? What was this about their party - and me? I desperately stopped my mind from imagining any more, but I couldn’t stop a sudden, icy chill from beginning to settle over me.

Nancy had started talking again. “Anyway, Wendy, when Cindy called to remind me of their big party, it occurred to me what a marvelous opportunity it would be for you and I to further your development. I’ve brought her and Taylor up to date on what you’ve been doing this summer, and I’ve taken the liberty of offering them your services for their party, if they felt they could use them. I must say,” she went on, winking at the other two mischievously, “their response has been most enthusiastic.”

Cindy picked up the cue. “All too happy to help you with your new career, Wendy. Taylor and I are in charge of arranging the entertainment for our party, and we think your ‘talents’ could be put to good use!”

All I could do was groan inwardly in agony. I had been through enough with Nancy by that point that I was beyond the outwardly obvious, outraged reaction to this kind of news. But inside, in my head and in my guts, it remained as bad as the first day, and I knew it always would. I looked from Nancy, to Cindy, to Taylor, hoping to see even a faint hint of sympathy from any of them, any sign this was just a cruel joke. But I saw only the three of them smiling broadly back at me. Then Nancy got up and poured me another glass of wine. Nobody spoke for a long time. I think I just sat for awhile with my face in my hands. But even now, the strength I had built up over the summer didn’t leave me.

Finally I looked up and sighed. “Get on with it,” I said, calmly. “What do I have to do?” Cindy spoke up earnestly, obviously relieved the awkward moment had passed, “Well, to tell you the truth, Wendy, we haven’t actually finalized the details of your part yet. We just know we’d like to make use of some of the talents Nancy has been helping you develop. Some of the things she’s told us about sound really exciting. We wanted to go ahead and let you know about it today, just to make sure your schedule’s free, and to give you some time to think about it.” Her tone was one of feigned friendliness, as if she were planning the party arrangements with an equal, like one of her sisters in the sorority.

Nancy cut in. “Yes, her schedule is free, and of course she’ll be willing, if not overjoyed, to ensure the party’s a smashing success.” She turned to me, eyes twinkling. “Now Wendy, just to reassure you, I’ve outlined some ground rules, so you don’t have to worry about being asked to do anything beyond our regular bounds. And I’m personally planning many of the details myself. But apart from that, I’m giving Taylor full authority over you for the day. I expect you to treat any instructions from her as if they came directly from me. Do you understand?” I felt as if I had been kicked in the stomach, but I nodded slowly. “Very good. Of course, I’ll be there to enjoy the show, but I plan to stay in the background for the most part. Taylor will be in charge of the moment-to-moment details.”

Cindy and Taylor made their departure then, all smiles as they informed Wendy they would pick her up at her apartment on the day of the party. “See you on Saturday, Wendy … all of you!” Taylor giggled as they went out the door.

Nancy and I sat in silence for awhile, until at length Nancy spoke. “There’s a few things I’d like to talk over with you. I know this seems like an especially difficult assignment, and it will be. But it’s an important step in your development, as I’ll explain in a moment. But first, I want to give you a few more details about what you’ll have to do. Those girls weren’t being completely honest about how far the planning for the party has progressed.”

“I’m not sure I want to hear any details right now,” I said.

“Well, you probably won’t like what I have to say,” Nancy said, “but I think it’s best if you have some idea what’s going to happen. So here’s the deal. This annual party of the Sigmas usually includes the traditional final initiation of the new members from the prior year. They usually have a drawing in which six girls are chosen at random out of the new group. Then those girls have to play a strip game in front of all the partygoers, guys and girls alike. I don’t know exactly how the game is played – I think they draw names from a hopper or something like that, but the details aren’t important. Anyway, it’s really pretty tame – the game ends as soon as the first girl is topless, and then she and the others are allowed to get dressed, and it’s on with the party. They don’t really want to put their new members through too much humiliation, you know. Well, this year it seems Taylor just doesn’t want to risk having to show her tits that way. I guess she has a fair amount of money, and she’s gotten Cindy and the other seniors to agree to let her and the other new pledges off the hook in return for a sizable contribution to the sorority’s treasury. But that left them with a problem. The strip game, needless to say, is a major part of the day’s entertainment. They couldn’t just cancel it without something to take its place. That’s where you come in.”

Nancy paused to sip her wine and I sat in sort of a state of morbid fascination. Part of me dreaded hearing any more, and hated affording Nancy the pleasure I know she derives from her matter-of-fact description of the details. Yet somehow not knowing the rest would be worse. “Well?” I said.

“It’s a quite simple solution, really. They decided to not cancel the game at all. Instead, it will go off as planned, only with you presented as a new initiate who must compete. But I’m afraid the outcome will be rigged, dear girl, so that you will be the unfortunate loser.”

I almost felt relieved. Compared to some of the other things Nancy had made me do, briefly baring my breasts in front of a few dozen people seemed almost innocuous. True, it would be in front of fellow students, as opposed to anonymous strangers, but it was no worse than what the typical sorority pledge had to expect anyway. For a moment I considered the sad irony of my situation: I’d always felt complete disdain for the girls who would submit to such rituals just to be part of the social elite, and here I was being ordered to suffer the humiliation in their place, without even the reward of membership at the end. Not that I wanted any part of such a group. I was also a little surprised by how calmly I accepted this news, and what it said about what I’d become in just a few short months of Nancy’s training. “I guess it could be worse,” I said, finally.

Nancy just looked at me for a few moments, as if debating inside whether to say anything further. I guess she decided she’d better tell me everything. “Well, actually, I’m afraid it is worse, dear. You see, Cindy and I agreed that since you aren’t really going to be a member of the sorority when this is all over, there was no reason not to liven up the entertainment a little.” Nancy paused and I could feel my heart pounding, waiting for the other shoe to drop. “Wendy, I want you to know that this was my idea. I want this for you because it is such a logical next step in your development, and I truly believe you’re ready for this.”

“Ready for what?”

“All right, if you insist on knowing the details. Wendy, they’re going to continue the strip game until you’re completely naked. And then they’re going to keep you naked, at the party, for the rest of the day. I’m not sure exactly what they’ll have you do once you’re in your birthday suit – those are the details they’re still working out. But I think you can count on them to come up with various ways to keep you creatively displayed. Those girls can be quite devious when they want to, and I’m helping them with the planning on that part as well. Cindy will be pretty busy just running the whole show. That’s why I’ve decided to give Taylor direct charge of your activities. So after the strip game is over, and you’re naked, you will follow Taylor’s instructions for the rest of the day.” She smiled as she gazed into my eyes. My cheeks burned as I contemplated the prospect of the promised humiliation. Not just promised, but guaranteed.

“There’s a little more I want you to know, Wendy. I’m quite aware of the past that you and Taylor share. I know what a little ... she is. God knows, I’ve hated bitches like that my whole life. You can imagine how girls like her treated frumps like me back in the day. I know you must be absolutely mortified at the prospect of her, well . . . you know.”

I just looked at her. What was I supposed to say? Of course Taylor even knowing about my predicament with Nancy was awful enough, but for Nancy to give her some say in the matter was too horrible to even think about. But as Nancy watched me rolling through the possibilities, the familiar smile spread across her face. “Wendy, letting her in on our secret, and giving her carte blanche authority over you for a day, was just too delicious an opportunity to pass up. You know me by now – the more horrid the idea is on the one hand, the more delicious it is on the other. And you know that delicious always wins. Depending on how things go on Saturday, I can easily envision loaning you out to her on a regular basis.”

I gasped when I heard this and started to respond before biting my tongue. Once upon a time I would have angrily lashed out at Nancy but I knew from experience that this was not only futile but counterproductive, and usually only made things worse for myself. I was her naked little puppet now and if she wanted to loan me out to Taylor there was very little I could do about it. Maddeningly, and without warning, my nipples hardened into little rocks. I let out a heavy sigh. “So I guess this is Phase 3 now?” I asked.

“No, dear, there is no Phase 3. Your training is over.”

I’ll admit that I was a little taken aback by this. I was expecting a new phase of training involving maybe longer and more involved scenarios, but not this. “I don’t know, Nancy, I’m not sure I’m ready for some of the things you expect me to do, if half of what you’ve hinted at is true.”

“Oh, I agree. I’m not saying that you won’t continue to build on your experiences in order to gain strength for some things I have planned for you down the road. I guess in that sense your training will continue indefinitely.”

“Then what are you saying?” I asked.

“What I’m saying is that you’re not a novice anymore, Wendy. You’ve shown your naked body now to hundreds of people in a variety of situations and you’ve proven that you have the fortitude to keep doing it whenever and wherever I ask. I’ve thrown you in the deep end of the pool this summer and you’ve learned how to swim. No matter how much deeper the water gets I see no reason now why you can’t stay afloat.”

“But this time it’ll be in front of people I know! Can’t I work up to that more gradually?”

“Why? You were already seen by one of your professors and her son and his girlfriend at the lake and you survived that. Besides, I’ve told you all along

“But this time it’ll be in front of people I know! Can’t I work up to that more gradually?”

“Why? You were already seen by one of your professors and her son and his girlfriend at the lake and you survived that. Besides, I’ve told you all along that this day would come, and now it has. It’s not that you can’t do it, it’s that you don’t want to.” Nancy had shifted now into that maddening supercilious tone of hers where she simply dictated what was what, and I could like it or lump it.

“Listen Wendy,” she continued, “I know the experience of being naked in front of your friends and fellow students for the first time will be difficult for you but you’ve proven that you can handle it, and I expect you to. This will be your coming out party, so to speak, as an exhibitionist. This will also help lay the groundwork for some of the things I’ll be asking you to do in the future on and around the campus. You’re not the same scared little girl who broke down crying in my car during your first naked car ride. You’re an exhibitionist now, Wendy, and this is going to be your life until you graduate.”

I buried my head in my hands and Nancy remained silent for awhile to allow me to contemplate the unthinkable prospects of what lay ahead. When I finally looked up at her she broke into a broad smile and spoke again. “Well, now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s not forget what you’re here for this afternoon, dear,” she said cheerfully. “Take off your clothes and let’s go out and have some fun!”
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