This story contains material relating to fictional acts of sex. All names and places are fictional. Enjoy.
Christian and I had always been best friends, even since we met in Kindergarten. We had the exact same personalities, likes and dislikes, that some people even went as far as believing we were twins. We always shared a brotherhood type of relationship. In the summer we would go exploring together through the woods and discover new water holes unknown to use before. Whether for the better or not, this would soon change.

It was the middle of March and spring break had just begun. We both attended public school and had just finished our first term of high school. Most around us in our grade had started puberty long ago; however we were somewhat in the beginning stages. I wasn’t sure about Christian’s pubic area development, but I could only assume it was similar to mine. It had only been a year and a half or so since I noticed those first few hairs growing at the base of my penis. Growing up in rural Canada, my parents chose not to have me circumcised at birth. My penis had a “hood” as I used to call it in elementary school.

My penis’s growth had started just 13 months earlier, and I had only recently discovered the magic of masturbation. Up, down, up, down, was my method. As I soon learned later in my life, having an uncircumcised penis was a bonus for masturbation. The foreskin would glide up and down my then 4 inch penis until I reached a climax. I must admit, I sometimes wondered during my sessions what Christian’s penis was like. Was it circumcised? How big was it? Did he masturbate? These questions always popped into my mind.

Anyways, it was about 2 days into spring break when I got a call from Christian.
“Hey, my parents are gone to a conference for the weekend and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out together? They said its fine for you to stay over a few nights.”
I eagerly replied with a “yes” and got permission from my parents to stay over for 3 days.

I was dropped off at 5:30 that same night with my sleeping bag and clothes. Christian’s older sister, Annabelle, helped me carry my things down to Christian’s room, while his younger brother Nick grabbed the remaining bags. I was shown to Christians room and to my surprise there was just one large, king sized bed in the corner.
“Where should I make up my bed?” I asked Annabelle.
“Oh you won’t need the sleeping bag, Mark. You’ll be fine sharing a bed with Christian, won’t you?”
“Oh, um, ok. Sure, that’s fine.” I replied. For some reason my pants started to tighten a bit, and I quickly angled my body in the opposite direction from them.

Christian came down about 2 minutes later after arriving home from his daily run. His clothes were wet and a bit sweaty, even though it had been raining torrentially for about an hour.
“Christian, do you and Mark want to go in the sauna or have a shower or something?” asked his sister from upstairs.
He asked me and I said alright.
He lead me through a door in his room to the bathroom and then through another door to their home sauna. The room was pitched black and he quickly flicked the light switch on.
I turned around to see Christian quickly undressing and then setting the sauna’s steam timer to 20. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There, in the doorway was my best friend, naked. I couldn’t help myself to look at his groin area. His slender cock was obviously uncircumcised and there was a medium sized tuft of black hair around the base. His was similar in shape and length to mine. I quickly got undressed also, and hopped into the sauna. We sat alongside each other talking about things like school, sports. He suddenly started covering up his penis with his hands and angled his body away from me. I could tell he was getting and erection.
“Haha, it’s ok. It’s not like I haven’t seen a boner before,” I told him casually.
Slowly, and somewhat reluctantly he turned around. I could see his prominent erection and his penis seemed to be about 4 inches also.

He glanced down at my groin and got a surprised look on his face. Unconsciously my penis began to rise until it sat straight up, erect. We sat there with our own erections for about a minute before he slowly moved closer to me and gingerly touched my cock. In my mind I couldn’t believe this was happening, my fantasy was becoming real.

He started groping my cock tighter and started moving it up and down, masturbating my penis. I moved over, closer, and grabbed onto his, and did the same. We sat there for about 5 minutes, slowly moving the skin up and down each others shaft. I readjusted my hand a big tighter on his cock, and started moving it faster. Up, down, up, down, up, down, the cycle went. All of a sudden he started to straighten; I could tell he just had an orgasm. I soon followed suit, and had one of the strongest orgasms ever. At this time we were both unable to ejaculate, so there was no mess to clean up.

Shortly we both got out of the sauna and got dressed into our pajamas. It was about 9 o'clock and we went to watch the sports updates from today. When they were finished we decided we may as well go to bed. So Christian and I both lay down in his kind sized bed. We soon fell asleep peacefully, without knowing what lay ahead of us.
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