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Connie continued to relive her recent experience with Brad while the hot water washed her body but failed to clear her guilt. How had she, a principal’s trusted wife, allowed this to happen? To her mind, she had never given the impression she was a slut. Yet somehow these high school boys knew. They had treated her like they belonged to them. And, in truth, she had behaved exactly as they demanded. Never in her life had she turned herself completely over to another man, even her loving husband Thomas. Yet these boys had found her inner self. They had twisted and turned her values into their needs. And Connie knew there was more to come. Their needs were now her needs.

As she toweled herself off and headed back into the master bedroom in a half daze she suddenly was aware she was being watched. Looking up, she found herself staring at a naked Steven. Incredibly, his cock was staring back at her. “You’re overdressed, bitch. Drop that towel so I can give you what you’ve been waiting for.” Steven demanded. As Connie decided what she should do, she noticed the towel had fallen to the floor. “That’s better cunt. Now get the fuck over here and get the show on the road.” She wasn’t aware why she had dropped the towel at his command. She was in a trance as she approached him. Her gaze was fixated on his black cock. It was the first black prick she had ever seen. The fact that it was throbbing stirred her to come closer. While it wasn’t as large as Brad, it seemed more compelling and dangerous.

Connie had seldom fantasized about the black-white thing but now that she saw Steven’s blood vessels pulsing through his dick, she began to wonder what it would feel like inside her. “I can smell that pussy of yours getting ready for your fucking.” bragged Steven. “I guess it’s been a while since you’ve been filled by a black cock. How long has it been?”

“Actually I’ve never been with an African American” she replied. “In fact, I’ve never been with another man since I got married. I don’t know what I’m doing here. I shouldn’t be doing this and especially not with three underage boys that go to Thomas’ school. It’s illegal and immoral and I’m not that kind of woman.”

“Well bitch, you’re here because your cunt needs to get what you’ve been missing” said the imposing black boy who seemed to understand her needs better than she did. Steven was much taller than she was. He didn’t seem to have an ounce of fat on him and she shuddered to think what was about to happen to her. As she reached him, he reached out and grabbed her around her slender waist. Without much effort he jerked her up into the air and pulled her next to her. “Put your legs around my back” Steven snarled at her. What that, he lowered her body so that his cock entered her waiting cunt. Then he dropped her down on his swollen prick with a thud. There was no foreplay. The fact that she had no need for any had nothing to do with it. He wanted to fuck the hell out of this white bitch and he was intent on doing just that whether she was ready or not. Time and again he raised Connie up only to impale her on his black dick. Each time she almost passed out from the pain but it always resulted in making her wetter and needier.

“I see you like that, whore. Don’t tell me Mr. Principal doesn’t fuck you like this.” He smiled. “Maybe he isn’t man enough to give you what a black cock does. Say it whore. Would you rather be home watching TV with the old man or having my black cock inside your hot pussy?”

“No. He’s never made love to me like this. I guess I need this and that’s why I’m breaking all the rules,” answered Connie.

“Bitch, we ain’t making love. I’m giving you the fuck of your life. A 16 year old black boy is fucking his whore and she can’t get enough of his big cock. If we was fucking in his home with his sitting there you’d still be loving it. All you white whores love black cock and love showing off her neglected pussy getting taken care of. Ain’t that right bitch?” He told her. As he spoke to her, she felt the impending climax draw closer. He was right. She would have let him fuck her in front of Thomas if she could cum.

“Yes. Yes. Fuck me now. Fill my pussy with all your cum so he can see what I need. Fill me so much that he can see it pour out down my legs as you make me cum like a man should. Show him I’m your white whore. Make me cum damn it. I need it so bad I can’t stand it,” she pleaded.

Hearing her words, Steven lifted her so that the tip of his glorious dick was barely inside her waiting cunt. He was teasing her now, something Thomas could never do to her. She began pounding him on his back. “Don’t stop. Please don’t make me wait any longer. You mother fucker. Take me like I’ve never been taken before,” Connie begged. She was furious with Steven for not giving her what she had needed all those long years of marriage. She didn’t care that she was desperate for his young black cock. She was willing to do anything he wanted if he’d only let her cum.

“You’ll cum when I’m ready. I don’t give a shit what some white whore wants. You’re here for me. Learn that right now so you know who the master is and who is the slave. You’re just a horny cunt that’s gonna learn her place and who sets the rules. Tell me bitch, who’s you master? Say it now cunt or get the fuck out of here,” he told her.

“Yes. I’m your white slave.” Connie pleaded. “And you’re my black master. Tell me what you want. Tell me what to do. I belong to your incredible black cock. Train me to please you. Just please don’t tease me anymore. Master, I’ll do whatever you want whenever and wherever you want. Fuck me in front of my husband. Make me cum over and over while he watches. Let him see how much I need you to use me. Sir, I belong to you.”

“That’s better bitch. Now you’re learning. Maybe I won’t have to punish you so much when you’re a bad whore. Maybe I won’t make you earn so much money for me with your sloppy cunt.” He glared at Connie and then went on. “Get on the bed, cunt. Get on your hands and knees like a bitch dog do when she’s fucked.” With that he dropped her down full on his dick and she began to cum like the slut she had become. Just as suddenly he lifted her off him and threw her on the bed. “Do it slave. You weren’t told you could cum.”

Connie scurried to her hands and knees. “I’m sorry Master. I couldn’t help myself. You’re just so good I couldn’t help myself. I need your dick deep inside my slave cunt. I’m sorry Master. Please forgive me.” She begged. Suddenly she felt a hard slap on her ass. Steven was punishing her disobedience. She had never been struck like this before. Thomas had never raised a hand to her. However, Connie knew she had broken the rules. She realized that by giving herself to this magnificent young black master, she had surrendered her rights to her body to him without recourse. Over and over he slapped her ass until it was almost raw. It stung Connie as she had never been stung before. In spite of that, her pussy was getting wetter than before. How is this possible, she thought? Yet she was so overwhelmed with the circumstances that she was willing to allow Steven to train her in a way Connie never thought possible.
Just when she was about to unwillingly complete her climax, he stopped. Grabbing her hips he entered her pussy without notice. Steven began a slow methodic pace as his black cock slid easily inside her well lubricated cunt. When she met his pace stroke by stroke, he leaned over and pincher her right nipple hard enough to make her cry out in both pain and sublime pleasure. Then he did the same thing to her other nipple. This time Connie let out a long slow moan. “My Master, I’ve never felt such wonderful feelings as you give me. Please teach me how to please you better than anyone else has. Make your white slave make her Master as happy as she is.”

Leaning over Connie, the powerful young Master whispered in her ear. “It’s time, my whore.” Steven rasped. You’re beginning to understand what is expected of you. Now I’m ready to cum inside your cunt and fill it with all my hot juices. You may cum after I’ve started but not before.” That said Steven began increasing his stroke. While Connie tried to meet his pace, his urgency was evident.

“Faster Master. Pound your whore deeper than she’s ever felt. Fill my cunt with all your wonderful seed. Make me your obedient slave. Harder my Master. As hard as you wish. Take me as I’ve never been taken before. Make my thighs and legs drip with your juices. Show your slave that you own her as you wish.” Connie offered.

As she spoke, her black master began to complete his journey. “Fuck your white cunt, you whore. Show me how much you’re worth when I peddle your hungry pussy on the streets. Your Master is ready to put his load inside you. OHHHHHH. Feel it come into you like your worthless husband can never do. FUUUUCCCCKKKK. Damn it, that’s what I want. That’s what you need, isn’t it bitch?”

OHHH YESSSS Master. Keep cumming in me. Fuck your bitch. I’ll be your whore. Just keep fucking my cunt with that black hard cock of yours. MMMMOOOORREEEEE Master. More please. Don’t stop now. I need more of you inside me. OHHHH god, I can’t get enough of your seed inside me. Don’t ever stop fucking your slave.” Connie begged.

But Steven was finished with her. He rolled off Connie and grabbed her head, pulling her lips to his cock. “Suck it bitch. Lick it clean. Show you can do more than get fucked,” he instructed. “And don’t forget the balls and asshole.”

Connie did what her black Master ordered. She had never been eager to suck cock but she knew there was no denying him. When she began to gag and couldn’t take all of his dick into her throat, he slapped her face and a tear trickled down. She had disappointed Master. As he got off the bed her screamed at her. “White bitches are supposed to be better at sucking a man’s dick when he wants. You better learn how or else. I ain’t fucking with you cunt. Next time your pain will be hard if you ain’t better. Now get ready for Drake. He’ll be right up to see what his pinup girl can do so he breaks his cherry. He’s been waiting a long time for you.

Connie thought what had Steven meant by that? Don’t tell me he’s never been with a woman before. How could a remarkably sexy boy like him not have scored yet with all those hot girls chasing him all the time? And what did he mean by pinup girl? This was turning out to be an incredible and revealing night. But what about Thomas? She’s already late getting home and she’d have to make up a good story to settle him down. But first thing first. For now she had to clean up for Drake. She didn’t want to disappoint him. And, truth be known, she was dying to be with him. Her pussy was still unsatisfied from Steven’s premature exit from her waiting cunt. For once that night, she would be the predator. She stuck two fingers inside her wet cunt and drew the fingers to her lips as she headed to the shower for her next encounter.

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