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Broken in by my teacher
It was a usual day at my English private school (boarding). I had geography towards the end of the day which I had desperately been looking forward to as I could spend time staring at Mr Stevens (think late 20's, ripped, 5'10, dark hair) as he lectured on tectonics. However, this day would be different.

The whole class was handed back their coursework, except me. I looked up inquisitively as everybody else was filing out.

'Sorry John, seems I've left yours at home. Could you come by about 8pm and pick it up from my house?' He asked

'Sure Sir'. My heart was pounding at the thought of it

Anyway, a few hours later I was outside his door, looking a adorable a possible. He answered and asked me in.

'Fancy a drink? I won't tell your housemaster.' He gave me a cheeky wink and I could smell a hint of whiskey on his breath.

'Yes please' I said timidly.

Time passed with idle chit chat and after a few drinks each he asked me upstairs to grab my coursework. On the way was when he made a pass at me

'You have a cute little ass, you know that don't you John?'

'Thank you Sir!' I overly eagerly replied, turning around a smiling playfully.

It was at that opportunity that he grabbed me from behind and lifted me against the landing wall, moving his head in a sticking his tongue into my unexpecting mouth. At first I was shocked and kept my mouth shut tight

'Come on boy, Ive noticed how you stare a me in class' he said lustfully

With this he tried again with much more success. I could feel his huge erection against my ever expanding crotch as I let him explore my forgiving mouth. This was all the encouragement he needed as he sternly told me to get into his bedroom and strip off all my clothes. I knew from that moment I would let him do what he wanted.

I looked over at him following me into his bedroom and before I had even noticed we were both completely naked and on each other again. All I could think about was putting his massive erect penis in my mouth.

He saw my stares and guided me to his bed, instructing me to lay down on my back with my head tilted over the edge. Like an animal, he slightly crouched so his 8-9 inch cock was level with the bed. I could tell he was the dominant type and that was exactly what I needed. My first taste of another man's cock wasn't delicate. He forced himself into my mouth making me gag. The sight of his balls and the feeling of them on my head made me wild and determined to please. He kept pushing until his penis slide back and forth effortlessly into my throat. He was grunting, full of pleasure and desire. I kept wanting to touch myself but he held my arms firmly in place, like I was being raped.

All of sudden he pulled out, shifted me into the centre on the bed, and told me to climb on top of him, in a 69 position.

'Show me that cute little asshole' He said. 'I want to get it nice and ready'

I crawled into position and started for the first time to take control of the blowing him, carefully rapping my lips around my teeth and sucking hard. However, I was very inexperienced. It was then the feeling of his warm tongue on my arsehole hit me. I practically came right there and then. I moaned uncontrollably and writhed around spreading my whole arse crack in his face. He firmly took my cheeks and held me in place, laboriously prepping me.

'Right, I want you on top at first', He said. 'So I can see you face is I enter you virgin arsehole'

'Please, however much I scream and whine, don't stop My Stevens' I murmured, as I climbed on top. Meanwhile he had taken a small portion of lube and smeared it over his glistening member. I position myself above him, gliding, waiting for him to give me the order. Slowly he forced me down, using a hand on my left shoulder. I took his penis and pointed in directly inside me and waiting for the pain.

His fat cock touched my arse and pushed its way in. It stung like hell and but I bit my lip and scrunched up my face, trying not to be too vocal. I allowing 1 or 2 inches in before retreating and trying again, slowly breaking myself in. By inch 4 or 5 I was in agony as his penis explored my virgin bowls.

It was then his patience wore thin. He spun me onto my back, still inside me, and took the reigns. I prepared myself.

He forcefully rammed a few more inches in, pulled out, and pushed almost the rest in. By now, tears were running down my face and I was whimpering. The pleasure was coming though and I knew it would soon feel wonderful.

'Just another inch of two to go' He said encouragingly.

Soon he was completely inside me and he held himself there for a little while for my rectum to get used to it. The pain was still very real but the pleasure now overtook it. The following twenty minutes were the best of my life. We built up steam and I was soon begging for him to slam me harder.

Seconds before he came, I could feel him expand and it was then I too rapped my hand around my weeping cock and let rip over my stomach as he filled me inside with a huge satisfied grunt.


Sadly this story is fictional but if an experienced man, living near SW London does which to make a young mans wet dream, please email me on Im a virgin and therefore Ill be blunt. I want a good looking, fairly dominant build, between 27/28- mid 40's. Nobody too camp please, its just not my cup of tea. Im 25, 5'8, slim build, good looking and quite hairy (!). I am desperate to have my virginity taken and happy to be told what to do. I want somebody to take the lead. Please send a picture as well.
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