A novel like no other; Ray introduces four girls to his world. Can they survive?
Ray looked over the edge of his newspaper, watching a group of middle school girls walk by, swaying their thin hips and small asses, almost beckoning him to them. His cock twitched a little in his jeans as he observed the underage teens heading off toward the beach.

There were four of them; a dark haired girl, two blondes, and a brunette. The brunette was the tallest, probably around 5’6” or so. She had the biggest ass of all of them, round and slappable in her blue and purple striped bikini bottoms. Her skin was fake bronzed and her stomach was a little chubby. Her tits were nothing special, a little lopsided from what he could see and not as perky as the others'. She was cute, though, and probably would grow into her height. Right now, she looked gangly and awkward as she plopped down onto a towel and stretched her long legs out in front of her.

The dark haired girl sat down next to her, quickly tying her long hair into a messy bun. Her skin was very pale. She was skinny and petite with a cute face. Her small nose and big eyes made her appear almost younger than she probably was. Her small tits were perky and would fit perfectly in his hands. Her ass was tiny from what he saw as well. The only thing he didn’t like about her was her complexion—she almost glowed she was so white. And her black bathing suit did nothing to help matters either.

He slid his eyes over to the first blonde girl. Her hair was on the darker side, but still could be considered blonde. She had bigger tits that the dark haired girl but smaller than the brunette. They were farther apart than he liked, though; he preferred them perky and close together for maximum cleavage. Her flowery bikini top told him she was probably rather girly—no girl wore pink and flowers if they weren’t into stuff like that. She was pretty but not original. She seemed confident too, meaning it would be harder to break her.
The very second Ray laid eyes on the last girl in the group he instantly knew she was the one he wanted. She had shoulder length blonde hair, bright blue eyes, perfect lips and a rockin’ body. Her tits were small and perky in her blue and white bikini top, flat tummy, thin waist, tiny hips and a small butt. Her legs were thin and tan; she looked more timid than the others and Ray watched her intently, afraid if he took his eyes off her, she’d disappear. He licked his lips hungrily—she was perfect.

It had been a while since he’d done this, maybe a year or so. He tossed his newspaper in the trash can and slid his sunglasses on, slowly loping down to the beach and making his way over to them. They didn’t notice him at first and he managed to pick up bits and pieces of their conversation.

“Sean definitely has a thing for you, Kasey,” the dark haired girl was saying as she slathered tanning lotion on her upper arms. The brunette sighed and leaned back, shaking her head.

“Nu-uh,” she replied, “whoever told you that was a liar.”

“Ashleigh told me,” she piped up, glancing over to the perfect blonde.

“I did not!” The blonde squealed. Ray felt like he was in heaven as he said the name over and over in his head. Ashleigh.

“Hello girls,” he said once he got close enough. They all jumped at the sound of his voice and looked up at him, squinting into the sun behind him.

“Hi,” the bubbly blonde said, grinning. The brunette echoed her and the dark haired girl looked up at him warily, not saying anything at all. The only girl whose reaction mattered to Ray anyway, was Ashleigh’s, who smiled shyly up at him and ducked her head. His heart pounded in his chest—she was shy!

“I’m looking for my dog, Chance. You girls see him?” Ray said.

“No,” the dark haired girl said. “We didn’t see any dog.”

“Oh,” Ray said, trying his best to look and sound disappointed, “thanks anyway then.”

“We can help you,” the bubbly blonde said, making to stand up. The dark haired girl yanked her back down.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Karah,” she said, giving her a look. The bubbly blonde called Karah either missed her look or ignored it.

“Oh come on, Leah, don’t be rude.” She stood up and held her hand out to shake. “I’m Karah, and these are my friends, Kasey, Leah, and Ashleigh.” Ray shook her hand, not being able to ignore the smoothness of it but also completely taken with Ashleigh’s shy smile.

“I’m Ray,” he supplied as he let her hand go. He hoped they didn’t notice the slight bump in the front of his jeans.

“What kind of dog do you have?” Kasey, the gangly brunette, asked.

“Great Dane,” Ray answered, “his name’s Chance and I just got him a month ago.”

“We’ll help you look,” Karah said as she bent down (Ray couldn’t help but stare at her ass) and grabbed her flip flops. Ashleigh stood up as well, finally followed by Kasey. Leah didn’t move from her towel.

“Are you going to come help us?” Kasey asked her.

“No,” Leah replied moodily, crossing her arms.

“Aw, come on Lee-Lee,” Kasey pleaded, giving her a sad face. Leah made a derisive noise and turned her head away from Kasey.

“Just leave her,” Karah said, clearly at odds with the other girl, “if she wants to be that way, fine.”

“Karah,” Ashleigh protested, “don’t be like that.” Karah seemed to deflate at Ashleigh’s comment. ‘Hell,’ Ray thought, ‘anyone would with a body like hers.’

“Let’s start over there,” Karah said lightly, pointing to a lightly wooded area a little ways up the beach.

“Yeah, good idea,” Ray said. He and the girls headed off down the beach, his plan becoming more and more solid every step they took. Soon, they were right at the edge of the small spread of trees. “Maybe we should split up,” he suggested.

“Okay,” Karah said, obviously the leader of their little group, “Kasey, you go with Ray. Ash, you and I can go this way.” Disappointed, he watched Ashleigh and Karah disappear from his sight and into the small forest. Kasey strode to his side and gave him an apprehensive smile.

“Chance, you said his name was?”

“Huh?” Ray asked, confused. He had momentarily forgotten about the supposed lost dog, his mind too focused on Ashleigh and the fact she was even further out of his grasp.

“Your dog. Chance,” Kasey said with a frown, looking a little worried. Ray shook himself out of his brief trance.

“Oh, yeah, it’s Chance. He’s black and white with blue eyes,” he explained. He sighed inwardly as they headed off into the woods. He would have to do this the hard way. He really didn’t want the other girls if he could get away with just Ashleigh, but it looked like they were closer than he anticipated.

Ray’s house wasn’t far from where they were and he was leading Kasey straight to it. His original plan was to split up with Ashleigh, unknowingly lead her back to his house, and have his way with her. Now he was with Kasey instead. At least he’d have two extra to work with, if his new plan went the way he wanted it to.

They reached his house several minutes later, after calling out his ‘lost dog’s’ name and looking around hopefully. Kasey stopped when she saw his house, catching on quickly. She was probably the smarter of the two blondes, but dumber than Leah, the black haired girl they left back at the beach.

“Maybe we should go back,” Kasey suggested. Ray was a little ahead of her as he approached the shed attached to his house. Ray turned around toward her, an odd gleam in his eyes.

“I’m sorry for this, Kasey. I didn’t intend for this to happen.”

Slowly, she backed up, terror plain on her face. Before she could turn and run, he grabbed her wrist and yanked her hard toward him. She slammed against his chest and he wrapped his strong arms around her torso and hauled her toward the shed. She screamed and kicked against him, sobbing and pleading with him. He threw her into the small shed and slammed the door, latching and locking it shut. He felt and heard her throw her body against the door desperately.

“I’m sorry baby girl,” Ray said from outside the door, “you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.” And with that said, he took off into the woods once again to find Karah and Ashleigh.

The forest small; it didn’t take him long to locate the two young girls. “Where’s Kasey?” Karah asked anxiously as she watched him jog up to them. Ray faked panic, panting.

“She slipped when we were looking for Chance and he foot got caught under a tree root,” he explained, “she’s hurt and I need your help to help get her free. Come quickly!” Concern immediate in their eyes, they followed Ray to where Kasey supposedly was hurt.

He led them back to his house, where he could hear Kasey screaming from within his shed. “Kasey!” Karah called frantically, running down a steep embankment toward the sound, as the house wasn’t in sight yet.

“Karah, wait!” Ashleigh yelled after her but it was too late. Karah slipped and skidded down the hill, losing her footing and hitting her head on a protruding rock. Ashleigh was at her side in an instant. Kasey was still screaming off in the distant. Ashleigh’s eyes filled with tears as she shook Karah, torn between making sure she was okay and going to rescue Kasey.

Ray cursed his luck; this was definitely not how he had planned things. He had to do some very quick thinking. “Ashleigh, listen to me. You stay here with Karah and I’ll go tell Kasey what happened and see if she needs anything. Kasey’s okay for now; she’s conscious, Karah’s not. Got it?”

Taking a huge gulp of air to keep from sobbing, Ashleigh nodded, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks. Ray jogged ahead to his house, running up to the shed where Karah was kept he wrenched the door open and backhanded Kasey as hard as he could without seriously injuring her. She cried out and fell against the back wall of the shed, slumping down into the dirt floor, crying weakly.

“Now be quiet, you little bitch,” Ray said viciously, “if you cooperate, this’ll make things go so much easier. I won’t have to hit any of you nor will I have to restrain you. Now just sit here and keep you’re fucking hole closed or next time I’ll slit your throat and you won’t be able to scream.” With that threat said, Ray slammed the shed door shut once more and made his way back to where Karah and Ashleigh were.

When Ashleigh spotted Ray through the trees she started crying again. “Oh, oh, oh,” she hiccupped, trembling violently.

“Are you okay?” He asked worriedly, pulling his jacket off himself and draping it around her shoulders. She pulled it tight around herself and she shook her head no.

“H-how is K-Kasey?” she asked.

“She is just fine,” Ray said, “I explained to her what happened and she’s very worried. I saw some signs for a ranger’s station as I was coming back, so we can take Karah there and make sure she gets to a hospital.” Ashleigh sighed in relief. Ray bent down to pick up Karah’s limp form. When she was safely in his arms, he started walking back, Ashleigh close behind. He could hear her muffled sniffles and heavy breathing as they made their way through knee deep grass.

“There it is!” Ashleigh exclaimed as Ray’s house came into view. He prayed Kasey paid heed to his threat (not that he would ever slit her throat, he was neither that cruel nor heartless) and stayed quiet. As she was ahead of him, he nudged her with his arm.

“Go on,” he urged her, “tell them I’m coming and to call an ambulance.” She ran off ahead, sprinting up his wooden steps and opening the door to his house.

His heart soared and cock twitched, and not because he had a hot girl in his arms. He did not want Karah, at least, not now. He made his way to the shed and opened the door again, seeing Kasey still slumped on the ground, sniveling pathetically. He set Karah onto a dirty cot. The jostling around woke her up and she mumbled groggily, trying to sit up.

“Where-where am I?” She asked, confused.

“Shh, I’ll take care of you two.” Ray said, stroking her cheek softly.

“Ashleigh?” Karah called out, unseeingly. This reminded Ray that he had a hot little girl waiting for him inside his house. He glanced to Kasey and glared at her.

“Go ahead and explain to Karah here the rules. I’ll check up on you two in a little bit, after I get done playing with dear Ashleigh.” Cackling to himself, he slammed the shed door, made sure it was locked and barricaded from the outside, and practically danced up the steps to his house.

He found Ashleigh in his kitchen, trying to dial 911 on his phone. He smiled to himself. His phone no longer worked—he used his cell phone nowadays and that was in his pocket. He snuck up behind her, admiring her lithe body. It was somewhat of a struggle getting her here, but he had done it. He was either very cunning or they were very stupid. Maybe a little of both, it didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was that he had Ashleigh here all to himself and he could not wait until he slammed his cock into her little hole.
Oh, her hole! He could just picture it; impossibly tight, dark pink and just waiting for his seven-inch dick. She would call his name and wrap her thin, tan legs around his waist as he plowed into her, begging him to go faster, harder. He would kiss every inch of her, tasting her skin. He imagined it would taste like candy, sweet and maybe a little sweaty. She would get a work out, riding his dick. He would watch her face, mouth open as she panted; eyes shut tightly, expression raw with pleasure. Her perky little titties would bounce up and down and he would grab them, thumbing her hardened nipples. She would moan his name, writhe in ecstasy, the tight walls of her pussy clenching around his dick as she came.

Just the thought of all this had him painfully hard and aroused out of his mind. He couldn’t wait!

She spun around, holding the dead phone in her hand, looking stricken. “Oh, Ray! Nobody’s here and the phone—the phone doesn’t work!” She practically bawled, tears pricking the edge of her eyes and threatening to fall once more. Gently, he took the phone from her and tossed it over his shoulder. Ashleigh watched as it clattered to the floor and slid underneath the table. Realization hit her hard and she lunged for the door but Ray’s reflexes were excellent. He caught her around the waist, tearing his coat off he lent her. Now clad in just her bikini, shaking, and scared, Ashleigh began to cry.

“Please, please just let me go,” she pleaded with him as he threw the jacket into the corner of the room. He advanced toward her as he pulled his shirt over his head and started to undo his belt. Her back hit the door frame and she turned, sprinting to the front door. He stepped in her path, putting himself between her and her escape route.

“I don’t think so,” he chided, “now be good and let me undress you.” He reached for her, grabbing onto the front of her bikini bottoms. He pulled her toward him and untied the back of her top, letting it fall away from her body and onto his floor.

Her tits were better than perfect, so pert and full, yet not too big. The nipple area was a delicious caramel color, small and dead center in the middle of her breast. She cried out and tried to hide herself with her hands, which just resulted in Ray pulling her bottoms down. She tried to yank them back up and run at the same time, but ended up tripping and falling on her way to the living room. He shook his head with a smile and kicked his jeans off, now both of them completely naked. His cock no longer felt suffocated as it throbbed almost painfully in the cool air.

She cowered against the wall as approached her, wearing a perverted smile. His shadow towered over her small form and she whimpered. Ray grabbed her hips as he pressed his naked body against hers. She thrashed futilely in his rough grasp, lashing out at him with her legs and arms. He laughed deep in his throat as he used his weight to his advantage and crushed her between himself and the wall. She let out a small squeak at the sudden force and weight against her, all the while his thumbs digging deep into the spot beneath her jutting hip bone, his fingers pressed firmly against her ass. His cock throbbed and leaked, trapped between their bodies.

“Ashleigh,” he murmured softly, bending his head down low to lick at her neck. She trembled with fear and he felt like he was going to pass out if he didn’t get any relief soon. “Ash,” he said again, his voice ragged and breathless, demanding. She let out a small noise that Ray couldn’t discern. “If I release you, you promise you won’t try to run?” He knew the question was pointless; she would try to run, he knew it. He could see it in her watery blue eyes. He felt he had to ask the question just so he could justify himself when he chased her down and pounded his dick into her preteen cunt.

Very slowly, she nodded her head. In return, his grasp on her hips went slack and he backed off of her. As soon as he did this, she bolted for the door.

He caught her wrist as she whizzed past him, yanking her off her feet and into him. He wrapped his arms around her tiny torso and threw her against the wall once more. She let out a small cry at the impact and Ray grunted with effort to keep her there as she struggled harder than ever before. She had started to cry again.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” He asked in a low voice, leaning down to taste her tears with his tongue. She flinched away from his touch and he gripped her tighter, one hand on her hip, one arm curled around her small torso. Her tiny breasts pressed against his bare chest; he could feel her hardening nipples against his skin. He wondered whether it was from the cold air or arousal—he hoped it was the latter.

“Just let me go,” she whispered pathetically, breathless. Her heart beat rapidly; he could feel the soft thumps against his body.

“I’m sorry. I can’t do that, baby,” he purred and adjusted his grip on her. He swept her into his arms and cradled her to his chest. “Now behave.” She hardly put up a fight as he carried her across the living room threshold and to his bed. He dropped her onto it unceremoniously and she immediately tried to get up and run toward the door. Before she got there, however, Ray moved in front of it. He locked it and shook his head.

“This would be easier for both of us if you just obeyed me,” he told her seriously. She backed away, falling onto the bed. He approached her, setting one hand on her nude thigh. She freaked out.

“Stay away from me!” She pulled away as she’d been burned and Ray sighed deeply. He kneeled on the bed, grabbing both of her wrists in his hands as he raised them above her head and used his own weight to lower her to the bed. He switched so one hand was holding her tiny wrists down and let the other one travel down her lithe body.

He slid over her small boobs, thumbing the nipple to one, down her ribs, her flat stomach, and stopping at her tiny pussy, lightly dusted with blonde hair. With one index finger, he stroked her clit. She let out a high-pitched whine, choking on a sob. He did it again, watching her face contort from disgust, to shame, to confusion, pausing to stop on an unsure expression between pleasure and pain.

“You like that, don’t you?” He teased softly as he applied a bit more pressure with the next short stroke. She shuddered and her lower half began to squirm away from his touch. He tutted disapprovingly and trapped her small thighs between his knees. “It’s no use, you know.”

“Please,” she begged, her voice hoarse and heavy with tears. Misinterpreting her pleading for something else, he let his thumb press down on her clit, now folded away between her pussy lips and clenched thighs. She let out a shriek and began to thrash under him. He sighed angrily and tightened his hold on her loosening wrists.

“Ashleigh, what do you think you’re doing?” He asked her and bent over, his sour breath hot on her neck. His dick was nestled against his stomach, precum matting the hair on his belly. It throbbed painfully, twitching, almost as if it were begging its owner for release.

“Just please let me go, I won’t tell anyone,” her voice was quiet and desperate, half-choked sobs escaping her lips.

“I’m sorry sweetie, but I can’t release you. You’re mine now.” To prove his point, he pressed his mouth to her neck and bit into her skin. She screamed in pain, summoning all the strength she had left to buck him off of her.

His hand slid away from her wrists and she managed to get one of her legs free before scrambling to the edge of the bed. She almost fell off, until Ray caught her around the arm and dragged her harshly toward him.

“You are really making this hard on yourself,” he grunted against her continuing assault. Keeping her under control, one arm curled around her, pressing her into his body, he reached into the drawer of his bedside table and withdrew a thick white rope.

“Please, please no,” she gasped but Ray ignored her. He hauled her up toward the headboard, wrapped the one rope around each bedpost, and then began to fasten them to her skinny, already-bruised wrists. With her wrists bound, the only thing she could do was kick her legs and flail her body back and forth. He stood back and waited for her to exhaust herself; her screaming was becoming softer and scratchier.
“You left me no choice,” he told her calmly. She no longer thrashed wildly but instead panted harshly, her thighs pressed tightly together, legs closed. As if that would ever stop him from playing with her pretty little cunt. “You’re only making this more difficult for the both of us. Don’t you understand this?” He sounded like a father scolding his daughter.

“Please. . .” She sounded defeated and Ray couldn’t help but grin to himself. He didn’t respond and instead slid onto the bed and gently grabbed the inside of her thighs.

“Open up for me, Ash,” he demanded in a stern but kind tone. Her clenched thighs did not unclench themselves. He sighed once more. “Ashleigh,” he warned. Slowly, her muscles loosened, but not by much. It was, however, enough for him to pry her legs apart, her knees bent. He could see and feel her body trembling from fear or anticipation, maybe both.

Her pretty little cunt was exposed for him and he gently brought his hand to smooth over her pubic hair. She flinched a bit and he waited for her legs to clamp shut again, but they stayed open, much to his disappoint. He was rather hoping she would prove to be uncooperative then he could have bound her feet to the bed as well.

He spread open her pussy lips with one hand, his mouth almost watering at the sight of the pink flesh within. He licked her clit lightly with the tip of his tongue. Her breath hitched audibly and she trembled harder. Grinning, he darted his tongue out again, laving it over the small nub. When she produced no more reaction, he engulfed her whole cunt in his mouth, pressing his tongue to her small opening.

He laved his tongue over the expanse of it, savoring the taste and texture. His cock throbbed and he rubbed it against the comforter. Soon enough, her pussy was soaked with its own juices along with his saliva. Very lightly, he touched her slick clit with his index finger. Ashleigh’s small thighs trembled as his touch grew firmer. Ray slowly let his index finger stroke her clit then slid it fluidly inside her impossibly tight hole, anticipating her reaction.

She screamed thickly, clamping her thighs shut, thrashing against her restraints. Ray backed off slightly but still let his hand linger on her lower belly. He couldn’t stop the grin that stretched across his face. He couldn’t believe she was really here, on his bed, all his. “Ashy, sweetie, calm down,” he chided gently. She stopped thrashing but didn’t stop her vocalizations.

“Please please, don’t hurt me, don’t do it,” she wept. Ray shook his head and grabbed some more rope. He forced her legs apart then bent them at the knee, tying them so her legs were locked in a bent position. Then, he spread her bent, tied legs and licked her pretty exposed cunt. She whimpered.

“You’re making this really hard on the both of us, Ash,” he told her, “just lay there and let’s have fun, yeah?” He didn’t wait for her to respond and took his index finger and pushed it inside her small, slippery hole. She flinched but didn’t struggle as he gently moved it in and out of her. “Yeah, you like that?” He said a little breathlessly, the sight of his finger sinking into her folds almost too much to bear and wondered if he could hardly stand this, how was he going to last when he fucked her?

“No,” she said softly as tears trickled down her now pale cheeks. He paid her answer no attention, almost drooling. He slowly worked in a second finger and she whimpered as it stung unpleasantly. He bent his head low to suck at her clit as he slowly finger fucked her. She shifted her legs and quite violently, he wrenched them back into place with his free hand.

“Goddammit, Ashleigh,” he growled, “I don’t want to hurt you. . .now, please, behave.” He emphasized the last word with a pinch to her inner thigh. She gasped but did not cry out, biting her lip to stifle any noise she wanted to make. Ray was getting irritated with her and she did not want that, not when he was already violent enough. Satisfied, Ray made a thoughtful sound. “Now. . .where were we? Oh, yes, I remember now. . .” Ray ducked his head as he engulfed her clit in his mouth again, pressing his two fingers deeper inside her. She was so hot and tight inside and it blew his mind. He had only been with a virgin once and that was a very long time ago. . .most girls nowadays were complete whores.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you, Ash?” Ray asked as he pulled away from pleasuring her. Ashleigh just grunted and Ray sighed to himself. She was being more disobedient than he anticipated. His punishment was to insert another finger; she let out a pained moan.

“Yes, yes,” she whispered, “please.”

“Mmm, you want me to change that? Is that what you want?” Her cunt was dripping and her clit was swollen. She was aroused, against her will no less, and Ray wasn’t about to let that go to waste. He moved his three fingers slowly, twisting them and scissoring them, making sure she wasn’t too tight so as to not hurt her too much when the time came for him to finally ram his cock into her.

“Noo,” she moaned, writhing on the bed. Pleasure, pain, and panic took hold of her and her confused body when Ray closed his warm mouth on one of her nipples with fingers still inside of her. She arched into and away from his touch, wanting more and wanting to escape.

“You want it,” he said thickly, licking his lips as he watched her, “you want my cock.”

“Please,” she gasped, “don’t.”

All Ray heard was ‘please’; he groaned in anticipation. He was finally going to fuck her! “Come on now,” he said as he gently nudged her legs further apart and slipped his fingers out. He rubbed his hand over her clit a few times and wet his dick with the combination of her natural lubrication and his saliva before positioning it at her opening. She had started to cry brokenly. “Shhh,” he whispered, “just a little longer. I’ll be gentle; I don’t want to hurt you.” He pressed in slowly, barely able to get the tip of it in. She let out a scream, not loud, but it was definitely a scream. At this point, however, Ray was past caring whether or not she made noise. He hissed and pulled back, rubbing the head over her clit several times, reveling in the smooth, slick feeling.

“Ray, please,” Ashleigh cried. The sound of his name sent Ray into a frenzy and he pressed his cock in halfway, ignoring the scream that ripped from her lungs. He had both legs wrestled to the side as he watched his seven-inch dick press into her tight little teen cunt. He threw his head back and moaned; she was so tight it almost hurt.

“Oh, baby girl, you’re so tight,” he told her, thrusting lightly in and out of her. The sight of his cock sinking in and out of her nearly sent him over the edge and he had to stop for a minute to gain his composure. He wiped the sweat from his brow and threw her a loving smile. “You are so hot, Ashleigh, so fucking hot.”
Ashleigh’s eyes were closed, tears tracking down her cheeks and from the corner of her eyes. Her chest rose and fell rapidly and she was shaking. Ray gently reached up to grasp one of her tits and fondled it, pulling at her nipple, rubbing it between his fingers.

Taking a deep breath, Ray pulled his hand away from her titty and spread her pussy lips, getting a better look at his dick and her pussy. Her clit was still swollen and he reached his finger over to stroke it. This got a response from Ashleigh—she gasped and arched her hips upward involuntarily. “You like that?” Ray asked as he slowly pulled his dick all the way back until only the tip was in.

“Mm,” Ashleigh grunted. At this, Ray groaned and snapped his hips forward, burying his dick inside of her tiny little pussy. She screamed again, but not as loud this time. He began to fuck her in earnest, grunting as he struggled to stimulate her clit, hold her legs apart, and keep her in one place all at once.

“You love it, don’t you,” he said as he let her legs go and used one hand to steady her hips while the other rubbed her clit. “My big fat dick inside your impossibly tight virgin pussy…you like when I fuck you hard?” To demonstrate, Ray swiftly pulled back and thrusted hard, knocking his pelvis into hers roughly. She cried out in surprise and minor pain, shifting slightly. Apparently, this was the wrong thing to do because Ray exploded. He slapped her hard, his hands grabbing both hips and ramming his cock into her brutally.

“No, please stop!” She begged desperately, her pussy burning as he pounded the shit out of it.

“You’ll fucking take it because you fucking like it,” he growled out, his thrusts not as fast but just as hard. “You like it when I fuck the shit out of you, when I rip this virgin pussy to shreds.” He panted harshly, fucking her like no tomorrow. She was sobbing weakly, her high-pitched cries echoing around his empty room.

“Yeah,” he growled out, throwing his head back and letting a shiver tear through his body. It was amazing, buried deep inside Ashleigh, tight heat engulfing his whole length. He felt his balls tighten and the warm sensation deep in his gut that warned him he was nearing the end. Ray wanted to pump Ashleigh’s tight little pussy full of his hot creamy cum but at the same time he wanted to keep fucking her like this all night.

“I’m gonna cum,” he groaned, gripping her hips more firmly, “fuck yes, I’m gonna cum.” With several deep thrusts, Ray grunted and shuddered as he spent himself inside of her, his cock pumping load after load of his hot sperm deep inside her. He gave one final shiver and let out a content sigh, pulling himself out with a soft ‘plop’. He laughed a little and peered at Ashleigh, whose eyes were shut tight and breathing labored.

“You have fun, sweetie?” He asked as he curled up beside of her, lightly stroking the side of her face. Ashleigh whimpered slightly, tensing at his touch. “You liked that pounding I gave you, huh?” He nuzzled her neck with his nose and breathed in her sweet scent. “It was amazing, better than I expected it would be. You’ve got the hottest little pussy.” At this, he let one hand slip down between her still spread legs and lightly brush over her sensitive clit. Her hips jerked of their own accord; she was still aroused.

“Please. . .” The word escaped Ashleigh’s dry lips, barely audible.

“You horny, Ash? I can take care of that for you. . .”

“No!” She cried out desperately, regaining a bit of strength and trying to pull away from his touch. Ray frowned and yanked her close to him.

“You don’t love me?” Ashleigh didn’t reply, too scared of Ray touching her again. “Ashleigh, I think you are the most beautiful girl I’ve seen. I only want what’s best for you. I can make you feel good, really good.” At last, Ashleigh found her voice.

“N-no, R-Ray. It’s not that. . .I’m. . .just tired, is all. If I could rest then maybe. . .” Ray believed her little lie, completely smitten with her at this point.

“Of course, sweetheart. I’ll let you sleep for an hour. Besides, I have to check up on your friends.” He gave her a wink, kissed her passionately on the lips and left the room. Ashleigh listened to his footsteps fade away, the front door open and shut before she broke down into quiet but hysterical sobs.


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2015-02-23 06:03:08
Hello Pedobear, you're a Rabbit, aren't yah?

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2014-06-09 01:19:53
I hope there is a second part to this!

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2014-05-11 05:06:14
This is simply GREAT! I love it so much :) ♡

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2013-05-08 09:12:09
Well written. Most realistic. Love it... Love it.

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