I wandered around outside through the growing crowd trying to keep my nerves under control but my stomach was tied up in knots. I didn’t know what was worse, the anticipation of knowing what was about to happen or actually going through with it. I had no idea what time our little sorority “initiation” was going to take place but part of me wanted to hurry up and get it over with, while another part of me wanted to delay the inevitable for as long as possible.

As I walked around I’d occasionally run into friends and acquaintances, but I was too nervous to engage in small talk and after a few minutes I’d find an excuse to wander away. No wonder people think I’m aloof, I thought to myself, but I just couldn’t help it.

As I wandered through the area I decided that if you were going to throw a big bash, this was definitely the place to do it. This was where the town’s annual Oktoberfest festivities were held and since it was just outside of town it was both easily accessible yet far enough away from residential neighborhoods that there were no worries about complaints by the neighbors. The site featured a large permanent canvas beer tent which had a stage, bar, dance area, and wooden tables. I guessed that the tent could probably hold a couple of hundred people but the field surrounding it was large enough to hold many times that. A classic rock band was playing on the stage inside but since the music was being piped out on loudspeakers, most people so far had chosen to stay outside in the sunshine. I chose to stay outside mainly because I really needed the fresh air to keep from throwing up.

I guessed there were probably at least two hundred people here already and more were showing up all the time, paying a $20 cover charge which helped cover the costs of the food, alcohol, and entertainment. This was a long way from the few dozen people I originally imagined when I first heard about the sorority party, and way beyond the relatively brief exposure to anonymous strangers that I’d become accustomed to. This wasn’t going to be an incremental step in my career, as Nancy liked to call it – it was going to be a giant leap. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since Nancy did the same thing after my first true public exposure at Sinful Delights in the mall. After building up to it slowly with weeks of naked car rides and t-shirt training, she then moved me into Phase 2 of my training by having me walk completely naked through that crowded supermarket! When Nancy decides that I’m ready to handle more she doesn’t screw around.

As the crowd continued to swell I had to resist the almost irresistible urge to bolt; to just walk away and never look back. Every time I thought about it, though, the consequences kept flooding through my mind. Not only would Nancy have me expelled from school for cheating on my term paper but she now had a large collection of pictures and videos of my exploits, including a humiliating masturbation video, and she constantly reminded me that she could flood the internet with these at any time. That’s how Nancy kept me on the hook – by making sure that the pain of not carrying out her demands always exceeded the pain of doing them.

I remained mostly on the periphery of the party as the afternoon wore on. All that Cindy and Taylor had told me was that they were going to wait until the party was in full swing before I did my thing, and it sure looked like it was getting close to that point now as the sound of partygoers and music continued to build. For the first time I spotted Taylor in the crowd as she made her way toward me. She was wearing a sleek party dress and looked like she had spent hours on her hair and makeup.

“I hope there’s no booze in that,” Taylor said pointing to the plastic cup in my hand. Taylor had forbidden me from drinking any alcohol tonight. She wanted me stone cold sober for this experience.

“It’s just ginger ale,” I said. “You look really pretty, Taylor,” I told her, meaning it.

“Thanks,” she responded with a quick smile. For a moment there seemed to be a crack in her hostility toward me since our argument about the trivia contest, but then she reverted back to a controlling, dominating attitude. “You know, the pledges were supposed to dress up for this party.”

“No, I didn’t know that,” I replied. “Nobody told me.”

“Well, like I said I guess it really doesn’t matter anyway. You’re going to be losing your clothes soon enough anyway.”

“When is this supposed to happen?” I asked.

“Soon,” she replied. “Cindy’s making the final preparations right now.”

“What kind of game are we going to be playing if we’re not doing that trivia contest?”

“I have no idea,” Taylor said coolly. “Cindy says she has another plan but even I don’t know what it is. She said we really didn’t need to know in advance.”

I’m not sure I liked that since it added yet another degree of uncertainty to what was about to happen, but I suppose it was better than that dumb trivia contest that Taylor had designed to make me look like a fool.

“Well, I’m going to go mingle,” Taylor said. “Stay close because we should be doing this soon. Cindy will come get you when we’re ready.” As I watched her walk away my anxiety raised a couple of more notches.

A few minutes later I spotted Nancy making her way toward me with her friend Margaret in tow. Margaret was the owner of the Sinful Delights lingerie shop where I’d had my first public exposure and she had become Nancy’s unofficial photographer/videographer of my nude exploits.

“There you are, dear.” Nancy said cheerily as they approached. “How are feeling about your upcoming performance?”

“Awful,” I said and I turned to Margaret. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you’re here with your camera bag.”

“Nice to see you, too, Wendy,” Margaret laughed. “Charming as always.”

“Wendy, you knew we couldn’t let this event go by without a record of it,” Nancy said. “I’ve got to say that Cindy and Taylor really outdid themselves, though. This is much bigger than I expected.”

“Yeah, it’s way beyond what you were expecting me to do so you’re here to tell me I don’t have to go through with it, right?” I said sarcastically.

“Let me think about that for a moment, Wendy. Um…no. What I am here to tell you, though, is that you’re going to love every moment of this, or at least pretend to.”

“I am, huh. What makes you think I can do that?”

“Why do you think I insisted you take that acting class? And by all accounts you’re very good at it. A natural, I’m told. So tonight think of yourself as an actress playing the role of an exhibitionist who really, really loves being the only one naked in a large crowd.”

“I’m not sure I’m that good of an actress,” I retorted. The anxiety had really put me on edge and I responded to Nancy more forcefully than I normally would’ve dared.

“Well, you’d better become one,” Nancy shot back, a little angrily. “Because if I see that sour, miserable look on your face at all tonight I’m going to tell Taylor she can keep you naked all day tomorrow as well and give her carte blanche to do whatever she wishes with you.” Hearing that stunned me back into understanding the precariousness of my situation.

“I’m sorry, Nancy,” I told her, lowering my eyes to the ground. If she wants an act I’ll start by acting contrite and apologetic even though I didn’t feel it. “I’ll do my best.”

“Good girl,” Nancy replied. “I want to see a smiling, laughing, sexy, outgoing exhibitionist tonight, Wendy. I don’t care if you hate every second of this, you’re going to look like you love it. Have I made myself clear?”

I nodded obediently. “Crystal.”

Just then Cindy walked up to me and tapped me on the shoulder. “It’s time, Wendy. We’re going to get started now.” Then she took me by the hand and began leading me through the crowd toward the tent.

“Break a leg, Wendy!” Nancy shouted behind me.
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