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He told me to do whatever it takes and I took it all.
When I woke up on Saturday morning I found myself breathing very hard. I rolled over and reached for my husband but he wasn’t there. I then heard him from downstairs say “Pat, I’m going golfing. If anybody calls about my old golf clubs, do whatever you can to sell them.”

“Huh?” I thought. I was groggy and realized that I must have been dreaming and had woke up as horny as hell. I wanted my husband. I wanted him bad. I laid back and drifted back into my dream. It was a very erotic dream, just one continuous sex scene after another and I was enjoying every minute of it. I found myself fingering my pussy and was already getting wet.

I thought that it was too bad he wasn’t here. We had a pretty good sex life. We had our little games and most recently we had progressed to him even fucking my ass. He was okay size-wise, I guess (I had never been with another man), but he could really get as hard as a rock and I found that amazing. In our last session he had gotten four fingers up my ass with his thumb in my cunt and I was purring like a kitten. I had mounted him and he pounded my ass with my legs spread as wide as I could and I ground my ass on his dick while I fingered my clit. I guess this was why I was having such an erotic dream.

When I got up I was so horny it was like I was in a fog. I just kept seeing big, hard cocks ravishing my body. I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I found myself going downstairs and, knowing that I would be alone all day, just continued my dreaming on the couch. I got out my biggest dildo and special lubricant and played with myself.

After a while I heard the doorbell and, don’t ask me why, I answered the door by poking my head around the small opening. I heard somebody say “We’re here for the golf clubs.” “Golf clubs? What?” I said. I then vaguely remembered by husband mention selling golf clubs, so, without thinking I said “Oh yeah, they’re in here.”

In walked five men. I really didn’t know what was going on as I watched them enter the living room and look at me. There I was standing there in my skimpiest nightie with a 16 inch long, 3 inch thick dildo in my grasp. I was snapping out of my dreaming when I heard one of them say “We aren’t interupting anything, are we?” I was dumbfounded and just stood them in all my nearly naked glory. “Wait, I know you,” he said. “I’ve seen you around. I always thought you were hot. Isn’t she hot, guys?” They all agreed and he continued, “Turn around, let me make sure.” I don’t know why but I followed his request. Then he said, “Bend over.” I did that too without even realizing that I was now exposing my ass to five strangers. “Yeah,” he said, “I definitely recognize that cute butt.”

I was now snapping out of it but when I turned around I saw five men becoming aroused by my presence. They were even starting to stroke their crotches and I found that that really started to turn me on. I still stood there motionless, torn between either running away or facing my erotic dreams. One of the men said, “Is that your name?” I looked down and saw that I was wearing my little thong on which I had sewn “C-U-N-T.” This got me to laugh and I found myself saying “Yeah, just call me CUNT!”

That really broke the ice and they all laughed and said “Hello CUNT.” I was now emboldened and I walked over to them with my hands on my hips and said “Glad to meet you, what do you think?” With that I started sliding my hands down my thighs and arching my back. Now they were all hooting and encouraging me with comments like “What a Cunt! Nice Cunt!"

I have a pretty nice body, 5’8”, long blond hair, small breasts but slim with very long legs and yes, a nice ass and pretty pussy. They were definitely my best features and here I was enjoying showing off my stuff. I was wearing a sheer white nightie, a pull-over top that only came to my waist, and matching panties that were little more than a G-string. Getting warmer by the second, I thought “Maybe that is a good name for me, CUNT.”

There were five of them, all in good shape, three tall white guys and two strong-looking black men. I could see their pants bulging and all I could think of was five hard cocks, just like in my dream. One of them picked up my special tube from the coffee table and asked, “What is this?” Without even thinking, I said “That’s my AnalEase, you put it on your cock when you want to fuck my ass!” Then he said “Come here Cunt, is there enough for all of us.” I knelt down on a cushion in front of them, smiled and said “That depends on how big you all are!”

They all started pulling out their cocks, standing up while coming toward me. To put it bluntly, they were all big and beautiful, probably 8 inches or more, and the one black guy was huge, probably 10 inches! I pulled off my top and they started fondling my breasts, making my nipples hard. I couldn’t have been more excited as I reached for two of their cocks and said “Let’s see if I can get all of you hard as a rock. Do you all really want to fuck my ass?”

I put my tongue on the first dick, licked it slowly, and then put it in my mouth. Now I’ve never been good at this. My husband’s pre-cum always bothered me and I never could take it very deep much less let him cum in my mouth. But this was different. I was so anxious to get them all hard that I was going to do whatever it takes. Where did I hear those words before? Oh well, I was too busy. They were surrounding me and I was handling two cocks while sucking on a third one. I took turns making sure they all found my mouth and I even started fingering their balls. I thought they might like that and they sure did. “That’s it Cunt, suck on my balls.” I had never done that before but I didn’t hesitate when asked as I started kissing, licking, and sucking every ball I could find. I then started licking each entire shaft and could tell it was working as they kept getting bigger and harder. What a turn-on for me.

One of them put his cock in my mouth and tried to push it down my throat. I gagged and gasped for air but he wasn’t going to stop now. He grabbed my head and kept pushing the entire rod deeper and deeper. I found that I could survive if I put my tongue behind my lower lip and breathed in between thrusts. That’s it girl, I thought, I can do it. As he went even deeper it got easier for me. His pre-cum was filling up my mouth but I just swallowed it, although some would spill out onto my chin. They all proceeded to fuck my mouth like this while the other four would rub their moist cocks on my face. I tried to give each one a smile as I took him in my mouth and another smile when he was done fucking my throat. I just had to keep swallowing all their juices to keep up. The last one, the black guy, was the hardest. He was so big and so thick that I didn’t think I could take him all the way. But the others must have loosened me up enough that I was able to take the full 10 inches. “Way to go Cunt,” they all said, “We’re all ready for you now. How about some of that AnalEase” I didn’t think it was necessary as I was just dripping down below but I grabbed the tube and put a little on each cock, stroking the full length of each dick. Boy, were they right. They were now all as hard as a rock. I was proud of my accomplishment and grinned in anticipation of what would happen next.

They laid me down on the cushion and said “Let’s get these pants off, Cunt.” Now there’s nothing a girl likes better that having a man take off her panties so I readily obliged, spreading my legs as wide as possible when they were done to give them a full view of my pussy. They took turns eating my pussy and fingering my cunt and ass hole and I was going into convulsions with all that pleasure.

They then started to fuck me. Two of them had to hold me down while one pumped his cock up my cunt. He was going in all the way, deeper than I ever had before and this must have hit my button because I was having an orgasm with each one. I had to grab another cock and let him fuck my mouth at the same time. I definitely wanted to keep them all as hard as possible.

They then rolled me over and one of them laid down and said “We got you all primed up now, don’t we Cunt.” I had to stand up, facing him, as I lowered my body to take in his cock. I said “I’ll say you do. I’m ready for anything and everything.” I think I was starting to enjoy being called Cunt anyway. I started pumping up and down as he grabbed my ass to guide me. I knew what was coming next and could hardly wait. Another guy stood behind me and said “I think I’ll fuck her ass!” I simply said “You will?” I leaned forward a little bit to give him access to my pulsating ass hole and he eased it in as I groaned. We were all pretty well lubricated so in went in with no problem.

“Yes,” I said, “fuck my ass.” As he went in deeper and harder with each thrust I had to reach out and grab two other cocks to keep my balance while the fifth guy started fucking my mouth again. There I was, taking on all five cocks at the same time, and I rode them like a champion. I now realized that has always been my ultimate desire and here I was, doing it big time. The guy fucking my ass started to cum and shot his load as deep into me as he could. I usually like to clean up after being fucked but there wasn’t any time for that as the next guy plunged right in. The first ass fucker then put his softening cock in my mouth and I had to suck and lick all his cum. It was warm and had an interesting taste to it but I just wanted to get him hard again. They all fucked my ass in this way until their cum was pouring out of my ass.

I then got up, turned around and said “I hope you don’t think you’re finished, I want more.” The cum from my ass was dripping down my leg as I sat on the bottom guy and placed his cock in my ass while I spread my legs to expose my pussy. “Now you can all fuck my cunt.”

They stiffened up immediately and went to work on me. I always thought I was good for multiple orgasms but they were now coming by the dozen. They were absolutely pounding my ass and cunt. I could even feel their balls slapping my cheeks. It felt great. They were really having their way with me now and I went for everything. They were taking turns in my ass and pussy and kept telling me what to do by saying “Over here, Cunt. Spread it wide, Cunt. Cunt, this. Cunt, that.” I would say, “Oh you want my ass now, here you got my ass!” They all shot another load of semen in my pussy, filling it up like crazy.

When they were done I was exhausted. I just laid there, my long legs spread wide, with their cum just pouring out of my ass and pussy. “A girl knows when she has been fucked good and proper” I said. “Thanks.” “Now I want to suck your cock, I want to get it all.” They lifted me up onto the sofa and I started sucking and was amazed that they seemed to be getting hard again. After a while the black guy, with the huge cock, started fucking my mouth again while he was firming up. I was taking all of it when the phone rang.

I picked up the phone but had to wait in between thrusts of the big black cock before I could say “Hello.” The cock went right back in and he started coming right down my throat as I heard my husband tell me he wouldn’t be home until tonight. I gagged and was gurgling as my husband said “What’s that?” “Oh nothing,” I said, “I was just swallowing something.” Some of the sticky white cum dripped out of mouth onto the phone while the black guy continued to ejaculate on my face. “Oh, I just got something in my eye, wait a second,” I told my hubby. I willingly let the black guy finish and finally got back to the phone. “Oh, by the way, good news, honey. I sold your golf clubs.” The cum was really dripping down my cheeks and chin as I told my hubby “ You told me to do whatever it takes,” as I hung up and smiled and laughed with all my new friends.

When I told them that my husband wouldn’t be home until nighttime, they all said “Good, then we have time for another round.” I was shocked but smiled again and said, “Maybe two. You know me. Just call me CUNT.”

So they fucked me again, some of them twice, but this time, when they were ready, they stood up and ejaculated on my chest and some more on my face while I just laid there and took it all.

By the time they were ready to leave I was covered with their cum but I didn’t want to wipe it off. I thought it felt so good, and was proud to look like a total slut. I got up to let them out the door, cum streaming down my body and oozing out of my ass and pussy. “Oh, and don’t forget the golf clubs,” as I stood there with the door wide open not even caring if any neighbors saw my glistening, naked body.

“How about if we do this again, next Saturday, and maybe you can bring some more friends.” Wait until you see what I wrote on my other panties”

“What’s that?” they said. I smiled one last time and told them “FUCK ME!”

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Well I must say good job. You were able to turn a stereotypical sexual idea into an interesting tantalizingly carnal story. Good job.

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