The south comes back
It all started in 2012 when Obama was re-elected to office. The southern states were in

up roar over the election and said "If the president is not removed we will seprate

from the U.S. Well 3 long months of firece court battles the South succeed from the

U.S. re-forming the C.S.A.The first states that succeed were MS, KY, TN, TX, AL, GA,

and alot more. Personally I was happy about this and what was to come in the future,

and I was right. A few weeks later the C.S.A. had elected there new president John

Jefferson a Republican from Mississippi. Things were going good and they got alot

better when a news report came on all channels stating that "All and any Blacks,

Mexicans, minoritys in general are to be caught and treated as slaves if found on your


Now for my background information, My name is Joney I'm 17, white, bout 5ft 9in, live

with my Dad Richard, and grandmother Sally. We live in the southern part of Kentucky

kind of close to the Mississippi River. We lived on the edge of the city close to the

highway, me and dad love to hunt and had plenty of guns in the house.

So when dad heard the news he came and got me and told me to grab a gun and get to the

front yard. Dad went around back and watched the side street while I went to the front

yard and watched the main road.

After about an hour or two a car was coming my way with two black woman inside. I

steped out in the road and shot the tires out bring the car to a hault. Both women

jumped out the car with there hands up and said " Don't shoot us please. we will do

what ever you want."

There names are Tiffoney and Sydney, and they lived up the street. Tiffoney was about

5ft 4in with dark skin, short hair, a nice round ass, and some average size B-cups. Now

Sydney was a different story. She was a fox about 5ft 5in tall shoulderlenght hair,

carmel color skin with a big bubble butt, and some nice CC's.

We put them to work cleaning, doing laundry, yard work, they did what ever we wanted.

It was kind of werid that they didn't fight back for suddenly becoming our slaves.

Which is a good thing we wouldn't no trouble out of Tiffoney and Sydney.

After a month or so I started to dream about fucking Tiffoney and Sydney every night.

Each night it was the same dream Sydney or Tiffoney would come in my room while I was

sleeping and wake me up. They would cover my mouth and say "I want you to fuck my black

pussy with that hard white cock of yours." Now are you going to do this for me. I would

then nod my head as she would move her hand down toward my growing hard dick.

Sydney or Tiffoney then pulled back the covers and would slowly start to maturbate my

dick, then lowered her mouth on to my throbbing hard dick. As she slipped her pretty

little mouth over the end of my dick and started sucking.


" Oh fuck, Oh fuck, suck it you little hore.

She had been sucking on it for about 10 minutes, when all at once, I grabbed ahold of

her head and started to work it in and out of her warm, sucking mouth, faster and


That when I felt the urge to cumm and stood up and cumm all over her black face wite my

hot white cum.

Then I'm awake and left with a hard on.

I'm so mad every time that I have to masturbate just so the hard on will go away.

So after having this dream every single night every time the same things happen just

with Tiffoney or Sydney, I couldn't help but masturbate, and masturbate I did alot. I

would jackoff two or three times a day, but it wasnt enough I had to fuck them or I was

gonna go crazy.

After a month of tourment I got my chance when I walked down stairs and there was

Sydney bent over with ripped shorts that looked more like a skirt. What was so nice

about it was that she had no panties on underneath. This gave me a ragging hard and I

decided to act out on my plan to fuck her.

I dropped my pants and boxers and pulled out my hard 7in cock. I then snuck up behide

sydney and suddenly slamed my cock deep into her pussy in one lunge making scream

loudly as my cock entered.

I began to fuck this black cunt as hard as I could ripping it up nicely, with every

thrust I heard her moan loudly.

I pulled out and turned her around then with no thought for her comfort I forced my

cock into the bitches mouth and deep into her throat and held it there as she began to

gag. Pulling back I smiled at her. “Relax your throat or it will hurt you more slut”.
I then began to rape her face.

After I had my feel I bent Sydney back over and I knelt down behind her and without

warning slammed straight into her. She howled loudly as I pushed two fingers into her

ass making her squirm as she tried to get away.

I told her if you move away one more time I will hang your black ass in the back yard.

After a few minutes of loosening her ass I pushed my cock against her ring and forced

my cock deep into her tightest of holes, and boy it was so fucking tight.
I then pulled her head up and whispered into her ear. “Tell them what I've just done

With tears streaming down her cheeks and sobbing loudly. “He’s put his cock in my bum,

oh god he’s raping my ass”.

As I began to pump into her moans and screams became louder, and I smacked her and told

her to shut the fuck up.

I gripped her hips and began to hammer into her faster and faster as hard as I could,

feeling her rectal muscles rippling along my cock. I couldn’t last long it was so tight

I fired load deeper into her virgin ass.

I then pulled my semi-hard cock out of her ass and told Sydney to suck my white cock

clean you fuckin hore.

She then sucked my cock gagging on until it went soft.

I then got dressed and walked away going back up stairs.

If I get good comments I'll finish the rest of it.

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2016-02-23 19:09:47
Awesome story just wondering why you waited so long to fuck so black sluts

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2016-01-15 07:48:15
Suck my dick you anonymous windbags, imma come and fuck all yo mama's up her birthing canal so bad that you all would become retarded from the impact of it through time. Story sucks my nuts. Must contnue to do so.

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2014-12-24 12:29:25
I am Black but I enjoyed the story I just Imagined they where all eastern Indians from Indonesia.

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2013-12-11 06:12:29
The person who wrote this is OBVISOULY a racsist and want to rape black women yeah this story is such bullshit

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2011-08-28 05:23:35
Good fantasy hope you write more of it with more violance to the whore bitch slaves

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