A young high school tech nerd is tutored by an older woman in the lessons of love
Ellen Teaches Young Tech Boy A Lesson

By Ole Crannon -- based on an idea by JackassTales and ejls

[Author's Note: This story was inspired by a comment made by ejls in a forum post where she said "I had to have our 16 year old high school intern show me how to take a picture with my cell phone." Naturally, us DMOP's (Dirty Minded Old Perverts) immediately got raging hard ons from the visions that comment inspired and JackassTales commented "Horny Old Dog that I am, when I read this my thoughts immediately wanted me to ask you to write us a sex story about a 16 year old high school intern teaching an 'older woman' (who secretly writes sex stories) about taking cell phone pictures while she in turn teaches him about some more intimate things!"

Figuring if ejls either didn't or wouldn't take the bait to write a story of her own, the idea kept poking me - or was that just my hard on? - and I decided to write out my idea of what "could have been".

Obviously, names and places have been fabricated in this fantasy. And the usual warnings apply: Do not try this at home; Consult your Physician before undertaking any strenuous exercise; If your erection lasts more than four hours, consult your doctor or the Guinness Book of World Records; and No young man's virtue was taken or damaged during the making of this story. And folks, remember: This IS just a fantasy.

So this story is dedicated to ejls -whoever she is. With kindest regards --Ole ]


"Why do they always have to make these things so hard?" she thought, fumbling with the buttons, trying to figure out the menu choices on her new cell phone.

Ellen had just gotten the new phone because her wireless provider had changed their system and her familiar, plain old one that she'd had for several years wouldn't work on that network anymore. The nice young man at the wireless store had shown her several models but recommended this particular one because of all the new features it had, like an internal camera, and because it wouldn't be obsoleted right away.

Beep. Beep-beep. Beep. Pressing button after button, just trying to figure out how to get back to the main menu was frustrating her more and more. Exasperated, she fought the urge to throw the thing against the wall and instead pressed the power button until the phone turned off. At least she knew how to do that! Putting the phone in her purse, she hurried to the school. She had work to get done and fortunately none of it would require the use of a cell phone.

Arriving back at school, Ellen checked to see if she had any messages, then went to her classroom. She had about five minutes before the kids would troop through the door for the start of her afternoon classes. That gave her just enough time to unwrap her slightly soggy sandwich and eat it, washing it down with some bottled water. She was just barely finished when the first students burst into the room, giggling and laughing, and took their seats.

Afternoon classes went by uneventfully and after her last class, Ellen packed her grade book and class papers into her briefcase and headed for the computer lab. Her frustration with the new phone had irritated her and during one class, she suddenly realized that one of the smart computer techs might be able to help her figure out how to use it.

Entering the large room that held rows of computers, she saw it was pretty much empty of students. She was about to turn around and leave when she heard a noise in the room off to the side of the main room. As she walked toward it, she recognized the sounds as young male laughter. Approaching the door to the smaller room, which was slightly ajar, she heard male voices in quiet conversation.

"It's XNXX.COM. It has a crap load of hot porn on it. I just found out about it. It's got videos of all kinds, but there's a story part of it that is really kewl! I mean, if you like to read. Sometimes the stories are hotter than the videos are!" one male voice was saying.

A second male voice said, "I like watching the pornos best. I don't like to read that much."

The first voice said, "You don't know what you're missing. They've even got some really hot stories on there that're written by women that are pretty sexy. Just think what it'd be like if one of our teachers was writing hot porn stories and posting them online?"

"Aw, most of them are old biddies. They don't make me hot. I'd rather fuck Janice Swenson or Barbie Dawson. They both have smokin' hot bods," the second boy said.

"Yeah, but an older woman knows so much more about sex. And they can really get you off all kinds of ways," the first boy said.

"How do you know? You been fucking some old hag?" the second boy taunted.

"No. I just know a couple of guys whose computers I work on and they've said that they'd never had a ride like they did from an older woman. I just wonder what it'd be like with one," the first boy said.

Ellen was dumbfounded and extremely embarrassed to be eavesdropping on such a conversation. Although, she had to admit, it would be nice to have a virile young man to teach about sex and how to really treat a woman-- and treat her! But hearing the name of the website had given her a good scare. Without paying attention to where she was going, Ellen turned to quietly leave but bumped into a chair, making a bit of a noise. Flushing bright red, she tried to slip away when she heard a voice behind her.

"Uh, did you need something?" the first boy's voice said behind her. Ellen froze, hoping against hope that the two boys didn't realize that she had been listening to their private conversation.

Ellen turned to sheepishly face the young man, recognizing him as Aaron, the IT intern. She'd met him before when he had updated a computer in her classroom and he'd shown her how to access some files on the network.

Finding it hard to meet his gaze, Ellen said, "Uh, um... well, uh, I was... uh, wondering if... uh, someone could help me with my new phone. I just can't seem to figure out how to get it to do some things."

Aaron recognized her, smiled at her broadly and said, "Sure, Ms. Seaway. I'll be happy to help. Let's see what kind you have." He walked over to stand next to her. Still flushing from embarrassment, she dug the phone out of her purse and handed it to him. As he took it from her, his hand brushed hers and she felt a tingle of excitement run through her. Having listened to the two boy's conversation about porn and sex had gotten her a bit... well, aroused.

Aaron took the phone and opened it up, pressing the power button to turn it on. As he did this, the second boy emerged from the other room and she recognized him as Jordan Williams, who she'd had in one of her classes last year. He hadn't given her any trouble but he was quite a forward and aggressive boy. He was also very good looking, with an athletic, muscular build and a bold, cocky, jock air about him. Ellen had seen him with numerous tight bodied females hanging on to him and trying to impress him. She also knew that he wasn't what anyone would consider a deep thinker.

Jordan stood there, slouched against the wall with a slight smirk on his face while Aaron flipped through the menu options on the phone with rapid beep-beep-beeping sounds as he hit the buttons. After a little while, he looked at Ellen and said, "Did they give you a manual or a quickstart guide with this?"

Ellen nodded, embarrassed both by having eavesdropped on their privacy and because she felt so technologically illiterate. Here she had to have a sixteen year old boy teach a fifty something teacher how to use a simple cell phone. She could feel the hotness in her cheeks as she dug through her purse and found the instruction manual for the phone. She handed it to Aaron. He smiled warmly as he took it from her.

"Let's just see what the menu diagram says. This is a pretty elementary phone. Not like a blackberry or iphone or such. So it'll be easy once you know the basics of it." He flipped some pages of the book and found what he was looking for. Holding it open, he leaned closer to Ellen and started pointing out which buttons controlled what part of the menu and functions.

Ellen's embarrassment wasn't at all diminished as the young man leaned toward her and their shoulders touched. 'What's gotten into me', she thought. 'I can't let myself get aroused by this young man! It's wrong. And illegal!' she thought.

Nonetheless, while Aaron showed her how the phone worked, he didn't pull away from her. In fact, he seemed to move slightly closer and make even more contact with her. His words about an older woman knowing more about sex flashed through her mind and she wondered if he was, sort of, flirting with her.

"Hey, man, I'm gonna head over to the gym. I'll catch you later sometime and you can show me more of that website. OK?" Jordan said to Aaron, heading toward the door.

"Sure, dude. Catch ya later," Aaron said to him. Then to Ellen he said, "Here, let's sit down. It'll make it easier to go over this with you." Ellen sat down in the chair next to her and Aaron pulled another chair over close to hers and sat down. He scooted it close to her, ending up with his leg pressed against hers. She felt that tingle again from the warmth of his leg and she had to mentally shake herself to concentrate on what he was telling her.

"...and this button moves you down the menu... am I going to fast for you?" Aaron asked as he realized that Ellen wasn't following him.

"No, no. Um, I understand. Uh, I'm sorry. It's just that I'm not real good with these things. Go on."

"OK. Well, see you can just follow this menu and it will give you the options. If you branch off the main menu, you can usually push this key to go back to the previous screen. Understand?" he asked her.

Ellen said, "Yes," although she didn't have the foggiest notion of what he was talking about. His leg rubbing against hers each time he moved had her totally distracted. She could feel her cheeks getting hot again as her face flushed.

Aaron realized that it was going to take more than a quick, couple minute lesson to get her to understand the new gadget. Besides, she was very nice and it felt sexy pressing against her. He wondered if he dared take it any further with her.

"Ms. Seaway, I know these things can be a little complicated at first. This probably isn't the best place to try to figure it out. I've got to run some network programs right now, but I could stop by your place later on if you want and we could go over it so you'll know how it works."

"You'd do that?" Ellen asked. "I mean, I don't want to take up your time with this. I'm sure you have more valuable things you could be doing."

"No, it's OK. I've got some free time and I wouldn't mind at all." He handed her the phone and again his hand touched hers, with the same tingle that she'd felt before. Ellen resisted her initial reflex to pull away from him in fright. She didn't want him to think that his touch bothered her. On the contrary!

Right then, a male teacher entered the room. It was Don Bennett, the head IT teacher/supervisor. He said brightly, "Oh, hi Ellen. Is Aaron helping you with something? I didn't mean to intrude."

Ellen felt her cheeks burning again, and said, "Hi, Don. Yes, he was kind enough to try to show me how to work this new phone I just got. You know me. Tech stupid."

"Well, Aaron knows that stuff pretty well. He's been a big help to me here, interning. Let me know if I can do anything." Don walked past them to go into the little IT office that the two boys had been in. Aaron pulled out his own pda/phone/gadget/gizmo, flipped the keyboard open and started quickly tapping keys with his thumbs.

"What's your phone and address. I'll call before I stop by. OK?" he said to her with a smile. Ellen gave him her phone number and address and he entered it into the gadget.

Ellen started to put the manual and phone in her purse when Don called out, "Aaron! Could you come here?" The tone of voice indicated that it wasn't a question, but a command and that it should be obeyed instantly.

"Yessir!" the boy said and smiled apologetically to Ellen. He got up and hurried into the office. Ellen got up and moved toward the main doorway, but hesitated long enough so that she could hear the first part of their conversation.

"WHAT IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE?" Don thundered at the boy. He had obviously found something that wasn't to his liking. Ellen suddenly remembered the two boys talking about that certain porn site they were looking at.

"I'm sorry sir. One of the other students stopped by and had a question. When Ms. Seaway came in, I guess I left him alone here for a few little while. I'm sorry sir. I'll make sure that's blocked from the network," Aaron told his supervisor.

"Harrummph! Well, see to it that you do," the man said. "And don't allow any of the students in here alone. This is exactly the kind of thing we're here to prevent. Now, go. I'll finish network backups here."

"Yes sir!" Aaron said. Ellen quickly headed out of the door before either of the two males could know that she had overheard them. As she headed to her car, Ellen could still feel the lovely warmth on her thigh where Aaron's leg had pressed against hers. She could just imagine what it would be like to have his bare thighs against hers and what was between those legs pressed into... 'Ellen! Snap out of it!' she thought to herself as she unlocked the car and got in.

As much as she tried, the erotic visions of the strong young man pressing against her flitted through her mind. She almost ran a stop sign because of the daydreams. By the time she got home and went inside, her panties were soaked. She dropped her briefcase on the floor and threw her purse on the couch, plopping herself down. What kind of a dirty slut was she, getting turned on by a sixteen year old boy?

"A horny old slut," she said to herself as she reached under her dress and rubbed her slit through the soaked panties. "My God, did he make me this wet?" she thought. Obviously. She leaned over and opened the drawer of the end table and got out her favorite vibrator. It was the biggest one she could find that she could actually fit into her, and when it was in her she felt so nicely stuffed and full. Slipping her panties off and working the end of it up and down her slit to get it lubed, she started to slide it up into her. It took a minute, but soon she had it in to the hilt. "Now for the fun," she thought and turned on the switch to make it vibrate.

"Aaaaaiiiiiiiiieeeeee", she wailed as the monster started churning inside her. "God, I love this thing!" she thought. For the next ten minutes, Ellen brought herself to one orgasm after another, fantasizing about the young stud Aaron fucking the ever loving daylights out of her.

When she had exhausted herself and finally scratched the itch that she'd had since overhearing the two boys talking, she cleaned off the vibrator and made something to eat. While she ate, she realized that it would be a good idea to take a quick shower so she didn't smell so badly of hot, used pussy. She cleaned the dishes and then headed in to the shower.

The hot needle spray of the water felt good and soothed her, although she had a hard time keeping the visions of the two boys from her mind. She couldn't get the thought of both of their hard teen bodies, bulging muscles and rippling abs from intruding, well accompanying, her under the water.

Finally, she turned the shower off, got out and dried herself. Wrapping her wet hair with a towel, she threw on a robe and went into the living room to get the papers out of her briefcase. Sitting down at the dining room table, she quickly worked through them, penciling in a grade on each one.

Once that chore was completed, she went back to the bathroom and blow dried her hair. Brushing her hair out, she was startled when she faintly heard the front door bell. Unplugging the dryer, she pulled the robe about her and went to the front door. Hiding slightly behind it, she opened it and saw Aaron standing there.

"Um, I'm sorry, Ms. Seaway. I called a little while ago but there wasn't any answer. I was on my way so I just headed over here. I can come back if this isn't a good time for you," the young man said sincerely.

"No, no, Aaron. This if fine. I guess I was in the shower and didn't hear the phone ring. Please come in. I really do appreciate you helping me out like this." Ellen ushered him into the living room, holding the robe tightly about her. Aaron sat down at the end of the couch. "Let me go put some clothes on," she said.

"Oh, that's OK. You don't have to get all dressed again just for me." He smiled at her. "Where's that manual? We should be able to figure everything out in no time."

Ellen blushed but sat down on the couch and picked up her purse. She pulled out the phone and the manual and handed both of them to the young boy. He took them and flipped the phone open, turned it on and then opened the manual up. Holding it open to the menu page, he started pointing out and explaining the various options. Ellen couldn't see the print or diagram from where she was at the other end of the couch, so he moved over closer to her to point them out to her. Again, his thigh pressed against hers and Ellen felt the thrill run through her. And again, she had a hard time concentrating on what he was saying and showing her, and he had to repeat several things.

Finally, Aaron handed the phone to Ellen and said, "Here, you hold it and I'll show you how to navigate the menu. That way, it'll be easier for you to remember if you do it while I show you." Ellen's hands were shaking a bit but she tried to follow what he was showing her. Concentrating hard on trying to understand the menu structure, Ellen didn't realize that the robe had fallen open and Aaron had quite a good view of the inner swell of her breasts all the way down to her crotch. This time, it was HIS turn to blush. He tried to keep her attention on the phone so she didn't see his flush or realize just how much of a view he had of her body. And how much he was enjoying that view. She had a trim body for an older lady. She'd obviously taken care of herself over the years. While her breasts had some sag, they looked quite nice. Just a handful, he thought. And following down her stomach, he could see the top of her slit. No hair down there! Damn, that was HOT! And she smelled so nice.

While Ellen wasn't aware of how much of a show she was giving the young man, she was quite aware of the heat of his body next to hers. She focused her attention on the phone and tried to follow his instruction, but when he took her hand in his to steady the phone while he pushed a key, the pleasure of his touch almost made her gasp.

Her heartbeat quickened at the touch and she looked up from the phone into Aaron's eyes. She found him looking back into hers. To cover her embarrassment she blurted out, "So you like to read a lot, huh?" Although Ellen had let it slip unintentionally to cover her embarrassment, Aaron's eyes grew wide as he realized that she had probably heard his and Jordan's conversation in the computer room earlier today.

"Wh...wh...where did you hear that?" Aaron stammered guiltily.

Now it was Ellen's turn to blush again and she said, "Oh, uh, I just heard... I mean I figured since you...ummmm, asked for the manual and... uh, stuff."

Aaron might have been young but he wasn't born yesterday. He looked at her and said, "Uh, just how much did you hear, anyway? I mean, in the computer room today?"

"Oh, well, not much. Just the two of you talking about reading on a website and such," Ellen managed to get out without stammering too badly.

"Uh, do you like to read like that, Ms. Seaway?" Aaron asked her. "I mean, websites like that?"

"Well, I... I... I... ummm. Well, I do like to read a lot. And sometimes I like to write some things," Ellen said quietly.

She realized that Aaron was still holding her hand. His touch thrilled her. Ellen wasn't quite thinking with her normal, rational mind and for some reason decided to tell him something that she probably normally shouldn't.

"Aaron, I sometimes write stories and put them on that website," she said.

This time it was Aaron's turn to keep from gasping in surprise. He looked at her. "You... you... uh, you write some of those stories? I mean, some of the hot ones?" he managed to get out.

Ellen looked away and nodded slightly. "Yes. Well, probably not the ones you'd consider 'hot'. I write romance type stories. You know, mushy stuff that boys like you probably don't like that much."

"Oh, wow! You mean they do things in them, though? I mean, like it IS a porn site. Some of the stories I've read that were written by women were, like, pretty interesting. I mean, like showing what it's like from the woman's point of view. Oh, wow!" Aaron sputtered out. "I mean, like, uh, do you write stuff from experience or is it all just fantasy? Like a lot of the stuff the guys write, you just know they made it all up."

"Well, you never know, do you?" Ellen said, wryly. "That's the interesting thing about writing. And reading. Is it fiction or is it real?"

"But in your stories, do your people... um, like do things?" Aaron asked a bit shyly.

"You mean, do they have sex? Certainly. It's a sex site, after all. That's pretty much the whole object," Ellen told him.

"Oh, wow! This is great!" Aaron said. Ellen almost had to laugh. He seemed so knowledgeable and fluent when it came to gadgets like computers and cell phones, but he reverted to single syllable words when it came to topics concerning sex.

"Aaron, dear. You seem like a nice boy. Have you had sex yet? I'm sorry. You don't have to tell me if it embarrasses you."

The boy blushed but said, "Uh, yeah, I have. A couple of times."

"And I suspect it was with a Tiffany or a Britney or such, right?" Aaron nodded sheepishly. "And did you get off?" Ellen asked him.

"Uh, yeah," Aaron answered.

"More importantly, did Tiffany or Britney get off too?" she asked him, grinning.

"Uh, yeah. Well, I think so," came the embarrassed reply. "At least they moaned a lot. It sounded like it."

Ellen smiled and said, "OK, did they claw at your back or scream loud enough to wake the dead or almost pass out?"

"Uh, no. Is that what they're supposed to do?" he asked sheepishly.

"Aaron, you're a lovely boy, but have you learned anything from your reading on that porn site? Especially from the stories that the women wrote?" Ellen asked him gently.

When no answer was forthcoming, Ellen made a decision. She said, "Dear, you're helping me out a lot with this tech stuff. If you can be very discreet and keep this strictly between the two of us, I'll help you out with some things that will help you with the young ladies. OK?"

His eyes widened and he said, "You mean, you'll let me... I mean, we can, like... uh..." The very confident young tech had been reduced to the stammering young boy that he was. Ellen grinned inwardly. This could be fun. It'd been a long time since she had such a young one. Actually, thinking back, she never had. One this young, that is.

Raising one arm up to put it around him, and suddenly realizing just how much her robe had revealed to him, she looked at him seriously. "Aaron, I'm sure you're a very considerate lover. But maybe there's a few things that I can help you with. Would that be alright?"

Aaron nodded mutely. He really had been pretty much of a nerd and the two girls he had gotten with had been pretty easy. One had let him do her for helping her out with some math quizzes and the other was known to screw just about anyone who was close to her when she got horny. So his 'experience', such as it was, certainly didn't make him a considerate lover. In fact, most of the time he just beat off to the sex stories on XNXX.COM.

Ellen's hand on his neck pulled him to her and she kissed him tenderly. He kissed back tentatively and then reached up to grab both of her bare breasts and started kneading them. After roughly pawing at her, he pushed Ellen down on the couch and started to tear his shirt off. Ellen watched in amusement as he got his shirt off and fell forward against her, rubbing his bare chest against her bare breasts and kissing her.

After a very few seconds of this, Ellen pushed away and said, "Whoa, cowboy. Grab a handful of reins and pull those horses in. This isn't a pony express route where you ride 'em fast and hard. This's a slow ride in the moonlight where you enjoy the whole thing."

Aaron pulled back to look at her and said, "What do you mean?"

"Honey, sometimes a girl will like it fast and rough. But I can guarantee you, most of the time they want you to be gentle and considerate so that you both can share in the good feelings. Now, sit back up there and let me show you," Ellen told him.

Aaron sat back up and she sat up and scooted close to him, putting her arm around his shoulders and pulling him to her. With the other hand, she softly rubbed his chest as she kissed him and darted her tongue in and out of his mouth, teasing him with it. Then she let her hand drift down to rub on his hard cock which was tenting his pants. Aaron groaned into her mouth at that touch.

Pulling back, Ellen told him, "Now, stand up and let's get you out of those clothes." Aaron jumped up and quickly started tearing at his belt and pants. Ellen grabbed his hands to stop him and said, "Whoa, cowboy. Slow down. Let me help you."

With that she undid his belt and unfastened the front of his pants. Leaning forward, she licked around his belly button then down as she pulled his pants down at the same time. Once his pants pulled down over his hard cock, she took the tip of it in her mouth as she pushed his pants down to the floor. Aaron groaned with the stimulation and sheer pleasure.

Ellen realized that she had two choices. Suck him off real quick so he could then better make love to her and last longer or to be very careful not to stimulate him too much before he got that wondrous rod into her hot cunt. Aaron's moans were getting a bit louder and faster, so she pulled her mouth back off his cock and looked up at him.

She stood up, taking his hand in hers and said, "Come," leading the way to her bedroom. If she was going to do this, she at least wanted to be comfortable and a bed would be the best place for that. When they got to her bedroom, Ellen sat down on the bed with Aaron standing in front of her.

"Honey, I want you to take this real slow. We've got plenty of time, so don't rush it. I'm going to help you and believe me, you're gonna love it," Ellen told him. Laying back onto the bed, she pulled him down on top of her, then helped him maneuver so they were laying side by side. She gave him a long kiss then said, "I want you to use your mouth to pleasure me. Don't worry, I'll help you and tell you what to do." She held one breast up for him to suck on. He took the nipple in his mouth almost hungrily and started sucking like a hoover.

"Aaron, dear. Gently. Just suck lightly and use your tongue. Swirl it around the nipple and enjoy the taste and feeling," she told him. He followed her directions and she moaned with pleasure as he ministered to her tit. Then she told him, "Now, the other one. Can't ignore the other one." He switched to the other one and did a little spit shine on it. Ellen was really starting to enjoy this.

"Now, move down, licking your way down. You know where I want you to end up, but don't hurry," she guided him. Aaron happily followed her directions, slowly licking at her body as he went. He was amazed at how sensuous it felt doing that and he continued until he was down between her legs. Ellen spread them and used her hands to pull her lips apart, opening herself up for his tongue. Seeing what she wanted, he applied his tongue to the pink tissues of her hole. To his surprise, the taste wasn't all that bad. In fact, the way it felt and with how turned on he was, it wasn't half bad at all, especially when Ellen moaned loudly with pleasure. He stopped licking and looked up at her. Ellen grabbed his ears and pulled his mouth down onto her snatch, saying, "C'mon baby. Box lunch at the Y. Enjoy. I know I am."

The young boy didn't get that, but he did start licking again. Ellen used his ears as handles to guide his mouth and tongue to her clit. Once he hit it, she bucked and squealed, letting him know that he was indeed over the target. As Ellen shuddered and moaned and shook as he licked on and around her clit, Aaron thought, "Wow, this is slick." His tongue was getting a bit tired when Ellen's legs spasmed and she pulled his face hard against her, her body shaking while she shrieked loudly with an orgasm. Apparently this was what she was talking about earlier when referring to a girl's orgasm. He smiled inwardly, feeling pretty good that he could bring her off like that. His cock was rock hard and he felt that he was about ready to spurt without anything even touching it. God this was fantastic!

Still holding him by his ears, Ellen raised his head up to look at her. "OK, big boy, now let's get that thing in me and get you off." She pulled him up her until he was kneeling between her legs, his hard shaft banging at the entrance of her bare, moist slot.

Ellen pulled him down to give him a kiss and then said, "Gently, now, stud. Slip that thing into me slowly so we both can enjoy it as it goes in. OK, sweety?" He nodded and reached down to guide his cock in between her labia. When he felt the hole against his cock head, he slowly slid it into the tight tunnel of hot flesh. Holy shit, it felt good to him. It had felt good the other two times, but this was even better. Once he was all the way into her, Ellen let go of his ears and lifted her legs up. "Put my legs over your shoulders, dear, and then you can start battering me with that lovely cock of yours."

Putting his arms under her legs and getting them up on his shoulders, he felt the bottom of Ellen's vagina against the head of his cock. Pulling back until he was almost out, he plunged back in until he again struck the back wall of her cunt. Ellen moaned with pleasure.

"Be careful you don't push too awfully hard back there. It can hurt if you do. But you fill me up wonderfully, dear. Go ahead and work it in and out."

Aaron followed her directions, the pleasure mounting as he drove in and out. It didn't take any time at all before Aaron felt that familiar tightness and he started spurting his cum up into the woman's cunt. Abandoning himself to the pleasure he thrust into her and threw his head back and groaned. Ellen frigged her clit and came again shortly after he did.

Aaron couldn't hold himself up and he shrugged Ellen's legs off his shoulders and they dropped down so he could lay down beside her. She rolled with him so his cock stayed in her until it got so soft that it slipped out from between her cum slicked lips. They lay there for a few minutes, trying to catch their breath. Once Ellen had calmed down a little, she leaned over and kissed Aaron. Then she slid down his body to take his cock into her mouth and lave it, savoring the taste of his cum and her own cunt juices. When she had sucked him clean, she got up and walked to the bathroom. Getting a warm washcloth and cleaning herself up, she walked back to the bed and knelt down to gently wash Aaron's cock with the warm cloth. Through half lidded eyes, the boy watched her in amazement.

As she ministered to his cock, the stimulation started to get it to harden again. After all, this was a sixteen year old boy who could do that. Ellen grinned and set the cloth aside, wrapping both hands around the shaft and gently stroking up and down. Aaron groaned loudly. She knew it would take a bit for him to cum again now that he'd just cum, so she wasn't worried about stimulating him too much. She slowly and lovingly stroked his cock, then leaned down to swirl her tongue around the head, flicking the tip over the opening of his pee hole. The boy's moans let her know that he was enjoying it.

Grinning, Ellen crawled back up Aaron's body, rubbing her breasts against him all the way. She shivered at the feeling. Lying down next to him, she gave him a kiss and said, "So what do you think of your lesson so far, dear?"

"Oh, wow!" was about all that Aaron could get out. Apparently his vocabulary was diminished in inverse proportion to the amount of blood going to his cock. Ellen grinned. "Just lay there and relax. We've got plenty of time. Unless you have something better to do?" Aaron shook his head 'no' mutely, but at least didn't say "Oh, wow" again.

Ellen stroked Aaron's chest, leaning down to give him a kiss once in a while. When he started kissing her back and fondling her breasts, she moved her hand down and wrapped it around his cock, making him groan. She said, "You've got a nice cock. It feels really good inside me. But remember that it isn't the only thing. You got me off just with your mouth and tongue. That was really nice. Did you like it?"

Aaron nodded. Ellen continued stroking him and said, "That's your first lesson. You can make a girl feel good with more than your cock. Although, I do have to admit, that cock feels pretty good." She continued to stroke his hard rod, making sure it was nice and hard. Then she leaned down and whispered in his ear, "Think you're ready to go again, stud?"

With a gulp, Aaron nodded to her. Ellen said, "OK, that's your second lesson. Just 'cuz you've cum once doesn't mean that's the end and everything's over. Women can cum multiple times without much time in between. I think you saw that. But males have what's called a refractory period, where you have to get your tubes charged up again. But with a little tender loving care, you can see that you'll be up for another one pretty quickly. So if you're a considerate lover, you get your girl off and then you can get off. And if you have the time, you can do it again and get both of you off again. Sorta like double your pleasure, double your fun. None of that 'wham-bam-thank-you-maam' stuff. OK?"

Aaron nodded and cleared his throat. "Umm, Ms. Seaway, can I ask you something?"

"Certainly, Aaron. Anything," she said.

"Well, uh, are you, like on the pill or something like that? Because I really didn't realize that we were going to do this and I didn't bring a condom. I don't want for you to get pregnant," he said sincerely concerned.

Ellen had to laugh. "Honey, thank you for worrying about that. But it's a little late, don't you think? From now on, when you're with a young lady, you'd better make sure ahead of time that she's protected or you are. Get it?" Ellen said squeezing his hardon. Aaron nodded. "But I have to tell you that you don't have to worry with me. I'm a bit beyond what they call 'child bearing years'. So you don't have to worry about how much of your yummy cum you shoot into me." She grinned and kissed him.

"So, umm, Ms. Seaway. Do you write about things like this in your stories?" Aaron asked her.

"Yes, dear. Just like this," she told him.

"Oh, wow!" he said. Ellen looked down and stroked his cock again, confirming her theory about his vocabulary.

"Dear, you're going to have to be a little more articulate if you're going to 'wow' the ladies," Ellen said chuckling. "Let me give you a little hint. Here, get up here and talk to me." She laid back down and helped Aaron up on one elbow so he was over her. She leaned up and kissed him, then laid back down. "Now tell me how you feel."

"Oh, wow, Ms. Seaway, you're unbelievable. That was so good," Aaron got out.

"So how do my breasts feel," she asked him, pulling one of his hands up to cover one of her breasts.

"They feel so neat, Ms. Seaway," Aaron said, rubbing her breast.

"Honey, a girl wants you to tell her how good she makes you feel and how good her body feels to you. Now try again." She put her hand on his and held his fingers to show him how to softly tweak her nipple.

Aaron said, "Your breasts feel so nice and your skin is so soft. I love just touching you and feeling you all over." He smiled down at her.

Ellen leaned up again and kissed him and said, "That's nice. That sounded like your really meant it."

With a big grin, Aaron said, "I did. Every word. You're amazing!" He bent his head down and gave Ellen a deep, hot kiss with lots of tongue. At least he didn't need tutoring with that part. Or much, anyway.

When they broke apart, Ellen took a deep breath. 'Wow' she thought, grinning to herself about using Aaron's vocabulary. To Aaron she said, "OK, stud, what would you like to do? I'm yours to do what you want with."

"Uhhh, well, I dunno. I hadn't thought about it. Uh, what do you want to do?" Aaron said.

"I'd like to feel that big cock in me again, that's what I'd like. But I want to do what you'd like. I've pretty much done different things, so I'll help you try out what you want." She reached one hand up to stroke his cheek while her other hand still gently rubbed his hard cock. "What have you read about or watched videos of on that you'd like to try? Anything in particular?"

"Uhhh, what's the doggy position? Is that good for the girl?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah, honey. That's very nice." Ellen got up and got on her hands and knees. "Get behind me and put that gorgeous cock in me and we'll see how you like it. I know I will."

Aaron quickly got up behind her and rubbed his cock up and down her slit, then slid it into her hole again, gasping at the feeling of her warm membranes sliding over his hard cock.

"Feels good, doesn't it sweety?" Ellen asked him.

Aaron just nodded and started thrusting into her. Ellen let him work his cock in and out of her for a while then looked back over her shoulder and said, "Would you like to shoot in my mouth this time, instead of in my cunt?" Aaron's face lit up and he nodded vigorously, his thrusts becoming harder and faster. Ellen said, "OK, lover, when you get about ready to blow, you let me know and I'll pull off and get my mouth on you. OK?" She grinned as he nodded again to her and started thrusting harder and faster. He grabbed her hips and pulled her hard into him as his cock drove in and out of her. It didn't take long before he said, "Oh, damn, I'm gonna cum!"

Ellen pulled forward off him, then quickly flipped around and took his hard cock in her mouth. Pulling off him had slowed him from cumming, but her warm mouth enveloping his hard cock brought him right back and soon he was spraying her tonsils with his creamy, white cum. Ellen kept her mouth glued to his cock, taking every drop of cum he could give her. After he finally quit spurting and thrusting into her mouth, she slowly pulled back off his cock. Tilting her head back, Ellen looked up at the boy and opened her mouth to show it full of his cum. Then she slowly swallowed every bit of it and grinned up at him.

"Like that, stud?" she asked him. All he could do was nod and drop down onto the bed. Ellen laid down beside him and stroked his chest, running her hand up and down it. "Ok, two out of three. So far so good." She grinned at him. Aaron was a little exhausted and didn't catch her meaning until quite a few seconds later.

"You mean...?" he stammered out.

"Yes, dear, unless you've got some more pressing engagement that you have to rush off to, we can relax a while and when you're ready, you can find out what it's like to put that wonderful cock into my ass. Think you can handle that or do you want to take a rain check?" Ellen asked him, grinning.

"Oh, wow!" he said again, reverting to his limited vocabulary. "Uhh, I... well... uh..." he stammered. "No, I don't have anything else to do. I can call home and let them know I'll be home later on. Oh my God, you're amazing."

"Thanks, dear. A girl never tires of hearing that. I'm glad you like it," she told him with a big smile. Then she gave him a peck on the cheek and got up to get the wash cloth warmed up again. While she was in the bathroom, she grabbed the bottle of mouthwash and had a quick gargle, so he wouldn't be turned off by the smell or residual taste of his own semen. Then she swabbed herself good and took the warm washcloth back to the bed and knelt over him, lovingly cleaning his cock.

"Usually, if you're going to be a considerate lover, it would be good if you got up and got the wash cloth and cleaned your lover for her. She'll appreciate it. And make her want to do it for you, too," she said. Then she laid down beside him and hugged him to her.

After a while he pulled back. "God, Ms. Seaway, I don't know how to tell you how great you are. This is just so rad."

"Well, dear, you'd better start doing some research on that website and have a few endearing phrases ready to whisper into your lover's ear. They don't have to be very elaborate, just sincere. OK?" Ellen was rather enjoying this whole thing no matter how much she realized that she probably shouldn't be doing it.

They laid in bed for a while, then Ellen got up and fixed them something to eat, since it was way past any dinnertime. Aaron called home and made some excuses.

She brought the food back to the bedroom and they sat on the bed, eating. Aaron was very curious about the stories she wrote and asked questions about them. After they had finished eating, they sat and had a very nice talk for a while. As any discussion of porn does, it got Aaron's cock back to rock hardness again. Ellen enjoyed stroking and fondling it and Aaron wasn't too averse to her doing it either. The subject eventually got around to anal sex.

Aaron asked, "Does it hurt to take it there?"

"It can be very uncomfortable or even painful if you aren't careful. The sphincter will stretch, but you have to be gentle about it. Lots of lube will make it go a lot better, but getting the girl really warmed up and hot is best. Well, that PLUS a lot of lube. So you need to discuss it with her and let her know you aren't going to tear her apart and that you'll be gentle. One of the things you can do is start by using a very well lubed finger to gently expand her little hole. Take it slow and easy and don't continue if she says to stop. Once you get her lubed up good and if you can get her begging for you to put it in, you're almost there. But even then, take it nice and slow and let her get used to it every step of the way. If she's done it before and knows what to expect, ask her to help you by telling you what she wants and how it feels. Sometimes a little dirty, bedroom talk helps both of you. Once you get into her and she's comfortable with it, then you can go ahead and start stroking in and out. But remember, if she objects, stop what you're doing until she's ready. OK?" Ellen explained to him.

"What's it feel like?" Aaron asked. "Do you like it?"

"Honey, I absolutely adore taking it in the ass. As long as it doesn't cause me any pain, I can cum harder from an ass fucking than from a cunt fucking," she told him. "Listen, sweety. You'll never know what it feels like until you get it done to you. So get on all fours and get your ass in the air and I'm gonna show you what it's like. M'Kay?"

Aaron looked a little apprehensive, having never had anything go INTO his asshole before. Ellen helped him get into position, telling him, "Honey, don't worry. You're gonna like this. Trust me."

Once he was kneeling on the bed, she grabbed the lube from the nightstand drawer and smeared a good amount around his asshole. It was cold and didn't feel that great, until Ellen started massaging his butt hole with the tip of one well lubed finger. She gently worked it around, pressing the tip gently into it, then pulling back and running around it again. Once she saw that he had relaxed a little bit, she started to put a little more pressure on and the tip of her finger slipped pretty easily through the boy's sphincter. Aaron gave out a moan as it slipped in.

Ellen let him relax a little then started to gently work her finger back and forth a little bit at a time. By the time she had her finger in to the third knuckle, Aaron was groaning with pleasure. Then she felt around a bit for the little bit of tissue that felt the diameter of a small walnut. When she passed over it, the boy gasped and moaned loudly. Crooking her finger a little, Ellen started to very gently rub the pad of it over the little prostate gland that she could feel, doing the 'finger wave'.

Aaron gasped and yelled, "Holy fucking god damn holy shit! Arrrggggh! That feels so fucking good! My God, it feels like I'm cumming continuously when you do that!"

Ellen grinned at his reaction and said, "That's one thing a girl can't feel. That's a prostate massage, dear. I'm glad you like it." With that, keeping her finger in his ass, she laid down with her head between his legs so his dangling cock was right over her mouth. Once she was ready, she started the light stroking again, pumping the semen right out of Aaron's prostate gland and down his urethra to drip into her mouth. Aaron, for his part, continued making some rather unintelligible sounds that seemed to indicate that he was enjoying what she was doing. Almost all were guttural or single syllables.

Finally, it was more than he could take and he said, "Stop! Stop! I can't take any more." Ellen slowly slid her finger out of his ass and let him drop down on the bed. She grabbed the wash cloth and cleaned her finger off, then wiped the lube from his ass. She laid down beside him and smiled at him.

"You're fucking awesome, Ms. Seaway!" he said.

"Call me Ellen, dear. As intimate as we've been today, it's time we dropped the formalities, I think," she told him. He grinned back at her. "So, did you like getting your ass reamed?"

"My God, if it feels like that to a girl, I'd be happy to do it to her anytime to make her feel as good as that," he said.

"Well, like I told you, girls don't get the pleasure of having a prostate massage, but believe me, if you're gentle, they'll really like taking you there. You'll find that there's a lot of nerve endings back there," Ellen told him. "What you experienced is what's called a dry orgasm. It's sort of a misnomer, because I really enjoyed getting all your cum that I milked out of your prostate. But guys can have orgasms from prostate massage that last several minutes if not longer without actually climaxing. As you found out." She grinned.

Aaron just looked at her and shook his head. Ellen smiled at him and said, "I'm glad I can teach you a few of these things. You've been a very sweet boy." She stroked his cheek. "You let me know when you feel up to putting in my ass, OK, lover?"

He nodded and gave her a kiss. He said, "There's no way I could tell anyone about this. Nobody would believe me. You're unbelievable, Ms. Sea... ummm, Ellen. You don't have to worry about me."

Ellen said, "Well, if you can keep this our secret, I think I can continue to tutor you some more. You're quite a good student." She grinned at him and stroked his cock. "And you come well equipped for your lessons."

They talked for a while, again a lot about the stories that Ellen wrote and the stories he had read on the website. She had him tell her what types he liked best and what got him the hottest. She gave him her pseudonym so he could look up and read her stories. She figured that they'd be pretty tame for him, based on what he said he liked, but he said he wanted to read them all to get to know her better. She laughed at that and asked him how much better could he know her than screwing her brains out. To her surprise, he said that her stories would help him get to know her mind better. She kiddingly told him that she wasn't sure she wanted him to get into her mind too awfully much.

When Aaron started tweaking her nipples again and stroking his hard cock, Ellen had an idea. She stood up and took his hand and led him to the bathroom. She got the shower running and told him to get in. He did and she followed him. Grabbing the soap, she lathered him up and washed him all over, paying close attention to his hard cock. Then she handed him the soap and told him to do her good. His hands caressed her all over, soaping and cleaning her good.

After she rinsed all the suds off them, she told him to make sure her ass was good and slick with the soap. As he did so, she explained that a nice, warm shower was a good way to relax and enjoy anal sex. Rubbing her ass with the soap and getting her lathered good, Ellen told him to carefully put his cock in her. He held it with one hand while steadying her with his other and pushed the head against her rosebud. She relaxed as much as she could and gasped as his cock slipped in through her sphincter. The warm water helped her relax and it felt nice sliding into her.

Once he was inside her, Ellen told him to go ahead and start fucking her. As the warm water cascaded down on them, Aaron sawed his cock in and out of Ellen's ass. Her moans of pleasure told him that she was enjoying this, so he continued to plunge in and out, immensely enjoying the new feeling of her tight sphincter sliding up and down his cock. Aaron put his hands on Ellen's hips and started working her back and forth as he thrust in and out of her. Ellen was fingering her clit and her loud moans soon turned to a sharp shriek of pleasure as she reached her climax. Aaron wasn't far behind her and he pulled her to him hard as he started to spurt his hot cum into her for the third time today.

Ellen frantically rubbed her clit and came again as Aaron finished shooting into her. She so enjoyed taking it in the ass. Once both of them finished cumming, Aaron slowly pulled out of her. When his cock slipped out, Ellen turned and threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply. Then she said, "That was great, but we'd better clean ourselves up before the hot water runs out."

She picked up the soap and washed Aaron's cock off, then reached around and soaped her ass good, then rinsed off just as the water turned cold. They laughed at their good timing and stepped out of the shower. Ellen grabbed one of the large bath towels and started to dry Aaron off. He fondled her wet body as she dried him, then he took the towel and dried her off. Ellen pulled a small towel off the towel rack and wrapped it around her hair.

Aaron spun her around and put his hands on her shoulders. He looked into her eyes and said, "Thank you, Ms.... uh, Ellen. I can't tell you how much pleasure you've given me today. And what you've taught me."

Ellen looked into his eyes and said, "You've made me feel pretty good too, you know. All three holes. You've done pretty well for yourself." She led him back to the bedroom where they sat down on the bed. Ellen dried her hair with the towel. She said, "So, did I live up to your friend's advice about older women?"

Aaron looked stunned for a few seconds and then said, "So you did hear our conversation today?" Ellen blushed and nodded. He wrapped his arms around her and said, "You've way exceeded any of my expectations... or fantasies. In fact, you may have spoiled me for younger women."

"No, no. You'll enjoy them. You can teach them and treat them right. Not all of them are the Tiffany's or Brittany's. Although even they deserve a considerate lover and a good orgasm or two," Ellen told him, laughing.

"Well, if we keep this between us, will you... I mean, can I... um, well, see you some more?" His face reddened. "I mean, can we... uh...?"

Ellen raised her hand to his cheek and looked at him. "You mean, will I trade you more sex tutoring for you showing me how to get my damn cell phone to take a picture? You bet your sweet ass, I will. We've both got a lot to learn."

=== More in chapter 2 ?? ====

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