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Showing her the new toy " SYBIAN"
She has no idea what she is in for!!!

The job went really smooth. I chose to spray her house because of the type of siding she had. A brush, roller combo was not going to work.

The wooden shingles had vertical lines making it difficult to paint. Spraying was the best way, It also cut labor time in half, more fun for play time.

It has been 3 weeks since the start. Out of those 21 days I have slept with her 15 days. It was like I was living with her. She was really set in her ways and was trying to make me happy at the same time. Working in the hot sun all day and then fucking her all night was taking it's toll on me.

Before she left for work that morning I told her I have a nice surprise for her tonight.

"And what kind of surprise do you have for me?" she asked me. "You will find out tonight" I told her. "You are a tease young man" "Young man" I said to her, "well your younger then me but you know I like it that way" she said.

We kissed and she drove off for work, and I knowing full well her mind was going full bore wondering what I had in mind for her.

During our 21 days of knowing each other we got to know one another pretty well. She was married for 20 years to a nasty drunk, had 3 kids, two boys and a girl.

I met her daughter and after talking with her awhile she told her mother she had hired a really nice guy. Her mother never told her we were banging our brains out for 3 weeks besides me painting the house.

I had my thoughts of getting her to join us also but her mother was making up for lost time and one more woman in the mix surely would have killed me, but the thought was still there.

Janet had shown me pictures of her in her younger years and she was a very homely girl growing up. however as she got older she was getting better looking with the pasting years. She was really good looking for being 59. She went to the gym 4 to 5 times a week and was really staying in shape.

I remember the day she asked me "how old do you think I am?"

I looked at her and said"45." I told her, her eyes were smiling for that one."Wow" she said, "your kidding right?" "No, you look in your mid 40's your small at 5'4" not more then 115 lbs you have smooth skin, some wrinkles here and there but very good looking".

"Well hun I am 59 and 122 lbs." I guess my mouth dropped to the floor.i said "Let me see your drivers lic?" She was 59 years old alright.

"You know how to make a woman feel good hun" she said looking at me with those blue eyes.

I was rewarded well for that one.

I got a lot done that day, I had 1 day left to finish the job. I thought only having one day left I would bring my big toy and get her introduced to it. I was going to enjoy this little intro, the look on her face was the best part.

Anyway she came home after the gym and I had dinner almost done for her."I could get used to this " she said.I gave her a glass of wine and sat her down in the 3 season porch.I said "we are having grilled salmon, mix veggie and salad". "But what is the surprise you have for me?" she said.

"Wow you really are dying to find out what it is" aren't you?".

"Yes " she said, "I have been thinking about it all day Hun".

"Well this is some of it, dinner, talking" "This is it ?"she says.

"Whoa I said to her, there is more coming your way."

"First I have one more day left then it's over"

"Over"? she said. "Well we are going on but job is almost done, of course after you do a walk around to make sure it's to your satisfaction. Then you write me a check and it's done.

However I think you want us to go on, don't you?"

"Oh yes Hun, just because the job is done does not mean we are."

Five years later that statement stung like a Bee.

Anyway I gave her a good price on her roof and was there 2 more weeks.

After dinner I showed her the best toy you could ever get for a woman.

"The Sybian

took a 4x4 foot sheet of plywood placed it on her bed then placed a 6x6 foot crushed velvet cloth over the wood. I put the Sybian on top of the wood and covered it with a light purple crushed velvet cover over that. And I made sure the dildo was below the saddle so it was not making a tent.

I blind folded her and led her to her bed room, stopped her in front of it, let her settle before taking the blind fold off her.Knowing how to get her going I took my thumb and dragged it up her slit over her clit and she shuddered."Ow" was all she said. It drew wetness quick.

I took the blind fold off and she looked at it and she had a very funny look on her face.

"What the hell is that?" she said.

I said "This is another me doll." "HUH?" "another you I don't understand?"

"Well when I uncover it you will understand.""OK" she said

I pulled the purple cover off of it. I said "this is a Sybian Womans fucking machine.

It will take you to places you have never been before, more then I have so far."

"A fucking machine she said?" "Yes you sit on it and it fucks you as long as you want and as long as you can take it.."

"Your trying to kill me?" she said. "No I am trying to not die fucking you."

Working all day then fucking you all night is wearing my ass out, this is a helper of mine, to give me a rest and to drive you fucking more wild then you could ever imagine.""Oh really?" she said.

"And how does it worked?" "Well you sit on it and it has a big dildo in it, this dildo will go in and out at 300 strokes a minute, but it turns and vibrates also.""OMG" was all she said."This is the control box. It goes from 10% to 150%. Do not turn it up to 150% first off,"

"And why is that?" she asked me. "Well it might kill you the first time.""Kill me are you kidding me, that thing looks like rodeo bull". "Yup" I said."Try it for size doll?

Little did she know what she was really in for. She stripped off and climbed on. I gave her the remote and the lube."N o lube hun, I am wet just wondering about this."

A new feature was made for this toy, it comes with two dildo's, one for her pussy and one for both her ass and pussy.I had the pussy one on and told her why. "When you start getting into it I am going to get you from the back and go for the ride with you, if you want me to.""Ok" she said. "It also comes with a double dildo for times that you want just this driving you crazy." I held it up to her and she smiled.

"But for now we are going to play with it, but first you play with it and then I will join you later, OK?" "You are going to watch me?". "Yes I better stay here and keep an eye on you."

"I don't want to leave you and come back to find you dead from over use." She starts laughing and said "Kill me?"

"Aren't you afraid of this taking your place?" she said. "No because I will take it home with me and you will have to use me again." "Ok" she said and started her ride to orgasm land.

I thought about the past using this thing with other women. I set up a video recorder on her dresser between her music box and a vase of flowers. She had no idea I was going to do this, it later turned out to be pretty good idea.

So she turns it on to 10 %, It is the look on the face that says a million words. Her eyes open wide, her mouth drops open and she grabs the handles tight."OMG" is all that she says."Turn it up a little more " I said. "I can't let go" she said. "Take the remote please" Boy was she in for it now.

I turned it up to 20 %. She is getting deep strokes now at 20 per minute. Her juice is starting to run down from between her lips and running down the sides. She starts to hump it meeting the upstroke to get the full effect. Her face is getting flushed and her breathing starts to pick up. Up i turn it to 30%."OMG" she keeps repeating. "This thing is fucking me like mad" "It is only on 30% doll" I told her. "I'm have orgasm's one after another, like with the KD."I said "These get better and faster baby doll, it's coming" Her look was both enjoyment and wonderment.

40% it goes and she lets out a howling that I almost started to laugh from.

By this time she starts to gush her juice at a steady pace. I'm waiting for that thick white cream of hers when she starts to really become unglued. When that heavy cream starts I know this thing is doing what it promises to do.

Up I turn it to 50%, It's fucking her non stop bang bang bang bang it keeps going driving into her never tiring at a steady pace, turning as it plunges deep into her hot gush box. Shes taking 50 stroke a minute now."Ooooooooo" is what coming from her mouth, shes getting off every 15 to 20 seconds now. She stops meeting the thing and lets it fuck her all on it's own.

60% it goes, this thing has already gone by what I could ever think of doing. The vibrator alone would have made me cum. Shes trying to talk and all that is coming out is "Ooooooo's and Ahhhhhhhhh's. Her riding this for this long is making me start to wonder how far she can go and for how long she can ride it."How long can you go Doll?" I ask her, "Keep going Hun don't you dare turn it off." "Well I am thinking I might join you now, And ride with you.""No, let me ride some more and then we will see " she says."Ok let me know when your ready?" I said.

Up to 75 % it goes, we are half way now and she is just trying to keep from going over the edge."I love this thing" she says "It is fucking me like mad, I would love to have my own now".

As she is telling me this her speech is vibrating. You can tell she is having difficulty trying to even get the words out.

This Sybian is relentless. All women who have ever had one to do this to them wants one for their very own. Like the company says Slow Medium and who needs a man?

Her cum is just oozing out of her, it is the heavy white cream I have been waiting to see.

Now it is time for me to join her, I'm not asking her anymore, I am just going to do it.

I climb up and get in back of her, Shes to out of it for her to even care what I'm about to do, besides I know she knows what I'm about to do.

My Hard-on is like a piece of blue steel, hard like a rock and just wanting to be stuck up her ass.

Once I get it up there I don't have to even move, between her jumping up and down and feeling the vibrations coming from her cunt I know I'm in for a ride.


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