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I've loved Amy since I was 12...
I've loved Amy since I was 12.

We'd known each other since we were toddlers. Our mothers were neighbors and friends as long as any of us could remember. We were practically sisters, or cousins, minus the blood relationship. I'd always loved her in one way or another, but I'll never forget the day we realized how deep and special our love was.

Amy was a year ahead of me in school, but only 6 months older. Despite the small difference in our age, I always looked up to her as a mentor as well as a friend. In the same way, she helped me along, teaching me new things and telling me stories about her "older" friends. Because of her, I was often the first of my schoolmates to try new things. I tried cigarettes, weed, beer. I was the first to make out with a boy at a movie. I lost my virginity long before the other girls in my class - but that's a story I'll get to later. For now, I want to talk about the best day of my life.

As I said, I was 12. Amy was 13, and boy did she act it. She was starting to grow into independence, and she took every opportunity to rebel against her mother. She was also starting to grow physically, something which I constantly envied.

It was mid July, the summer before I entered 7th grade. I was spending the day, like most other days, at Amy's house. Unlike most other days, though, today we had to ourselves. Amy's dad was at work, and her mom was out with mine at a craft fair. Her older brother, Tim, was spending the next week at a summer camp. Even though we had reign of the house until dinner time, our day started off fairly innocent. We were laying by Amy's pool.

I was wearing the most revealing thing my mom would allow me to buy. It was a red tank-ini with a flower pattern on the top piece. Of course, I begged my mom to let me buy a cute bikini (after all, Amy and her friends all had them, and I wanted the boys at the beach to notice me), but she insisted I was too young. In the end, we settled on this modest suit. When you're 12, everything is a battle. Hey, at least they boys would notice my cute little belly button.

Amy had on a tiny green bikini with thin white stripes. It was much, much smaller than mine. Her panties were innocent enough: covering her front and back, but with only a string connecting them across each side, tied into a little bow. The top, on the other hand, was nothing but 2 tiny triangles, tied in the back and around her neck halter-top style by two straps no larger than shoestrings. Since no one else was around, she had pulled the back of her panties in so that most of her butt was exposed. ...she said it was so she wouldn't get tan lines.

Oh, how I admired her in that bikini. Earlier that year, she had begun to change. Now, in the full bloom of summer, she was starting to show signs of budding womanhood. With a streak of jealousy, but also with a hint of adoration, I sized her up and down. Her legs were smooth and golden, and it was obvious that she'd begun shaving. Her bikini bottoms rode low, and just above the seam you could see her hipbones protruding ever so slightly from her abdomen. She had the faintest hint of an hourglass figure, and her little round ass gave way to two subtle dimples on her back. Her tummy was flat, but not yet as toned as that of a grown woman. From behind the twin triangles of her top sat 2 perfectly round breasts, just pushing their way into a B-cup. Her face was the last stronghold of innocence left in her, and even that was beginning to fade. Her baby fat had retreated, leaving a strong, yet soft jawline and faint high cheekbones. She had bright blue eyes that could cut right through you and a smile that would sew the wounds back up. To top it all off was a full mane of light brown hair. Although I was too young to realize it consciously (at least for the rest of the morning), everything about her exuded an air of sexuality just waiting to be discovered.

We had spent the morning tanning by the pool, occasionally jumping in to cool off. If for some reason there was a person who didn't think Amy was beautiful on the land, seeing her rise out of the pool - hair matted to her shoulders, her wet body glistening in the sun, mini rivers of water running down and around her subtle curves, over her foothill breasts and off the side of her hipbone crags - even for just a second would certainly change their mind. As I type this today, the simple memory of that image makes me wet. On that day, however, her beauty was only met with a loving envy.

At one point, Amy got up to get us both a soda. She was gone for quite a while, certainly longer than it would take to run to the kitchen and pour two drinks. When she finally returned, she had a different look about her. It was a devious look, although at the time I couldn't quite pinpoint what it meant.
"Hey Jen," she said, "wanna try a cigarette?"

I really didn't, but since I looked up to Amy so much I didn't want to disappoint her. So I feigned interest and agreed to try one. She said she knew where her brother hid them, and that she started stealing them a month ago. According to her, it made her look older and more boys noticed. I got up and followed her into the house and up the stairs into Tim's room.

Tim was 16, and the bad boy type. He was incredibly smart, but he never walked a straight path. He smoked and drank, he stayed out late partying, he had more girlfriends than Amy or I could keep track of. His room was the typical 16 year old sanctuary: messy and covered with posters. We made our way over the piles of schoolbooks and clothes to a dresser in the back corner of his room.

"Down here, in the bottom drawer." Amy said. She opened the bottom drawer to reveal a stack of boxers. I was confused, but only for a moment, as she pushed the boxers aside. Underneath were several packs of cigarettes, a bottle of rum, and the one item to which my eyes were immediately drawn - a small stack of Penthouse magazines.

A half-hour later, we were sitting on Amy's bed, still in our wet bathing suits, looking meticulously through Tim's magazines. I had tried the cigarette, took one breath, and immediately threw into a 10 minute coughing fit. Amy giggled and said, "You get used to them." I still don't believe her.

As I flipped from page to page of perfectly crafted nudity, beautiful blonde women with artificially enormous boobs, tight round asses, and well-groomed pubic hair, I began to feel a strange excitement. I'd felt this before, sometimes around boys, or when I took long showers, or the one time when I was home alone and ran naked through the backyard sprinkler, but this time the feeling was more intense. I didn't know how to react, and I didn't know if Amy felt the same way, so I tried my best to act normal. I also felt horribly inadequate. If Tim, who was only a few years older than me, wanted girls who looked like this, then what were my chances with boys?

After a long silence, broken only by small bits of uncomfortable giggling as Amy and I showed each other particularly naughty parts of the magazine, I finally spoke.

"Is this what boys want to see?"
Amy looked up, a bit confused. "What do you mean?"
"Well, just look at these women. They're perfect. I could never compare to them."
"Oh come on, you're still so young! I bet by the time you're as old as these girls - maybe even sooner - you'll look twice as good."
"Thanks," I replied, somewhat half-heartedly, "but what about until then? I want boys to notice me now! Who knows how long I'll have to wait before I even have big boobs. Or know..." I pointed to my crotch.
"You don't?" Amy's reaction was so abrupt that I felt immediately ashamed for even mentioning it.
"Are you trying to tell me that you do?"
"Well, yeah. I got it almost a year ago, which means that you should be getting it soon too. I thought you already had, but I never saw the reason to ask."
Then I asked the question that changed everything. Three simple words that ended my innocence and began a course of events that would shape the rest of my life. The rest of our lives...
"...can I see?"

We locked eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Then, without a word, Amy stood up and untied the single bow that separated the world from her nakedness. Her bikini bottom fell to the ground and she stood there silently, wearing nothing but a few square inches across her nipples. She took a deep breath. I could hear her heart beat, and I could feel mine. Where her bathing suit was a moment ago, now there was only a soft tan line. Her hips were more pronounced, her legs were spread slightly and her pussy was in full view. And in the middle of it all was a thin tuft of jet black hair.

The feeling that I had felt while looking through the magazines, the feeling of warmth and exhilaration that ran wild through my body, jumped to a hundred times its previous intensity. It overtook me. I was in awe at the sight, and in shock from the way it made me feel. To this day I don't know why, but I slowly reached out my hand and touched Amy's soft pubic hair ever so slightly.

As soon as I touched her, Amy gasped. I jerked my hand back. "I'm sorry!!" I blurted. "Did that hurt?"
"Mmmm" Amy let out a soft sigh and bit her bottom lip. "Actually it felt good. Do it again."
So I did. I brought my hand gently back to her and began to run my fingers through the little bit of hair that she had. I loved it. I wanted it for myself, but even more I wanted to touch Amy's forever. I caressed her silky pubic hair, and all the while her breathing grew heavier. Every few breaths a faint moan escaped. I didn't know what I was doing, but I knew that we were both enjoying it.

As my hand explored Amy's 13 year old nether regions, I began to feel a wetness on the tips of my fingers. I moved my hand farther down, my fingers searching for the source of this moisture. I brought my index finger down and accidentally brushed the tip of Amy's clit. Instantly Amy let out a yelp of pleasure. She jerked forward, grabbed my hand, and shoved the finger inside her. It slid in with surprising ease and I wondered silently if she'd done this before. I wiggled my finger around and Amy let out another long, juicy moan. A rush of adrenaline surged through my body before making a bee-line to my vagina. I didn't have a name for the feeling, but I instinctively knew what it meant.

For the first time since Amy had removed her panties, I took my eyes away from her sweet pussy. I brought them slowly up and looked intensely at her face. Her eyes met mine for a second, and then they squeezed shut as she took a deep breath and exhaled a reluctant "yes." As my one hand worked Amy into sexual bliss, I slowly slid my free hand down my own suit. I felt a rush as my fingertips passed the bald mound that would - hopefully, at least - soon be covered with a light red mane as beautiful as Amy's. I curled my fingers around and began to rub my own pussy. As I expected, it was as wet and succulent as Amy's, but I was a bit surprised to find it much, much tighter. I guess she had done this before. I went up and down, side to side, in circles. Every motion released a wave of energy more powerful and more amazing than the last. My eyes slammed shut and I fell back onto Amy's bed. My right hand pulled out of her just as she screamed "Oh my God, Jen!!!" I wanted my hand inside her, but I couldn't help it. The feeling of my hand against my own clit was too much to overcome.

My eyes still shut, my body still writhing, my hand still inch deep in my own crevice, I was startled by the most gentle brush against my leg. The surprise lifted me just enough out of ecstasy to open my eyes and see what had happened. Amy had removed the last remaining piece of cloth on her body: her bikini top. As she tossed it onto the bed it landed on my leg. She now stood fully nude in front of the bed, framed perfectly between my spread legs. Her breasts were phenomenal. Tiny, yet perky and perfectly rounded. Her pink nipples, about the size of quarters, stood erect. Little white triangles of skin - skin that the sun had never seen bare - covered most of her breasts, but not all. My fingers sped up a bit as I took in the sight of my best friend totally naked for the first time. Her legs were spread wider now, and I could see her pussy lips open, and her tiny flowerbud clitoris. She was gently rubbing it as she watched me. Our eyes met again, and she looked at me intensely. I recognized the heat in her eyes. It was the same look she'd given me just before offering me a cigarette. This time, though, I knew what it meant. Amy wasn't devious. She wasn't dark or rebellious at all. She was horny, and she wanted my sex. I wondered for a moment if she had planned this, but before my curiosity could take me away from the moment, she spoke.

In a deep, sultry whisper, Amy said, "I want to try something. I've seen my brother do it before, and I promise you'll like it. You just have to trust me."
After what we'd just been through, I'd have let Amy hurl me off a cliff if she told me it was going to feel as good as I felt right now. I shut my eyes and nodded slowly.

Amy took a step onto the bed. She leaned forward. Her lips met mine and we embraced in a brief - although intensely passionate - kiss. I wanted to thrust myself against her, grab the back of her head and throw my tongue into hers. But just as soon as her soft lips came, they were gone. And as soon as they were gone, I felt them again, this time on my neck. My hands moved faster, sliding deeper into my pussy. I felt a tug on my top, then the soft wetness of Amy's lips on my nipple. My hand jerked and my hips convulsed. My pussy hole opened up to accept my finger. I didn't know how much more of this I could take! Another kiss, lower. Then a purposeful tongue across my belly button. My finger slid in all the way to the knuckle! The pleasure was so powerful I felt it was going to tear me in two! My entire body spasmed. My fist tightened. My teeth clenched. I called out Amy's name in ecstasy! She just giggled, then grabbed my panties with both hands and slid them down to my ankles. Simultaneously kissing the insides of my thighs. I exploded.

I let out one last moan as I exhaled. All the energy left in me ran out with that long, loud breath. I slid out my hand and laid it on the bed beside me. I thought I was done, ready to pass out sweaty and pantiless on Amy's bed. Amy, on the other hand, had different plans for me. I barely had time to take in a second breath before her curious tongue moved up my thigh and picked up right where my right hand had left off. One purposeful lick across my already soaking clit and I was right back into the game.

This time I didn't miss Amy's head. I brought my hand around, grabbed her golden brown hair, and pushed her face between my legs with a force that I think startled her, since her entire naked body shook for a second. She read my signal and didn't hesitate to react, extending her tongue up into my hole and rubbing her first set of lips across my second. I gasped. My back arched. I took my hand away from Amy's head and grabbed the small mounds of my forming breasts. A second rush of moisture filled my vagina, and Amy slurped it up like ice cream. Each wave of feeling was more powerful than the last. Sighs turned to moans. Moans turned to grunts. Grunts turned to screams, and finally...
"Holy Shit Amy! Fuck me!!!"
I startled myself at my own vulgarity. But I also took pleasure in it. Amy, unfazed, responded with a thrust of her tongue and a long, deep "mmmmmmmmmm." I lifted my head enough to watch her arm venture down her own body. They took a brief stop at her breasts, circled around her nipples a few times, gave a friendly squeeze, then slid ever so smoothly down her tummy and dove right into her patch of fur. As she fingered herself with one hand, she explored with the other my hips, my hairless crotch, my skinny rounded ass. Then she slipped under my top and pinched my nipple. All the while her tongue - seemingly with a mind of its own - performed figure eights and jumping jacks inside my pussy. Our hands met at my breast, I grabbed her hand and squeezed. She squeezed right back and both of our moaning jumped up a few decibels. I had unconsciously been yelling "Fuck me, Fuck me, oh Amy please fuck me!" and Amy had been happily obliging. With one last stroke of her tongue and one final thrust of her hand, we both let out a scream that made the dog next door bark in response. My eyes rolled back. Every muscle in my body tensed. I felt I could have crushed Amy's head with my legs if she hadn't been pushing back just as hard with her own orgasmic convulsions. I felt a rush of moisture run from deep within my pussy and escape just slightly.. a small trickle of my juice running across my ass before dripping onto Amy's immaculate white sheets.

I collapsed first. Amy had just enough time to lift her head from between my legs and crawl up onto the bed. She straddled me and I felt her hand push against my stomach as she wriggled her fingers ever faster inside her pussy. She took her fingers out and began to slide up and down my tummy, each pass leaving a glistening trail of her cum on me. I grabbed her hand with mine and shoved her fingers into my mouth. She had tasted me. I wanted to taste her. The taste of Amy's pussy was bitter, but delicious.

I lay lifeless in post-orgasmic coma, slowly but methodically sucking on Amy's two fingers. This pushed Amy past the threshold, and she slid one more slide - this one longer and harder than the others. She threw back her head and her back arched. Her body stretched from her protruding hipbones all the way to her shoulders. Her gravity defying b-cups protruded outwards. Her free hand - the one not in my mouth - slammed down onto my chest and gripped onto my tit. She screamed suddenly, "Fucking Christ, Jen. I love you!" Amy tensed up one last time, then fell forward onto me. Our eyes met again. We gazed into each other, both in a state of sexual bliss after our journey of discovery. I picked my head up just enough to meet her lips. We kissed softly, her lips parted just enough for my tongue to slip past her teeth.
"Amy," I said, "I love you too."

to be continued...

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