A bpys first experience with an older girl
MY parents where never home. My mom was an vp at a very large corporation and my dad owned his own company. With them always being gone i rarely got to spend time with them. Babysitters were almost a constant in my home. Every week a new girl would come overr and do her thing until my parents came home. THey never really talked to me and i never bothered them while they were on the phone with their boyfriends. ONe saturday afternoon the new girl in the neighborhood was to babysit me. At 10 i wasn't much to look at, scrawny and average kid looks were the par for me. The door bell rang at about 3 pm and in walked Cindy. Cindy had the looksof your pornstar next door! The golden goddess stood 5'1 with long flowing blonde hair, tanned tight body, pink pouty lips and doe eyes. The most sexy light blue eyes ever seen on a girl in my mind, then again i was only 10. I noticed that this tanned teen had those french manicured nails that i loved when my mom would get them. The beige haulter top and jeans that were a little too tight made me happy to have a new babysitter.

Finally when my parents had let Cindy asked me if i wanted to watch a movie or play some video games. I told her that i wanted to watch a movie and she poped on in. As we were sitting there all i could think of was this hot girl sitting next to me.

The phone rang and i heard Cindy tell the other person that no, she didn't want to date anyone at this time. Not even J.D. Martin or Russ Ryan. Cindy made her way vack to the couch and got a little closer this time.

I sat next to her and inched closer and closer. I watched the glow from the TV highlight her already blonde hair almost as if to highlight a halo. As i was inching closer and closer, i noticed she was too even if it was slower than i was. At one point in the movie she reached for her drink that i had moved obto the table next to me. As she reached she grazed my little penis and said "oops, sorry". I am not sure if she had realized that my little penis was now starting to grow into a more mentionable guest. As we were sitting there the conversation strangely came to girl friends and boyfriends. She asked me if i had ever dated a girl and when i said no she genuinely acted surprised. I got the courage to ask her if she had dated anyone and if she was interested in anyone. Her answer caught me by complete surprise, "i like younger guys", Now at 18 i was sure she meant 17 or even young as 16 but when i was told my age i almost lost it!

I asked her what she did with her boyfriends and her answer was the best of the night, " let me show you," she whispered with a naughty gleam in her eyes. As she finished her sentenced this teen that all the guys were after, started to run her finger up and down the front of my shorts. My cock had started to get excited and spring to ife. With a comment of letting IT loose, she pulled my shorts back to expose my interested friend. As she touched the head of my cock and felt the pre0cum she asked, " can i taste it?". With only a nod this xixxin had decended upon my cock like a vulture on it's prey. First she kissed the head of my dick and then she ever so gently ran the tip of her tongue on the head. Her moist warm tongue brought my erection to full satus and vitality.As she slowly swirled her tongue around and around i could feel i was about to lose it. As she noticed i was ready to cum she quickly engulfed my cock in her mouth and sucked even harder than i had imagined. As i pumped all the fluid into her mouth she continued to swallow, not missing a drop.

As i finished pulling up my shorts she said why a smile, " this is between us, if anyone ever finds out, we will never do this again. Trust me, we could be very GOOD friends. oh and by the way......Next time it is my turn.........."she said with a wink as my parents pulled up.

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2015-03-13 12:54:39
Sadly a good story was ruined by a bad author.

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2014-12-24 13:13:57
grammarr and spell check and how can her friends have the phone number if this was the first time she had been the boys babysitter.

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2014-07-18 16:06:55
EJmRVR Very neat article. Will read on...

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2013-08-24 23:40:35
Spell check! And it would be much better.

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2013-08-16 20:32:48
very nice, but spell check would help. and she should be 14.

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