............ We had been motoring along for nearly an hour ... Willie and I had talked of business matters. Our conversation tailed off when I brought up the second scenario of my story and did Willie care to hear it.
“Yes I do Bob ... I was hoping you would remember." ...
............. “I’m eager to talk about it ....”
"" ....... When I was fourteen and fifteen my life exploded with new feelings..... Losing Mrs. Jones, Daphnne, was crushing. I loved her dearly. ... Having sex with my mother and her passing was just as big; maybe bigger. .... With dads passing I went on auto-pilot.
I buried myself in work. I made a lot of money. I started my own construction company. I never dated or had sex for years. .......... I think I shut down.
I met Alice and married her. She was exciting to be around. We divorced after three years of marriage. Mostly my fault I guess. I still had that work thing going on in my head. No time for Alice. Alice and I did not have an exciting sex life. Again my fault, I think I was still in love with Daphnne.
My story starts when Alice and I had been married a little more than a year. I was still held in high regard by her family. Alice and I were getting along.
Alice' sister, Linda was a few years younger than Alice. Linda had gotten quite sick that fall. She had clots, infections and other troubles. Linda nearly died.
When Linda got out of the hospital she was too weak to stay at her own apartment so she stayed with Alice and me. She was gaining strength but had a relapse. Linda was re-admitted and stayed in the hospital for a week. When she came out we took her in again. This was not a problem from my standpoint.
Linda was too week physically to look after herself.
When Linda would bathe, which was every night, Alice would help her. I would go in afterward and help Linda step out of the bath tub. She would have a towel on covering her ...just barely. She could stand up with Alice's help but did not have the strength to lift her feet over the edge of the bathtub. There was never anything sexual.
One night I was up and went to the bathroom. I walked by Linda who was sleeping on the sofa. We had a Sofa bed for Linda. Linda liked to watch TV.
On this particular night she was sleeping on her side. Linda had her legs open like a number four. The Swedish Blanket had ridden up exposing Linda' legs..... I stooped to look under the blanket. The table lamp, which we left on all night for her, was sufficient to illuminate her. She was not wearing underwear.
I liked what I saw. The look of Linda's pussy captured my fancy. I knew she was not a virgin. I knew she did not have sex very often either, maybe ten times in her life. She was hairless between her legs. I looked for a minute and then went about my business.
Linda was a big woman; however her illness had taken its toll on her. She had lost a lot of weight and this weight loss had made her rather sexy. I was both pleased and happy to look at her pussy.
We had had several of Alice's girl friends over during the past year and this sofa bed had afforded me a couple of peeks. It's good to be lucky.
I mention this because of what is to follow.
Saturday morning arrived... Alice had gone over to her mother’s to help out. Linda was waiting for her nurse. I stayed at home to keep an eye on Linda and do paper work. Linda was watching TV.
The phone rang ... I did not pay attention as Linda was seated right next to it. My ears perked up at the sound of Linda’s voice. I came into the living room to see what was wrong.
She was visibly upset.
‘What is wrong?' ..I asked her
' .............. My nurse has been in and accident and cannot make it. They don't have another nurse. The weather has caused them scheduling problems Linda replied
‘You’ll be alright though, won't you?' I stated.
‘.Noooooooo! I need my medicine and my bum rubbed.’...Linda blurted out with tears.
I kind of stood there ...not knowing what to say........ After a minute I said...
‘Do you have your medication here?'
‘I don't have the needle ....I need my shot ...
........................ I’ve got the pills.... ‘She said.
'I can get the pills for you Linda ...'
‘Ok!' ...
I get Linda's med's and bottled water. I give them to her. After taking her med's she settled down a little and I ask a few questions..........................
She decided she could wait on the injection until a nurse could come tomorrow. We had enough pills for her. Her big concern was her infection returning to her bottom. She was crying.
'I can put your anti-biotic on your bum for you Linda if you think it necessary.'
‘Would you.’ ... She answered with a sigh, showing great relief.
‘Yes!' I answered.
I retrieved her medicinal lube.
Linda was lying on her tummy when I returned. I had washed my hands and put on medical gloves. She pulled the blanket up so her bum was exposed. The cover was tucked in along the sides of her thighs. She had done this sheepishly so I assumed she was a bit embarrassed. I put down the anti-biotic.
‘Here .......let's change this ...... "
'Huh! '!.. She replied looking back at me...
I pulled the blanket off her. Put a pillow under her hips elevating her bottom. Replaced the blanket covering her from the small of her back to her neck ...keeping her warm. I moved her legs open about two feet at her ankles.
‘There, I said, when you remember this in years to come you can laugh at our brother in law and his comical ways.' ...
She giggled faced.
I proceed to walk my fingers about her cheeks, singing silly songs and pretending to dance. Using my fingers like legs on a small dancer I mimicked various dance styles.
Linda laughs as I play the clown. I incorporated this with applying her anti-biotic to her.
‘Are we nearly done? ' ... I asked her.
‘No, you have to put it inside my bum ... that is where the infection is. '
‘Oh! ' ..Was all I managed to get out?
'They, the nurses have a gadget they use to put it in. However, the nurse figures that is what caused my infection to return. So now she fingers my bum hole.’...
‘Ok, looks like I had the right idea all along putting you up on a pillow.' I said to Linda.
She turned her head and looked at me ... I smiled but said nothing.
‘You know from stories that I have allot of experience with anal penetration......... so you’re in luck ...... you'll get finger tip control by a professional.'
Linda looked at me ...she smiled and turned her head face down. This surprised me as I expected a comeback. Linda had always been good at comebacks.
‘Open your legs a bit more honey makes it easier.’ ... I said to Linda.
She complied without a word. Her weight loss had given her a nice bum. I could see her anus now and liked what I saw.
I applied anti-biotic to the finger tip of plastic glove. Gently rubbing in a small circle around her anus and lifting my finger to get a better angle. Pushing my glove clad finger along with her medicine into her bum hole. I pushed my finger into her bum as deep as it would go.
‘.......does it hurt anywhere Linda?
‘No feels ok.'
I pulled my finger out and lube it up again ... taking extra care re-inserting my finger into my sister-in-laws bum. I did these four or five times.
‘How much do I need to put in there Linda?’
‘Half the tube Bob. '
‘Ok ...’
Repeating this several more times I was getting near the half full part when I notice Linda' lips where getting bigger....
‘I’m going to spread it around just inside your bum to make sure I get to the infection Linda. '
‘Uh ugh ... ‘... was her reply
I fully intended to try to get medicine on the infected areas ....I also intended to finger fuck my sister-in-laws bum hole. I had a hard on.
I moved my finger in slowly ... bent my finger enough to touch her rectum near to her anus. I would pull my finger out.....push it in ... twist it a little. I kept fingering her and watched Linda to see her reaction.
Her lips where swollen. Her breathing had changed ... I watched her hand move in little clasping motions has she held the Swedish comforter in her grasp.
I saw Linda responding so I pushed my finger in deep and touched her. Slowly moving my finger in a fucking motion and touching her as deep as I could get with my finger into her bum.
Linda' hips would move ever so little..... Then move again ...and again... until she could no longer hide her arousal.
I did not move in circles; only gentle in and out fucking with touches against her inner rectum walls. I tried to reach her colon but she was too deep for my finger to touch her there.
Linda was responding ... her passion grew... her tight anus thrilled me. I turned my hand about so I could touch her clit with my thumb. Gently finger fucking Linda’s ass and massaging her clit had the desired effect. Linda’ hips started moving more noticeably, her breathing changed while at the same time her hands squeezed the cover as she buried her face in the pillow.... I brought her to orgasm.

I pulled my finger out of her bum. Kissed her cheek and covered her over.
Moving near her head ....' I enjoyed that, perhaps you should fire you nurse and let me be your Doctor.'
‘I enjoyed it too ......perhaps I will fire her ...she lacks your technique.'
I squeezed Linda' hand and gave her a little kiss on her face......
With that Linda closed her eyes and went to sleep. ''''
That Willie is the rest of the story. Finger fucking my sister-in-law Linda was a re-awakening in my hunt for women’s asses.

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