She had no idea her friend was a vampire let alone her true feelings.

Nicola sat at the bar waiting on Scott her best friend. She had known Scott for two years now due to them both being in the same psychology and sociology class at college Nicola was 19 and Scott was 25. Some may say two years knowing someone doesn't seem like you could call them a best friend. At first when they met each other in their class they didn't talk she seemed to shy as did he, but after they got paired together for a task they got over their own shyness and became best friends.

A lot of girls liked him he was hot in fact hot was an understatement standing at 6 foot 4 inches tall black spiked up hair dark eyes you could lose yourself in, long eye lashes which made his eyes all the more sexier and his muscular frame and tanned skin made Scott take any girls breath away.

Although Nicola had known Scott for two years she never hung out with him at night, yes she had been to his penthouse flat a few times and she felt safe around him and had total trust in him but other than that she was drawn to him like a moth to a flame, every time they talked about him he would change the subject to her he loved hearing about her life before he had met her as well as when he wasn't with her as she did have a boyfriend Justin she spent time with. Scott hated Justin but would be nice to him for Nicola's sake Scott never trusted him one little bit.

Nicola had been with Justin for just under three years he was her first they went to high school together and she thought they both loved each other, but that was to be shown as a lie.

As Nicola sat at the bar drinking her JD and coke waiting on Scott to come get her. That saturday afternoon kept playing in her over and over again.

She was meant to be staying at home that afternoon helping her mum decorate their new flat they moved into, but pestered her mum to let her out of her days work to spend time with Justin, which her mum did. Nicola changed into her black halter neck dress no bra stockings and thong with black heels she had her brown curly hair down and only put on eye liner and lip gloss. She called a taxi and made her way to his flat.
When she got there she unlocked the door (Justin gave her a key on their second anniversary) and snuck in as it she was going to surprise him. When she walked in the living room she found him and Lynn her cousin on the floor both naked and his cock in her pussy, him on top of her. All Nicola could do was stand and stare, she had no idea what to say she wanted to scream but couldn't find her voice she began to cry and run out the door when Justin grabbed her,

"Come on babe don't be mad it just happened" Justin said.
"Don't be mad YOU cheated on me and YOU said that you wound NEVER hurt me and you LOVE?! ME"

SMACK!!! Nicola slapped Justin and ran out the door crying.

Remembering all of this made a tear up again but she vowed not to cry anymore Justin wasn't worth it instead she waited on Scott and ordered a shot of JD,

"Make that two please barman" shouted Scott over the loud music that was playing in the bar.

"Hey what's up your call sounded urgent" Scott said to her.

"I just need to... to be with a friend you know" she said grabbing her shot and downing it.

Scott reached to her chin and lifted it so he could look into her eyes knowing that she couldn't lie to him as he'd know if she did, he asked he what happened wiping the black lines that was down her cheeks away that the eye liner had caused.

Nicola held on to Scott's hands like any second he'd run away while she told him the full story of that afternoon,

"I'll kill him" Scott shouted.

"No please Scott I just need you to be calm please" she looked at him with pleading eyes "I just can't go home can I stay at yours please?" she continued.

"I'll calm down in a bit and sure you can stay at mine" he replied.

They got up to leave and she stumbled, having drunk quite a lot in th space of an hour she was quite tipsy and walking in 4 inch heels didn't help her either. Scott grabbed her before she hit the floor and picked her up like a husband would pick up his new wife and carried her out of the bar and back to his penthouse flat which was near by.

Staying in the city had its perks though Nicola wasn't heavy in Scott's arms, to Scott she was like a feather to a giant, but he didn't want her to become suspicious about him anymore than what she was. Scott had to admit he hid a lot from her, he never talked about family, where he had stayed previously or his past in general he was scared of losing the only true friend he had in years, he loved her.

He never said anything for three reasons, one he was scared to lose her friendship after all being friends with her was better than nothing, two he was scared in case he hurt her being a vampire, having sex with a human can be dangerous and three how could he tell her he was a vampire!

Back at his penthouse he lay her down on the silk sheets and took her heels off and left her there. He had to feed. He left her a note beside the bed saying,

"Hey honey just had to pop out I'll be back soon promise Love Scott xxx".

Scott left quickly and found a girl at a local bar bought her a few drinks and pulled her out and down an alleyway - he didn't notice anything about her - where he bit into her neck and drank some of her blood. When he stopped he stared into her eyes and told her she'd forget all about this and that she'd never remember his face, with that he left and went back home and back to Nicola.

Back at the flat Nicola had woken up and read the note she was just about to call his mobile when he walked in the door she ran up to him and hugged him then stepped back and looked down at his white shirt which had some blood on it,

"What's this are you alright?" She said sounding panicked.
"I'm fine its nothing".

By this time Nicola was busy undoing his shirt to find the cut but there was none,

"The bloods not yours?!" she said quizzically "please say you've not done something stupid please Scott please" she begged him

Scott looked into her in the eyes and told her to forget about it, it wasn't important. Scott loved having the power to make people do whatever he wanted by staring into their eyes and telling them to do it, it was a bonus being a vampire.

"I won't forget about it! Scott you've done something silly I want to know what. I don't care everything will be ok just tell me" she pleaded with him.

"Wait I just told you to forget and you didn't...... that's never happened before.....jesus christ....fuck god the hell?" Scott was confused to say the least.

There was a long silence both never said anything Nicola confused about his rambling, Scott confused about what just happened.

"TELL ME" Nicola screamed at Scott.

He took a deep breath and told her everything from him being a vampire, to him being turned, his true age he left nothing out he even told her about his abilities strength, speed, and controlling peoples ways.

Nicola sat and listened to it all not thinking it was a real, until he showed her his speed and strength then she just sat there quite quiet thinking. The silence scared him more than anything he hated it when she didn't speak he felt scared he was going lose her. She stood up and walked into the kitchen he followed her after a minute wondering if she was ok, she held a knife in her hand the largest in the drawer,

"You fucking killing sad cunt. You kill people in fact you did that tonight and now what will I be? Next?".

"I'd never hurt you Nicola EVER just put that knife down please" he said in a panic "yes I used to kill people but I don't anymore I control myself please believe me on that" he continued pleading.

Nicola stood there in tears scared afraid hurt and now the feeling of fear coursed through her veins a million thoughts were in her head, Scott took a step towards her then another, Nicola didn't notice she was to wrapped up in her own thoughts of what to do till he was right infront of her, Nicola jumped and pushed the knife into Scott's side into his lung Scott roared in pain which made Nicola realise what she had done frighten she let go of the knife and he fell on the kitchen floor. Scott lying there on the floor made Nicola come to her senses she got on her knees to pull the blade out the blade was at least 6 inches long, by the time she got it out Scott lost a lot of blood, Nicola got scared not from him but the fear of losing him she did trust him and she knew he didn't have to tell her this and she'd been friends with him for 2 years if he wanted to have hurt her he'd done it already panicking she asked what he needed and he told her that he needed blood,

"Bite me, I trust you please" Nicola begged offering him her neck.

"Give me your wrist then" he whispered slowly and between breaths.

Nicola put her wrist to his mouth he took his hands one on her own hand the other half way up her forearm and bit the inside of her wrist with his fangs and drank her blood, she screamed a little when he sank his fangs but after that she was ok. About 20 seconds past and he stopped sucking her blood from her wrist and let it go.

Scott had healed up now and all that remained was a blood soaked shirt and a hole in the shirt, Nicola was a little weak from her blood loss but ok. Scott took his shirt off and put it on the floor to soak up the blood, he noticed the blood on her legs and dress and asked if she was ok,

"Yeah I'm fine just feeling tired" she replied.

Scott picked her up and took her into the bathroom and started to run her a shower. She looked up at him, he pointed out the fact about her that his blood was on her dress, and stockings and that she needed to freshen up.

Scott sat her down on the side of the huge bath tub while he got the temperature of the water right for her then left her in there,

"There you go, I'll get you something to wear" Scott said as he left her in the bathroom.

Nicola sat up and took off her dress, thong and stockings and stepped in the huge shower letting the hot water wash of all the blood on her and sat in the middle of the shower, she pulled her knees up to her chest and crossed her legs and wrapped her hers around her legs and began to cry, she had, had a terrible day first with Justin and Lynn which hurt but then what Scott told her and what she done was worse - far worse all she could think was that she had lost a best friend by her actions and fears he wouldn't want to know her now she could have killed him after all.

While Nicola was in the shower Scott got the kitchen cleaned up binned the shirt and mopping the blood of the floor. Scott began to wonder what was up when she was in there for over an hour *fuck this* he thought and got up and walked into the bathroom and found her sitting crying,

"Hey come on stop that" he said softly.

"I'm sorry......I'm so sorry......I didn't mean to.....I got a fright.......I should have known but.....but I got scared.....I didn't mean to...I should have known...but you" she said between gulps of air and sobs.

"Its ok I know I gave you a scare and after all you helped me remember you didn't have to but you did that showed you didn't mean to" he said getting in the huge shower and wrapping his arms around her holding her.

They sat there for about another ten minutes she still crying and him just holding her, Scott's arms around her made her feel safe she didn't care that she was totally naked or that he was a vampire just that he was there with her. He took his arms away and turned the shower off then pick her up like she was his bride and carried her to the bed she put her arms around his neck and her head on his shoulder.

He placed Nicola on the bed and pulled the blanket over her and went to leave after getting a pair of boxer shorts out the chest of drawers he had.

"Don't go please stay here with me Scott"

"I was going to let you sleep here I'd take the sofa"

"No! Please sleep here with me"

"Ok I'll be right back"

He left and headed into the bathroom and got changed out of his wet jeans and into his boxers then came out, she pulled the covers back to motion him to get in which he did. She kissed him on the lips then turned around and took his hand and held it so he wouldn't go anywhere. She moved back so she could feel his bare chest on her back and started to drift off to sleep.

Nicola awoke a few hours after, her and Scott were in the spooning position, Scott still asleep with his arm around her tummy holding her close to him. She slid out from under his arm and got a sheet off the bed wrapped it around her and went to get a glass of water. Scott woke up to find her gone from his bed, he worried she'd left him not wanting to be near him, he started shouting on her as he raced out of bed in nothing but his boxers,

"I'm here Scott" she shouted to him.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he heard her voice coming from the kitchen he rushed to be with her as he entered the kitchen she saw her sitting on the worktop drinking a glass of water he walked up to her and threw his arms around her holding her close to him she put her arms around him. He was standing between her legs holding her, he just wanted to kiss her and that's what he did, he loosened his grip on her and pulled her towards him, his hands now on her sides and kissed her gently seeing how she'd respond.

She moved her hands to his chest, she was going to push him away but the instant he slid his tongue against her lips, she kissed him back their tongue dancing with each other, their kiss was one full of passion, lust, love.

Her hands slid up to his neck and gripped it kissing him harder, Scott's hands went to her tits gently cupping them then letting his thumb and index finger of each hand find her nipples and start to pull them gently, Nicola moaned with pleasure into his mouth then he started kissing her jaw all the way along till he got to her ear then started nibbling on it causing her to moan with pleasure her right arm wrapped around his neck her hand on his head holding him there, her breathing became harder, which he liked.

Scott continued what he was doing for a few minutes, Nicola tried to wrap her legs around him but the sheet she was wearing wouldn't let her. She could feel herself getting wet between her legs with what Scott was doing to her.

"Please...Scott.....I need to move...." she said between pants

"Not yet babe" he whispered in her ear

With that he kissed down her neck and loosened the sheet she was wearing seeing her breasts, tummy, and shaven pussy, one of his hands went to one of her breasts and toyed with her nipple pulling and pinching it, his mouth went to the other nipple and sucked it like a new born baby and his other hand went to her clit and gently stroked it, this made her moan louder than before her hands went to Scott's head pulling him off her nipple and kissed him passionately.

He continued playing with her clit and nipples, she wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him closer to her and wrapped her arms around his neck her panting becoming harder as he picked up the pace on her clit then slipped two of his fingers in her pussy reaching her G-spot and rubbed it while playing with her clit with his thumb making Nicola bite her bottom lip with pleasure knowing she was about to cum, Scott sensed this and the nibbled on the neck the sensation made her go over the edge and scream his name and held him even tighter.

Scott waited till she came down from her orgasm and started kissing her again and again,

"Mmmmmmmm Scott please let's go to bed"

She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms back around his neck, Scott slipped one hand under her bum and the other around the base of her spine and picked her up and headed to the bedroom.

When they got to the bedroom Scott placed Nicola on the bed kissing her passionately, as they both lay on the bed Nicola got up and reached down took off Scott's boxers off. Scott moved and sat on the edge of the bed as Nicola got on her knees. She looked up at him then took the tip on his 8 inch cock in her mouth and sucked gently then bobbed her head back and forth on it taking 3 inches of his cock in her mouth and sucking it running her teeth against his shaft making him moan, she continued sucking his cock till he pulled her off,

"You gotta stop that babe I'll cum if you don't stop soon".

She got up and kissed him pushing him back on the bed and climbed on top on him,

"Oh no you don't babe I like being on top"

Saying that Scott rolled Nicola on to her back and kissed her. Sliding her hand down to his cock Scott caught her hand and pinned it above her head and smiled at her bent over and whispered in her ear,

"Keep your hand there"

Then took his cock and rubbed her wet slit with the tip then pushed the head in her love tunnel she gasped, then he thrust in hard and deep making her moan loudly.

He thrust in and out of her she started meeting his thrusts moaning in unison she mumbling words not making proper sentences but Scott understood and picked up the pace soon she was milking him of his cum as they both came.
Scott rolled of her and lay beside her holding her, she placed her head on his chest and her hand stroking his stomach,

"That was"

"Amazing" he finished her sentence

She pulled up the covers and they both drifted off into a deep sleep.

She woke up about 10am to find Scott had already been up, he put her clothes in the washing machine and placed one of his shirts at her side of the bed. She got up and put the shirt on buttoning only a couple of buttons then headed out of the bedroom Scott had already made breakfast for them. She was starving and ate some toast and the door went. Scott went and answered it, it was Justin, Nicola heard him and went into the kitchen as she heard Justin shouting at Scott.

Justin pushed past Scott and walked into his living room,

"Where's Nicola" he asked.

"None of your business Justin now get OUT" Scott said half shouted.

"I'm not leaving here she's not at home she's not at her aunts and only orher place she'd come is here so where is she" Justin said.

Nicola walked out of the kitchen and went and stood just behind Scott and asked what he wanted and he said he was sorry for what happened then half way though his apology he asked why she was wearing Scott's shirt Nicola walked up to him and told him they were over and she was now with Scott.

"You're sure a slut you know that" Justin shouted at her

SMACK!!! She slapped him across the face he turned and punched her on the side of her face making her fall against Scott's glass table and went crashing through it. With that Scott started hitting Justin hard till Justin was on the ground then smelled blood Nicola's blood. Scott grabbed Justin and threw him out the door and locked the door.

He went over to Nicola seeing she had a few cuts on her arms but could sense there was more than just the cuts he seen. Nicola was started to go cold when Scott moved her he seen that she had a large piece of glass in her back and a piece of metal in her top thigh. He only had two opinions turn her into a vampire or let her drink some of his blood but first he'd have to remove the glass and metal from her which would cause her a lot more pain. He decided to move her and let her drink his blood. He pulled the glass and metal out of her she screamed as he did so then grabbed a piece of glass and cut his wrist them put it to her mouth and told her to drink. She drank his blood till he stopped her, she started to heal. Scott picked her up and carried her to his bed and let her sleep.

A few hours after Nicola woke up she stretched and slipped out of the bed and realised that Scott must have took the shirt off she was wearing she decided to wrap herself in the duvet cover and find Scott. He was asleep on the sofa he had cleaned up the broken glass table and her blood on the floor. She thought he looked so angelic she moved to up to him and kissed him softly on his lips, he suddenly woke up and kissed her back pulling her onto his lap.

"You ok" he asked.

"Yeah I'm fine Scott a little bit of a mess though" gestering to the blood the was dried in on her back.

He stood up and carried her to the bathroom and took the duvet cover off her body and started the shower he also took his clothes off and got in it with her and started washing her back then soaped up his hands he began washing her tits, stomach, pussy and ass, then gently massaged her back getting her turned on, making her moan god how he loved to make her moan. Soon she was begging him to fuck her to which he replied,

"All in good time".

He picked her up and took her to the bed. He pushed her over the edge of the bed as he ran his hand up and down her back as his other hand started rubbing her clit making her even wetter. Then he slowly pushed his hard cock into her velvet folds of her pussy she was so hot wet and tight he slowly started fucking her, she started panting he knew she was getting close but wouldn't let her cum as he pulled out,

"Scott" she screamed "I was so close" she started getting up.

"Shh baby I know stay still" he said as he gently pushed her back down against the bed.

Her breathing became normal again and Scott started rubbing her ass cheeks and thighs he positioned his cock at her rear entrance,

"Scott no I've never done that".

"It'll be ok trust me" he said

He started rubbing her clit again and slowly and gently pushed into her ass it was so tight, she started sobbing, Scott knew she was in a bit of pain so he decided to thrust in fast and hold her till she got used to the feeling. He held her hips hard as she kept trying to pull away telling him it was hurting her. He thrust in fast and hard and she screamed, he stayed perfectly still so not to hurt her anymore.

"Shhh baby it'll be okay"

"It hurts Scott" she cried.

He pulled her up so she was leaning against his chest, he held her one arm around her tummy the other playing with her clit. He licked and kissed the back of her neck getting her to relax which she eventually managed to do, she got used to the feeling his cock in her ass, yes it hurt to start with but the pain slowly subsided and it started to feel a bit more pleasurable. She moved her hips forward a little then back on his cock, Scott took that as a sign she was ready and started to slowly fuck her, Nicola started moaning louder and louder telling Scott to fuck her harder, Scott didn't need telling twice he fucked her hard pushing her back down against the bed so he could fuck her harder and faster and deeper

"I'm gonna cummmm" she screamed.

This made Scott go as fast as he could he pulled her back up against him and started to bite her neck she started to cum as he bit her neck drinking her blood, his primal instincts kicked in, he couldn't stop himself. She cried out in pain as he had sank his teeth into her.

Scott decide to turn her make her one of his own so he quickly bit into his own wrist put it to her mouth and told her to drink, she did before she passed out.

He pulled out of her and lay her on the bed and cleaned himself up and got into bed beside her and whispered,

"I love you and always and forever"

And cuddled up to her and fell asleep beside her holding her close to him.

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