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Janie enjoys her lesbian sex with her best friend and has her first insertion.
She looked around the room. Her asshole wanted something inside it and
a finger was just not enough. She wanted something more, something
bigger, something harder, longer. Then she saw it. It was not quite as
big as what she had in mind, but it would do.

With Melanie looking on, Janie got up and went to her dresser. Picking
up the hairbrush, she fondled the smooth, hard rubber handle. It was
about six inches long and at the end it was about an inch wide. About a
third of the way down, it enlarged to about an inch and a half.

"What do you want me to do with this, Janie?" Melanie asked, a knowing
gleam in her eyes as she fondled the handle lewdly. "Tell me, baby ...
what do you want me to do with it?"

Janie purred, "You know ... put it in me." She ran her hands over her
asscheeks and up her sides. "I want you to fuck me with it!"

Her heart beating wildly, Janie knelt. Lowering her head almost to the
floor, she reached back for her asscheeks. With a handful of butt in
each hand, she pulled and her asscheeks separated and spread. Her
asshole bulged, brown and hairless, quivering in desire. The thought of
having something long and hard deep inside her ass made her shiver. Oh,
it was going to be good!

Melanie looked at her horny girlfriend. As Janie opened her butt,
Melanie's previously cleaned cunt oozed more cream. Her eyes widened as
she stared at the other young girl's asshole. She had thought Janie
wanted it in the pussy, but now she was happy to learn otherwise. Both
girls loved getting their assholes fingered. Melanie peered closer,
growing hungry for Janie's twitching asshole.

"Come on, Melanie! What're you waiting for, damn you?"

Melanie chuckled, "He-heh, you hot little whore! You want me to fuck
you with this hairbrush? Where do you want me to put it, bitch?"

"Oh, c'mon slut I want it ... I want it in the ... in the ass!" she
blurted. "Please do it, Melanie! Fuck me in the ass! Now, damn you ...
do it now! Please!"

Melanie got up. Magnetically, she was drawn to her girl friend's
upturned ass. Falling to her knees, she reached for the sweet, creamy
asscheeks. She grabbed them as the hairbrush dropped from her hand. She
could not help herself. Her face was drawn down between Janie's

She sniffed at the brown asshole, the odor drifting into her nostrils.
Inhaling more deeply, Melanie closed her eyes and enjoyed the smell.

She squeezed her friend's asscheeks hard before her hands began
smoothly gliding around and over her spread little butt. After
repeatedly filling her lungs with the smell of Janie's asshole, Melanie
began feverishly kissing and nibbling the girl's asscheeks.

Janie groaned, "Oooohhh ... yesss, Melanie. Ohhh, it feels ... good,

Her pussy was on fire. Her asshole was tingling unbearably. The little
nibbles and kisses were sending chills up and down her spine. She could
feel Melanie's hot breath burning between her legs. She was on fire
with lust and her asshole was filled with need. It throbbed powerfully
and excitedly, sending pulses of want to her brain. When she felt
Melanie's tongue sliding down her ass crack and she moaned louder.
Arching her back, she spread her ass wider, loving it.

"Ohhh, yes! Ohhh, yes! Lick my ass, Melanie ... eat it!"

Melanie chuckled knowingly, then bent down to her task with relish.

Janie's body was tingling all over with anticipation. At last, she felt
her friend's tongue nearing her asshole. The hot tongue glided down her
crack, then slid around the bulging hole. Sensuously, it circled her
asshole. Janie purred, feeling the tongue swirling inwardly. Just as
she felt that she couldn't take it any more, Melanie's tongue slid
right to the inviting brown target.

A volcano of pleasure erupted in Janie's brain. The hot, wet softness
teased her sensitive asshole. Squeaking her enjoyment, she tried to
open her butt even more. Gyrating in little circles, she pressed
against her friend's mouth. Obligingly, Melanie stiffened her tongue
and poked it into the little asshole.

Janie moaned as the tongue quickly went to work. It snaked from side to
side, opening the lips of her asshole. It began poking in and out
firmly. Janie relaxed her asshole and made it open. Melanie put her
thumbs on either side of the hole and helped. Gratefully, Janie felt
her young girl friend's tongue slithering into her open shit-hole.

"Nnnhhh ... nnnhhh ... ohhh, baby ... Baby ... baby!" she cried, in
ecstasy. "Ohhh, goddamn ... fuck ... it's good ... so good! That's it,
baby ... tongue-fuck my ... my ass!"

Melanie eagerly did as she was told. Nodding her head up and down and
from side to side, she hungrily ate Janie's asshole. She spread her
thumbs apart, making the hole gape open. Backing off, she stared into
the brown shit-hole. Then, whimpering, she quickly buried her face
between Janie's asscheeks. She worked her tongue into the hole and
pushed it as deeply as she could. Her mouth was full of the taste of
young asshole. Her brain was full of butt lust. As the taste of butt
hole washed over her taste buds, she began lustily fucking the other
girl in the ass with her tongue.

Janie tossed her head and pushed back against Melanie's face. Her pussy
was burning. Cream oozed from between her swollen cunt lips. Her clit
was throbbing in excitement. Her asshole was bulging outwards. Wide
open, it happily received Melanie's eager tongue inside it, repeatedly.

The pleasure kept building as her girl friend's tongue swirled inside
her asshole. Her whole body was glowing as Melanie cleaned the inside
of her sensitive shit-hole with her tongue. The tongue cleaning felt
damn good but she needed more. She wanted the hairbrush handle up her

"Oh, oh ... Melanie! Fuck me ... oh, fuck me!" she exclaimed, shaking
her butt. "Stick it in me, honey ... fuck me in the ass!"

"He-heh," chuckled Melanie. "Okay, ya little whore. Your asshole's
gonna get what it wants. I'm gonna butt-fuck ya!"

Melanie picked up the hairbrush and examined it in the light. The
flexible rubber gleamed smoothly and menacingly. Smiling to herself,
she aimed it between the other girl's legs.

Janie's body was on fire as the handle pressed between her cunt and her
asshole. She opened her legs and waited.

The handle slid down and tickled her cunt. After going up one cunt lip
and back down the other, the handle centered on her pink hole. A slight
push and her pussy lips separated, slimy pussy juices seeping out. The
handle quickly moved up and down a little bit in either direction.
Then, swiftly centering on the hole, it jammed deep into her cunt.

Janie's pussy instantly split open. A long, low groan shot from Janie's
throat as she took the handle as deep as it could go.


She braced herself on her hands and knees. The brush dug hard and deep
for a split second and her cunt pulsed along its entire length. Then
before she had time to think, the brush snapped back and again rammed
all the way into her cunt. Janie closed her eyes and Melanie began
fucking her hard and fast with the brush handle.

"Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhh! Oooohhh ... Melanie ... ooohhh, yes!
Oh, yes! Oh, yeah, baby ... fuck me!" Her thick, slippery cunt-juices
were flooding out, coating the handle. As a result, it pumped
effortlessly. Still, her inner cunt flesh was pulled roughly in and
out. That was what made it feel so goddamn good. The good feeling was
driving her crazy with desire. But it wasn't what she wanted--she
wanted to get fucked in the ass!

"Please, Melanie ... butt-fuck me! Stick it in my ass ... oh, do it!"

Melanie eyed the other girl's slicked asshole. It glistened invitingly.
As she watched, it puckered up and then relaxed. Twice more, she
watched it twitch. She decided it was time.

"Keep your asscheeks pulled wide open!" she commanded.

Whimpering, Janie kept her asscheeks spread wide. The hairbrush handle
was swiftly pulled out of her cunt. Her pussy burned and her asshole
quivered in lust as the handle centered on it and pressed firmly. The
handle was smeared thickly with glistening cunt juice.

"Open your asshole, whore!" Melanie ordered.

Janie, breathing hard, concentrated and her asshole relaxed. The brush
pressed in and her tight asshole stretched. All at once, the asshole
opened completely, the handle slowly but firmly driving up her butt to
the hilt. Janie groaned loudly as she took it up the ass.

"Aaahhh!" she cried, not knowing which she felt more pain or pleasure.

She arched her back and thrust her ass out. She opened her asscheeks
wider to take all of the handle and her girl friend started slowly
butt-fucking her.

Melanie smiled, resting her unoccupied hand on Janie's ass. Looking at
the other girl's asshole, she firmly butt-fucked her. She watched
closely as Janie's asshole yawned open and the handle drove deeply into
her. Her own cunt was dripping fuck juice as she watched the light-
brown asshole ring being jammed in. Then she was excited to see the
soft asshole flesh closing and bulging as she pulled the handle out.
She had to start fingering herself at the sight.

Janie's mind, too, was floating in pleasure. The constant, rhythmic
fucking into her asshole sent rushes of goodness up and down her spine.
She could feel the asshole expanding and contracting. Sometimes she
clenched it tightly shut around the handle, then opened it all the way
to take it in deep. At other times, she stayed relaxed and let her
asshole remain open while the handle stroked its inner walls in a mind
blowing massage. Repeatedly, she tossed her head in pleasure, groaning.

Intense pleasure radiated steadily from Janie's opened shit-hole.
Chills rushed through her spine and took over her brain. She became an
animal, a mindless, lustful animal. She became an animal controlled
only by instinct, the instinct, the need, to get fucked and to feel
good, to have an orgasm. And right now the handle fucking deeply into
her asshole was making her feel damn good indeed.

Her asshole pulsed again and again and she was filled with pleasure
beyond the ordinary. It was a pleasure one could only experience by
getting fucked in the ass. When she started fingering her dripping
pussy, the pleasure multiplied. She was vibrating all over with the
good feelings spreading out from between her legs.

She tickled her cunt lips, then slid two fingers up and down her slit.
Her pussy lips separated and her fingers sank in between them. They
slid up and down some more, then probed her cunt hole. After swirling
in just a little bit, she pulled them back and slid them to her clit.
Her clit was pulsing in want, swollen and reddened. Janie massaged
around it, getting closer to the center each time.

Finally, she reached it. Her fingers danced across it several times,
then began circling it once again. Wanting still more, she pushed two
fingers from her other hand into her pussy. Without waiting, she
started finger-fucking herself while she frantically frigged her clit.

"Ooohhh ... oh, shit! Uuuhhh, it's ... it's so good ... so good, baby,
oh, yesss!" she purred.

Melanie chortled, between grunts of her own pleasure, "Yeah, baby ...
ya like it, don't ya ... you like getting butt-fucked, you ... hot ...
little ... whore! Aaahhh!" Her fingers pumped her cunt.

Janie leaned down and rested her head and shoulders on the floor.
Getting with it, she pumped her fingers in and out of her cunt.
Frantically, she frigged her clit. In great pleasure, she clenched and
relaxed her asshole. In just moments, the pleasure became too good. The
tingling between her legs grew in intensity. A powerful trembling began
at her toes and spread through the length of her young body. Goodness
filled her from head to toe. Her smooth body tensed as pleasure took
over her brain and made her forget everything she had ever known. With
a loud groan, she came.

"Aaannnggghhh ... nnnhhh ... Nnnhhh ... uuummmppphhh! Fuck me ... fuck
me ... fuck me, baby ... fuck me, baby! Ohhhh ... Nnnggghhh ... Fuck me

Her muscles convulsed powerfully. Her asshole clamped tight and
released. Her cunt muscles contracted, forcing hot fuck juice out of
the hole and all over her hand. Her clit throbbed mightily, making her
jerk uncontrollably. Her eyes were squeezed shut as blackness filled
her mind. Pleasure washed through her young body in great, powerful
pulses of climax.

Melanie butt-fucked her friend furiously. She rammed the handle deeply
up the other girl's ass. Working it firmly from side to side, she
snapped it back. Quickly, she fucked the girl's asshole hard and fast,
again and again. Even as she watched Janie spasming in uncontrollable
orgasm, she felt her own climax building up.

Her fingers danced across her clit, then dipped into her cunt hole.
Swirling around, they slid back to her clit. Rubbing the engorged
little thing in firm circles, she trembled in lust. The tingling began
at her toes and spread up her legs. The quivering rushed through her
body and filled her brain. Even as she knew she was going to cum, she
exploded, her own juices joining with Janie's.

"Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Oh! Ooohhh ... aahh ... aahh ...

Janie was barely conscious of her girl friend's cries as she rode her
own climax to the end. After many powerful convulsions had swept the
length of her body, she relaxed, a pleasant glow radiating from between
her legs. The hairbrush handle slid in and out of her ass as Melanie
mindlessly rode her own orgasm to the end. Then Janie turned her head
and gazed through fogged eyes at her friend.

Melanie had her eyes closed, a look of sheer pleasure stamped on her
pretty young face. Her slender body was wracked through and through
with spasms. The younger girl was squatting, frantically frigging her
clit as she came. Little squeaks were forced from her throat with each
convulsion. Janie could see thick, foaming cream smeared between the
other girl's legs and what cunt hairs Melanie had were matted down with
fuck juice.

Her tender cunt lips were swollen to twice their normal size and they
gaped open, their redness proof of her arousal. Suddenly, with a great
sigh, Melanie relaxed. She slid the handle out of Janie's butt hole and
it fell from her hand as she melted to the floor in exhaustion. The
girls lay there together, content.

After resting a while on the floor, they gazed into each others' eyes.
Pleasure and friendship shone between them and they smiled, satiated
for the time being.

"Oh, Melanie," sighed Janie, "I feel a helluva lot better, don't you?"

"Yeah," said Melanie. "Aww, fuck, I feel good."

Janie yawned, for it was getting a little late. "Let's get in bed," she
suggested. "I'm tired, aren't you?"

"Yeah," giggled Melanie. "You should be tired after that workout.

"Hell, yeah. You oughta know, you bitch!" Giggling happily, they got
into Janie's double bed and pulled up the sheets. Falling into each
other's arms, they pulled each other close and snuggled up. Their
breath intermingled as they drifted off to sleep.


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losers sad story

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Bored...the talk is too adult for these two and nobody that age would be into anal so thumbs down....

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Good story.

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