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Yet another love poem originally posted under 67Goat...
Though seasons pass and years go by,
They will not stop the tears I cry,
And though may fall the gentle rain,
It will not wash away my pain,
And though there may be tomorrow,
It will not take away my sorrow,
For when you and I became apart,
You took a piece of my broken heart,
I only ask that you give it back,
So I can get my life on track,
And I can somehow heal this broken heart,
And somehow make a brand new start,
I don't think this is much to ask,
A very simple little task,
So my poor heart can somehow mend,
And I can start to live again

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2010-08-15 13:10:09
You're poems are thy best. Best that I ever read... So far the ones I have read I can really relate to them.....E.G.

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