You all know the legal bull crap required at the beginning but here it is anyway; The following story is a complete work of fiction, It is for Adults Only, Do not read if under 21 years old, Do not read if it is illegal to do so where you live, ya-da…ya-da…ya-da. Also, this is story about adults having sex with minors; if this offends you; DON’T READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Trade – Chapter 3

For the next three years I was able to stay away from the young girls but began to feel the need to be with one again. This was about the time that the internet really started going so I started researching about pedophilia to see if was legal in any country. I found that every country had laws against it but several countries not only turned a blind eye about it they actually promoted it slightly for the tourism dollars. One country in particular caught my eye because it was the country of origin for some of the items I sold. I contacted the importer here for that company and explained who I was and that I was going to be vacationing in that part of the world. Would it be possible for me to tour that plant that made the items that I sold as I passed through their country? I expected the answer to take several weeks but was surprised when two hours later I was told that the company actually strongly encourages wholesalers like me to come and take a tour of their plant. They would even pay for one nights lodging and take care of all transportation and food the day of the tour! So I made arrangements to travel to the country under the guise of business, but my main focus was to buy a young girl for sex. I made a vow to myself I would not leave the country until I had put my cock into one of them.

I would arrive in that country in the early evening. My plan was that the first full day there was to determine how to start the process of buying a girl. If I could buy a girl that first day great, but the plan was to only identify the process. The second day was the tour which would take the entire day. By the third day I should be able to buy a girl for my sexual desires. I planned to fuck this girl as many times in as many different ways as I possibly could. If I still had sexual urges again the fourth day, I would purchase another girl for the next night!

I arrived in the evening. The next morning I got up and started trying to find how to buy a girl. By late afternoon I was getting concerned on my ability to succeed. I had not seen any signs of prostitution what so ever. Then it dawned on me that I was in the nicest section of the town; to find what I wanted I needed to go to the “sleazy” section of town. But where was that? Then I hit pay dirt; a local newspaper printed in English. In the back of the paper was lots of advertising for erotic services. All the address was in a town named Kaynon. When I got back to the motel room and found a map I determined that Kaynon was about 10 miles away. I went to bed that night with a plan. The next day was the tour. The day after that I would go to Kaynon and somehow find a way to purchase a girl.

The next morning I got up and got ready for the tour. I expected the tour to be conducted by a low level manager but was surprised when a high level executive of the company was the one to pick me up at the hotel and showed me around the plant. That evening he took me to a very nice restaurant for a meal. He was an excellent host. As we made conversation he asked where I was going next.

“Actually I’m staying here for several more days and then I go back home” I answered. I saw that my answer caused him to pause ever so slightly as he ate his soup appetizer.

“I understood that you were only staying one day as you traveled this part of the world.”

“I changed my plans. Actually this is the only country that I am visiting.”

He paused again. “And what is it that you wish to do in my country while you are here.” he asked.

“I am hoping to see some of the scenic sites of your country are known for and….” I paused also trying to form my answer without revealing to much “experience some of the local culture.”

The man literally stopped the spoon half way between the bowl and his mouth thinking of his next response. After a short pause he began eating again but then stopped and spoke. “I know of a man who provides…..shall we call them ‘guides’ for people much like yourself. Maybe the term…..’Female guides’ is a better description of what he can supply” As he said this he had a slight, knowing smile on his face. “Perhaps you would like for me to arrange a meeting with this man?

HOLY SHIT! He’s talking about a pimp! He knows how to contact a pimp who can provide me a girl. Can this pimp provide me with a young girl? If not, for a fee he probably can direct me to a person who can. What should I do?

“That would be most helpful.” I heard myself say.

“Very Good! The man’s name is Chang Lee. I will have him contact you at your hotel.”

After he said that we never spoke of the subject again. In fact I was afraid he had entirely forgotten about it when we said goodnight to each other and he still said nothing about it. But I had only been back to my room for less than ten minutes when there was a knock on the door. When I opened the door there stood a heavy set man who looked to be around fifty. Standing besides him was a thin attractive girl that looked to be in her early twenties.

“Good evening” he said. “My name is Chang Lee. I was informed that you might need a…‘guide’ for a few days. May we come in?”

“Please.” I said as I stepped back from the door to allow them to enter. As they entered I noticed that the man also was carrying a small bag. The man remained standing but the girl sat on a chair and the man spoke to her softly in their language and she began unbuttoning her shirt.

“I did not know what kind of ‘guide’ you would prefer but brought this one along in case she would be acceptable for your needs.”

By now the girl had her shirt completely unbuttoned and was pulling the shirt off her shoulders letting it slip down her back. She was thin and had small, perky breast. I thought that this girl would do for tonight. But how do I approach the subject of buying a younger girl?

“Will she meet your needs?” he asked.

“Perhaps,” I said thinking of how to respond to his question “But I was actually looking for someone of a different age.” He turned towards the girl and spoke to her again softly in their language. She began to put her shirt back on.

“And what age is it that you desire?” he asked. How do I ask about buying a young girl without coming out and saying it? He could be against the child sex trade and report my efforts to buy a young girl to the police. Then I thought of an answer that also asked the question I needed to ask.

“What age are you able to provide?” I inquired.

“Anything between three and ninety three.” He responded.

HOLY SHIT! This is the guy I’ve been waiting to find. He can provide me with a child to fuck! What age do I want? How young can you go and still be able to get your cock inside them? Since this race tends to be smaller than the average American girl how do I decide on an age?

“Twelve” came out of my mouth without thought.

“Boy or Girl” is all he asked.


“Very Good” he said. “I know of a very beautiful girl that is available for you tonight. She just turned twelve and has much experience as a…. ‘Guide’. Let me go and collect her and bring her back for your inspection. I could be back within an hour. Is that satisfactory for you?”

“Yes, I will wait.”

With that Chang Lee and the girl left my room. I was fully erect within minutes thinking how in less than an hour I would have a young girl to bury my cock in. Do you buy them by the hour or by the night? If affordable I wanted the child for the night, I wanted to fuck her until I could not reach another orgasm. True to his word there was knocking on my door in less than an hour. When I opened the door there he stood with a VERY young, short, thin, beautiful girl. She was so much younger, smaller and attractive than I expected at first I was speechless. He smiled.

“May we enter?”

“Please do!”

“This is Zhi Chen” he said as he entered and I noticed that he also carried that small bag again. “She has been a ‘guide’ for several years. Will she fulfill your needs?” he asked. I looked at the girl more closely. I would guess that she was a little over four foot tall and probably weighed around sixty pounds. Where as most of her ethnic race tend to have flat wide noses and brown skin, she was pale with a round face and a small narrow nose. She looked like a large porcelain doll her features were so perfect!

“Let’s talk about price” I answered.

“And how long will you need a….guide?”

“It depends upon the price” I responded.

“There is a one hour minimum which cost sixty American dollars.”

“How about for the entire night?” I asked.

“That would be two hundred and fifty American dollars”.

“Then I will need her for the night”

“That Is Very, Very, Good!” And then if there was any doubt about what I was planning to do to this girl it was confirmed when Chang removed from his pocket a box of condoms and a tube of lubricant placing them on the table.

“For your safety and hers, I require that these be worn any time that you penetrate her openings; except for in her mouth. There you may penetrate her without wearing one.” As he paused I thought about his choice of words when he said “openings”. Surely he did not mean I could have her anally also did he? “Perhaps you would like to have a movie of your time with Zhi?” he asked as he open the small bag.

“That is probably not a safe thing to do” I said thinking about evidence that could be used against me.

No, No; Very, Very Safe” he said. “Let me show you. You have computer?” he asked.

I opened my laptop that was already running. He handed me a DVD that the label identified as having the outdoor scenic images that this country was known for. I started the DVD and saw professionally shot scenes of the outdoors. Then Chan told me to select certain letters as the movie was running. Immediately the screen changed to a movie of a child being fucked by an adult male.

“This is very safe” he explained. “You will receive the DVD directly from the camera. You enter code that you chose. Only that code will show the hidden movie. Anyone who looks at the DVD will only see the trees and mountains. Very, Very Safe! For only fifty American dollars you can take home movie of you with Zhi. Four hour of movie.” He began setting up a camera and tripod from the bag showing me how the system would work. I thought about it for a second. I idea that I could watch a movie at home of me fucking this little girl was very appealing.

“Okay.” I started to pay Chang the three hundred dollars but he spoke again.

“For fifty dollars more I can have woman come in and move camera; much better shots of you and Zhi!”

“No, this is will be all I need” I said.

“Of course, Very Good.” I paid Chang the three hundred dollars. “I will be here to collect Zhi at ten tomorrow morning. She must be returned to me unharmed. If she is damaged, there will be an additional fee” he warned me.

“I understand”

“Very Good” he said as began leaving the room. I asked Zhi is she spoke English and found that she spoke it quite well. I moved a chair to the center of the room and moved the camera above and behind the chair pointing it downwards. I watched the small girl as I began to remove my clothes; she made no expression or movement. After I was completely nude I turned on the camera, sat in the chair and spread my legs. Without a word Zhi walked to me, knelt between my legs, took my large cock between those small fingers and put her mouth over the head. Slowly she used her mouth and hands to masturbate me. I held off my orgasm for as long as I could but the time came for me to shoot my load. I grabbed the hair in the back of her head with my left hand forcing her head lower and backwards until her face was directly under my cock. I took my right hand and began stroking my cock. Zhi continued to massage my balls as I masturbated myself. It was time; I moved her face so that my cock was resting on her chin. I felt the sperm leave my balls, travel through my shaft and watched as the thick, white, gooey mass splattered her face. After I was done I used my fingers to milk my cock of more sperm and watched as it also ran down her face. I scooped up my sperm with my fingers and held to her mouth. Zhi opened her mouth and licked my fingers clean. I repeated the process until no sperm could be seen. Then I went to the bathroom and got a washcloth for her to clean herself up with.

I had her stand up and I began to undress her. I was again struck by how small she was and wondered if my cock would even fit into her vagina, much less in her rectum. As I removed her top I found that her breast was just developing. The nipple and areola protruded slightly from her chest but the breast itself was barely noticeable. I got on my knees and began removing her pants. Even on my knees my eyes were above hers she was so small. As I pulled her pants off I was happy to see that she was hairless between her legs. I put my hands under her arm pits and picked her up; she was so light it surprised me. Carrying her to the bed I laid her down on it. Going to the camera I moved it and the tripod so that the camera now was aiming down on the bed and told Zhi to spread her legs apart and hold her knees with her hands. As she did this I aimed the camera up her legs so that later I could watch as my cock slid in and out of her. Then I put a pillow under her hips exposing both her openings to me. For the next thirty minutes I kissed, licked and put my tongue into both of her openings as deep as I could. The taste of a young girl is the most satisfying thing to me. Not being able to wait any longer I reached over and grabbed a condom. Zhi remained in the same position as I had left her. After putting on the condom I put lubricant on her vagina and on the condom and eased myself down onto her. I grabbed my cock in my hand and rubbed it up and down her slit feeling the opening. Once it was aligned I pushed forward. I slid into her with very little resistance. Chang was right; she was experienced! I laid myself onto her completely only moving my hips forward and backwards and was surprised that my cock would completely fit inside her. Zhi was so small that my body completely engulfed her. If someone was to look directly down on us the only reason they would know that there was child under me is by the small feet sticking out through my arm pits. I drove my large thick cock in and out of the small girl roughly without any concern for her what so ever until I had a large orgasm in the condom I was wearing. After I had completed my orgasm I rolled off Zhi lying on my back. Like the well trained slut she was, Zhi pulled my condom off and licked my cock and the surrounding area clean.

For almost an hour we talked as I got my strength back. I knew I had at least one more orgasm in me before needing a long rest. And I knew what I wanted to do her next; to shove my thick cock up that small asshole! It didn’t take long of me thinking about before I started getting another erection. I took all the pillows that there was on the bed putting them on top of each other and told Zhi to bend over them. Going to the camera again I lowered it to level with the bed aiming it upward to her hips. Zhi looked nervous anticipating what might be going to happen to her next. I removed all the doubt in her mind when I took the lubricant and began to slide my finger in and out of her small rear hole. I could not believe that my thick cock would ever fit inside that small puckered opening. But I was determined to put it in her ass and I didn’t care about her discomfort, she was there for me to use I wanted. Putting on another condom I smeared lubricant on my covered cock. As I straddled Zhi’s raised hips she turned her head and looked upwards at me with concern in her face. I grabbed my cock and pointed it downwards and began to bend my knees to lower myself into her. Putting the large head of my cock against her rear opening I pushed slightly, just enough that the head began to enter her. Then I stopped, and after a few seconds I drove into her hard and completely all in one motion. Zhi made a moan as I bottomed out in her. I stopped and looked down in amazement not believing she could take my entire thick cock up her rectum. Then it dawned on me; many men had ass fucked this little girl before me!

With that thought I began to fuck that little hole as hard, quick and rough as I could. I had no regards for Zhi’s comfort what so ever; she was my fuck toy to abuse. But my cock looked so unbelievably huge between those small bony ass cheeks that within a minute I had what seemed like the largest orgasm of my life. After my orgasm subsided I continued to remain in Zhi until my cock shrunk enough that it popped out on its own. Again Zhi removed the condom and milked all the sperm out of my cock. Then she licked and swallowed until I was clean. I got up, turned off the camera, climbed back into bed and pulled her tight to me. It did not take long for me to fall asleep quickly. During the night I awoke still wrapped around that small body. As I laid there I started thinking of a different way to use Zhi’s body to have another orgasm. I had masturbated on her face, came in her vagina and rectum; was left to do?

Then it came to me; could I get my cock all the way into that small mouth and fuck her throat? I got up and turned on all the lights and moved the camera to a corner of the bed raising it so that it was slightly higher than the mattress. By now Zhi was awake and realized she was about to be used again. I grabbed her under her arms and pulled her backwards so that her head was on the corner of the bed. Then I found a small pillow and after raising her head I put the pillow under her neck and pushed the top of her head downward so that the top of her head was now on the mattress. By now Zhi realized what I was planning on doing to her and began to adjust herself on the bed. I straddled the bed corner and stuck my large cock into that small mouth. Slowly I worked my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth until I hit the back of her mouth. I began working my cock around in her mouth trying to find the opening into her throat with the head of my cock. There, I felt it! I held my cock in that position and pushed hard. Zhi got wide eyed as my cock slid further into her mouth and down into her throat. I kept pushing into the throat until I felt my balls resting on her eyes. Since Zhi never gagged I knew that this was something she was accustomed to happening to her. But I also knew she could not breathe in this position. So I began stroking her throat 10 times and then pull out enough so that she could get her breath. I would tell her to hold her breath and then start in on her throat again. And then one time as I was stroking her throat I noticed that her neck was expanding slightly as I entered her. I pulled back to let her breath and then as I entered her throat again I interlaced my fingers around that back of her neck and rested my thumbs on top of her neck. Sure enough; I could feel my cock inside her throat as it slid back and forth. I could even feel where the head of my cock was in her throat! That was enough to cause me to have an orgasm and I began shooting load after load in her throat. Zhi began pushing backwards on my leg because it was time for her to get a breath. But I was so excited to feel my cock pulsating sperm in her throat through my thumbs I could not make myself to pull out. By now Zhi was pushing hard trying to get me to pull out of her throat but instead I drove into her throat even further; I felt like part of my balls were now in her mouth. I noticed that Zhi had quit fighting me and as I looked at her she seemed to go limp slightly, so I pulled out of her throat quickly and watched her. This caused her to take a very deep breath, she paused and took another deep breath and then another and another. Slowly she got her breathing back to normal.

By now Zhi face and hair were matted in my saliva and sperm. I led her to the bathroom and we took a shower together, again I was struck at how small and short she was compared to me. She actually started to massage my cock while we were still in the shower but I stopped her; I was both physically worn out and my cock was sore from the abuse it had given her. After we were clean we got into bed and slept until morning. I ordered room service for the both of us and as we ate I apologized to Zhi for being so rough with her last night. She said that compared to the other men she had been sold to I was gentler than most. The worst she said was when she was sold to a group of men. On one occasion she thought she actually was going to die when a group of men used her at the same time. By now it was getting time for Chang to pick her up and at exactly ten there was a knock on the door.

“Good morning sir” he said. “I hope that Zhi performed to your satisfaction?”

“Very much so” I responded. “I fact I was going to ask about retaining her for a longer time”

“And how long do you wish to keep her?” he asked.

“Until I leave; two days”

“Very, Very Good! Zhi is available for two days”

“What would the fee”? I asked.

“One thousand American dollars”

“No, that is too much. I will instead just buy a different girl for the night. Would you like to stop by again this evening?”

“And how much would you be willing to pay for Zhi to stay with you entire time?” he questioned.

“I think that seven hundred is a fair amount.” I could see in Chan’s face that he was calculating my offer compared to what Zhi might bring by selling her on a per night basis. But in the end he accepted my offer.

I had Zhi for two of the best days of my life. It was ironic that in the end she even did act as a guide for me as we toured her country. Zhi was ready to have sex any time and way that I wanted to; it was wonderful. She even sucked me off in the gardens of a temple that we were visiting! I must have had fifteen orgasms in those two days; in her mouth, throat, rectum and vagina. By the time that I left her country I thought I would never want sex again in my life!

But within six months I needed a young girl again. So I went back to that county; contacted Chang again and stayed for two days. I came home satisfied and with another DVD! So began a pattern, every five to seven months I traveled to that county to have sex with a young girl. And I began trying out younger girls each time. I determined that girls nine and younger could not take much of my cock and could not have anal sex at all. So I stayed around the eleven to twelve year old girls. One time the girl did not perform as well as the others had and Chan was apologetic but I was not upset at him or the girl. I explained that it was just the way it as; it could not be perfect all the time. But Chang was still disappointed that it had not been completely pleasant for me. About four hours before my flight there was a knock on the door. When I opened the door there stood Chang with a girl I thought looked to be four to five years old.

“You do not leave for many hours, correct”? He asked.

“I’ve got 4 hours before the plane leaves” I replied.

“Then I have present for you.” With that he ushered the child into my room.

“She very talented with hands and mouth but you cannot penetrate her” he warned. “I will return in two hours.”

With that he walked out and shut the door before I could say anything. The little girl and I just looked at each other for a second before she walked over to me and began to remove my pants. I was in shock; was this small child really going to perform sex on me? By the time she slid my pants down to my ankles I had the answer. She reached up and grabbed my cock in one hand and my balls in the other hand. Slowly she began to stroke my shaft and as she did I could see that my cock was thicker than her arm! Then she pulled my cock down and put her lips over the head. The head was so large; or her mouth so small that she could only get a part of the head in that small mouth. This was looking and feeling better by the second!

I pulled away from her and walked to the bed. I stopped and removed all my clothes and climbed onto the bed. As I was propping up the pillows to lean against she climbed up onto the bed. I removed all her clothes and then just leaned back against the pillows and watched as that small girl worked my cock with her hands, tongue and mouth. After twenty minutes of constant stimulation I was ready to have an orgasm. So I grabbed the back of her little head and pushed it downwards to my now throbbing cock. She placed her lips over the pee hole and I began shooting load after load into that small mouth. She could not swallow the sperm fast enough so much ran down my shaft and over her small hands. When I was done empting my nuts she began licking all the sperm from my cock and balls. Leaning back and watching a baby girl use her small tongue to lick the sperm from your cock was an unbelievable experience.

I rolled her over onto her back and spread those small chubby thighs apart and had a close look vagina and rectum. I grabbed both ankles in one hand and lifted her hips up in the air she was so light. I placed a pillow under her hips and left her down onto the pillow. Spreading her legs apart again I put my face between those thighs and began to lick and probe her openings with my tongue. She was so young that I could not even get any of my tongue inside her. But I could tell by her reactions she was enjoying what I was doing to her. I slid myself upwards until my cock would touch those swollen pussy lips. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down using the lubrication from my saliva as I jacked myself off. When it was time for the orgasm I reached behind her head with my left hand and pulled her head up so that she was looking directly at my cock as I blew my first shot onto her small pretty face. She closed her eyes but opened her mouth as squirt after squirt covered her face, neck and chest. I fell off her and onto the bed I was so worn out from the orgasm. As I laid on my back getting my breath I felt her using that small tongue to clean me up once again.

For the next hour I just laid back on bed headboard with my legs spread apart and watched in fascination as this baby girl got between my legs and sucked, licked and massaged my cock. I was so surprised that even at this age that a girl has already been trained on how to service a man’s cock. The way she was working my cock over it was obvious that she had done this many times. For the next forty minutes I just laid back and watched as this small child brought to me another orgasm.

For the next six trips to that country things went well and there was a sort of routine in what I was doing. But on the seventh trip all that changed. I did something that I would have never thought was possible and afterwards I had trouble in forgiving myself for.
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