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Kelly and I spend our night together
Part 10

After the girls left the living room, Kelly and I laid together laughing at their antics. Much as we had enjoyed watching the girls in their sex play, Cassie's response to us seeing it was hilarious. Kelly and I talked and laughed about that, and just enjoyed being with each other.

I dozed off for a while, and didn't wake up until I felt something warm and wet on my cock. I opened my eyes to see Kelly kneeling on the floor in front of the couch with her head bobbing as she slid her mouth up and down my hardening shaft. Before she realized I was awake, I closed my eyes and leaned back against the pillow. Kelly continued her blow-job and was soon taking my entire cock into her mouth. As she got more and more aroused by her own actions, her hand slid off the shaft and across my balls. I felt her fingers playing with the area between my balls and anus, and spread my legs slightly as she worked her fingers closer to my ass. When her fingers reached my tight brown hole, I rocked my hips forward. In addition to driving my cock deep into her throat, it allowed me to open my legs even further and offer my ass for Kelly to use however she wanted.

That movement gave away that I was awake. Kelly slipped my dick out of her mouth, looked up into my eyes, and slid her tongue down the shaft. She kept lowering her head, running her tongue across my balls and over the flesh between the sack and my anus. She then slid her wet tongue around the tight hole of my ass before teasing it with both her tongue and one wet finger.

As she worked her tongue around my anus, I put one leg up on the back of the couch so she had even better access. Kelly started to push her tongue into my hole, then slid her other hand across my leg until she could grab my cock. She was soon fucking my ass with her tongue while I fucked her hand with my cock. The only reason I was able to withstand Kelly's assault on my body was our recent anal encounter.

Kelly continued to jack me off while eating my ass until I suggested we find somewhere I could fuck her for real. Kelly stopped shoving her tongue into my rear long enough to say she had some ideas, then pushed her way back inside me. After a few more moments of that attention, she stood up and motioned for me to follow her.

Rather than leading me to the bedroom, which I expected, Kelly headed out the back door, which I did not. Completely naked, she lead the way toward the lake. She walked onto the dock and said, "I want to go skinny dipping."

I laughed, and asked how that was different from our other swims.

"Because this time I'm going to fuck you on the raft," Kelly said before diving into the water.

Wondering how my hard on would affect my swimming, I dove in after her. In the dim light of the moon and a few nearby lights, I looked for Kelly, though it was really her splashing that gave her location away. I swam to her, then took her hand to pull her toward shallower water where I could touch bottom. Once there, I pulled her into my arms and started to kiss her, forcing my tongue past her lips and into her mouth. At the same time, I slid one hand into the water, following the curves of her body until I reached the smooth mound above her pussy. I slowly worked my fingers between her lips and into her cunt.

Kelly responded by taking the shaft of my dick and sliding her hands up and down the entire length. As we played with each other, I lowered my head and sucked one of Kelly's nipples into my mouth. Sucking hard, I took her nipple between my teeth and gently bit down. With my free hand, I teased her other nipple until it was erect, then worked my mouth to that tit, biting the second nipple a bit more forcefully. Ready for the fucking she had mentioned, Kelly pulled away and swam toward the raft.

I followed after her, and we both climbed out of the water. Our wet bodies shining in the moonlight, we fell onto the raft in each others arms. As Kelly frantically kissed me, I grabbed my cock and positioned the head at the opening of her pussy. Holding myself up on my hands, I rocked my hips forward, driving myself into Kelly in one motion. Kelly moaned in pleasure as she felt my cock fill her pussy. I started to quickly thrust my hips back and forth, slamming my pelvis into Kelly's, my balls slapping against her ass.

Holding myself above Kelly as I was, my arms quickly tired, and I rolled off her and laid on the raft, suggesting she mount me that way. She crawled over me on all fours, then lowered her cunt back onto my cock. As she slid down, I leaned up to kiss her, then took one tit back into my mouth. Holding her boobs in my hands, I worked my way from one nipple to the other, than to her mouth to kiss, again. Still kissing, I lowered my head toward her tits until she broke off the kiss. I ran my tongue over each nipple a second time, then back to her mouth.

A second time I pulled away from her lips, moving toward her tits. This time, I told her to take the other for herself. Kelly obeyed, leaning her head toward the boob she was pushing up with her hand. As I took one nipple into my mouth, she once again sucked her own tit into her mouth. As my cock slid in and out of her cunt, Kelly helped me keep her nipples fully aroused.

Attempting to push her over the edge, I slid one hand onto the back of her leg and worked my way up toward her ass. I found her anus and slipped two fingers inside her as we continued to fuck. Though only two of us were involved, Kelly felt like she was being ravaged by a group of guys. One on each tit, one in her cunt, and one up her ass. The combined feelings caused an orgasm to slowly start building. I could feel her starting to tense up and then become more frantic in her actions. I pushed my fingers further into her ass and flicked my tongue across her nipple as my cock pounded into the back of her cunt.

Finally, Kelly's body tensed as an orgasm ripped through her pussy. She drove drove herself to the hilt on my cock and stayed there, quivering. Her mouth came off her nipple as she started to moan in pleasure. And she started to shake as I continued to finger her ass and run my tongue across her sensitive nipple. Then, just as quickly as she had, I had my own orgasm and sprayed cum into her cunt. Kelly lowered herself onto me as the tension flowed out of our bodies. She lay there on top of me, my cock still buried inside her pussy, and gently kissed me, our tongues dancing passionately.

As we recovered, she rolled off and laid on her side next to me. Smiling, she asked if I thought any of the neighbors saw our little display.

"I really doubt it. And if they did, they need to put the binoculars down. Besides, I'm more interested in what the girls are doing."

"Yeah," agreed Kelly. "I guess that means we can't sleep right here on the raft."

"No, I imagine we'll have to head to the cabin. Besides, that gives us the chance to sleep in before our morning shower."

"That's right. We still have a shower to take before Cassie can claim you. I'll want the same treatment you gave to Sarah."

I laughed, then worked my way to my feet preparing to dive back into the water. "If that's the case, we REALLY need to get to bed. I'll need some sleep before we do that." I jumped into the lake and started swimming toward shore as Kelly followed.

Hand in hand, wet and naked, we walked to the cabin and prepared for bed.

Part 11

Kelly and I made it into bed and almost immediately fell asleep in each others arms. The day's events had drained every bit of energy from our bodies, and we slept like the dead. Amazingly, I was the first to wake up, giving me the chance to just watch Kelly as she slept next to me. Watching her naked body, it dawned on me that we hadn't made it to the girls' room to see how they had occupied their time.

Just thinking about what Kelly's young daughters had done (and might have done later) resulted in a slight stirring of my cock. Kelly's nudity sparked a plan in my mind, though it would require a perfect set of events. Moving slowly, I slid off the bed and walked out of the room. I crossed the living room to the hallway to the girls' room. Pushing the door open slightly, I peeked in to see that both were still asleep. Cassie was spooning Sarah, and both were naked. My cock responded to that sight, as well.

I tiptoed to the closet and found Kelly's box of dildos. I found one of the vibrators and quietly exited the girls' room and returned to ours. Kelly was still sleeping, in the same perfect position she had been earlier. On her back with her legs spread, I had a good view of her pussy, and decided to wake her up the same way she had woke me up the night before.

I started by kneeling between her legs and very gently pushing to spread them apart a bit more. I was then able to lay down between her legs with her pussy directly in front of my face. I stuck my tongue out and lightly brushed it across her lips. The gentle licks didn't disturb Kelly, so I pushed ever so slightly, slipping my tongue into her pussy. I was hungry with desire, and had to restrain myself from becoming too forceful. I continued to slowly slide my tongue up and down Kelly's slit, lubricating it with my saliva.

Despite her sleep, Kelly's pussy responded to my molestation and started to get very wet as her juices mixed with my saliva. As she got wetter, I was able to push my tongue further into her slit. When I noticed Kelly breathing more heavily, I knew it was time to push things even further.

As I worked my tongue toward Kelly's clit, I reached for the vibrator sitting beside me on the bed. Without turning it on, I carefully positioned it at the opening of Kelly's pussy, then gently pushed it inside her. Kelly started to moan in her sleep as I gently forced the dildo into her cunt. At the same time, I started to slowly caress her clitoris with my tongue. Kelly was starting to writhe on the bed and to moan more loudly.

It was obvious she was going to fully wake up, so I switched the vibrator on to ensure that is what woke her up. I also attacked her clit with greater passion, sucking her button into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue. Kelly did wake up, softly screaming, "Ohhhh. Myyyy. Godddd."

That clued me in that she was fully awake, so I stopped being cautious and simply ravaged her pussy with my tongue as I slid the vibrator in and out of her cunt. She was completely aroused, and started begging me to fuck her. I told her I would, but only if she was on top.

I slipped the vibrator out of her cunt and laid back on the bed. Kelly quickly straddled me and lowered herself onto my cock. As she started to slide up and down my shaft, I reached around her with the still running vibrator and slid it into the crack of her ass. Sensing my intention, Kelly pushed her ass back, spreading the cheeks for me. I ran the toy across her ass, causing her to quiver with excitement.

When I saw Kelly respond to the touch of the vibrator against her back hole, I stopped moving and started to work it into her ass. Kelly rocked her hips, sliding her pussy over my cock while pushing back against the dildo I was pushing into her butt. She went wild as the vibrating dildo slid home, dropping her head toward my chest and bucking her hips so my cock and the vibrator alternated sliding in and out of her body. Having the toy in her ass was good for me, too, as it made her holes tighter and I could feel the vibrations shaking her body. And the double penetration was driving Kelly wild.

Barely able to suppress screams of passion, Kelly's mouth sought out mine and she forced her tongue past my lips, driving it to the back of my mouth. I started to suck, sliding my lips up and down her tongue. Kelly stuck it out, allowing me to treat her tongue like a tiny cock, and the combined sensations of cock, pussy, ass, dildo, and tongue pushed me into the most intense climax I'd experienced yet that weekend. Kelly came immediately after, collapsing onto my chest while pushing both her cunt and ass down hard onto the objects penetrating them.

As she recovered from her climax, I eased the vibrator out of her rear, then held her in my arms until she was ready to slide off my cock. Once she did recover, she rolled off me and suggested we shower and get ready to tackle the day.


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