You all know the legal bull crap required at the beginning but here it is anyway; The following story is a complete work of fiction, It is for Adults Only, Do not read if under 21 years old, Do not read if it is illegal to do so where you live, ya-da…ya-da…ya-da. Also, this is story about adults having sex with minors; if this offends you; DON’T READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Trade – Chapter 5

For months I was a shame of what I had done and what I had became. I had no interest in sex at all. But slowly the desire for sex with young girls again began too creep into my life. I began watching the DVD’s of my self having sex with the girls again; I even watched the last one of me raping the girl. But never again would I visit another country that sold its children for sex; I would do without sex with young girls before going back to another country like that again. But I had became so use to having sex with young girls several times a year that now the lack of it was making me slightly irritable. It was probably that irritability that caused me to confront Juan about his account.

By now Juan had ran up his past due account to almost five thousand dollars. I was more tired of Juan not paying me than I was of seeing his daughter’s bodies so I put into the sales program a code that did not allow him the charge items any longer. I told the sales staff what I had done and told them the next time Juan came in to have him come to my office. Juan came in that very day. When I explained that he was now a cash only customer because of his past due account, he was shocked. Juan explained that he just got the bid to do a large home and needed credit to obtain the items needed to start the job. I held firm; it was cash only until the outstanding bill was paid in full. Juan pleaded for me to give him the credit he needed to start the job but I refused; I was done with him. He left the office dejected and confused. But early the next morning when I pulled onto the parking lot to opened the store Juan was waiting for me in his truck. I told Juan before opening the door into the store that unless he had cash there was no reason for him to come in.

“I have come up with a solution that will benefit us both” was his answer.

“Cash is the only solution for this Juan” I replied.

“I have something to offer you that is more valuable than the money I owe” he said. I thought of things that I knew that Juan owned; combined they would not be worth five thousand dollars.

“What are you talking about?” I asked confused.

“Maria” is all he said. Maria his oldest daughter was probably eleven or twelve by now.

“What about Maria?” I asked confused.

“For the money I owe you, I will trade you Maria for the summer.”


“With Maria spending the summer with you there would be no reason for you to travel to that other country.” His answer shocked me. About a year ago Juan had had determined that the county that I was visiting so often offered child sex as a tourist business. He had commented several times when we were alone that he knew I liked the “young girls” and that is why I was traveling to the other country so often. Was he now really offering his daughter for sex in return for the money he owed? I looked around; we were still the only two people in the building. It was time to stop the innuendos and speak plainly about what he was offering.

“Juan; if you know why I travel to that other country do you really want that to happen to your daughter? Think about it Juan; do you know what I’m going to do to her if she stays with me?” I said.

“She is no longer a virgin” was his reply. My mind started thinking of how that cute little girl would look and feel as I used her body for my sexual desires. And to have for the full summer!

“What would your wife say about this?”

“This was her idea first.” For a long time neither of us spoke as I thought about his offer. “Let me think about this for a day or so.” I said.

All day I thought about that if we did this how easy it would be for so someone to figure out what was happening and the ramifications of getting caught. The risks were high; going to jail. But the rewards were high; to have that beautiful young girl to fulfill my sexual desires for a full summer! I came up with a plan that made the risk equal for all; Juan, his wife, Maria and me. That afternoon Juan was back in my office. I shut the door.

“Juan, if anyone would find out about this we will all go to jail. You know that don’t you?” I said. He shook his head ‘yes’.

“Here is what must be done before I will agree. You must supply Maria with birth control pills every month and pay for them by check; that way there can be no doubt that you knew what was happening to your daughter. And Maria must be told that if this is found out; that not only will her mom, dad and I go to jail; that she and her sister will go to different foster homes.”

“I will deliver her to you this evening.” He said immediately.

“Also; you must explain to her why she is coming to stay with me for the summer.” I insisted. “She must be told that you have traded your bill here to me for sex.” I paused before continuing. “Juan; I want to make sure you understand what I’m going to do to your daughter. I will not abuse her; but I am going fuck your daughter several times every day. Are you really sure that you and your wife want to do this?”

“We will be at your house around seven.” He again said quickly. He stood and walked out the door without saying another word.

Shortly before seven I began to look out the front window wondering if Juan would really deliver his daughter knowing what I was going to do to her. But just after seven his truck drove up to the house and stopped in the middle of the street. The passenger door open and little Maria got out. Immediately Juan drove off leaving her standing in the street. I couldn’t believe that he just drove off! But what should he have done? Walked her into the house and introduce her to the man that she had just been sold to? Maria looked around like she was unsure about which house she should walk to. I opened the door.

“Maria.” I said softy. She looked at me and as she began walking towards me I noticed a small brown paper bag she was holding for the first time. As she got close to the house I could see that there were tears on her cheeks and that the bag contained clothes.

“Please come in.” I said as I stepped back allowing her to enter. As she walked into the house she looked around startled; I’m sure she had never seen or been in a house this large. My house was not a mansion but larger than most. She just stood and turned looking at the vastness of the house.

“Would you like a soda or tea?” I asked. She just shook her head no.

“Let’s go into the kitchen to talk then” I said and began walking to the kitchen. She followed me. Although she was not making any sound as we sat at the table I could see her eyes watering and running down her cheeks. She was constantly wiping her face with her dirty sleeve.

“Maria; did your parents tell you why you’re here?” I asked. She shook her head yes.

“What did they say?”

“They said I’m to be your wife for the summer.”

“Maria, you know what husbands and wives do in the bedroom don’t you?” Maria started to whimper and more tears came down her cheeks but she shook her head ‘yes’ again.

“Good, I’m glad you understand why you’re here.” I paused. “Maria; people may ask why your staying here so we need to make sure that you tell them right thing. Otherwise everyone; including you and your sister will get into lots of trouble. So here’s what you tell anyone that pressures you into telling them why you’re here. Tell them your real name and that the reason that you’re staying with me is that your parents are going through a rough time and you’re staying here until they get it worked out. In other words; tell the truth about everything except that I’m having sex with you. Do you understand?” She shook her head ‘yes’

“Now; is there anything that you want to ask me?” I said. It seemed to me that she did but she did not speak. “Maria, I will never lie to you and it’s important that we both understand what is going to happen here this summer. So if you have a question please ask it.”

“Are….are you going to hurt me?” she said weakly.

“Maria; I will never hit you, yell at you or curse you. But understand this; your parents traded you to me so that I can have sex with you.” With this she began to whimper again. “I will be as gentle with you as possible. But at first sex will be uncomfortable for you. I will try to go as slow as I possibly can. But we will have sex Maria, that is why you’re here. And it will start tonight. Have you ever had sex before?” I asked.

She did nothing but sit and stare at the floor. “Maria; I need to know how experienced you are. It will determine how fast we can have sex without you being hurt.” Finally she shook her head yes.

“How many times have you had sex” I asked.

“Twice.” She said.

“Were they boys or men?”


“Did you give them blow jobs also?” She just stared at the floor. “Maria; I need to know this.” Finally she shook her head yes.

“Did you let them cum in your mouth?” She shook her head yes. “Okay, thank you for being truthful with me Maria. Do you have anymore questions?”

“Do I have to stay in the house all the time?”

“You are not a prisoner here Maria. You can come and go as you want. In fact, there will always be money in that blue jar on the counter for you to use to buy things for yourself and to pay for bus rides if you want to go some where. My only rule is that you spend every night in my bed.” I waited for her response and was glad to see that my statement did not make her cry again. “Anything else you want to ask about?” She shook her head no. “Then let’s go to the bedroom.” With this she began whimpering again thinking about what was going to happen but she did follow me to the master bedroom without any hesitation. Once in the room I came up close to her and bent down and kissed her gently on her lips. I was nervous and could only imagine what she was feeling. But as I was close to her I could tell she had not bathed for some time.

“Maria; sex is much more pleasant if both people are freshly washed so let’s first shower together.”

With that I began to unbutton her shirt. She began to shake slightly as she cried softly and I noticed that my hands shook as I undid the buttons. Finally the shirt was unbuttoned and I slowly removed it from her body. I stared at her small breast; only the nipples protruded from her chest. I knelt in front of her and unfastened the button on the old dirty pants she was wearing. Slowly I pulled them off her hips and found that she was not wearing underwear either. I held her hand to keep her from falling as I removed the pants from first one leg and then the other. I stared between her legs and saw a little fuzz starting to grow. As I was still knelling I spoke to her.

“Maria; you are so beautiful! I’m so lucky that you are spending the summer with me.” I stood and began to remove my clothes. Maria stared at the bulge that had formed in my pants that started when I was removing her shirt. Then as I slid my pants off my hips I heard her gasp. Then she looked up in my eyes with fear.

“I’ve…..I’ll….. I’ll never be able….” I cut her sentence off.

“Yes you will Maria. I’ve put it into girls smaller than you. We just have to go slow and be patient.” With that I took her hand and led her to the shower. We both were nervous as I washed first her body and then mine. But by the time I was finished washing her she seemed to have relaxed some what. After I had dried us both off I took her hand and led her up onto to the bed. Her body was completely tense in anticipation of what might happen to her next. I had her lay on her stomach, took some massaging oil and began to massage her back rubbing the oil into her body. I spent a very long time trying to help her relax by concentrating on her feet, legs, hands and arms; anywhere but between her legs. Finally I had her turn over onto her back and began doing the same thing to her front avoiding her breast and between her legs. After about an hour of massaging her body Maria was actually so relaxed that she had her eyes closed as I touched her right nipple the for first time. She opened her eyes immediately but after a few minutes of me gently rubbing her breast she began to close her eyes again. Slowly I began using my free hand to rub in the oil first on her stomach and then I let my hand drop to the insides of her knees. Slowly I began to work the oil up higher on her thighs and as I did so I noticed that without conscience thought she began to open her legs further apart. By the time my fingers were brushing up against her vagina she actually began to raise her hips off the bed slightly to match the movement of my fingers rubbing her vagina. I could not wait any longer; I put my oiled finger at the top of her vagina and slid it downwards between her puffy lips.

Her reaction was immediate; she lifted her hips off the bed just as my finger reached her opening. Without planning it my middle finger slid easily into her! She cried out in joy of the intrusion of my finger in her. I removed my hand that had been massaging her breast this entire time and used my oiled finger to locate her small clit. As soon as I touched it she went tense. I began sliding my finger in and out of her with one hand and rubbing her little clit in a circular motion with the finger of the other hand. I had only been finger fucking her less than a minutes before she had a huge orgasm; probably the first in her life brought on my some one other than herself. I continued massaging her clit and running my finger in and out of her until I could tell that her orgasm was subsiding. Slowly I began to stop my masturbation of her until her breathing was back to normal.

“Did you enjoy that Maria?” She shook her head ‘yes’.

“I didn’t know anything could feel so good.” she said. “Never in my life have I felt like that.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Because I’m going to do that to you every day that you’re here.”


“Yes. In fact I’m going to do it to you again right now.” I said as I began putting the massaging oil on my hand again. All Maria did was to close her eyes as I began rubbing that small, beautiful, innocent, tender body once again. I did the exact same thing as before; paying lots of attention to the non-erotic areas like the hands and feet before slowly getting closer to her breast and vagina. By the time I was rubbing her clit again she was bucking her hips up and down on the bed trying to get my fingers into her deeper she was in such ecstasy. I had a full erection the entire time I had been rubbing that small body in anticipation of what I was going to do to her; now it was time. I was positioned between her spread open legs rubbing her clit and entering her with my fingers while sitting on my heels. As she was starting her second orgasm I took some of the oil that was on my hand and lubed up my hard cock. I wiggled forward and it was not until I had the head of my cock up against her opening that she opened her eyes. She looked at how I was positioned and she knew what was about to happen to her.

Slowly I pushed forward until my cock met resistance and then I stopped. I looked down; only about a fourth of my cock was in her but she was squirming under me. Grabbing her by the hips I applied more pressure to enter her; at first there was only more resistance against my cock but quickly it gave way and a full three fourths of my cock slid into her. She cried out in a mixture of pain and ecstasy. For a few moments I just held still letting that tender body adjust to my large member buried deep inside her. As slow as I could I pulled back until I saw the head of my cock appear and then just as slowly pushed back into her.

I could tell that Maria body was going through mixed emotions about what was happening to her. One part of her body wanted to expel the foreign object that was causing her such discomfort but another part of her body was wanting more of the new felt pleasure that the same foreign object was bringing. I tried to keep a slow pace but the more aroused I saw her become the faster I began moving my cock in and out of that small girl.

I was so close to having an orgasm myself when she had another one first. She had tears in her eyes as she cried and laughed at the same time and her head flopped from side to side. As I felt my sperm leave my cock I pushed into her as deep as possible and tried to go deeper as my seed filled her womb. Maria cried out as she felt hot sperm flood into her womb for the first time in her young life. We both did not move for a long time trying to recover from the intense sexual pleasure we had just both experienced. I was still sitting on my heels with my cock still buried in her as I gazed at her face. There was such a look of contentment on her face; her eyes were closed and a slight smile was on her lips. I stayed in that position for a long time admiring that young girl; and the thought that I was going to be able to use this girl for my sexual desires for the entire summer brought me so much joy! When my cock finally softened enough that it slipped out of her she did not even noticed that it had happen. I laid behind her and pulled her tight to me; we both feel asleep quickly.

The next morning I awoke first and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. As I came into the bedroom Maria was awake with the covers over her looking confused.

“Where are my clothes?” she asked.

“I threw them into the dumpster the first thing this morning.” I answered. She looked scared.

“I can’t wear clothes?” she said. I started laughing.

“Of course! It’s just that those clothes are too old and dirty for you to put back on; you have to have new clothes. I’ve brought you something to eat. While you’re eating I’m going to go to the store and buy you something to wear for now. Later today we will go to the mall and get better clothes for you.” I brought her breakfast to the bed then went to a discount retailer close by and guessed about what size she wore for jeans, short and sandals but no underwear. Back at the house I found that Maria had finished eating and I asked is she was sore from having sex and he said yes. I explained that I would not enter her again for several days to allow her body to heal but that I would teach her how to use her hands and mouth to bring me to an orgasm during that time. The entire time we had been talking I had been caressing her body slowly and I could see that she was responding to my touch. I began to kiss her softly over her entire body; from the top of her head to between her toes. By now she was squirming and moaning and when I began to softly suck on her nipple she went tense and seemed to have a mini orgasm. I continued sucking her nipple until her orgasm seemed to subside and then I started kissing her lower until I got between her legs. I never entered her with my tongue or finger knowing she was sore but concentrated on the clit with my finger and tongue until she had a large orgasm. I stayed at the clit with my tongue again until I could tell her orgasm lessened. I smiled at her.

“I hope you enjoyed that!”

“That felt so GREAT!”

“Good; because I’m going to do that to you several times a day” I said. Then I undressed and led Maria to the shower where we took a very long hot shower together. Maria seemed no longer to be embarrassed being nude in front of me!

A few hours later we went to a mall to get new clothes for Maria. Going into a boutique we were greeted by a woman that I would guess was in her mid forties. I explained that the girl was staying with me and that she needed complete outfits; including underclothes to shoes. Maria seemed in a daze as the sales clerk brought outfit after outfit for her to try on. I suspected that the sales clerk was a little suspicious of my relationship with Maria when one time as Maria was trying on an outfit, the clerk said to me in a soft tone that the changing room was large enough that I could be in the room with Maria as she changed outfits if I wanted. I just turned and said that I thought that be very improper for me to be with her as she was changing. Later the sales clerk again referenced to our relationship when she said that she knew how to dress Maria so that she would look even younger yet if I wanted that. My response was that it was my experience that teenage girls seemed to want to look older, not younger, and my only goal was to have Maria to be the best dressed girl in the school when school started again. The clerk never again brought up anything about what our relationship might be. We left the store with nine complete outfits including underclothes and shoes. Maria was so happy with the clothes; I suspected it was probably the only new clothes she had ever had in her life. We put the clothes in a extra bedroom that I told her was her room. But I made sure that she understood that this room was for her use during the daytime only; at night she was expected to be in my bed every night.

That night I again brought Maria to multiple orgasms and then instructed her how to use that small mouth and hands to bring me to an orgasm. I sat in the bed with my legs spread wide apart as Maria sucked and massaged my cock while rubbing my balls all at the same time. I told her she had to swallow my sperm and when I finally shot my load into that small mouth, she could only get a small amount down her throat before gagging and the rest of my sperm ran down her hands and my cock. The next morning as she was still having her first orgasm I straddled her tiny body and masturbated myself until I had an orgasm shooting my sperm over her face, neck and chest. While my sperm was still covering her I started oral sex on her again and she immediately started another orgasm. She didn’t care that she was covered in my sperm. What a little slut she had became; I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Four days later I put my cock into that that small body again as a place to massage it until blowing another load of my hot sticky sperm into her womb. This began a pattern of every fifth day of me banging that little girl, the other days she used her hands and mouth to bring me to orgasms. And every day I made sure to bring her to multiple orgasms using different techniques; even using my tongue and finger on her rectum! The days between entering her grew less and less until on day twenty seven I began fucking Maria every day. And on each day I was able to get inside her a little deeper than the day before until on day fifty one, when I was able to bury my cock completely inside her. Day sixty eight was another milestone; that was the day Maria planned and initiated the sex. I had been sitting in the living room reading the paper when I noticed her standing besides me. She had on a shear night gown I had never seen before. She led me into our bedroom where I found soft music playing and candlelight. That night was about romance and very gentle lovemaking that lasted for hours and hours. Then a few weeks later she led me to the bedroom once again but this was not about romance or lovemaking; that night I felt like I had been raped as she used my cock again and again to bring herself to multiple orgasms; IT WAS WONDERFUL!

That was the most memorable summer of my life. To be able to watch and participate as a young girl found the joys of sex was the most wonderful thing to happen that I could ever possibly imagine. Maria went from dreading what she had been traded for, to be a sexual slave to me, to a child that enjoyed sex as much as I did! She even asked about if it was possible for us to try anal sex! Even though I had performed anal sex with girls her size I lied and explained that her body was too small at this time; real physical damage could happen. She was without a doubt the best and most eager lover I had ever been with in my life; and I had her for the entire summer! But as the saying goes all good things must come to an end. On day ninety one I was to return her to her parents. For weeks I anguished over her departure that was getting closer by the day; every day dreading the upcoming day more than the day before. And it seemed that Maria felt the same as I did. I think not only for the life style that she had became accustomed to but also for the loss of the sex that she had came to enjoy. I told her over and over that she was always welcomed back at any time. Secretly I hoped she would return often.

But finally the day came; we waited until dusk before I delivered to her house. Not only was I shocked at how small the house was but also by the amount of trash in the yard and how the entire area was depilated. As we walked to her door I thought about when she arrived at my house all she had was a small brown bag of old clothes; now we had three suitcases full of new clothes she had accumulated while with me. When we walked into the house I was startled at how much debris was in the house; there was stuff lying everywhere. Not only that, but her sister was the only one there to welcome her home; the parents were out at the casino! My heart ached as I left her behind going home alone. The next five days were the worse days in my life as I missed her so much.

As I arrived home on the sixth day of her departure I noticed a light on in the house as I pulled into the garage. At first I just thought that I had left a light on but as I got out of my car I heard voices. They were of young girls and one of them was Maria’s! When I got into the house Maria ran to me, jumped up and wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. We kissed passionately for a long time. I WAS SO HAPPY TO HAVE HER HOME. When we finally broke our embrace I saw that the other girl voice belonged to her younger sister Isabella.

“I missed you so much.” Maria said.

“Not near as much as I’ve missed you.” I responded.

“I cannot live at that house or with my parents ever again. And I cannot allow my sister to remain there either.” she said. “You have to find a way for us to stay here. I’ve explained to sister about why and what happens between you and me, if needed she will have sex with you also if she can stay here.” She paused. “Please don’t make us go back.”

“Do you parents know where you’re at?” I asked.

“No; I’ve only seen them a few times since I’ve been home. We packed and left as soon as they walked out to go to the casino this afternoon.”

“Okay. First I need to call them and let know where you two are at. We’ll worry about how to make this happen after that.” I called Juan and explained that both his daughter’s had came to my house without my knowledge. Could they spend the night and we meet tomorrow at my office tomorrow? He seemed somewhat put out that I had called and interrupted him; I had the distinct impression that he could have care less where his daughter’s were at. We agreed to meet tomorrow morning. That night Maria stayed in my bed and Isabella stayed in the room that was technically Maria’s. Maria and I had sex several times that night and I knew that Isabella had to have heard us. The next morning I got up and showered and as I walked out of the bathroom I saw that Isabella had climbed into my bed with Maria. I gave them both a kiss on the forehead and left for work. Juan walked into my office around nine o’clock.

“So what’s my girl’s doing at your house?” he asked.

“I came home last night and found them there.” I waited a few seconds before continuing wondering how he was going to respond to my next statement. “Juan; They both want to live with me from now on.” For a second Juan just stared at me and I wondered what was going through his head; some man just told him that his daughter’s no longer want to live with their parents.

“How much?” is how he responded to my statement. I had wondered if that would be his train of thought. I had even thought of my response if he would answer that way.

“I’ll give you a thousand per month in cash when you, or your wife, deliver the birth control pills for each girl at the first of each month.” Juan did not hesitate what so ever.

“Can you have the cash by tomorrow” was his only concern.

Both girls were so happy when I told them that I had arranged with their parents to stay with me. Maria and I took Isabella that first night to get her all new clothes just as I had done when Maria first moved in with me. I enrolled both girls in the school district that I lived in; it took both Juan and his wife to be present to sign papers for it to happen the first time. Isabella turned nine a few months after moving in and we held a birthday party for her at a kid friendly restaurant. We invited her entire class and almost everyone came. Later I found out it that this was the first birthday party Isabella had ever had. I never pressured or asked Isabella to have sex with me but over a period of a year she was the one who wanted to experience what her sister was doing nightly. At first Isabella would stay in the bedroom with Maria and me until we would start with touching each other sexually and then she would quietly leave. After a few months of this she slowly started to stay after the touching began but then would leave before sex actually started. After months of that she finally stayed in the room one night and watched as I put my cock into her sister and saw what caused Maria to moan in such pleasure. After a few weeks of watching us Isabella allowed me to touch her breast and vagina; she had a huge orgasm the first time touched her clit. Then I began to perform oral sex on Isabella almost daily bringing her to orgasm each time. Maria began to teach her sister how to masturbate and then how to perform oral sex on me. Eventually Isabella wanted to feel my cock inside her. I laid on my back so Isabella could control the rate in which I entered her. I could see the discomfort she was experiencing as my thick cock spread her virgin womb open and came in contact with her hymen. But I could see in her eyes that she wanted to go further but she just could not bring herself to push through the hymen due to the pain that she knew she would experience. But then Maria, who on the bed with us, put her hands on her sister’s shoulders and pushed her downwards impaling her sister’s small body onto my rock hard cock. Isabella cried out in pain and tried to raise herself off my cock but Maria held her sister down by her shoulders and I also did by grabbing her hips. Neither of us moved for many minutes allowing Isabella to adjust to the hard, thick cock inside her. I was able to stay hard the entire time and after 10-15 minutes Isabella slowly started moving her hips up and down. I watched in awe as my cock slowly went in and out of that small, tender nine year old body. After a very short time I had a huge orgasm shooting my hot, thick sperm into that virgin womb. Isabella cried out in both pain and in ecstasy feeling the hot seed of a man enter her for the first time. After my cock quit jerking and throbbing inside that small body she just laid on my chest until my cock softened enough to slide out of her on its own. It was weeks before she climbed on top of me once again wanting to feel my manhood stretch her womb open once again. By the time Isabella turned eleven she was an experienced lover able to take my cock completely inside her. We began a routine that had me entering one or both girls every morning and night; what a wonderful experience having two small girls to fuck daily!

The girl’s lived with me from then on; they never went back to their parents. Eventually Juan and his wife got tired of having to be present to sign documents so they legally gave me power of attorney of their daughters. And then after about five years Juan’s wife did not show up to collect the monthly payment for their daughter one month. A few weeks later we heard a rumor that Juan and his wife had moved. We drove over to their old house and found another family living there; they knew nothing of Juan or where he might have moved to. We never saw or heard from them again.

Maria grew into a lovely teenager. She appeared to be normal in every respect; other than sleeping and having sex with me. None of her friends ever suspected what happened in the house after they would leave. Maria seemed to be a popular girl in school and excelled in academics and the arts. She dated often in high school but no one seriously until her third year of college. But even as she dated in high school and college I fucked her daily! The first year out of college she married the boy she became serious about and they moved to a town about three hours away. Her husband never knew of our sexual relationship which continued even after they were married. Maria would come home about 2-3 times a year and we hardly ever got out of bed. Her husband was a good man who was kind to her and Maria loved him deeply. After about two years of marriage Maria was home again and as I was about to enter her she told I had to put on a condom; she was no longer on the pill as she and her husband had decided to start a family. For the next two years I wore a condom every time we had sex. But then one time she told not to put it on. I asked her if she was pregnant and she said no. Had they decided to not have a family? Again she answered “no”. When she insisted that all my sperm go into her vagina; no blow jobs, hand jobs, facials, anal sex; it hit me. She was hoping that I would impregnate her. A few months later she called to give me the good news; she was pregnant! She gave me the due date and when I counted back nine months it was within a few days of her last visit. I realized that was my child she was carrying. After the child was born she came to visit less often due to the new responsibilities she had as a mother. Isabella and I then began going to visit her most of the time so she could stay at home with her family. But a few years later she called and said she was visiting in the middle of the week and I should not have sex for four days prior to her arrival. I knew why she was coming home; to be bred once again. Nine months later she had another child.

Isabella though was always a shy girl. She rarely dated in high school or while in college even though she was unbelievably cute; I thought even more so than Maria. I always wondered if her shyness was due to having sex with me at the tender age of nine but she assured me over and over that was not the case. Then during her last year of college I noticed that on some of her school papers that she had taken my last name. When I asked her about it said that it just seemed a natural thing to do. A few years later I was talking to her again about her not dating and that she needed to get out more often to meet boys her own age why when she blurted out her true reason for not dating; she always considered herself to be my wife! A few months later she legally became my wife. And now, seven years later, we are both still happy with how our lives turned out.

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