You all know the legal bull crap required at the beginning but here it is anyway; The following story is a complete work of fiction, It is for Adults Only, Do not read if under 21 years old, Do not read if it is illegal to do so where you live, ya-da…ya-da…ya-da. Also, this is story about adults having sex with minors; if this offends you; DON’T READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Trade – Chapter 4

It all started out normally. The flight, trip to the hotel and calling Chang was routine. But it all changed when Chan came into the room. “I have a special treat for you my friend” he began.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“A mother has contacted me about daughter. Daughter has never been penetrated before and the mother says now time. You my friend can be the first!”

You mean she a virgin?”

“Yes, Yes, never penetrated. But this will cost much my friend, to be the first. And mother wants to be room when it happens, to protect child from damage”

“How much” I asked.

“Seven hundred American dollars”

“Seven Hundred!”

“Yes my friend; but you be first to penetrate girl. Include movie; I take movie of you with girl personally. How often you get to penetrate girl first?”

“How old is she?”

“Don’t know. What matter? If you no do it I sell to someone else tonight.”

“Okay.” I paid Chang the money.

“Very Good. I call mother; tell her to meet us at office.” This is the first time that the girl did not come to the hotel and I was confused.

“We are not going to do this here?” I asked.

“No, No. Girl make to much noise. If we do here must drug girl so no noise. At office girl can make much noise; no one hear.” This is when I first suspected that the girl might not be doing this voluntarily. But I was in too deep now; I felt that there was no turning back. We walked out of the hotel together and drove in Chang’s car to outside of town. I began to worry more and more about my safety and what I was about to do. Chang drove us to a run down section of a small town I would guess about 20 miles from the hotel. He stopped in front of a building. We walked to the door which he unlocked. The inside of the building was an office that we walked though and went down a short hall way. Then we went through another door into what was set up as a studio; I suspect that many movies had been made here by the way that there were different props and movable walls setting around. Shortly there was a knock on the front door that we had just come though. Chang left the studio and I heard talking that got louder as they came closer. Chang came through the door first followed by a woman that I would guess to be in her thirties. Behind this woman came a child that looked to be six to eight years old. Chang walked up to me and spoke softly.

“Get girl on bed with both clothes off. When she not looking; put on rubber. Penetrate her quickly; mother will help hold child down.” That’s when I realized that my suspicions were correct; the girl did not know what was going to happen to her. I was revolted by the thought of actually doing that but I also had to face the fact that I had full erection thinking about what I was going to do! I was already on the bed when Chang started the camera and the girl climbed onto the bed with me. She saw my erection through my pants and immediately began to remove belt. I helped her with the belt and the pant buttons and then she slid my pants down my legs as I raised my hips. She crawled up between my legs and took my cock in her small hands before putting her mouth over the head. I could feel her small tongue rubbing the underside of my cock where the head and shaft met as she continued to stroke my thick shaft with those small fingers. I removed my shirt and lay back on the bed letting her work her magic on my cock. She obviously had done this many times before as she was skilled in bringing pleasure to my cock. I was getting so close to an orgasm just thinking about that soon I would be putting my cock into this small child. I pulled her off my cock and I began to remove her clothes also. As I was doing that the girl kept looking at her mother confused about why she was still there. I suspected that in the past her mother was not present as she serviced the men she had been sold to.

As she was distracted I put on the condom and smeared some lubricant on also. When the girl turned around to begin rubbing my cock again she saw the condom and froze. Terror showed on her face as she understood what was about to happen to her. Quickly she tried to get off the bed but her mother and I grabbed her at the same time holding her down. As her mother held her arms and I positioned myself between her legs she began crying. The girl began to slide out from between my legs so I grabbed my cock with one hand to guide it into her and with the other hand I held her hip so she could not get away. Finding the entrance in to her with my cock I began to work the head into her which caused her to shout and cry even louder. By now she was fighting as hard as she could but between her mother and me we had her pinned to the bed so all she was able to do is shout and cry in anguish. Now I had the head of my cock completely inside her and began to push deeper into her. I only had the head and about an inch in her when my cock stopped due to an obstruction; I was up against the hymen. I paused as I saw the fear and terror in her eyes as she realized what I was about to do; then I pushed as hard as I could ripping the hymen apart as my thick cock entered her virgin womb. She began screaming louder as I started sliding my cock in and out of that tight, tender womb. So as her mother held her arms, and Chang operated the camera filming the event; I raped the girl. As I watched my cock slide in and out of that tiny body I began seeing blood on the condom I was wearing as I stretched her womb further than it ever been opened before. I lasted for about three or four minutes before having an orgasm. As I lay on the girl physically worn out I noticed that even though the girl had quit screaming and trying to escape the mother continued to hold her daughter on the bed. Why was she still holding her I though? Why now let her arms go? As I finally lifted myself up off the girl and pulled my bloody cock out of the girl I rolled over on my back onto the bed to recover. What I saw startled me, Chang was nude from the waist down and he was placing a condom on his hard cock. Then it dawned on me the reason the mother continued to her daughter down; she knew that Chang was going to rape the girl also.

The poor girl thought that assault of her body was over only to feel Chang now climb between her legs. She began screaming and crying once again as Chang grabbed his cock and forced it into her body roughly. Chang back handed the girl across the cheek which caused her to stop screaming momentarily. No rape can be gentle but I had not been excessively rough with the girl. But now Chang began brutally raping the poor child. I had noticed that Chang’s cock was not as thick as mine but about the same length. Where as I had only entered the child about half my length Chang was driving his cock into her completely and quickly which I saw was causing more blood to flow out of the womb. The child’s body compressed every time Chang huge body laid on her as he drove into her. Just as I noticed that the girl had become quiet Chang pulled out of the girl; quickly pulled off the condom and began to masturbate himself. Immediately his sperm shot out across the child’s abused body and even onto the mother who now backed away trying to keep his sperm off of her. As Chang climbed off the girl I saw a trail of blood running down the girl’s vagina and a small pool of blood had formed under her butt.

Soon there were heated words between Chang and the mother. I had no idea what was being said but she was very unhappy for several minutes before the anger left her words. As I started to dress Chang spoke to me.

“Woman has boy who never been penetrated; for five hundred American dollars you can be first to penetrate.” I was revolted not only by what I had just participated in, but also in the culture that I was now a part of. Here was a woman who just held her daughter down so she could be raped by two grown men, and now she was offering her son for the same purpose. Then it dawn on me; all the girls that I had bought for sex in the past were probably also raped the first time by men just like me.

The only thought I had now was to live long enough to leave this county and never ever come back. I had allowed my sexual desires to put me in a position of vulnerability. I was in a strange county, around people who would do anything for money, and I not sure how to get even back to my hotel. Money was the only means of safety. So I had to use the potential of more money as a way to ensure my survival. I explained that I had no more money on me; it was locked in the hotel vault plus I was tired after the long flight. Could the woman wait until tomorrow night? It was agreed to meet here again tomorrow night when I would rape her son also. But in secret my plan was to leave this country tonight at any cost.

When Chang gave me the DVD from the camera I felt that there was a chance I would survive the night. The closer we got to the hotel in Chang’s car the better I felt about my chance of survival. Chang dropped me off at the front of the hotel and we agreed to meet tomorrow night. But as soon as I got to my room I called the front desk and explained that there was a family emergency at home and I had to leave immediately. I packed my bags and was out of the hotel in 30 minutes. I took a cab to the airport, and using the same excuse for leaving quickly, asked for the quickest flight to get back home. I left on a plane 45 minutes later that made two stops in other counties and cost four times as much but felt is was money well spent to leave that country and people. I swore to never return for any reason.

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You should have stayed around and raped the little bitch in her tight little ass to. I would also not have wanted to fuck the mothers boy but Chang would have understood that and as a good customer he would not want somthing to happen to you. You could also have him find you another little virgin bitch for you to fuck in her cunt and ass hole while he films it for you and after your finshed with the baby bitch he could use her as he liked.

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