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Yet another love poem...classic poetry...a 67Goat poem.
Only One

Of all the girls I’ve held and kissed,
Very few I’ve truly missed,
Even less have held my heart,
During the times we were apart,
Rare are the ones that make me yearn,
Or make my passions truly burn,
Few are the ones that felt so right,
As we held each other through the night,
But after all is said and done,
For me there can be only one,
And of all my loves from the past,
Only one can truly last,
For, of all the girls that I once knew,
Only one I’ve loved like you.


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2012-10-14 23:17:41
why arent these poems rates 100...dam

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2012-09-09 12:40:00
Most males, whether htouresexeal or homosexual, are inclined to initiate a sexual relationship through some genital exposure or genital manipulation. Most female prefer to be stimulated tactilely in various other parts of the body before the activity is concentrated on the genitalia. in female homosexual relationships, the stimulation of all parts of the body may proceed for some period of time before there is any concentration of attention on the genitalia.We have histories of exclusively homosexual females who have had overt relationships for ten or fifteen years before they attempted any sort of genital stimulation. (p658-9 Sexual behavior in the human female' by Alfred Kinsey published 1953)

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2010-06-04 02:33:24
Real guud keep it up

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