Sometimes a young man's fantasies take him places he shouldn't go
I was in the army, going to my advanced school, and just happened to be stationed near an aunt and uncle. They invited me to come by and spend time with them whenever I got the chance, so quite often I ended up spending the weekend there. My uncle usually worked half days on Saturdays; he and my aunt were divorced, but lived in the same house, with their youngest daughter, Vicky, who was 7 at the time. Two older children, a daughter and a son, had already moved out of the house on their own, and I usually slept in the room the son had used.

My aunt Carrie ‘seduced’ me – a ridiculously easy task, I assure you – the second weekend I visited, and we had been having sex every weekend since, on Saturday mornings after my uncle left for the office. Vicky usually spent Friday night at a friend’s house, leaving Carrie and me free to spend our Saturday mornings fucking.

One weekend my uncle was out of town, and was going to be gone several weeks. Vicky hadn’t gone to a friend’s house, though that didn’t stop Carrie and me; instead of waiting until Saturday morning, Carrie and I slept together, spending the night fucking. The next morning we were at it again, and about half an hour into it, as I was happily fucking my aunt, I heard Vicky at the bedroom door, calling for her mom. Carrie and I both looked toward the door, and saw Vicky standing there in her pajamas, watching me fucking her mom.

I stopped for a moment, ready to grab something to cover up with, but Carrie whispered, “Don’t stop, oh God don’t stop.” She was close to cumming, and I decided if she didn’t mind that her seven year old daughter was watching her being fucked, I would gladly continue fucking her.

Vicky came closer to the bed, finally standing beside us as we were fucking, which gave her a wide open view of my cock slipping in and out of her mom’s furry pussy. Carrie began to cum, and I was close behind her, as Vicky watched the entire thing. I had a tremendous orgasm; knowing my young cousin was watching me fuck her mom increased my arousal and made it much more intense than usual. As I shot my cum into my aunt, my cock slipped out a bit so some of my cum seeped out of Carrie’s pussy, then I finished by thrusting my cock in and out of her pussy, as deeply as I could, until it began to grow limp.

I rolled off of Carrie and was about to began licking and kissing her pussy, but she told me that would have to wait a bit. She got up and led Vicky from the room, and I could hear her in the kitchen, setting Vicky up with a bowl of cereal for breakfast, then turning the television on for her to watch cartoons. Carrie was back in the bedroom in just a few minutes, and we picked up where we had left off.

After an exchange of oral sex, we had another great fuck, then I went to take a shower while Carrie, still naked, went about making sure Vicky was dressed and ready for the day. She made it back to the master bath as I was drying off, ready to take her own shower, and paused long enough to give me another blowjob first, as she was sitting on the toilet. As she got her shower, I went ahead and got dressed, and headed on out to the kitchen, where I found she had also made a pot of coffee. She had pulled some bacon and eggs from the refrigerator for our breakfast, so I set about cooking those up as she finished her shower. Vicky, finished with her cereal and dressed in her play clothes, was sitting in the living room watching cartoons.

While Carrie and I had breakfast, Carrie had a talk with Vicky, telling her in terms she could understand what we had been doing, and that she should not mention it to anyone, that it was a secret just between the three of us. Vicky seemed to understand and agreed not to tell anyone, and after breakfast we cleared off the dishes and took her to do a bit of shopping. We came back to the house around noon, after having lunch at a fast food place, and Vicky left to spend the afternoon playing at a friend’s house down the street. She was barely out the door before her mom and I were stripped and in the bed again.

The next morning I awoke to the very pleasant sensation of having my cock sucked, and looked down to see Carrie’s head bobbing up and down as she took my cock in and out of her mouth. She looked up at me and removed her lips from my cock to say good morning, then began to climb up on top of me. I stretched a bit as she did, and was surprised when one hand bumped into something else in the bed. I looked over and there was Vicky, in her pajamas, still sleeping where she had crawled into bed beside her mom earlier that morning. Carrie ignored her, and told me to do the same, as she straddled my hips and lowered herself onto my cock.

We had barely started fucking, with Carrie bouncing up and down as she rode my cock and me thrusting my hips upward to meet her, when Vicky awoke and saw what was going on. She had a great view of my cock pumping in and out of her mom’s pussy, and moved a bit closer to gt a better look. Carrie never missed a stroke, riding me with wild abandon, and I certainly wasn’t about to stop now. Carrie leaned forward a bit, taking my cock as deeply as she could, and I reached up and grabbed a nipple in each hand, pinching them a bit and rolling them between my fingers and thumbs. That set off Carrie’s orgasm, and mine followed moments later, as Vicky tried to get a closer look.

This time, once my cock had gone limp, Carrie didn’t hesitate, and moved up so she was straddling my face, and lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth. She ground her pussy into my face as I began licking and kissing her pussy, tasting my own cum mingled with her juices, licking my cum from the outside of her hairy pussy, and loving it. Carrie began to cum again, and I was aware that Vicky had moved to try to see what I was doing as I licked and sucked her mom’s pussy. After she had had another orgasm, Carrie ground her pussy into my face a couple more minutes, then slipped back to my cock and took it in her mouth. To my surprise, she told Vicky to come closer and watch, and Vicky moved closer and watched closely as her mom licked and kissed my balls and the shaft of my cock.

I watched as Carrie worked on my cock, taking time to pause once in a while and tell Vicky this was the way to really please a man, demonstrating for her how to suck a cock. Vicky watched closely and took it all in, nodding as her mom explained to her what she was doing, and my cock was stiff again very quickly. I watched as Carrie then backed off my cock, making room for Vicky to get closer, and had Vicky lower her face to my cock. Carrie’s eyes met mine momentarily, then she showed the young girl how to take the shaft of my cock in her hand and stroke it a bit, until a pearl of precum formed on the tip. Carrie had her young daughter lean down and lick the bit of precum from the slit at the tip of my cock, and a jolt went through me as I saw the young girl’s tongue licking my cock as she tasted the precum. Next Carrie told her to kiss the tip of my cock, licking as she did so, then take the head of my cock into her mouth. Vicky, at her mom’s urging, began licking and tasting my cum and her mom’s juices on the tip of my cock, kissing and sucking the head of it into her mouth. I watched as this beautiful seven year old girl learned from her mom how to give me a blowjob, and I felt as though I would cum again any moment.

Vicky couldn’t get my whole cock into her mouth, but Carrie explained to her how to lick and kiss the tip of it and the area near the tip, and lick up and down the shaft, and my balls. I told Carrie I was about to cum, expecting her to take over and knowing how much she loved a mouthful of cum. Instead she had Vickie again wrap her lips around the head of my cock, taking as much of it into her mouth as she could, and suck. I began to cum, and Vicky started to pull back, but her mom held her so that my cock stayed in her mouth as I came, and Vicky took the entire load into her mouth as her mom urged her to swallow it all.

If my previous orgasm was intense with Vicky just watching me fuck Carrie, this was even more so. I watched my young cousin take my entire load of cum into her mouth and try to swallow it. Some dribbled from her lips as my cum pumped into her mouth faster than she could swallow, and ran down her chin. Seeing her sweet lips wrapped around the head of my cock, and my cum dribbling from her lips and down her chin was such a beautiful, tender sight. As I finished cumming, Carrie had Vicky give my cock a few final licks, cleaning the cum from it, then she took Vicky’s face into her hands and licked my cum from her daughter’s lips and chin.

Carrie talked to Vicky as she stripped the young girl’s pajamas off, explaining to her that sucking a cock was something girls did to show their love for boys, and that boys returned the favor by licking and kissing and sucking a girl’s pussy, that it felt good and she was going to let me show her how good it felt now. Carrie soon had Vicky lying on her back, with her legs spread, and motioned for me to eat her pussy for her. I eagerly complied, lowering my face to her small, hairless pussy, and taking a few first licks up and down her slit. I spread her pussy lips a bit and forced my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could, as Carrie lay down beside her and talked to her, playing with Vicky’s nipples and kissing her.

Vicky was wriggling about and moaning as I licked and kissed her sweet young pussy, and Carrie began to lick and suckle her tiny titties. The young girl writhed and moaned, and I licked a bit lower down, then let my tongue work around her ass a bit as I fingerfucked her slit. Vicky seemed to enjoy this even more, and I concentrated on licking her ass and fingerfucking her pussy, then finally slipped a finger into her asshole and began to work it in an out as the fingers on my other hand penetrated her pussy.

Vicky, no longer able to control herself, began to pee, and I moved my mouth back up to take her piss into my mouth, drinking the warm fluid down as it came out in spurts, much like a man cumming. Carrie leaned back and watched as Vicky let loose several spurts of piss, which I tried to catch in my mouth, then Vicky finally stopped, breathing heavily.

I sat up, and Carrie noticed my erection, then looked at her daughter’s pussy. She told me she was wondering if Vicky’s little pussy was large enough to accommodate my cock, and said she thought it was. I was a bit shocked that Carrie would be considering having me fuck her daughter at her young age, but then again, she had just had me perform oral sex on her.

Carrie and I positioned Vicky near the edge of the bed, and I stood between her legs, my cock against her soaked pussy, rubbing the head of my cock up and down her slit. I gently slipped the head of my cock inside her slit, watching as the young pussy lips opened and easily allowed my cock inside. Carrie watched intently, urging me on, and cradling Vicky’s head in her lap, stroking her hair and telling her it would be all right.

Vicky’s little pussy was tight around my cock as I slowly slipped it in, but seemed to stretch and accommodate it very well. I eventually came up against what I assume was her hymen, and paused a moment, knowing once I broke it, there was no going back; Vicky could never be a virgin again. I asked her how she felt, if it hurt or not, and she said no, and I told Carrie I was up against her hymen and asked if she thought I should go on. Carrie was fingering herself, excited by watching me fuck her daughter for her first time. She told Vicky it might hurt a bit, but just for a second, and Vicky, knowing her mom wanted her to go on, said it would be okay.

I pushed my cock in a bit further, and felt it pass the hymen, as Vicky gave out a little gasp. I kept pushing, slipping my cock deeper into her pussy, and it stretched and accepted it, until my cock was completely inside the young girl. I paused and flexed my groin muscles a bit, letting her feel it throb and pulse inside her, and watched as she wriggled against it and whimpered a bit at the pain, then settled down very quickly, forgetting the pain and feeling her pussy filled with cock. Her expression changed from a slight grimace of pain to one of wonder, and Carrie, furiously fingering her own pussy, motioned for me to go on.

My cock began to slowly slide in and out of Vicky’s pussy as I fucked her, and her mom watched with rapt attention and fingered her clit as I gave her young daughter her first fucking. I watched my cock slipping in and out of Vicky’s pussy, and Carrie reached over with her other hand and began to massage the top of Vicky’s slit, right over her tiny clit. Vicky was moaning by now, the pain of her broken hymen all but forgotten as I fucked her. She began to wriggle and squirm a bit, trying to push back against my cock as I thrust it in and out of her sweet pussy. Carrie continued to rub Vicky’s clit as she masturbated herself, finally using both hands to masturbate herself as she began to have an intense orgasm, her eyes still locked on my cock as it slid in and out of her daughter.

Finally I shoved my cock as deep into Vicky’s pussy as it would go, and shot my load of cum into her. I fucked her a bit more as my cock began to grow limp, then finally let it slip from her pussy. I turned Vicky on the bed so I could lie beside her and begin to eat her pussy again, tasting my cum and her juices and a bit of blood from her ruptured hymen. As I was licking and kissing her pussy, Carrie began cleaning my cock, tasting the same mix of fluids as she licked and sucked my cock.

After a few minutes, Carrie pulled Vicky over to her as she lay back and spread her legs, then had her young daughter begin eating her pussy as she gave her directions. I watched the young girl kissing and sucking her mom’s drenched pussy, her face buried in the hairy slit and her ass in the air, and knew I wanted to bury my cock in that ass, feel that tight young sphincter around my cock as I fucked her there, but that was for another day.


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Good story how about part 2


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Please post part 2.

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i loved this story. hot fucking an eatting mommys pussy too mmmmm


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i loved this story. hot fucking an eatting mommys pussy too mmmmm


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Great story. I just wish that you continue on with further adventures with all three of them enjoying each other. You might even bring in her husband for a really great fuck session, then possibly bring in more guys to make it even more enticeing.

Thanks for sharing your erotic prose with us.


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