....Willie and I take about an hour to get ready for boating, clean-up, etc.... Pack a lunch and grab a few Pepsi.... All out of Coke...
Our boating takes us out a mile or so to a small Island.... Maybe twenty feet by sixty feet ... no trees.... Mostly sand and rock ......someone had built a picnic table on this small isle so Willie and I sit at the table and eat lunch; jawing away on many topics, but not my life story.
............ After we ate Willie gave me a serious look.
“I wanted to get away from the cabin Willie. I do not want to take a chance on someone over hearing this; it is deeply personnel and condemning."
“Ok ... fair enough Bob ..... you don't have to talk if it is that personnel."
“Hell Willie, we've committed murder ... I think I am safe with you bud “... we chuckle.
I start my story;
"" ................... The Jones' we're killed in that auto accident just before Christmas in my fifteenth year. It was likely the singular most significant time of my life ... ....our neighbourhood was devastated ... there was even a suicide within a week of their deaths
The Smith’s, Jones, Berube's and Skoda’s we're central to the neighbourhood’s party-ing mode........ but it was the Jones' who where the most bohemian. Their loss destroyed an entire way of life Willie. I say this so you have the background to appreciate what comes next.
Dad came home from work that night and took me and mom into the living room ... sat us down and told us the news of the Jones' accident..... Dad did not know about me, mom and our sex with the Jones’......
Both mom and I freaked out.... I was so distraught I ran from the house over to the Jones’...Broke into the house, ran about the house to see if it was true ...I was so sure they would be home. I ran outside...Panicking ...I figured maybe they were at the rink ....Collene liked to skate.
They were not at the rink.
I will always remember answering Mr Berube ... it was his turn to look after the ice.....
‘What’s the matter Bobbie ....? ‘Mr Berube asked me
‘I’m looking for the Jones' ... Dad say's they were in an accident ... I want to see it they are ok....
Mr Berube's face paled and he too ran out the door...Likely to my house to see dad ...I ran to the park...I do not know why ... just crazed Willie ... I actually ran right off a creek bank ... it was dark. ........... They found me lying on the ice of the creek ... in shock.

As I did not know about me and Mrs. Jones. Dad did not know about me or mom and the Jones's. You can imagine it was very bleak around our house after the loss of our best friends...and lovers. Dad was getting concerned about me and mom ... we were really down; getting near mental illness Willie.
Mom and I had not been to work in a month ...Dad had no choice...he was a real trooper Willie ...he toughed it out...while mom and I wimped out.
Mom and I started talking...trying to motivate ourselves to get on with life. We never mentioned sex.
Mom went back to work part time ... I found another job in construction. I was fired from my previous job for not showing up to work. Dad worked ... he did not talk much...we could tell he was badly affected but kept it to himself.
Dad took on a couple of extra shifts. This left me and mom alone Saturday’s.... we started having breakfast together and chatting. One Saturday I let it slip out that I knew about her and Barry was shocked and embarrassed.... I of course then told her about me and Mrs. Jones; levelling the guilt. This led to a very interesting Saturday as mom and I exchanged stories.
Over the next couple of Saturday's mom and I talked allot. At one point we were sitting on the chesterfield together ...I was reflecting and mom noticed I had a hard on... she laughed and joked with me about it. Mom and I were getting very comfortable within our conversations and our talks got more intimate.
Mom's nipples got hard during one of her reflections... I joked with her about that... we laughed. During our joking I flicked mom’s nipple ... she playfully slapped my hand ....we laughed and carried on....
There as a look that she gave me ... a feeling underneath it all.
Dad got sick and missed work the next Saturday. The following Saturday dad was at work and I had finished breakfast... We were chatting up a storm...
Mom was in her pyjamas ... a light house coat covering her thin night shirt. I was in my pyjama bottoms with a large T shirt covering my pyjama bottoms. My bottoms had buttons on the fly for taking a leak.
We had finished the dishes and where putting things away. Mom reached to get something at the same time I went to put the dishes in the upper cabinet. Our bodies crossed. My cock rubbed against mom’s hip ... it sprang to life in an instant. Mom froze. I froze.
I was pressing my cock against my mother’s hip. God it felt good to touch a woman. Mom stood up slowly.... my cock had jumped out of my pyjamas ....Mom stared at me ...she looked down at my pinus.
I never moved Willie. I stood there looking at my mother looking at me. Mom kept staring; I noticed her nipples push out against her house coat. It was fascinating to watch her nipples grow; I could actually see them moving outward.
Our eye' met. Without speaking I took moms hand. I held her hand for a minute or less. We walked upstairs to her bedroom; never looking at one another. I closed the door to her bedroom. Turning I pulled my T shirt over my head and dropped my pyjama bottoms to the floor. Mom just stood there looking at my pinus, her eyes wide. She had a look on her face that told me she was filled with lust.
I walked over to mom, pausing for several seconds, then I untied her robe ... I moved it off her shoulders ... mom let her arms drop and her robe fell to the floor. She lifted her night shirt over her head ... there we stood naked ...looking at each other. My mother had a great body Willie.
Within a few seconds I led mom to her bed; her breathing was a slow laboured panting; ....... she laid down and opened her legs; I got on the bed between her legs.... I entered mom in one stroke ....she was very wet which helped me enter her down there ....I squirted inside her once right away; I could not help it. If she had not been my mother I probably would have finished in her right then and there. The knowledge that she was my mother was definitely stressful.
I heard a moan come from mom right as I entered her. I felt mom tense when I shot some cum into her.
I closed my eyes ....trying to hold on for her ... I thought of sports, famous names, cards, funny lines in movies ..... Nothing was working. I was so near to coming I dared not move.
It felt so good to be inside a woman; I let out a muffled noise of my own
Then I thought of Mrs' Jones, I calmed down.
When I opened my eye', I could see mom looking at me. Her eye' were wet. Mom reached up and whipped a tear from my face. I did not even know I had a tear on my face.
I began slow fucking mom. She felt wet. She felt warm. She was soft. I was in heaven Willie. I barely moved inside of her. I drank in the feeling of being inside a woman ....I pushed in deep and felt the warmth and softness of her. Mom’ bone pressed against me. Her thighs held against my thighs.
I was enjoying the feeling of being inside a woman. My cock was throbbing. Mom came. It took about a minute for her to cum ....she pushed and twisted about ... held me close to her as she came ... I had good control by this time. Her pussy contracted several times during her orgasm.
“Oh, oh, oh, you have the nicest cunt mom, God it feels good''.... I said to my mother. ............Can you believe I told my own mother she had a nice cunt; I said that to my own mother Willie.
I stroked her pussy with my cock ... gently moving in and out of her. Stopping; soaking in the feeling of being inside her. The sensation was overwhelming. I stopped, hardly moving it felt so good.
Mrs. Jones had let me into her cunt only twice. Her hole was big. I could not really feel her. Daphnne’ bum was sure nice and tight though.
My mother was a good fit for me. Like a warm moist hand holding onto my cock. We never moved much those first minutes.
“Enjoy me Bobbie”! ......... Mom said; I felt the tension abate and I came in her. I couldn’t hold off any longer. God it felt good, I emptied myself into her; the release of cum and ache all at once. I will never forget the feeling of my mother’s nice warm loving cunt.
We snuggled for about half an hour after our first time...
We kissed and mom got on top ....cowgirl style.... she moved about ... as she got close she leaned back using her hands to keep herself from falling over backward.... she rode me for several minutes....... her moans got loader this time .... she was using me...... I loved it ...satisfying herself ... mom came again. She was loader the second time she came.
We snuggled again.... laying together...not speaking...
“Bobbie ... I'll lay on my stomach for you know."
''Ok ......"
Mom got on her stomach, I put a pillow under her ... I spread her cheeks to look at her anus. She had a very cute anus Willie, very similar to Mrs. Jones....Daphnne.
I touched her bum hole. “You’re going to use me there Bobbie “?
“I don't know mom." ......
I touched her bum hole. For several minutes I rubbed she....played with her anus..... then ... for the first time in my life I touch a women's anus with my tongue. It felt weird ....and yet exciting ... I licked my mother’s bum hole Willie.... I got really horny ...... soon I had a raging hard on ... She giggled at first. Soon she settled down as I got into it. I rimmed her. I tongue fucked her bum.
I moved myself up and slipped into mom's vagina. Pushing in as deep as I could go ... I dug around in her for at least ten minutes ... I really fucked her good Willie. I kept in deep and moved in circles ... digging into her. Mom came again...not as good as the second time though. I came in her ... I really unloaded in my mother. It felt so good to fuck a woman.
I stayed in her for several minutes more... I started to get hard again. Soon I was fuckng her. “God, I can't get enough of you.” ...I said to her.
I came in my mother’s body. I stayed in her..... lying on her ......feeling this soft, warm, yielding woman under-Neath me.
We laid in bed for a bit. I did not want it to stop.
I moved her onto her stomach again. Mom looked back at me. She smiled ...the love in her eyes.... unmistakable ...I entered her vagina and screwed her ... not hard ... I moved in her... enjoying the feeling of having a female body to use.
Mom laid there letting me screw her. Letting me enjoy a woman’s body. She never once complained. She never orgasm’d either. I used her body for at least another half hour ... gentle stroking. I moved about in her hole feeling it in every way I wanted and needed too. I never came. I enjoyed being in her. I was rock hard with no need to cum; moving; stopping; then moving again. What a great feeling Willie. All in all Willie I would say I used my mother’s vagina for at least an hour that day.
Finally we took a shower..... together. I washed her ...she washed me. We cleaned up and got dressed.
We made the bed together with clean sheets. We went outside and looked about the yard. We looked over at the Jones’...........
We walked to the common fence and peered into their yard. Mom and I spoke of times and things that happened in the Jones' yard. There were many good times and friendships formed in that yard Willie.
We said a little prayer and gave thanks to them for all their love and caring....
Mom and I never talked about that day Willie.... we never had sex again. Our love was strong for each other but our incestuous relationship was a onetime happening. I was satisfied with my need to know a woman and how she feels. I never had any interest in any other females after that day.
Six months later mom was diagnosed with cancer. Her cancer was very advanced. Mom passed away within the year. Dad passed away about half a year after mom. Dad had a medical problem that had been kept from me.... some nerve related disease. Stress aggravated dad’s condition.
I fell into a work... mode. I made good money and stayed clear of any love interests. I worked with Mr. Maxwell for a while.... and yes he had a silver hammer.
Willie groans.....
I inherited everything ...over half a million dollars worth.
I slowly got into contracting.... six months after I started my own company I met you while renovating your home.
Gino comes into the picture when I paid to have that bastard who killed the Jones' murdered.
All this Willie and I had just turned twenty two.""
................................ ‘Christ Bob ... I never knew all that '...
“You are the only person on Earth other than me who knows this stuff Willie."
................................ We sat quiet for maybe ten minutes.
“Bob that was the second scenario ... your mother and you."
“No Willie .... that could be called the second part of the first scenario."
“I wondered ....’because you mentioned a Ten year difference between scenarios."
“Let’s get back to the cabin. I called Randy while you where showering and he will be here to pick us up in two hours." .........
“I’ll finish my story telling on the way home in the Limo." ..........

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Mary Beth WItt - Just getting to go back and look at my baiebs. These pictures still take my breath away like the first time I saw them, especially the first one STUNNING! They have changed so much, I am so glad you captured them in those early days because I was so sleep deprived I barely remember them.

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Learn to write, it was hard to follow & that is why you have no favourable ratings.

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