Chapters 30-34
Right once again if your reading this and this is the first part of my story that your reading go back and read from the beginning. any comments suggestions or criticisms are welcome just please keep in mind I'm not an English major I'm a combat medic. That said enjoy and thanks for reading

Chapter XXXI

Jeremy woke to find an unconscious Sunni laying across his chest his morning wood impaled in her clenching twat she rolled her hips slightly in her sleep. He cupped her ass and tickled her asshole with a finger and she gasped and opened her eyes. “Oh hi” she said sleepily.

“Good morning Sunni sleep well?”

“Fabulous” she said as she repositioned her self on his cock. Jeremy reached up to play with her perky breasts as she began to ride his engorged member. She leaned over so that he could taste her delectable breasts. He suckled her breasts as she bounced; Jeremy caressed her back and butt as she ground her hips against his. She began to thrust more urgently and the muscles of her sex contracted around his cock. Jeremy tensed as his balls tightened under the heady pleasure and then his cock-exploded electric sparks extended from his fingertips to his toes as his hands grabbed Sunni’s hips and he jammed her down on his erupting cock. She gasped as he kissed her, his fingers gently caressing her sweat soaked back.

A few minutes later he got up and went outside the other girls were already working, Jeremy went to work on rebuilding his canoe and soon Rachel and Annabel joined him. They worked the morning away getting the canoe at least partially finished before it started to rain.

Everyone hurried to the cave but it was soon obvious that it was just a passing tropical shower and they were soon back to work under the sun. Jeremy was on his way back to his boat project when Sunni appeared “Jeremy” she said reaching under his skirt and grasping his cock. “Can we?” Jeremy pulled up Sunni’s skirt and lifted her onto his cock and pressed her against a tree as she wildly humped her hips against him. Jeremy could feel cum starting to boil in his balls and Sunni wiggled free and took his pulsing rod in her mouth and sucked and jacked him into oblivion. She slurped and sucked his juice from his cock until his legs trembled and he begged her to stop. “Did I do okay she asked?”

“Was very nice” Jeremy said trying his damnedest to get his eyes to focus again. He half staggered away as Sunni giggled behind him. Jeremy managed to get a little more done before Rachel called them all in for supper. Shannon and Priscilla showed off the second dildo that they had finished and promised they were working on more. The girls were all pretty excited by that. And as darkness fell around the campfire Jeremy retired to his nearly finished hut. Inside were Sunni and Annabel. Sunni pushed him to the floor of the hut and straddled his face and Annabel apparently went to work sucking his cock.

Annabel skillfully brought him right to the edge as Sunni humped his face until she nearly crushed it between her thighs when she came. Annabel then started tonguing Sunni’s ass, Jeremy could see in the low light her face just over Sunni’s head as Sunni kissed and licked his chest. Then Sunni lowered herself onto Jeremy’s cock not like before it was a more difficult and tighter fit, Jeremy knew when his head popped past her sphincter that he was inside Sunni’s tight little asshole. She bottomed out before she started slowly sliding up and down his shaft, he noted that Annabel was sucking and licking his balls her finger gently probing his own ass as he took it all in. Sunni was apparently torn between touching Jeremy’s chest and her own as she rode up and down on his cock because she would reach out with one hand and tweak her nipple with the other. He could feel the pressure building as Sunni got more and more excited by the penetration until finally he exploded. Sunni moaned loudly as she felt his boiling hot cum fill her bowels. She let him slowly slip out of her ass and she disappeared out of the hut for some time. She returned to find Annabel slurping noisily on Jeremy’s cock.

Chapter XXXII

It was morning and Jeremy untangled himself from the two women sharing his bed and he walked outside. He walked over to his calendar and marked the day. He then went to the Japanese base and started working on moving one of the huge engines. He got it moved to one over to the hangar with the help of a wheelbarrow and quite a lot of straining and then he was able to move it into position with the help of a chain hoist. He got it all pretty well connected and rested for a bit. He walked back to the camp; on his way he found Shannon and Tiffany working on their wooden aids.

“Oh Jeremy would you tell Tiffany?”

“What?” Jeremy asked

“That you got me pregnant?”

“I did?”

“Yeah that was me you fucked on the night of the storm”

“That doesn’t mean you’re pregnant”

“I so want to be though.”

“Bitch” Tiffany said

“Oh don’t worry he’s got plenty of baby batter in that big cock of his for you too”

“Yeah but when am I going to get basted” Tiffany asked

“I guess you will have to wait your turn” Shannon said

“Why do I have to wait my turn?” You didn’t

“Ladies, the last thing we need is everyone having a baby at the same time.”

“Its not fair master” Tiffany pleaded “Please fill me with your hot baby maker so I can have your baby too”
“Look Tiffany if Shannon is pregnant we will talk about it not before”

“But that could be weeks?”

“It could but in the mean time you’re going to have to live with things the way they are”

“I still say it’s not fair”

“Tough titties” Shannon said

“Oh I’ll give you tough titties” Tiffany promised as Jeremy proceeded down the path.

Back at camp Naomi was just returning from a gathering trip she looked a little green “You okay Naomi?”

“I’m fine” she burped “Just some of this fruit smells awful” and this morning I felt like shit warmed over”

“I hope your not getting sick,” Jeremy said “That would be bad”

“I don’t think so” Naomi burped again “I think I maybe you know”

“You know what” Sara asked

“Nothing” Naomi said burping again

“What’s wrong with you Naomi,” Sara asked, “you have been weird all day?”

“I’m fine” Naomi assured her belching loudly this time

“If you say so,” Sara said

Jeremy spent the better part of the afternoon working on the canoe and it was nearly finished by the time it got dark.

Chapter XXXIII

Days turned into weeks and it was time for another lottery again, This time it was Tiffany, Naomi’s daily bouts of nausea continued and it was clear at least to Jeremy and Naomi and Nicole that she was pregnant though Naomi did her best to hide the fact. It was early morning when Jeremy took Tiffany and Nicole with him in the canoe to see what could be seen of the other island. They had not been back since well before the storm. They landed the canoe and Jeremy told the two girls to stay with it while he went and looked around. He covered the island in half an hour and found no signs of life. He went to his secret cave and harvested another pile of obsidian and cut a good amount of cane from the cane break. He tied it into a neat little bundle and lashed it to the outrigger.

“There is something I want to do Tiffany said before he could push the boat into the water.”

“What’s that?”

“Well last time we were here I got to taste your cum for the first time now your little slave girl wants to ride back to the other island with it tripping out of her.” Nicole just shook her head as Tiffany posed against the rock outcrop. Tiffany stuck her boyish ass out and tilted her hips down and looked over her shoulder.
“Well how about it big boy” Tiffany asked flipping up her skirt and displaying her thick-lipped pussy to both Nicole and Jeremy. Jeremy took the hint and lifted the front of his own skirt and probed her pussy with the swollen tip. He pushed just a few inches in at a time taking long shallow strokes as Tiffany wiggled her hips and groaned in anticipation. “Please” she cried “Oh please?” he drove his thick rod in to the hilt and the next cry from Tiffany's lips went up an octave.

“What a lovely singing voice” Nicole chuckled moving up beside her as Jeremy plowed her swollen slit. Nicole removed her shirt and offered a distended nipple to the gasping Tiffany, who sucked at it wantonly. Nicole pulled off Tiffany's shirt while the other girl sucked on her breasts. Jeremy pounded Tiffany’s round taught ass with every stroke. Nicole played and twisted the other girl’s nipples, her breasts barely more than a swell on her chest. Tiffany grunted and groaned and then her eyes sort of crossed and she drooled all over Nicole’s chest as Jeremy groaned and blasted his load into her baby factory. Nicole and Jeremy launched the boat and then helped Tiffany get into it. They then loaded the rest of their cargo and started to paddle back.

The trip back was uneventful and they arrived at the island Jeremy landed the canoe and looked back as Tiffany stepped gingerly from the boat Nicole helped him unload. They arrived a few minutes behind Tiffany who was sitting under a tree next to Shannon who was apparently shoving several fingers into her friend. “It looks like he really did Tiff?” she said

“That means I can get pregnant soon?”

“Yeah, yeah, just rub it in”

“Tiffany I’ll be back in a little while”

“Hey Jeremy?”

“Don’t knock up Nicole or anyone else until I am sure I’m good and prego.” Jeremy laughed and walked into the trees following the path to the Japanese base Nicole followed behind him.

“So who do you like better.”

“Not a fair question Nicole”

“Okay who do you prefer to spend your time with?”

“You and Naomi… maybe Sara or Rachel.” Nicole made an approving noise and they came out of the brush to the base. He worked on tracking down the loose connection on the controls and after two hours of looking he found it. It took a bit of doing but he was able to splice the broken control wires back together. It wasn’t perfect but it shouldn’t come apart either and if he had to repair it in an emergency at least he knew where it was. He went back to moving the other two engines into the hangar. Nicole helped of course they rested in the cool cavernous area of the hangar their sweaty bodies sticking together.
“What do you think it will be like if we ever get back?”

“I think it will be hard to explain”

“I don’t care if it is Jeremy I’m with you no matter what”

“Well that’s nice to know Nicole actually it would be nice just to get back never mind all the what ifs”

“Oh be sure that Sunni will stick with you like glue and probably Tiffany and Shannon and well Annabel is a no brainer now. That’s five girls in your permanent harem maybe more who knows. Jeremy sighed at this comment. “Oh come on now Jeremy having a gang of girls at your beck and call to fulfill your every wish?”

“Nicole when will you get it through your head that I never wanted any of this?”

“But not only are you going to get it but maybe there will be more who want to be with the wonderful Jeremy.”

“For some reason I feel like many people will frown on this.”

“You think Joe and Gary are dead”, Jeremy nodded

“Most likely they are” he said

“Good riddance”

“Nicole they were people albeit not the best of people but people all the same and they didn’t deserve to drown in a storm any more than anyone else who dies that way.”

“Don’t worry too much about it Jeremy there was nothing you could have done”

“Wasn’t there?”

“No they were dangerous and evil and no matter what you did you could have never changed that.”

“Fine” its time we headed back we’ll see about mounting those other engine soon.”

“How long before you think she’ll be ready to fly?”

“Who can say depends on how long we have to work on it and how much”

“If you could work on it full time?”

“Assuming we find oil and fuel?”


“Two weeks on the outside”

“That soon?”

“Sure but I’m supposed to impregnate everyone before we leave the island.”


“And well until most everyone is knocked up I don’t see any real rush do you?”

“No not really” Nicole smiled “I did have one other thought?”

“What’s that?”

“Well in order to keep Annabel out of too much trouble I think you should knock her up very soon?”

“We already have two women whose pregnancies are almost too close together for me to be really comfortable”

“I know but just imagine if we made Annabel the” Nicole emoted air quotes “Nurse and let her breast feed for the majority when we can’t always you know”

“You are evil Nicole”

Nicole grinned, “I know” she yelped as Jeremy slapped her ass.

Chapter XXXIV

The camp was getting ready for the evening meal it was mostly fish that Rachel had caught she had trained with Jeremy’s spear for a week before she got the hang of it. The fruit had already started to grow back and after about a week of cleaning they were able to clean the salt water out of the travertine pool in the back of the cave. Jeremy got his food someone had figured out how to make plates out of the grass ropes that Sunni had been using for clothes. The plates were a little flimsy perhaps, but they worked. Jeremy was leaning against a rock when tiffany walked up to him. She held her plate in one hand and with the other stroked his cock and then pressed it into her warm moist slit. She rode him there in front of everyone eating morsels of food as she slowly slipped up and down on his pole. She also would offer up little tid bits to Jeremy as she chewed and bounced. The other girls watched with a bit of envy. Tiffany finished her plate and waited for Jeremy to finish before she really got down and started pounding her pussy against his hips. Jeremy grabbed her hips and thrust up as he erupted inside of Tiffany. Tiffany got up off Jeremy’s wilting tool and sucked and licked him clean giving the others a shot of her cum filled pussy. Jeremy retreated back to the hut though there were four more under construction. He stood just outside the door and watched the clear sky. The darkening blue slowly sparkling with stars…

“What are you looking at” Tiffany asked coming up behind him

“The stars” he said

“Why they are just stars, they are always the same aren’t they?”

“Nope here look watch them” Jeremy stood behind the smaller girl and put his arms around her as she looked up at the sky. “Now what was that all about at supper? I’m supposed to be the master I thought”

“You are I just thought since I…”

“You did? I’m the master remember? You told me that you were devoted have you changed your mind?”

“I’m sorry” she whimpered

“I’m not convinced” Jeremy said pulling at her pebble like nipples that capped her almost flat chest.

“Oh please Jeremy I mean it I’m sorry.” He twisted her nipple causing her to gasp.

“You wanted to be my slave girl?”


“You say you live to serve me?”

“Yes” she whimpered

“From now on you will beg me to fuck you” he smiled

“Yes master”

“I’ll want you in the morning to bring me breakfast and then before you eat I want you to ask any girl except Shannon if you could please eat her. If she says yes then I want you to eat her to an orgasm. Then you are to come to me and beg to suck my cock. If she says no however you will invite her to suck my cock, you must watch and cheer for her but you cannot touch yourself for the rest of the day at least until lunch time. When you will repeat the process until someone says yes understood?"

“Yes master but that means”

“That means that because you were an arrogant slut showing off in front of everyone you must pay a penance.”

“When you are finished with your penance I’ll fuck you again.”

“Yes master”

Jeremy walked into the hut and laid down. She started to lay down beside him. “No” he said… you don’t get to lie next to me until your penance is over. Tiffany lowered her head and exited the hut. Jeremy waited a little while before he peeked out and saw Tiffany lying in front of the door she was curled up in a little ball. She had apparently been crying for a little while. Jeremy had hated to do it but what she did was wrong, and she had said that she was his little love slave her and Shannon anyway. He had to do something to keep discipline and this had seemed like the best idea. Though he was sure that Naomi would disapprove, but the girl put herself at his service and she was taking liberties, punishment was necessary. The morning meal would be interesting.

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