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I apologize for the long delay from my last posting. I have only been writing when the mood strikes me and life allows me some time to do it and it seems that times where those to intercede are far too rare.

I would like to say thanks to all of you who have messaged me and left comments on part one. So here you go, part 2.

Running into Kim - Part 2

Kim and I talked for a few minutes over coffee, mostly about what was going on currently in our lives, not really much catching up on our lives since we had last seen each other. I explained that Emma and I had broken up recently and what I did for work, but went into very few details. Kim told me that she had gotten married a few years ago. Something she called “the worst mistake of my life”. She said that they had been divorced now for almost 2 years. Curious about her statement, I asked her why she had married the guy if it was such a mistake and so short lived.

“I don’t know. I guess it’s because I was going through a rough patch at the time. He was there and always kind and nice. I think I wanted some security. I realized after we had been married for about six months that the ‘June and Ward Cleaver’ type of relationship was not for me.”

I visibly smiled about the last part of her comment. I knew for damned sure that the Kim that I knew was not cut out for the typical housewife scenario. I felt a bit of guilt and a whole lot of pride as I knew I was the one that started her down her path.

“So, I guess that means that we are both single” she said with a grin that I recognized all too well. I knew right where her thoughts were headed when I saw that smirk.

“I suppose it does” I replied. “You remember what happened the last time we were together and both single?”

“How could I forget? I remember that first night like it was yesterday. The first time I was ever made to swallow cum, the first time I had been eaten by and eaten another girl” she said with a smile. She leaned a bit closer to me and whispered. “But, what I remember the most from that night was the pure humiliation that you made me feel. I wanted to crawl under a rock at first, but then I realized just how turned on I was by it. It wasn’t the exhibitionism really; it was the fact that I was doing it because you MADE me.”


That first night with Kim was one that I would never forget as well. I had made a deal with her that she would do whatever I said in exchange for me taking her out with my friends and me. I have to tell you I had no idea that she would actually go for the things that I ordered her to do. In fact, it quickly turned into a game for me. How far could I push her before she would finally refuse? Was there anything that I would tell her to do that would just be too much?

I had no intentions of causing her any real harm or forcing her to do something that she would not do, but I never told her that. I had actually indicated that I would force her to do whatever I wanted regardless of her desires. It seemed the treat of my disappointment in her was a very good motivator.

After Kim’s experience with Nichole on the couch I had realized it was getting a bit late and that we would need to get going. We still had the whole night ahead of us and I was looking forward to what could happen. I grabbed my bag and Jeff, Nichole, Jon, Kim and I headed down to the car. Jeff would be driving tonight (as most nights) as he drove a Chevy Tahoe and it was large enough for all of us with room to spare.

As we headed down to the car Nichole ran up to the rear passenger side door and got in as soon as the doors were unlocked. Normally she would be up front with Jeff as that was her normal seat, but tonight there was going to be something in the back seat that she wanted to play with. We all got in and Jeff started up the engine.

“I need to stop and get gas real quick” Jeff stated.

As was normal Jon and I pitched in a few bucks to fill up the tank (this was the summer of 1997 and gas was a lot cheaper). We got to the gas station and it was rather busy. No surprise being as the gas station was on a busy intersection at about 10:30 on a Saturday night. Jeff pulled up to the pump and got out to go inside to pay.

“Hey Jeff, wait a second. Give me the gas money” I said getting out of the driver side door. He gave me the money and went to get ready to pump the gas. I looked into the back seat and held the money out to Kim. “Why don’t you go in and pay.” Kim’s face turned bright red in an instant. She knew that everyone would be able to see the clamps attached to her nipples poking through the tight top she wore.

“Oh, I want to go with her” Nichole stated as she jumped out the passenger side. I knew Nichole well and I knew that she had something planned and I made no objection. Jeff, Jon and I kind of stared in amazement as the beautiful little blonde Nichole led the beautiful redheaded Kim by the hand through the parking lot and into the store. I smiled a bit more as I noticed that Kim was walking a bit awkwardly due to the plug that was still in her ass.

Nichole led Kim around the inside of the store, not directly to the counter to pay. We could see inside the store and saw several men, including the clerk take immediate notice of the two little vixens. They walked back out of our sight but were soon back in view holding some drinks and going to stand in line. When they got up to the counter they set the beverages on down and I saw what looked like Nichole whispering something in Kim’s ear. Kim quickly turned her head around and looked at the short line of people behind her and then turned back. She slowly bent over at the waist and reached for something from one of the low shelves on the checkout counter. I knew that every one of those people in line behind Kim now got a clear view of her uncovered pussy and ass under her skirt. After a few seconds of the tease, Nichole patted Kim on the ass and she stood back up. They quickly paid and came back out of the store and headed back to us.

They came back and handed each of us a bottle of soda. Standing between the gas pump and the car I pulled Kim toward me and placed her back up against the door of the vehicle.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked.

She just looked at me with an unsure look in her eye and said “I don’t know, sir”.

“Spread your legs a bit” I ordered. She complied and I ran my hand up her right legs and placed it squarely on her pussy. It was wet, VERY wet. I easily slid my middle finger into her warm wet hole, moving it in and out a few times. I then removed it and brought my finger up to her mouth and pressed it against her lips. She quickly opened her mouth and sucked in my finger.

“I would say that’s a yes. Don’t you agree?”

“Yes, sir” she replied as she took her lips off my finger.

I opened up the door and motioned for Kim to get back in. I followed and Nichole got back in on the other side. Jeff and Jon got back in and we left and got back on the road. Once we got on to the freeway headed to the east side of town, I lifted up Kim’s shirt past her breasts and grabbed a hold of the clamp on her left nipple.

“Are these getting a little tender now?” I asked her. She looked up at me with those beautiful blue puppy dog eyes and nodded. “Well, I suppose we can’t leave these on all night just yet. “ With that I squeezed the clamp loosening it from her nipple. She gave a very loud moan of relief and pain as the blood was allowed to rush back into her hard nipple. I don’t think that she was expecting the feeling on the first one, but she seemed to be trying to prepare herself for the feeling when I removed the other, however she still let out a moan when the right clamp was removed. I opened up my bag and placed the chain with the clamps back inside.

Nichole had leaned over and was sucking on her tender right nipple. Kim was moaning very quietly as Nichole flicked it with her tongue and more audibly when she sucked harder. “Don’t you think you should repay Nichole for the orgasm she gave you on the couch?” I asked her.

“If she would like, sir” Kim said looking down at Nichole. He eyes beamed as she said “she would!” Nichole leaned back half against the door, half against the seat. She spread her legs placing her left leg up on the seat moving her skirt up over her hips and moving her thong to the side. Kim got on her knees with her ass right in front of me and lowered her face to Nichole’s cleanly shaven vagina. As she began to lick, Nichole grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Kim’s face into her crotch.

I moved Kim’s skirt up completely over her ass and slowly began to rub my fingers over her wet lips intentionally avoiding her clit. With my other hand I grabbed hold of the plug in her ass and began to rotate it as I pushed it in and pulled on it a bit. She moaned into Nichole’s pussy, but did not pull back at all, not that she could have with the death grip Nichole had on her head, driving her face down.

“You sure you have never eaten a girl’s pussy before?” Nichole asked. “Mmmuhh” Kim mumbled shaking her head. “Well, you are pretty damned good at it.”

I slowly began to pull the plug out of Kim’s ass as I continued to rub her wet pussy. When the plug was at its widest point I stopped moving it and brought my right hand up and smacked her left ass cheek quite hard. The smacking sound echoed in the car and Kim jumped forward. I was holding the plug firmly in my other hand and as she jerked forward it popped right out of her tight ass. She let out a bit of a whimper. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was because of very clear bright red hand print that was forming on her ass or the plug that had just been violently jerked the rest of the way from her ass. Either way, it was the sexiest whimper I had heard to that point or since.

Nichole giggled at the sound of the slap on Kim’s ass and I heard a “Holy Shit!” come from the front seat followed by laughter. Jon turned around and to look more closely. He turned on the dome light and sure enough, there was a well defined hand shaped welt covering most of Kim’s left ass cheek, fingers pointing down and a bit to the side. I dropped the plug back into my bag and told Jon to spread her left cheek. With my right hand I grabbed and spread her right one. I slowly inserted my left thumb all the way into her dripping vagina, moving it in and out a couple of times. I then replaced it with my index and middle fingers and craned my neck over and spit right on her still slightly gaped asshole. I then worked my wet thumb into her anus.

Kim began to moan much louder and grind her ass back against my hand. I moved my right hand under her belly and began to gently massage her swollen clit. I leaned over and asked her if she wanted me to make her cum. “Please, sir” she said coming up for a bit of air under Nichole’s slightly loosened grip.

“Well, I would be happy to, however you need to make Nichole cum before I can allow you to. The thing is that I am not going to let up. You are either going to have to work faster than me or learn to hold your orgasm for as long as you can. There will be hell to pay if you cum before she does young lady.”

I knew this wasn’t much of a challenge, but again I wanted to sew a seed of wonder in Kim’s mind. What would I do if she was not able to get Nichole off before I drove her to orgasm? I knew well that if she was turned on enough, Nichole could cum if the wind blew the right direction and from the look on her face, I was pretty sure that what was going on had her quite turned on.

I began moving my fingers in and out of Kim’s holes as I rubbed her clit. I could hear her moaning and feel her legs and stomach muscles begin to tighten and shake. She was about to cum and was doing everything in her power to stave it off. I could tell that she was licking and fingering Nichole with a renewed vigor. Nichole threw her head back and rested it on the window and began gasping. She closed her legs tightly on Kim’s head and pulled her face harder into her crotch. Within seconds Nichole was shaking and panting “Oh fuck, oh fuck, keep doing that! Lick my cunt you little slut. Oh fuck you are making me CUUUUUUUM!”

As Nichole was shaking with her orgasm, Kim to let go and started to press her ass back on my hand hard as I fingered her. She started moaning much louder and her entire body began to shake and I could feel and excess of thick fluids run down my fingers. I think that we was trying to say something but with her face firmly held between Nichole’s legs, I have no idea what it was she was saying. As their orgasms passed both girls just kind of slumped down in the back seat trying to catch their breath and there was applause and a wolf whistle from the front seat.

With my fingers still in Kim’s slumped down body I leaned forward and said to Jeff and Jon “So, when was the last time either of you made two girls cum at the same time?” We all laughed at and Jeff looked at me through the rear view mirror and mockingly said “Jacob…. You’re my hero!”

Kim managed to get herself back upright and into a sitting position between myself and Nichole again, fixing her clothes. Nichole began fixing her skirt as well and let out a sigh and said “These things are just too wet to wear anymore” as she slipped her thong off. “Here Jeff, you can hold on to this” she said as she handed him her thong. He took the thong and held it to his nose and inhaled deeply, turning back to Nichole and smiling from ear to ear.

As we were exiting the freeway, I grabbed my bag and told Kim to hold her hands out in front of her. I then pulled a pair of leather wrist cuffs from the bag and fastened them tightly, but comfortably to her writs. I then pulled a chain leash out and attached it to the ring at the front of the collar that I had ordered Kim to wear.

I leaned over and whispered into Kim’s ear “So, have you begun to regret coming with me yet?” She just looked dead into my eyes, cracked her patented grin and shook her head no. I was still shocked how well she was going along with all of this. I bet that if you asked her yesterday if she would have allowed any of what had happened already tonight she would have firmly said hell no.

“I am very proud of you so far tonight. You have taken everything in stride and found a way to enjoy it” I whispered again in her ear. “Let’s see how long you can keep that up.” I had directly laid down the challenge to her. How far could I get her to go? The look in her eyes after I had said that showed me that she knew I was challenging her and I don’t think she was going to let me “win”. I’m not entirely sure that she knew that I wanted her to win as it just meant a win for me as well.

We quickly found a parking spot not too far off from Mill Avenue and as we were getting out of the care, I handed the end of the leash to Nichole. “I figured you may want to hold on to this for a while” I said “but, she doesn’t leave my presence without my permission.”

Nichole started “walking” Kim a few steps ahead of us. I looked over at Jeff and said “Thanks for allowing me to use your girlfriend for my amusement tonight. I am sure that she will pay you back in full when we get home.”

“That’s if she doesn’t get worn out with Kim.” He laughed.

“Jeff, when was the last time you have ever seen Nichole worn out?”

Jeff held a hand to his chin as if pondering a great question. “Never” he answered. It was true too. Nichole had what seemed to be an insatiable sex drive. Let’s just say that how I knew this is something for another story some other time.

We made our way down the side street that we had parked on and went up to join the crowd that usually hung out on the side of the theater. I immediately saw several people I knew well in addition to most of the other regulars that I knew in passing. The “Rocky Crowd” was made up of a fairly diverse group of people that all came here to hang out and let go every Saturday night. A lot of these people were the types that had regular day jobs but liked to be freaks in their spare time but there were a lot that were just freaks all the time. I always felt as though I was one of the more normal people around when I came around for Rocky.

I knew tonight that I had no desire to go in to the movie and also didn’t want to hang around outside all night. I had things I wanted to do and Mill Ave was far too public and had far too many cops around to really want to do much with a 16 year old girl. However, I knew that we would mingle a bit and see what else was going on. Whatever we were going to do, I knew that I had a new play toy that I was not going to get to fully experience here.

By the time that we had arrived it was shortly after 11 and the crowd was rather large. We mingled with some of the people we tended to hang around with on Saturday nights. Nichole made sure to show off what was at the end of the leash she was holding as if it was a new prized possession. And, well for her tonight, Kim was that. After a short while, we and a few others from the group had decided that we were going to go to a goth/metal club that we frequented that was not too far away. Saturday night was 18 and over, so we only had one MINOR issue: Kim only being 16. I kind of figured with the group of us regulars; we could get her in without being carded. It all depended on who was working the door.

The entire time that we were discussing our plans for the rest of the night, Nichole was leading Kim around by her leash, with my permission, introducing her to several people. They both seemed to be having a good time and Kim appeared as though there was nothing odd about being led around on a leash by another woman. To be honest, while not something you saw all the time, for this crowd it really wasn’t all that odd. I was amazed, however. She simply seemed comfortable with what was going on and meeting people that were drastically different from the ones that I had assumed she was accustomed to socializing with.

After our discussions on what to do for the rest of the night, I waved Nichole and Kim over to us and explained what was up. I told Kim that this was an 18 and over club so she would have to act the part. Looking at her, I would not think that she was any younger than 18, but some of the bouncers at the door card everyone they don’t know. I was hoping that if one of the ones we knew well was working the door that Kim would not even be asked for ID.

We arranged to meet the others at the club and soon made our way back to Jeff’s car. Once in, I removed the leash form Kim’s collar as we quickly made our way to the club. The parking lot was rather full, which was no surprise for a Saturday night. We drove by the front and saw who was working the door. We knew him, but he was one that would frequently check IDs of anyone he wasn’t already familiar with. I had a feeling that meant that he would card Kim, even if she was with us, who he did know. As we parked we talked about what to do if he did not let Kim in. I interrupted the discussion. “I have an idea. Hide her in plain sight, if you will.” With that I reached back into my bag and pulled out the chain with nipple clamps and turned to Kim.

“Lift up your shirt” I ordered. Kim looked at me for a second trying to figure out exactly what I had in mind before doing as ordered without a second command. “I’ll be nice to you now and put these on somewhat loose” I said as I placed one of the clamps on her right nipple. She still grimaced in discomfort, but the clamp was a bit looser than when I had put them on before. I then placed the other clamp on and pulled her shirt back down, folding it in on itself a couple of times so that it actually only barely came down past her breasts. The chain hung down below her shirt to mid stomach and the clamps where clearly visible beneath her shirt once more.

“There” I said “A bit of a distraction.” “Yeah, I’m a bit distracted” Jon said from the front seat looking back.

With that we got out of the car and walked up to the door, meeting the other group. Of the 4 of them there were 2 guys, Andrew and David and their girlfriends Morgan and Angie. All 4 of them had a look of amazement on their faces as they saw the chain hanging and the outline of the clamps attached to Kim’s breasts. We all walked to the door, Kim and I first and said our hellos to the bouncer. He immediately noticed Kim and smiled, just saying “Hey guys” as we paid the cover and got our hands stamped before walking in. He had not said a word about wanting to see Kim’s ID, the plan had worked.

Inside we were bombarded by the sounds of the gothic metal band that was being played over the PA. I made my way over to one of the larger booths off to the side of the club with Kim in tow. The others followed and we all took up seats at the booth and an adjacent table. Much of the time at the club went rather uneventful. There was laughing, talking, dancing and a whole lot of flirting and teasing. Everyone was having a great time. The sexual tension in the air was palpable.

After about an hour, Jeff and I were sitting at our table. We looked out at the dance floor and saw Kim and Nichole dancing with each other very seductively while looking back over at us. Jeff and I looked at each other and without a word knew that we had had enough of the long distance tease. We both got up and walked over to the girls. Jeff grabbed Nichole’s hand and forcefully, yet playfully, pulled her to him. I stepped up and took hold of the chain that was still dangling from beneath her top and pulled her to me. My other hand moved down her back and squeezed her ass through her skirt as we shared a very lustful and passionate kiss. After a short time, I backed away from her and with chain still in hand started to move back to our booth, Kim in tow. I directed her to slide into the booth and I quickly followed. I turned back to look to see if Jeff and Nichole were coming, but I didn’t see them anywhere.

“So, Kim, am I to assume that you are still not regretting your decision to come along tonight?” I asked her.

“Oh no, not at all…sir” she said with a smile.

“Tell me then. What did you expect when you agreed to come along on my terms?”

“Honestly, sir. I didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea what was going to happen or what you were going to do. “

“Did that excite you?” I asked as I moved my hand down to her thigh and slow started to move up her skirt.

“Ah… Oh… Yes, sir” she stammered as my fingers ran across her labia. I moved my thumb to her clit and started to massage it as I slid my middle finger in past her very wet lips. Kim started to blush as she came to the realization of what I was doing in a very public place. She seemed to be becoming even more excited by the though.

“How many times have you cum tonight?” I asked, moving my finger in and out while continuing to fondle her clit.

“Oh…I’m not sure” she gasped. “There was the one in your bedroom as you were getting me ready.” She let out a sigh and I felt her legs starting to shake. “Go on” I ordered.

“Then, there was the couch with you and Nichole. I think I had three there.”

“Really? Three?” I asked, already knowing that she had. “Have you ever had that many in a row like that?”

“N-no… sir” she continued to pant. I knew that she was getting close to another now and was enjoying her recounting of her nights pleasure to this point.

“So then, continue” I ordered.

“Well, next was the one on the ride out here. When you had your fingers in my pussy and ass.” She had closed her eyse and her head was leaning over toward me.

“So, I count five, is that correct?”

“Yes… well… no, sir” she said almost embarrassed.

“No? One in my room, three on the couch and one in the car, that’s five. Am I missing something?”

“Well, about twenty minutes ago, Nichole took me into one of the stalls in the bathroom and we played with each other until we both came.” I was actually a bit surprised. I had not realized that the two of them has snuck off like that. I have to admit, if I didn’t already have a hard on, the thought of that would have done it. However, I had not given her permission to do so.

“So, you came without my permission then? Didn’t I tell you that you needed my permission?” With this question, I moved another finger into her cunt and started to pound very hard.

“Yes, sir” she gasped. “But, you also said that I had to do as Nichole said as well. She told me to.” Damn! She was right. I had said that and I should have known that Nichole would take advantage of the situation.

“Well, I guess that I can’t hold you at fault for my not thinking of all of the contingencies. “ Kim moved her face up my shoulder and quietly asked into my ear “Sir, may I cum again?”

“What number would that be for tonight?” I asked.

“Seven, sir”

“Well than, since you have actually been so good tonight, following my directions to the letter, I suppose that you can. If you really want to cum here with all of these people all around.” Kim did not hesitate. She buried her face into my shoulder and bit down on my shirt. I continued to forcefully move two fingers in and out of her as I placed even more pressure on her clit with my thumb. Within seconds she was visibly shaking and moaning into my shoulder, trying not to broadcast her orgasm to the entire club.

As her orgasm subsided, I removed my fingers and Kim looked up at me with a smile and said “Thank you”. “You’re welcome. And don’t worry” I said “You will be paying me back when we get home.” And that she was going to. At this point I was very glad that I had her suck me off early in the evening. If not for that, I don’t know that I would have had any self control left at this point.

We spent about another hour at the club hanging out and having a good time. It wasn’t too long before I saw Jeff and Nichole walking back into the club. I was pretty sure that one of them had drug the other out to the car for something sordid. It wouldn’t have been the first time with those two.

It was getting close to 2am and we had decided to leave. We were looking for Jon when Andrew told us that he had already left with some girls that he had met there. Who knows what he was up to, but I am sure that we would hear about it sometime tomorrow.

After we got to the car and left, I lifted Kim’s shirt up and began to remove the nipple clamps. They were not on terribly tight, but had been there for nearly two hours. Kim winced a bit as the clamps were removed. “Do you like the nipple clamps?” I asked her.

“I kind of do. I just don’t really like when they come off. The pressure and the tugging makes them very sensitive and the blood rushing back in when they are taken off is like a dull throbbing pain.”

I reached over and gently started to massage her nipples, one at a time. “Does that hurt at all?” I asked.

“No, sir. It feels very good.” As she answered she moved her hand to my crotch and began to rub my hard on though my jeans. She then pulled down my zipper and slipped my dick out and slowly started to stroke it. We continued on like this until we got back to our apartment.

Without much of a word, Jeff and Nichole quickly went to their room and Kim and I went to mine. I had barely had the door shut before Kim was on her knees in front of me unbuckling my belt and opening my pants releasing my already very stiff dick. I reached down and grabbed her shirt and pulled it up and off.

She took my cock in her warm mouth and began to stroke it with one hand as she rubbed my balls with the other. She never stopped looking right up at me with those bright blue eyes as she moved up and down on my prick. I let her continue on like this for a couple of minutes before I pulled her up and moved over to the bed. I sat down and removed my boots and removed the rest of my clothes. I sat back as she positioned herself between my legs and again, never breaking eye contact continued to give me a great blow job.

I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I was going to cum again and I really didn’t want to yet. I told her to get up on the bed and lay on her back. As she did so, I spread her legs and started to kiss my way up one thigh until I nearly reached her pussy. I could smell her sweet musty scent and it was driving me crazy. Still, I kept myself composed and moved to her other thigh and repeated what I had done to the other. She was beginning to shake with excitement and anticipation as I teased her. It was just a small amount of payback for the teasing that I had been enjoying though out the night.

This time, as I reached the top of her thighs, I stuck out my tongue and gently started to lick her outer labia, up and down on each side of her slit. I could see the wetness seeping out from between her lips. I moved my hands up and spread her lips and started to lick her inner lips, intentionally avoiding her clit. I looked up at her and her blue eyes were fixed on me. “You have my permission to cum as you see fit. But, you have to keep me updated on the count.” With that, I shoved two fingers quickly inside of her and dropped my mouth to her clit. I began sucking on it hard while flicking it constantly with my tongue. I think it was more than she could take.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” she panted. As I continued she began to moan even louder as her climax approached. “Oh fuck, this is eight. This is eight, oh GOD!” she nearly yelled as her body began to shudder and I felt my fingers become very slick. I continued to suck and finger her trying to extend her orgasm for as long as I could.

As her orgasm passed, I removed my fingers and quickly moved up and placed the head of my cock right where my fingers had just been and in one stroke, buried the full length of my cock insider her. She wrapped her arms around me and locked her legs around my waste. I began moving in and out of her as we locked in a kiss. I started slowly at first and then picking up the pace until before long I was pounding away at her. Kim was moaning very loudly again and we locked our eyes on one another. It wasn’t long before I knew that I was going to cum and this time I had no intentions of stopping. I could see in her face and hear from her moans that she was also about to cum again. She began to moan “here comes nine. Oh my god, keep fucking me.” I continued at the pace that I had been going and within seconds she was crying “Nine, nine, this is nine.” Hearing her continuing to call out the number of orgasms she had been given tonight along with the constricting muscles of her cunt on my cock, I lost all control. I trust into her deeply and let loose a torrent of cum deep inside her. I shot jet after jet until I was spent.

“Nine” she said breathing heavily. “I don’t know if I have cum nine times in my life before tonight.” I slid my slowly softening cock out of her and rolled over and lay next to her. “Two” I said. “Women really do have all the luck” I laughed.

Kim curled up in my arms next to me. She was still wearing the collar I had given her and her skirt. For some reason I found that incredibly hot, but I was too tired and spent to want to do anything about it at that point. We fell asleep like that.

I woke up at about 10 the next morning, Kim still sleeping next to me. I leaned into her and began gently kissing her neck and shoulder until she began to stir. She turned her head and looked at me with a bright smile.

“So, did you regret coming with me last night?”

“I think that question was answered nine times last night” she answered.

“Well, you have to work at 1 don’t you?” “Yes” she answered. “Well, why don’t we get up and shower then get some ‘breakfast’. Then I can give you a ride to work and we can stop for some lunch.”

“That sounds good.”

We got up and showered and cleaned up from the night before. In the shower week took turns washing each other and making sure that plenty of fondling was involved. When we got out of the show, Kim began to dry me off with a towel. She started at my chest and shoulders and began to move down. When she got to my waste, she dropped to her knees and took my semi-erect cock into her mouth and began to suck it to full life while continuing down my legs with the towel drying me off.

Once I was dry (and fully erect), Kim stood up and began drying herself off. Once she was relatively dry, I took her hand and led her back out to my bed. I told her “I have had my dick in two of your holes but there is still one that I really want to try.” I was glad to see that she had no look of horror on her face, but one of excitement. “Get on the bed, on your knees, shoulders down and ass up in the air.” Without hesitation, she did exactly as I asked. I went to my bag and got the bottle of lube that I had and then picked up my pants that I had been wearing the night before. I reached into the pocket and pull out her pair of thong panties that I had taken and went back over to the bed.

I applied some of the lube to my fingers and then applied more directly to her asshole. I began to gently rub the lube around her perfect little puckered hole. As I rubbed I applied more and more pressure until I had one finger insider her tight ass to the first knuckle. I started to gently rub her pussy with my other hand as I began to move my finger further in to her ass then back out and in deeper again. I continued this for a few minutes before finally adding a second finger.

“You seem to be getting pretty wet, are you liking this?” I asked.

“Yes sir, it feels very good. Just please be gentle.”

“Oh, don’t you worry. I have no intentions of hurting you.” With that I began moving my two fingers all of the way in and then back out again over and over. I started to spread my fingers as I did this, trying to further spread her. After a couple minutes of this, I pulled my fingers out and applied more lube to my cock. I knelt behind her and pressed my cock against her slightly loosened asshole. I still had to apply a good amount of pressure, but I was able to slip my head into her. I pushed just a couple inches in and held it there allowing her sphincter to adjust to the intrusion. I moved my hand around her and began to fondle her clit.

After a moment of this I could feel her ass begin to relax some. I pushed a bit further in before pulling out some and working my way back in again. I did this for a couple of minutes until I was fully inside her ass. As I played with her clit I began to move in and out faster and faster. She was moaning and wiggling her ass as I fucked it. Within no time she was crying out “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum! Can I cum with your dick in my ass, please sir, may I cum.” “You had better make it good.” I said as I started to pound away at her ass at an increasing pace. Next thing I knew she was constricting my dick with her ass as she came. It was tighter then I could have possibly imagined. I continued to fuck away feeling my own orgasm approaching. As I was about to cum, I grabbed her panties that I had set on the bed and spread them across the small of her back. I then pulled out of her ass and blew a healthy load all over the crotch of the thong.

I carefully picked up the thong from her back and told her to stand up. He legs were shaking as she stood. I knelt down and she placed a hand on my shoulder to steady herself. “Here, you will be putting these on. I want you to have something to remember me by while you are at work.” With that she stepped into the thong and I pulled it all the way up and on. I then stood up, rubbed the crotch of her panties into her wet pussy and kissed her deeply.

“Get dressed; let’s go get some food and then I have to take you to work.”


And here we were again, so many years later. “So, what are you doing today?” I asked Kim.

“Whatever you want me to, sir” she said with that devious smile and piercing blue eyes.

I was instantly hard. Oh, this was going to be good. I could feel it.

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