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All of my life I have wanted to have incestuous relations. The fact that it seems so wrong and taboo always made me want to have sexual relations with a family member. I wanted it so bad that I would constantly think about which female relative I could have sex with. My favorite fantasy was fucking my sister, who was and still is super hot. But because she is SO hot I always knew she would never want to have sex with me. This is a real story by the way so I won't try to impress any of you by telling you how attractive I am, cause I'm not. I'm 5'11" and have some weight to me but other than that I feel I'm an okay looking guy.

So after my sister I considered my two younger cousins. The fact that they were really young really sparked an interest because it would be even more wrong for me to do anything sexual with them. However, relations with them would have to of been rape. I didn't want to go to jail nor have my family disown me so they were also out of the question. My mom is a very big woman so I never even considered trying to have sex with her, but I really wanted to be in an incestuous relationship.

I have a handful of aunts that I would definitely fuck, but there is only one aunt that I think would fuck me. This story is about my aunt Beth who I actually was able to fuck, a couple times. My aunt Beth is married into the family, and was always the "cool" aunt.

When I started to grow up and graduate high school, and go to college she always told me how proud she was of and told me to call her if I ever got in trouble. Aunt Beth usually seemed friendlier than my other relatives. She also remembered to send me money even for the small holidays like Easter when I was away at school. I also had reason to believe that she wasn't getting any at home either. My uncle Tom didn't seem like the kind of guy who was a dynamo in the sack. Because of all this I believed I could realistically fuck my aunt Beth.

Aunt Beth isn't super hot but I was willing to lower my standards for some incest. She is about 5'6" with curly brown fro-ish type hair. She isn't slim but not chunky, she doesn't have a great ass it's about as good as any 44 year old woman's. She also has a big Pollack nose, since she is of course Polish, but that doesn't bother me. However, aunt Beth does have great tits. I noticed them the first time I met her when I was still pretty young.

Like I said before she is the "cool" aunt and constantly reminded me that I could call her if I could get in trouble but I never thought she would call me. One night I was sitting at home jerking off when my aunt Beth called me. I answered and she asked me to pick her up from my grandmothers house, because everyone there was way to drunk to drive. I should mention that all of my aunts, uncles and I all live less than a 15 minute drive from my grandma's, and they all constantly go there and get shitfaced.

This particular night uncle Tom was at the firehouse where he worked, and aunt Beth had gone to my grandma's and gotten super drunk, which was how I was able to do pretty much do whatever I wanted with her that night. So I left the house not even thinking that all of this could lead to sex, I just wanted to get her home so I could continue jerking it at my house.

When I got to my grandma's my grandma, uncle Jim, aunt Sally, and aunt Beth were all sitting around the kitchen table drinking like there was no tomorrow. I was in a hurry so I quickly got aunt Beth out the door into my car and drove her home which was about 5 minutes away. The whole ride she didn't stop jabbering about how amazing I was, and how thankful she was but I wasn't really listening.

We got to her house and she gave me the keys so I could unlock the door, she was A LOT drunker than I thought. We got inside and she immediately wiped out onto the living room floor. She asked me to help her up and when I tried to lift her my hands touched her boobs, and then it hit me; I could definitely take advantage of the situation. My uncle was gonna be at the firehouse all night and aunt Beth was so drunk I didn't think she would remember anything in the morning. So I wound up lifting her into a chair in the living room where she sat there kind of half asleep, but still aware I was sitting in front of her on the bench. That’s when I started rubbing her thighs, slowly making my way to the crotch of her jeans. Every time I got close she would swat my hand away. After three or four tries at this I got up and went around the back of the chair. I started massaging her shoulders and after a little bit of this I moved to her boobs but again she stopped me. I was getting a little frustrated so I leaned down and started licking her ear which made her jump out of seat and drunkenly walk into the bathroom.

I thought I had screwed up, and started thinking about how I would recover. My goal was to have somewhat consensual sex with her, but was willing to wait for her to pass out if need be. After feeling her tits there was no way I was gonna go home without fucking her. I went into my aunt and uncle's bedroom and started looking for a change of clothes for her to put on. I found some panties, sweatpants, and a shirt. This way I could get her naked and tell her I was helping her change. I imagined myself bending my aunt over the bed and fucking her from behind, and thought about places I wanted to cum. However, it had been a while since she had gone to the bathroom and I was getting anxious so I got up and knocked on the bathroom door, but got no answer. I checked the knob and found the door was open so I cracked it and asked what she was doing, but again I got no answer. I entered the bathroom to find her asleep, and pants less on the toilet. I also noticed that it looked like she had been fingering herself which meant she must have been turned on.

I decided to take action so I took my cock out and stepped in front of her while she sat on the toilet. As my cock got harder I started rubbing it on her lips and all over her face. Aunt Beth started opening her eyes but only kept them open for a few seconds before closing them again. Once I was completely hard I began slapping her across the face with my cock. This jolted her awake real fast and she looked up into my eyes, then down at cock. It seemed like I was standing there forever waiting for her to suck my dick, just staring at her while my cock pointed out at her face. Then FINALLY aunt Beth took my cock in her mouth and gave me a pretty average blowjob, but it felt amazing for me because it was my own aunt who was sucking my cock.

But I had to take matters into my own hands because I could only tolerate a sub par blowjob for so long. So I grabbed my aunt by her frizzy brown hair and shoved my dick all the way to the back of her throat, and she immediately started to gag and choke even though my dick is only 6 inches. Aunt Beth slid off the toilet and began spitting into the bowl as if she was about to puke. This made me want to re-enact the porn I was watching before I left to pick aunt Beth up. In this porn two guys were face fucking a girl and making her puke. I feel bad now because I love my aunt, but at the time I just wanted to make her my bitch, and I did. I grabbed my aunt's head again and held it on my cock while I pumped it in her mouth as deep as I could. She started choking and tried to get her mouth of my cock but I wouldn't let her. Then finally she started heaving and I let her head go so she could puke in the toilet. The mixture of alcohol and my cock ramming her throat made her blow a few times, but when she finished I went to grab her head again, but of course she wouldn't let me. After a few failed attempts I did what the guys in the porno did when the chick didn't cooperate and slapped aunt Beth hard across the face, and her eyes filled up with tears while she gazed up at me. To this day I don't know what came over me and I still feel guilty for it, but I was in the moment.

I said "listen up you fucking slut, the only way out of this bathroom is through me and you're drunk as fuck so you better do what I say. You are NOT leaving until I fuck the shit outta that whore mouth of yours. You got that?" She just looked up and nodded yes then I immediately grabbed her head and forced it down my cock. She tried to stay on and let me fuck her mouth but her gag reflex was horrible. Every time I started pumping her mouth she would start to choke and then the puke would come out like a waterfall, but I didn't let up I just kept shoving my puke covered cock back into her mouth. The whole time calling my aunt a whore and slut, I even spit on her face a couple times just like the guys in the porno. I almost had to stop though, because at one point I let go of her head and she immediately started bawling her eyes out while spitting into the toilet bowl. I started feeling really really bad for what I was doing but couldn't stop, I was really enjoying feeling so powerful. I was determined to fuck her face until she either ran out of puke or I came so I kept on pounding her throat, and she kept throwing up. Eventually I had to cum, but wanted to cum somewhere that made her feel like even more of a slut. After some consideration I took my cock from her mouth pushed her head down so that all I could see was her curly brown hair then shot the biggest load of my life. I shot about 6 good spurts of cum and when I looked down there was cum all over her hair, hanging from what seemed to be every curl.

Up to this point aunt Beth hadn't said a word. It could have been that her mouth was full, or she was just too drunk. When I finished fucking her throat I let go of her head and she fell to the floor and started weeping. This made me feel awful and I actually started to apologize. Aunt Beth didn't say anything she just started crawling to the bathroom door on all fours. I felt sooo bad that I just got out of her way and just stood there with my dick hanging out. However, when her hairy pussy came into view I started to feel horny again, and really wanted to just mount her from behind to continue the assault. But I didn't wanna rape her because I already felt terrible for being so rough with her, and after all I do love my aunt. Then finally she spoke for the first time and it wasn't at all what I was expecting. I anticipated her words to be slurred and impossible to make out due to the fact she was hammered, had her throat fucked, and was now sobbing but she spoke clear as day.

"You think you're a big man huh?" I didn't answer. "Well are you gonna finish the job or what?" I had no idea what she was talking about. "Come on asshole, come here and fuck me!"
"Aunt Beth I'm really sorry, I just lost all control. I'm so so sorry!" I answered
"Just fuck me already, or are you gonna wait till I pass out like some kinda pussy?" she replied
"What did you say?" I asked. This comment fired me up and was now thinking about how I wanted to continue making her my bitch and teach her a lesson.
"I said are you gonna be a little bitch, or are you gonna fuck me right now?"

During this conversation aunt Beth didn't even look at me. She was on the bathroom floor faced away from me kneeling on all fours. After she called me a "little bitch" I moved towards her grabbed her by the back of her shoulders, violently flipped her over, and slapped her across the face a few times. "No I'm not gonna fuck you right now you dumb whore. I'm gonna play with those titties first," I said to her. Then I grabbed the black shirt she was wearing and ripped it off, and then fumbled with her bra. I tried to rip that off to, but failed, then I tried to undo the hooks which also took a while. Aunt Beth started to laugh at me, but I slapped her across her face again and told her to "shut up whore." When I finally got hr bra off I began to squeeze and suck on her tits. They actually looked way better than I ever imagined. Aunt Beth was 44 so I expected her tits to be saggy, but her boobs actually rivaled girls half her age. She had nice little brown nipples that I licked, and nibbled on which caused her to give her first sigh of pleasure all night. Next I straddled her torso while she laid on the bathroom floor. I started slapping her in the face with my now fully erect cock and then guided in between her tit and pushed them together. I began to rock back and forth giving my aunt Beth a royal titty fuck. It felt amazing having her big beautiful tits surrounding my cock, and I though about how nice it would be to shoot some cum onto her face while I fucked her tits. But since I had just ejaculated I wasn't gonna cum anytime soon. So I stopped and said "NOW I'm gonna fuck you aunt slut.” I got off my aunt Beth and exited the bathroom, but when she moved to stand up I said no.

"Crawl into your bedroom like the dog you are," I said to her
"No way," she replied.
"Do it! Or I'll come in there and face fuck you again you dumb bitch!" I threatened

After this threat aunt Beth started to crawl towards me on all fours looking quite humiliated. I squatted down facing her and pretended like I was calling a dog and started whistling "come on slut, come her girl." My aunt Beth had a very hateful look in her eyes but continued to crawl to me. When she finally got into the bedroom I moved around behind her and she didn't take her eyes off me. Then I grabbed her head and held it close to mine and whispered, "now I'm gonna fuck you like a dog, you little whore." With that I pushed her head all the way down to floor picked her ass up and positioned my cock in front of her pussy. "Tell me you want me to fuck you!" I yelled, but she didn't answer. Then I slapped aunt Beth as hard as I could on her ass until she screamed out "I want you to fuck me, you little asshole!" Then I pushed my dick into her hairy pussy and started thrusting away. Her pussy felt like what I imagined a 44 year old pussy would feel like. It wasn't tight anymore but I didn't care because I was fucking my aunt and having my way with her which made everything feel awesome. After a while I noticed aunt Beth was reaching down to rub her clit while I fucked her from behind which let me know that she was getting into it. While I was ramming into her pussy I grabbed her short frizzy cum covered hair and pulled her head towards me, then I pushed her face flat against the floor. The whole time aunt Beth was moaning very loudly and was finally starting to enjoy or sexual encounter, but I was looking for a change of scenery.

I took my dick out of her pussy and told her to lay on the bed, but aunt Beth was begging me not to stop. I wound up having to pick her up myself so I could see those wonderful tits while I fucked her. When I was going to stick my dick in her pussy I stopped and attempted to shove it in her ass. Aunt Beth wasn't having any of that, as soon as my dick touched her asshole she started kicking wildly and I gave up on that endeavor. So I settled for her pussy, and started pounding it with a vengeance. By this time her pussy was feeling good and sloppy since it wasn't even that tight to begin with and she was now super wet. I made the best of it though, and enjoyed watching her boobs bounce back and forth while I fucked her. I started sucking her nipples while I was inside her and aunt Beth really appreciated it. She blurted out that she wanted me to cum inside her, which I had already planned on, but her asking me brought me to the brink. I reached down for aunt Beth's throat and started choking her for my final strokes, and then exploded inside of her wet pussy. This load wasn't as big as my previous one, but I shot a descent amount of cum inside her. When I had finished I looked down and noticed aunt Beth's face was turning blue so I let go of my grip around her neck. She immediately gasped for air but that was short lived because I had crawled on top of her and shoved my dick in her mouth because I wanted her to taste our juices. When my dick was clean I got off of her and sat on the edge of the bed for a moment, then went to the kitchen to get some food.

I watched TV until I was hard again, and aunt Beth was passed out just like I had hoped. I fucked her while she was asleep again cumming inside her pussy. I tried to cum on her tits before I left but I was completely drained, so I went home and went to sleep. A couple days later I had to return to school, and aunt Beth hadn’t said anything about what happened. I figured she didn't remember anything because she was so drunk. However, the next time my uncle Tom was at the firehouse aunt Beth called me and said she HAD to talk to me. When she called I thought I was screwed and that she remembered everything. I thought I would never be able to look aunt Beth in the eye again, and that she would tell my uncle Tom. However, that wasn't the case at all

"Hey Matt, I need to ask you some things. Can you talk right now?" aunt Beth asked.
"Um sure," I replied
"Okay when you picked me up from gramma's last week did you take me inside?"
"Yeah I walked you into the house and put you to bed"
"Honey, I know we had sex, I was covered in cum the next morning. Did you think I wouldn't notice?" She had me there.
"I'm so sorry aunt Beth I just couldn't resist, I didn't me to..." but she cut me off
"It's okay Matt, but I have one more question?"
"What's that aunt Beth?"
"Did I puke that night too?"
"Oh god, I'm so embarrassed"
"It's okay aunt Beth"
"No it's not, I'm sure I grossed you out. I'm sorry, and I think I owe you"
"Well what happened was wrong, and I wouldn't have done it sober. And I definitely don't want to do it again but since I puked while we were having sex I think I should make it up to you."
"Oh aunt Beth you really don't have to do that."
"I know, but if you want me to just call I guess"

Needless to say I was ecstatic that she didn't know I essentially raped her face, and that she wanted to fuck me again. I wound up going home the following weekend since my uncle would be at the firehouse. This relationship didn't last long, but I did fuck her a couple times so if people want to hear about those times just leave comments. This was my first story so if you have any pointers please let me know. Thanks, the end.

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She felt she owed you for throwing up? Lol it was all believable up to that point. It was wrong and I dont want to do it again but here is some lame ass excuse so we can. That doesn't happen irl nice try tho and a amazing read other wise but true I dont believe for a second

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2012-11-19 12:36:45 how's it feel to be a rapest?

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a bunch of bull shit sex is only good if both want it and enjoy it u ass

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