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The beginning
It was James’ last year of high school. Summer had arrived and the days were becoming hotter and hotter. Lately, he found that due to the fact he was an 18 year old bursting with hormones combined with the short skirt uniforms at his school made him extra horny and he found himself having to masturbate at least 3 times each day to keep himself satisfied. He would usually keep his door locked to avoid being caught by his sister and mother who would regularly burst in to his room. However, one hot summer day, things did not go quite to plan…

After returning home from school, James went straight to the fridge and helped himself to a cold glass of water. On his way to his room, he passed his sisters room and he couldn’t help but notice a tiny piece of clothing, hanging out of her dirty clothes basket. After realising it was a thong he would usually be disgusted, however for some reason this made him feel naughty and horny, so he grabbed the thong, went into his room and stroked his dick until he spurt what seemed like a never-ending come into it. After doing this he realised what he did was pretty fucked up but he couldn’t help but feel turned on by it, so he hid the panties under his bed. He then got changed into his comfortable shorts and singlet, and had a nap.

Later that afternoon, James had fallen asleep in the lounge watching TV and his sister, Rachel came home. She had obviously had a long day at school and after getting a drink she came and sat on a lounge chair across from James. That was when she noticed he was sleeping, and threw a pillow at him to wake him up. He didn’t wake up so she went to pick up the pillow and she accidently brushed something in his pants as she got it off him. Realising she had just touched her brothers penis, she was shocked but at the same time very turned on. She realised he was having a sexual dream because she now saw that his dick was sticking upright, and had just poked above his waistband. Uncontrollably, she felt herself become wet with desire and couldn’t take her eyes off it. She was so turned on she realised she had now been staring at it for at least 5 minutes, and she rushed off to her bedroom. Once there, she locked her door, stripped naked and rubbed her body with moisturising oil, as was her after school ritual, but this time it just served to make her more horny. She couldn’t get the image of her brothers thick, long hard cock out of her head, and it was making her crazy with desire, even though she thought it was very naughty. She lay down on her bed and started to massage her dripping wet pussy until she was furiously rubbing her clit and she came like she had never done before. After this, she got dressed and started cleaning up her room and realised that her black thong had been taken from her dirty washing, but everything else was left. She found this quite peculiar but dismissed it from her mind.

The next few weeks both James and Rachel had been getting turned on by each other and were almost flirting without doing anything obvious. As usual in the morning rush for school, after James showered, Rachel would wait out the front of the door and go in as soon as he came out. One day, after James turned off the water and ended his shower, he opened the door and Rachel was right outside. Steam was pushing out of the room, and Rachel watched James walk out with a towel barely covering the top of his crotch, and his finely conditioned muscles and dripping wet body made her extremely turned on. James noticed Rachel staring at his abs and for a minute they laughed about how he was getting quite fit lately. Rachel then started to poke James as he was walking away to his room laughing, and James started to poke her back. James would make the comment that she was looking as hot as ever and all the guys at school wanted her body, laughing. As they were poking each other, James forgot he was only wearing a towel and just before they reached his room it slipped off. Rachel, out of pure reflex reached down and tried to grab the towel from falling, however she was too late and instead grabbed James’ thick, hanging cock. Looking at it, Rachel saw it was longer and thicker than she could remember, and felt her pussy groan to be touched. She quickly looked up to him and with a shocked look on her face withdrew her hand, got up from her knees and said she was going to shower. After a few seconds of disbelief, James withdrew to his room and Rachel to her shower. Upon entering the shower-bath, Rachel sat down and put one leg on the ledge and the other on the opposing ledge. She then grabbed the shower nozzle and put the water impact right onto her clit. As she was doing this she was so wet she slid 3 fingers into her pussy, until she came. Thinking about touching his cock and this turned her on so much, the touch of it was so soft yet heavy, and she shoved her entire fist into her cunt. Massaging her clit with her left hand whilst she did this, she pushed as much of her arm in as she could and could not help but yell out a loud moan. Realising she would be late for school, she jumped out and was on her way.

It was Friday, and this meant that James’ and Rachel’s mum, Kim, would let them bring a friend after school to stay that night. James arrived home first, and was in the lounge when Rachel and her friend, Lucy burst in. It was a hot day outside, and Rachel and Lucy had both changed their school uniform which made them look like two hot sluts. Their short skirts were almost at their arse and they both had long, thin socks, finishing halfway up their thigh. Their white tops were halfway unbuttoned, revealing massive cleavage. It didn’t help that they both had tanned skin which made them look like girls from his dreams. This was when his mother, Kim walked in. She was wearing the hottest MILF outfit he could image, with her heels accentuating her long legs and her tits poking out of her top. Feeling slightly guilty about being turned on by his mom and sister, he went back to the TV. Kim went to the Kitchen and Rachel and Lucy came and jumped on the couch opposite to James. He felt his eyes drift up and he saw that Lucy had her left leg raised on her right, and her skirt was almost above her waist. This meant he could see up her legs and realised she was not wearing any panties. She had a xxx wax and it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. She then glanced at James, and gave him a look that said ‘I wanna fuck your brains out’ and as casually as you like, turned around and kept watching the TV. He then noticed Rachel, next to Lucy and he found himself staring at her smooth, tanned legs. He followed her legs and saw her skirt was pushed up, above her waist and revealed her juicy, round arse. She was wearing her black, cum-stained thong which James thought he had hidden well. Shit, he thought. Then, he realised that there is no way she could have missed the huge amount of cum on them, and was still wearing them, which turned him on so much, he had a massive boner. He tucked it into his waistband and headed for the Kitchen.

Upon entering the Kitchen, he saw that his mom was putting away the groceries and offered to help. She said of course, and asked him to fetch the small step-ladder so she could put away some jars into the pantry. He came back with the small step-ladder and made him hold it still and climbed up, slowly without the food. When she was at the top of the couple of steps, he brought her the jars of food. Leaning down to grab the food, her tits both fell out of her top, either without her noticing or deliberately not paying any attention to it. James almost dropped the jars and immediately felt his dick becoming rock hard as they were the perfect big, perfect size and shape nippled boobs that he loved. He reached up, gave the food and then began to walk to his room almost in disbelief. As he was walking off, his mother told him to get back and hold the ladder for her as she still had to re-arrange the upper pantry. As he held the ladder in place, she lifted her right leg slightly, to reach across the pantry. In doing so, she opened up her legs in such as way to give James a perfect view up her skirt. Unintentionally, James lifted his eyes and saw she was wearing a light pink thong, but it was hard to see because it was half buried in her wet pussy. Her pussy had engulfed the tiny thong and it took just about all of James’ energy to stop himself from coming right there. Kim came down and stood so close to James that he could swear she could feel his massive erect cock, then said thanks for the help and continued unpacking.

Coming Soon, Taboo Desires Part II

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