A man get his wife and kids into way-out sex

I've been married for twenty years to a beautiful wife and we have two kids. A boy aged 15 and a girl aged 16. Both are fit and healthy and just the right age for some fun and games. I set my mind on getting them both into sex and the dirtier the better. Boys being that more opened minded; I went for my son first. I had watched him grow into a young man with a fair sized cock on him.
I was tidying he’s room one day and found his nudey Mags. On opening them to look though them I saw the pages were stuck together. The word spunk jumped into my mind, and my mind went into over drive, I could imagine him tossing-off over the Mags and shooting loads of cum. If he could cum he could fuck so I made up my mind that some-how I’d get him too fuck my wife, then he'd be mine to control. But getting a young boy to put his cock in his mum’s cunt and getting his mother to take it was my first difficulty.

Getting my wife fucked by someone other than myself was the first step.
Luckily it happened faster than I thought it would. She came home one evening and said “I’ve had a little bang in the car. I’m so sorry”.
I told her that I didn’t have enough money to pay a repair bill.
She said “I’ll do anything towards getting it repaired.”
“Maybe I can get the Garage man to service it if I offered to let him service you as well.”
She asked me what I meant. “You fucked up the car, so he gets to fuck you.”
She didn’t like that. But I told her she wouldn’t have to see him and I’d make him wear a comdon. At last she said. “Okay.”
The thought of her getting fucked by a total stranger turned me on, and little did she now that in the end I was hoping to get her fucked by her own son. I was looking forward to seeing her taking another mans penis and then with any luck her son's cock. If all what well, in the end she would be taking every cock I told her to. I had big plans for her and the rest of my family.
I went to see Jim as the local garage. I tell him I couldn’t pay, but was willing to let him fuck my wife as payment instead. He said. “Yes, that he’d love to fuck my Misses but his mate would also have to fuck her.” I told him, that would be fine and so I made plans with him and his friend.
At midnight that evening after the kids were in bed. I took the wife to the bedroom to pay her bill to Jim, she didn’t know about Bill. I made her strip off, and laid her across the bed putting two pillows under her bum. I covered her face with the bedcover and taking her leg I spread them wide, tiring them to the bed-legs.
“Ready for some cock?” I asked.
“No, not yet. My hole’s to dry please make it wet and a bit more open, then you can let him in.”
So I knelt between her legs and began to eat her out. Licking from the top to bottom making it wet and juicy, putting my fingers inside to stretch it wider. When it was ripe I went to get the men. My poor wife didn’t know she would be getting two big young cocks in her tonight. And before to long she would be pleasing her own sweet son. If I got my way.
To the Mechanics I said. “Go and fuck her. Fuck her good and hard but you have to wear a condom. You must not spunk up her. But you must fill the condoms with cum cream. By the way I will be videoing it.”
So my plan begins. Taking the two randy naked young men into the bedroom.
I said. “Here she is boy. Have fun. Use her as you wish, make her pay in full for damaging my car.”
I pulled her cunt open and told Jim to fuck it until he’d cum. He got between her thighs and shoved his cock straight in and began shagging her. Fucking her with all his might.
Seeing Jim’s cock going in and out of my wife’s cunt was just fantastic, better that I’d hoped it would be.
“Fuck her; Get that hard cock right up inside her cunt. She loves being cocked, so fuck away until you can’t cock her any more. Give her all you’ve got.”
Carol began to groan. “Please Steve can I suck you, while he’s fucking me.”
“Okay, open your mouth. I’ll fuck your face. Just let me put on a condom. Then you can imagine it's someone else’s dick in your mouth.”
Bill got the idea straight away and moved to her head just resting he’s cock against her mouth. She had other ides and turning her head to one side began sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow. With one cock fucking in and out of her cunt and another in her mouth she got so turn on she stated to cum. With cunt juice purring out of her, Jim’s fucking went into overdrive. Shagging her harder and harder until he cum filling the condom. Then Bill blow his load into his condom to. I then signalled the two of them to leave. So I could put my wife to bed.
I went downstairs to see Jim and Bill out and to get their spunk filled condom’s I had a job for them. Making sure the wife was asleep; I went to Danny’s room for part two of my plan.
Weakening Danny I told him I had to talk to him about man’s stuff and dirty magazines. Just doing the fatherly thing. I asked. “Do you wank-off over them nude mage’s Danny.”
“Sorry dad”. He said.
“Don’t be sorry son I love a good wank as well, shall we do it together.”
He looked at me as if I’d gone mad.
“If you like dad, I don’t mind.”
So I got my penis out to show my son. Like all good boys he was very interested in my cock, as I was in his. As I began to toss myself off I told him.
“Came a little closer and let me look at your cock.”
He sat on the edge of his bed with me and got his out. It was a good size about 6 inches long and getting harder by the minute. Oh! How I longed to suck it and have my son spunk into my mouth, but his spunk was destined for his mother’s mouth tonight.
“Danny I must check that your semen is good and healthy so let’s both toss-off into a Johnny.”
With a condom on my cock and one on Danny’s we watched each other wanking.
“Have you ever seen a real lady’s hole Danny”? I asked.
“No but I would love to.”
“Okay. Be quiet and we'll go and maybe have a look at your mum’s.”
He was shocked but followed me. Two hard cocks lead the way into my wife’s bedroom.
She was fast asleep from all the fucking, but her legs were still wide apart. I moved the covers so that we had a good view of her meat.
“That my son is the hole you came out of. The hole I put my cock into. Would you like to see inside Mummy’s cunt?”
“Oh! Yes please dad, Show me it. I’d love to see inside her. Ummm can I say the word?”
“Of course you can.”
“Great. Yes dad I want to see inside mum’s cunt, and then I’ll have a really good toss-off.”
Leaning over and using two fingers on each side I pulled her cunt open. He knelt at the end of the bed. And get he’s face as near to her open fanny as he could.
“Mum’s cunt smells nice. I would love to play with it”. He said.
“If my plans go all right son, not only will you get to play with it, you’ll get to fuck it as well. I’m ultimate plan is to see your cock going in and out of your mother’s cunt. But we’ll toss-off for now. I want your semen for a little job. Just look at that cunt and cum for me, I’ll cum when I see your cock shooting out the spunk, Please make it a big load son.”
Soon we were filling up the condoms with lots of hot juicy spunk. Danny from looking at his mother’s cunt, me from knowing my next move into family fucking.
After Danny had gone to bed I take his and my condoms downstairs. With Jim and Bill’s I poured the contents of all four into a glass. There was a good half-inch of warm spunk in the bottom. This I take upstairs. Getting into bed I kissed Carol and woke her up.
“Did you enjoy that darling?"
“Yes it was so different having a new cock up my cunt. Would you perhaps let Jim fuck me again someday?”
“Yes my dear you can have his cock and lots of other men’s as well. I love seeing you fucked by other men. But right now I want you to drink this glass of my spunk. Open wide.”
I poured the glass of spunk into her mouth and she drunk the lot. I’d videoed everything. Her fucking and sucking Jim and Bill. Her son wanking over her open cunt. And last of all her swallowing four lots of warm fresh cock cream. If she wouldn’t fuck our son tomorrow I will show her the video. One way or the other she’d was going to have her son’s cock in her cunt. Then I planed on shagging my daughter and lots more.

The next evening I took Danny out for a little drink. In the pub I asked him, if Carol’s cunt was nicer than the ones in the Mags. He replied that it was better as it was more open. Again I asked if it was the only one he’d seen in real life.
“No dad, I’ve see Izzy’s pussy as well.” He replied. “But I couldn’t tell you that yesterday.”
Izzy was my 16 year-old daughter. Owner of the cunt I’d had my eye on. “Tell me when you saw it.” I said.
“Well dad just last week I came home early from school and the house was very quiet so I thought I’d have a quick wank. Just as I got my knob out and started rubbing it up I heard noises in Izzy’s room so I put on my underpants and went to her room. There I saw the most beautiful thing. Izzy was lying on her bed naked. I could see my own sister’s tits, and her cunt. She was pulling on her nipples making her tits into cones; she was pulling and pinching them very hard. It must have hurt her. But she was enjoying it and I tell you dad so was I. So I dropped my pants and began wanking-off.” He looked at me.
“Sorry dad I know it’s wrong”. He said.
“It’s all right son, if I had seen her playing with herself I would have tossed myself off as well. So tell me more.”
“Well after a few minutes she left her tits and started on her pussy. Again she was very rough with herself pulling her pussy lips up and out and I mean really pulling them”. Then she started shouting, “Open my cunt please open my cunt as wide as you can.” I thought she was talking to someone but we were quit alone.”
“You should have gone in to help your sister I would have.” I said.
“I will next time dad but let me finish the story. There was I tossing off just like last night but this time over my sister and not my mum. She was not happy just pulling her lips apart she was calling out. “If you can’t open my cunt wider I will.” Then she got two fingers into each side of her pussy and began pulled it open wider and wider crying out. “That’s great! Make my hole bigger! My body was made to be used. I want to be used and abused. Someone please use my tits or my arsehole, and my fucking wide-open cunt. I want to be hurt.”
Just then I came with my spunk shooting all over the floor so I made a run for my bedroom. But on my last look into her room I saw she had put her own hand up inside her cunt, and was fucking herself with it.”
“Well son that has made me horny, shall we go home and have some fun ourselves.”
We left the pub and got back to an empty house. We went to his room.
“Well son you have seen the cunts of both the women in our family. I hope that soon we’ll both be fucking them. Just imagine that son. You can be shagging your mother while I’m shagging your sister. Take your cloths off so I can see your lovely cock again and we’ll toss-off. We can watch each other wanking.”
We were naked in one minute flat and rubbing our cocks up. Danny’s dick was so very hard and straight. I know his mother would love it up her cunt. But first I wanted to feel it up my arse.
“Danny, I want to suck your cock. I want to taste it.” I said
He smiled and lay on the bed, with his legs well apart his cock pointing to the ceiling. Jumping between his legs I wasted no time and took his cock into my mouth sucking and tasting my son’s dick.
“Oh yes dad suck it off! Suck the spunk right out of me! Shall I cum in your mouth dad.”
I was tempted to suck him off and drink his white liquid but my arse needed fucking.
“Danny I would love to let you cum in my mouth, but my arse want’s to feel your cock going up it. I want you to bugger me. I want you to put your cock up my bum.”
Laying over the edge of his bed with my bum in the air I pulled my cheeks apart. “Go on son fuck me up the bum. Put your cock right up my arsehole and fuck it like a cunt. Hard and deep, Bugger you father’s shit-chute until you cum.”
And bugger me he did. Shoving his cock all the way up my arse. Fucking me real good. Making my arsehole open wider.
“Oh dad your arse is great, can I fuck it until I cum in your bum.”
“Yes son shag me, Shag my arsehole good. Just like you’re going to shag your mother’s cunt and then shag your sister’s cunt. Shoot that cock-cream into my bowls.”
It was great! Getting arse fucked by my son. Feeling he cock all the way up me.
Then he was cumming. Shooting all his spunk deep into my arse. Just as he was cuming in me I heard the bedroom door creak. I looked up just in time to see Izzy’s face. She was watching me being buggerd by Danny. It was time for me to show her my cock. Telling Danny to remove his dick I turned face on towards the door. I know she could see my cock all stiff after my arse fucking. I began to wank it off and said to Danny.
“If you bang cunt as well as you bang ass you will make a lot of women very happy. I need to cum as well. Can I toss-off into your mouth?”
“Oh! Yes please dad I’d love that, and I promise to swallow it all.”
Taking my cock in hand I began to wank myself off. Making sure Izzy got a good look. Skinning back the foreskin so my knob stood-out red and proud. I said to Danny.
“Get on your knees and open your mouth wide. Daddy’s got a big load for you. Having my arsehole fucked has made me extra spunky.”
Wanking hard and fast, I aimed at his open mouth. It was great having my daughter secretly watching me tossing-off into my son’s mouth.
“Here it cames son. Open wide! Here cames all of daddy’s cock cream.”
I cum shooting it straight into his mouth, shot after shot going onto his tongue and down his throat. He drank it all. I could see that he loved the taste of he’s dad’s spunk because he licked the last drops off the end of my dick.

After just two day.
The wife had fucked and sucked two different cocks.
She had drunk the spunk of four different men, one being her own son’s. Her son had looked up her cunt and tossed-off.
My son had wanked over his mother’s cunt.
He had fucked his dad in the arse after his dad had sucked him hard.
He had drunk his own father’s spunk.
Also he had seen his sister frigging herself.
So-far little sister had only seen us men together.
But I had plans for my little daughter Izzy.


That night Carol came home from the pub. She had been drinking with her sister Jane. She’d had a good time and was ready for a shag. So we went to bed. She'd told Jane about Jim fucking her and that she was hoping to be fucked by him again. Jane was shocked at Carol, but sometimes wished she could have sex with someone else. Carol told her. That I could arrange it for them both to be fucked by Jim.
“I want to watch him shag her, then have him shag me.” She said.
“Fine Darling, I’ll get Jim to do you both, but I must have a go at Jane first. Tell me Carol, when Jim fucked you would you have like he’s spunk to have gone inside you rather than in the Durex.”
“Oh Yes Steve! I would have liked him to shoot into me, and fill me with he's cream. I fancy trying fresh cream in my cunt and in my mouth. After last night I desire new cocks, to fill my holes with their cum cream.”
“OK my love”. I replied. “New cock you shall have and this time I’ll let it cum inside you. It'll be here in half an hour, strip-off and get ready. I’ll find you some.”
“Steve were will you find a spare prick at this time of night?”
I smiled at her and went to Danny’s room.
“Hallo son tonight’s the night you get to screw your mother. I hope your prick will be good and stiff for her. I’ll be back in a few minutes so be ready.”
Then I went out to find another prick. If my wife needed fresh cock I was more than willing to let her have it. But on my teams!
Number 1. She’d take her own son’s cock into her fuck-holes.
Number 2. She’d take any cock I tell her to. Were, when, and how I say.
So I was looking for another prick apart from Danny’s to put in her. All my plans rested on tonight. Tonight she had to be fucked and fucked good, so good she’d do anything I’d tell her too. My perverted mind was in overdrive with kinky thing to do, with her and the kids.
Finding that spare prick was easy. I found it in the park sleeping on a bench. A dirty smelly tramp. But though a ripe in his trousers I saw a lovely big cock. I was tempted to suck on it myself. But I wanted to see it being put to use on the woman I loved, my wife. Waking him up I told him I was a Good Samaritan and asked if he would like a drink at my place. At home I sat him down with a good drink. We talked generally for ten minutes or so. Then I asked, “When did you last have a fuck.”
He looked shocked but said nothing.
“Because I want you to fuck my wife, and shot a nice big load up her cunt, do you think you can fill her hole with lots of fresh cream? Could you fuck a woman and cum up her cunt while her husband is watching.”
He just smiled and nodded. “Good, come to my bedroom when I call.”
I then went to Danny’s room, “Can into our room about three minutes after I call out”. I told him.
Carol was laid out naked on the bed. Hot for the fun to begin.
“Carol my love, I have two new cocks for you to try, both are keen to screw you. I’ve told them it’s alright to ejaculate into your cunt.”
“Hurry up Steve, get them in here quickly my fanny’s all wet and ready for a good cocking.”
I called out. “There’s a slut here waiting to be shafted, all cocks are welcome to shoot into my slut of a wife.”
The tramp walked in with his cock all limp and dirty. Carol screamed. “NO, NO.” And rolled into a ball. Just then in walked Danny with he’s prick hard and ready to go to work. Carol shouted.
“I can’t believe you want me fucked by my son and that dirty tramp Steve.” “But Carol, Danny has already seen your cunt and want’s to play with it. You’ve drunk his spunk and liked it. The tramp is a bonus. His balls are full to the brine with the fresh cream you asked for.”
But Carol was not happy about it. So I sent them both downstairs for a drink, while I showed her the video. She sat looking at herself being fucked, she saw her son looking at her cunt and wanking, she saw herself drinking the jetsam of four different men.
“Listen to me Carol.” I said. “Ever they both fuck you tonight or a copy that video goes off to your friends.”
She sat and thought for a few moments.
“Danny’s cock did look nice and hard, it was obvious he wanted to screw me. But the tramps prick was so filthy.”
“Yes darling a smelly dirty cock for your nice clean cunt, it’ll make you dirty. And a dirty cunt came be fucked by a son.”
“Aright Steve, I’ll admit I’m enthusiastic with the idea of my son fucking me. But I am not to keen on the tramp. I don’t want Danny thinking his mothers a slut that wants his cock. So you’ll have to get them to rape me. But I’ll till you Steve; I’m looking forward to Danny fucking me. Stuffing that nice big cock into the hole he came out of. So let the fun begin!”
I called then both up to the room. “She’s not willing to co-operate, so we’re going to have to fucking rape her. Danny jump on her and hold her while we tie her down.”
Soon my lovely wife was tied naked across the bed. Her head and arms hanging over the edges with her legs splayed open wide. We stopped to look at our handy-work. We thought her cunt was too low and closed. So putting some pillows under her bum we rinsed it, this opened her up more. I then got the video camera out.
“Aright boys, this is the plane. You’ll do exactly what I tell you too, Okay. I’ll be filming it all. Strip-off and stand either side of her head and make them prick’s hard. Let her see you wanking over her; Let her see what you’re going to be putting in her, Make her hot, for your cocks.”
Watching and filming a young boy and old men wanking their cocks above my wife’s face made me hard too.
“Very Good.” I said “Now Sir put your cock in its mouth let her taste the scum on it. Danny get down there and play with its hole.”
To call my wife IT was fun. IT was there to be used. IT was there to be shagged, IT was for taking spunk, IT was there for me to play with in any way, shape or form, I liked.
Carol was shaking her head from side to side refusing to take part in the cock sucking. “Open its mouth. Pinch her nipples hard, and when it screams you can shove your cock in its gob. Make her suck it; keep her sucking, until it’s time for you to screw her. Face-fuck her as deep as you like. But no shooting in there, that’s for her cunt.”
I got between his legs with the camera to film he’s filthy cock being rammed into my wife’s mouth. With a shape yell her mouth snapped open and he’s prick was in. This was her first strangers prick without a rudder on. Flesh against flesh. This nob could be pushed down her throat. This nob could spunk or even piss into her mouth and she could do nothing about it. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I smiled at her and nodded.
“Go on Carol suck it clean. Keep sucking it until you’ve made it nice and clean for your cunt. That way your cunt will be clean when your son dicks you.”
I filmed for a couple of minutes the tramp's cock fucking into Carol’s mouth. She was beginning to like it, sucking on in more and more. By the time I left to go and see what Danny was up to she was taking a good six inches.
Danny was having fun between his mothers raised legs. Maybe Carol was taking the mouth fucking so well because her son was pulling her cunt-lips open, just as he had seen his sister doing. I winked at him and he winked back.
“Right son the man fucking your mums face is going to fuck her cunt soon. We’re going to watch her being banged; you’ll see his cock going up your mother’s cunt, and cumming inside it. Your Mothers fuckhole will be filled with his spunk. Then it’ll be your turn to fuck her; you’ll put your cock in your mother’s cunt. You’ll fuck the very hole you came from. And I’ll be watching you.” All the time I was talking Danny was playing with her hole.
“That’s it son open her cunt wider, Use your fingers inside and pull the cunt wall’s apart.”
I moved in with the video for some close-ups. “Hook your fingers ever side and stretch it open so I can film inside the hole.”
Danny had done a good job on it. It was all puffed up and reddish pink with a six- inch diameter and about four inches deep. It was large enough to have taken two cocks. I zoomed in with the camera until her cunt filled the viewer. Seeing Carol’s cunt in close-up on the T V was going to be good, I'd get before and after shoots. With it empty, then with it full of spunk. Just to make sure Carol couldn’t change her mind about being fucked. I move back for some over-all shoots. Standing at the corner of the bed with the camera I filmed the full view. Her naked tit’s wobbling about because an old man about fifty was fucking her face and a young boy of fifteen was looking at her cunt. Putting the camera down I quickly had a word with the two of them. Picking it up again I called “Acton.” Danny lifted his head and smiled at the camera while pulling her cunt as wide open as he could. Saying. “Mummy your fuck hole is at full stretch now. Have a Look!” The tramp then took his prick out of her mouth and lifted her head, so she can see. I zoom in on her face. “She may be your mother son but it’s my cock she’s sucking.” Said the Tramp.
I moved to get it on film, as he stuck his cock back in her mouth. Carol my loving wife was now my slut-slave, and boy was I going to use her.
“Right it’s time to fuck her, Danny you can help him. Remember I have to see it all.”
Danny sat on his mother’s tummy as the old men lay across her legs. Cock in hand he began to put it in, slowly nudging the lips apart with his prick.
“Not so slow she’s to be fucked hard, Danny open the cunt up. Danny suck his cock and make it wetter then put it at the opening.”
Danny did as he was told. My son sucked on that old man’s cock and enjoyed it. Twenty-five years between their ages, yet both males where loving it. The sucked and the sucker. Then Danny opened his mother’s cunt and aimed the tramp’s cock at it. “Go, Go, Go.” I said. “Fuck the bitch, get your cock up it, fuck it and fill it, screw her cunt into the ground.”
And fuck her he did. He shoved his cock all the way in, and pumped away at my wife’s cunt. Going in hard and very deep. Not a bit of his prick was left outside her hole. Danny came and joined me, to watch his mother getting shagged.
“Dad I hope I can fuck her just as well as he is. Look at her tit’s jump when he bangs it in. I hope mum likes it when I do it to her.”
Thinking to myself (Your mother can’t what to get dicked by you).
“I think she will. Maybe later I’ll let you and some of your mates fuck her. She’ll probably enjoy that.”
The tramp was going well. Fucking her very fast, but my son needed his turn. “Time to spunk up it, old men, Fill it brimful of cock cream, make sure to shoot it deep inside the cunt.”
He stuck it all in one last time and began shacking. This old man of fifty was emptying his balls into my wife. I hoped Carol was enjoying her new roll as a sperm bank. Then the old man lay still with his cock still in her hole after having cum his load.
“Pull it out slowly, so the camera can see you’ve acutely cum in her cunt, men need to know they can shoot it up her.”
“Dan when his cock pops out. Open her up, so I can get a shot of her flooded cunt.”
Boy! Did it look good as the cock came out so did the sperm; Danny opened it up perfectly to show the tramp had not lied about not cuming for a long time. Her hole stayed open and we all looked into it. It was like a pit. Red cunt walls covered with lots and lots of white spunk. I longed to suck that spunk out of my wife’s hole. But first Danny’s spunk had to be added to it. I was going to drink both their juices from her well-fucked hole.
Then Carol said she wanted to talk to me alone for five minutes. So Danny and the old man left.
“Steve I know why you got pictures of my face on camera. It’s so I will do as you want, but I don’t care. I loved it! I’ll do anything you say, it can be as perverted you like.”
“Carol my dear wife I love you to, but I intend to do some depraved thing with you and the kids”. Carol didn’t look too happy at that.
“In about ten minutes Danny will be back in here to screw you and later I intend to screw our daughter,”
“Go ahead Steve and fuck little Izzy, make her into a slag like me. We’ll get Danny to fuck her as well, keep her cunt in the family, then we’ll know how much cock she’s taking.”
I said I’d get the others back in. “Yes Steve go got then, I’m looking forward to getting Danny’s cock up me and I want to see his cock going in. But he mustn’t know how much I want him to fuck me. He is my little boy.”
In Danny’s room I told them how Carol was to be fucked. How she must be made to watch her cunt taking her son’s cock. Back in our bedroom we untied her and moved her to the end of the bed. The old man got behind her making her sit almost upright with her bum on the very end of the bed.
“O K slut”, I said. “Its time for you to be fucked again, this time your son is going to fuck you and you will watch! So let the mother-fucking begin.”
The old man leaned over Carol and grabbed her legs, pulling them apart and back towards her tits. This made her fanny and her asshole move forward and put them even more on display. Danny stood at the end of the bed with his stiff prick pointing straight at his target. I got the camera going again, filming the whole scene.
“Go on son, mum’s waiting for you to fuck her, let her see her little-boys penis going in her cunt.”
Danny just stood there looking at her. I shouted. “Fuck her! Fuck your bloody mother; get that cock in her cunt! She needs you to fuck her now!”
He moved forward and slowly put it in, inch by inch until his balls meet her bun. Carol sighed. The old man and myself cheered. Danny had a smile on his face. “Well done son.” I said. “Now bang her. Take you cock nearly all the way out then shove it back in. Put her to the cock, she’ll enjoy it when you fill her with spunk.”
Danny was really into fucking his mother now. I got it all on film. Seeing my wife and son screwing was intensely satisfying to me. Carol began to orgasm; the fact that her little boy was fucking her set her off.
“Shag me harder son. Mummy’s cuming on your cock. Shoot your spunk up my cunt. Your father wants you to fill my hole with your cock-juice, so he can drink it out of me." These words started Danny cuming.
“Well do son, keep filling your mother's cunt with your cock cream, then I’ll suck it out.”
Danny shot as much up her as the old man had. We all watched as he removed he’s now shrunken penis, and his cum rolled out of her. She quickly closed her legs to keep their sperm inside her hole. Saving it for me.
The three of us went downstairs for a drink. Danny said, “That was great, dad, will you let me fuck mum again.”
The old man then jumped in. “I wish to thank you for letting me fuck your wife, and allowing me to watch her being fucked by her son, I would like to have fucked my mother when I was young.”
“You both did a good job on her.” I said. “Go back to the park and talk to no-one, I may have a young school-girl for you to screw later. Keep your mouth shut and you could have a nice new sixteen year-old bit of cunt.”
We sent the old man on his way then me and Dan went back upstairs. Carol was rolled up into a ball on the bed. I said to her.
“Fancy you telling Danny to shag you. He now knows you enjoyed having him fuck you, he wants to do it again.”
“Steve, I’ll let him fuck me and use me anyway you like. But you must make me do it. Just like that tramp. You ordered me to suck him, so then I had to let him fuck me. If you order me to, I’ll do anything.”
“Thank you darling, now open your legs. I’m going to suck on that well fucked hole”.
Laying down she pulled her legs back and apart, this made her cunt look like an open cream filled cup. With Danny filming I knelt and began to drunk all the sperm out of her. Getting my tongue all the way inside, then putting my lips around her hole I sucked up all the man-cream. I loved taking two lots of spunk out of this whore’s cunt and drinking it down. With the salty taste of my son’s cum and with the amount the tramp had put in it, I had to suck for a good ten minutes to get it all out of her. But I didn’t cum that night. I was saving it for my daughter Izzy.


At the weekend I went down to the garage at the bottom of the garden. I was making a frame for my wife. A Bondage frame. It was a body length bench just long enough for the head and legs to hang over the edge, with straps for holding arms and legs in place. It had two long side peaces to which the victims legs could by tied, raising them up. By turning a handle it would open the victim’s legs wider and wider.
Danny and his mother were out shopping. Izzy was round a friend’s house or so I thought. At lunchtime I went to get a bite to eat, but as I entered the backdoor I heard. “Shag me harder son” It was my wife’s voice. Someone was watching my video and seeing Carol being screwed. I went to the sitting room as quietly as I could. There sat my daughter watching her brother and mother on the T V. It was just at the part were Carol was having an orgasm.
Izzy had her hand up her skirt rubbing between her legs.
“Fuck the old cow! Fuck her harder! Danny, she loves it! I know I would.” She was saying.
I took my prick out and walking into the sitting room. “Would you like to try this one?”
She turned and looked at my face and then looked down. “Oh! Yes Daddy. It’s so big and hard, I would love to try your cock.”
I walked over to her and said. “Were do you what me to put it.”
“Oh! Daddy put it in my mouth, I’ve see it cumming and I’d love to taste it.”
I remember that she had watched me toss-off into Danny’s mouth. She wanted to drink my cum.
She opened her mouth and I shoved my prick in. “Are you going to suck it or shall I fuck your face.” I asked.
She began sucking on it and she was very good. This told me she had sucked cock before. Her tongue rolled around my nob end and she was sucking in her cheeks. I looked down to watch her sucking my dick.
“That’s it girl suck that cock off. Suck the spunk out of my balls. I really want to cum into your mouth. So suck it hard.”
She went on sucking it. As I felt the build up of spunk I turn to watch the T V. On the screen I saw myself sucking the spunk out of Carol. This sent my spunk flying into Izzy’s mouth. She gulped it down at fast as my cock spat it out. When I’ finish, not a trace of sperm was to be seen. My daughter had drunk every last drop.
Sitting next to my daughter. I said we must talk about things. She smiled at me and said. “Talk away dad”.
“You sucked my cock very well, have you sucked cock before.”
“Yes dad I have. You see dad. All the boy’s at school would like to fuck me but I won’t let them. So I suck their cocks instead and let them cum in my mouth. I love the tasted of spunk”
“Would you like to be fucked Izzy”. I asked.
“More than anything. But I’m scared of catching something. But I do dream of being fucked”.
“Tell me Izzy in your fantasy who’s fucking you”.
“There’s no one person just lots of hard cock’s, queuing up to do it to me.” She said.
“Darling that’s called a gang-bang. Would you like lots of men to fuck you, one after another”?
“Yes I think I would”.
“If you were gang-banged. It might hurt you”.
“I know daddy but it would be a nice hurt.”
“How do you know that”?
“Because I like hurting myself when I’m randy. Let me tell you dad when I’m hot for sex I love to open myself really wide.”
“Open yourself! What do you mean?”
“O daddy, it means that I pull my cunt wide open and I keep pulling until it hurts.”
“Are you hot enough now to show me?” I asked, hoping.
She said nothing, but got up and turned off the T V and began to undress. I sat looking as my daughter took her cloths off bit by bit. Naked she looked just like a nymph. Her teenage tits were like two little cones. Her hips and bum were just beginning to fill out. The pubic hair was light and fluffy.
Sitting on the sofa next to me she started to rub her tits until her nipples popped out about half an inch. Those nipples she plucked before opening her legs. Moving from the sofa I removed my trousers and pants and got down between her legs. Looking me straight in the eyes she moved her hands down to her virgin hole. Sliding her bum to the edge of the sofa she opened her legs even wider. Her fanny was a foot from my face. I could smell her hole so I leaned in and take a long sniff.
“Do you like the smell of it daddy. Came closer and smell it a bit more.”
I did and her smell gave me an instant erection.
“Daddy your cock has came up again just from smelling me, Let me show you were that smell cames from”.
Then getting hold of her inner lips she pulled them out.
“This is so naughty; it’s making me very, very hot”. She said.
Then just as Danny had described, she hooked her fingers both sides of herself and pulled. Her fanny was a light shade of pink but the tube inside was a deep red. The smell cameing from her hole got me wanking.
“Is that nice daddy, can you see right up my little girly cunt. Look at it as you wank. Look right inside my fuck-hole, Dad”.
“Yes my sweet, I’m looking at your cunt, but doesn’t it hurt to pull it open like that.”
“No dad I like it.”
“Pull it farther apart for me; Pull your cunt as wide open as you can.”
Izzy set about her task with glee. Stretching the sides and the top until her hole had a two-inch diameter.
“Dad this is so good. If you stop wanking and give me a hand, between us we can make my cunt-hole even bigger.” I stopped and asked what she wanted me to do.
“Hook two fingers in the top and two down the bottom, I’ll do the sides. If we both pull very hard the hole will got bigger. It’ll hurt but I won’t mind.”
So I inserted my fingers into her cunt. It was very slimy and even smellier. I looked at my daughter. She smiled and then nodded her head. I looked back to her cunt and then we both pulled as hard as we could. It was magic, seeing her teenage cunt being stretched wider and wider. To think my daughter’s cunt had never been fucked yet here we were yanking it open. By now it had a three-inch diameter and was about six inches deep.
“Fucking hell dad this is really painful but keep on pulling and looking. I think this is great. I love showing you my fuck-hole. Dad, I'd love to show it to Danny and Mummy and all the dirty men you bring home to fuck her. Please dad can I be your slave, like mum. I’d willingly suck their cocks. I’ll even let them fuck me, if you wanted them to. I’ll do anything you ask.”
Just then the phone rang. It was Jim. The car needed more work on it and he was hoping for the some kind of payment. I told him my wife was willing to be serviced by him again, but only if her sister Jane was serviced at the same time. He was more than happy to do both of them. Fucking phone! I thought as I hang up. Yes a fucking phone.
“Izzy you can be my slave, I’m going to fuck you, but first I’m going to shove this phone right up you cunt. Hold yourself open so I can get it in your hole.”
I dialled Jim’s number and when he answered I told him to ‘just listen’. Knelling between my daughter’s legs I pushed the receiver right up her cunt. She grasped. But with her holding it open the receiver it went in all the way, with just the mouth peace hanging out. I get down so Jim could hear me as I pumped it in and out of her cunt.
“Is it good having your fanny fucked by this phone? I bet Jim can hear your soggy cunt being filled with plastic. I bet he’d like to be here right now, filling you with he’s cock. If you’re a good girl, I might let him shag you.”
She started to cum, her cunt snapping shut on the receiver but I pulled it out.
Saying good-bye to Jim, I climbed on top of her. Eager to fuck her. Her hole had closed up to a certain extent, but my prick was so stiff I just stuffed it in.
At last I was fucking my own daughter. My cock was up my teenage daughter’s cunt. Lying on top of her I rode her hard. Going in fast and deep. I was resolved to cock her so good she’d be cameing back for more. I’d saved up my spunk for this. I was determined to shoot up my daughter’s cunt.
She had become my new sex slave. Her new young cunt and my wife’s old cunt were going to be well used. By now I was very near to shooting my load. Leaning back I looked at my cock pumping in and out of her cunt.
“Look down Izzy. Look at my cock going in your cunt. Daddy’s fucks you. Watch me bang that fuck-hole. Daddy’s going to put his spunk up his little girl’s fanny soon.”
“Yes dad, do it. Shoot your spunk into me. It’ll be the first lot of cum I’ve had in my cunt. Shag me harder daddy! Shag me! Shag me! Shag your whore of a daughter and fill her cunt up. I’m your slave. My cunt is yours to fuck or have fucked by anybody.”
We watched my cock pistoning in and out of her, until I thrust all the way in and shoot my wod. Pumping my spunk into her. My cock throbbed as it spurted out more and more spunk. Izzy had another orgasm as she felt my liquid entering her body. We rested, and then as I pulled out of her fanny a flood of spunk followed. I was glad I had saved it up to fill her cunt. The spunk that was cameing out of her cunt was the same sperm that had made her. Before long a lot more spunk would be going into that cunt of hers.
We got dress ready for Carol and Danny to return. As we waited for then Izzy said. “I really meant it dad, I’ll let anyone you want fuck me, but I would really like Danny to do me next. You told him that you would let him have my cunt.”
“That’s right,” I answered. “Danny wants to fuck you and tonight I’m going to let him, okay.”
“Daddy can you get him to put he’s penis up my bottom as well. I saw him bugger you, and I think I might like to have my arse fucked as well.”
“Tonight after Danny fucked you, we’re going to have an anal orgy. Male and female arses are going to be fucked and sucked. You and your mother’s arseholes are going to be put to good use tonight.”
I told her to get some rest as she was going to need it. Then I phoned Jim again and he asked if it was my wife’s cunt I’d been putting the receiver up. I told him in was a new cunt I was trying out. He said he had heard me say that I might let him try it. I answered that if he shagged the wife and her sister well on Wednesday I might let him fuck the new cunt at the weekend. In the mean time I wanted him to make me something. After this call I took the bondage machine into the spare room and set-up the T V by the side of it with two video cameras.
When Carol and Danny returned I took Carol into the bedroom. “Well Carol I’ve done it, I’ve turn our daughter into a slut. And tonight I’m going to let Danny shag her.”
“Steve you dirty basted. Did you have intercourse with our little girl? Did you put your penis in her vagina?”
“No I did more then that, I made her suck me off, then I fucked her cunt. She loved it when my spunk went in her. She has a very big hole for a young girl. We'll both relish seeing her done by many other men and boys.”
“Can I watch when Danny fuck’s her?”
“Yes darling tonight the whole family will be together. You will see your son fucking your daughter. You’ll see her big cunt being filled with spunk. Then Danny and I are going to use you both like the slag’s you are.”
“Will you be videoing it, Steve.”
“Oh yes, and I intend to sell copes. But I’ll make sure our faces are will hidden.”
Over tea that evening I set the plot with my wife and kids. We well be videoing all the action so we could sell the tapes. And show them to anyone who might want to join in. All our faces would be masked but not our bodies. Then I sent them to get washed and ready for the evenings fun.


In the spare-room I put on a wolf’s head mask and started the introduction on the video.
“Good viewing to you Ladies and Gentlemen. I hope this little play will amuse you. The player’s are. (Myself as the Wolf. My son is playing The Woodsman. My wife will be Granny. And my daughter plays Little Red Riding-Hood). If you are easily shocked I suggest you turn off now. For you will see my sixteen year-old daughter being fucked by her brother and myself. You’ll also see my wife sucking her son’s cock. But this tape will mainly be anal-sex. I say no more. Just remember. We are all members of the same family.”
I started filming; Carol dressed as Granny is sitting on a stool plating her pubic hair. I enter dressed as the wolf.
“What are you doing you old slag, Little Red Riding-Hood will be here soon and I intend to fuck her.”
“Oh no Mister Wolf, Please don’t do that to my little grand-daughter, I’ll let you fuck me instead.”
In reply I tied Carol to the bench with her legs up and then place the camera between them. I told her to watch the T V monitor and see what was being taped. She’ll be able to see what other people were going to see. Sitting on her tummy I turn the handle. I’d forget the play for the moment; the audience would know what they were seeing. As Carol’s legs get farther apart her cunt began to open up. Knowing that strangers’ would be looking at my wife’s cunt made my cock rock hard. Leaning forward I pull her bum-cheeks apart also, showing the camera her anus.
Carol called out. “Mr Wolf, please leave my bum alone.”
“Not tonight my dear.” I said, then whispered to her. “Tonight your arse is going to be well and truly fucked. I’m going to get Danny to bugger all of us. You, Me and Izzy are going to get his cock up all our arse-holes.”
Carol didn’t look too happy at that idea but her arse was going to be violated tonight, whether she liked it or not.
“Look! Here cames Little Red Riding-Hood I bet she's never seen your cunt.”
Izzy comes in wearing a red mask.
“Oh Granny what is that Wolf doing to you. Why are you tied up like that? I can see your private parts. I can see his private parts.”
“Came closer my dear and look at Granny’s naughty bits.”
Izzy had never seen her mother naked before. But she knelt down by her mother’s bum.
“Look closer.” Said the Wolf. “Look at her holes. You have two holes just like hers. One is called a vagina the other is an anus. Both are made to have thing put in them.”
“But sir what goes in them.”
“Cocks my dear. This thing between my legs is a cock.”
“Are you going to put that thing into one of Granny’s holes?”
“No my dear. I am going to put it into one of your little holes.”
Climbing off the bench I told Izzy to take up my position but with her bottom over her mother’s head and with her legs spread. I then place the other camera so it would tape her being shafted. I then stood behind her. On the T V was a close-up picture of her fanny and my prick.
“Spread her fanny. So I can fuck her.” I said to Carol.
Using two fingers Carol opened her daughter’s fanny and with her other hand she guided my prick to the hole. As it began to enter Izzy, Carol pushes me forward so the whole lot what in.
“Bloody hell! She’s taken it all; our little girl has taken all you cock. Pump it in and out. I want to see you shagging our daughter.”
Just then the door opened and in came Danny wearing he’s mask.
“What are you doing? You said I was going to do her”.
“That’s right son, but you mother wanted to see my cock going up her. It’s your turn to fuck her now. Take my place and we’ll watch you do her.”
Danny and I changed places. I checked that the cameras were working all right. Izzy started to play with her mother’s fanny, while waiting to be fucked. I told her to bend down and lick it.
At the other end Carol was stroking Danny’s prick. “That’s it, rub it up.” I said. “Make it nice and stiff so he can fuck his sister. Lick it so it gets even harder.”
Carol pulled back the foreskin to get at his shinny nob. This she licked making sure to stick her tongue in the piss-hole.
“That’s nice mum, but I want to fuck Izzy. Guide me into her cunt.”
Carol places it at the entrance, and she and I watched it slowly going in.
Carol was getting a worms-eye view of it all. Turning to the camera I say.
“You’ve just seen my wife putting her son’s cock into her daughter’s cunt. Now watch him fuck his sister and shoot his cum up her cunt.”
Turning back to watch the action. I ask Carol if she was enjoying it.
“It’s unbelievable I’m watching our children fucking and she’s licking me out as well. Please can I be fucked as well?”
I what and line up my erect prick with her hole. The same hole that yesterday had an old and a young man’s cock up it. Now it was going to get mine. Izzy helped open her mother’s cunt so I could put my cock in.
“Right son let really fuck these two cunts. Fuck them and fill them up.”
Standing there fucking my wife while she and I watched Danny fuck Izzy. I know I could make them do anything I wanted, anything at all.
Danny was really shafting Izzy now. He was getting every inch of his cock into her. Her cunt had opened up to take the heavy banging it was getting. It was so wet that drops were falling onto Carol’s face. As the drops fell she would open her mouth to catch them. I was saving myself for later. But the other three were at the point of orgasm and were very verbal.
“Danny you’re fucking me so well, I can feel your prick going all the way in. Is my cunt satisfying?”
“Your cunt’s great. It’s so wet, I’ll be cuming soon.”
“Go on Danny! Shoot your spunk into me.”
Then Carol joined in. “Yes son cum up her. Fill her hole with your liquid sperm. Make the slut pregnant.”
“I’m cuming! I’m cuming.” Danny cried out.
“Go on son empty your balls into her.” Carol shouted.
Then Izzy shrieked, “I’m cuming to, I can feel the spunk shooting into me, I’m there, I’m cumming”
My little boy had fucked his big sister to orgasm, I was so proud of them both.
“I still haven’t cum yet,” said Carol.
“Danny I think your mother would like your cock-cream in her mouth. Pull out slowly, and get the camera for a close-up of the cum pouring into her mouth.”
Carol opened her mouth wide and Izzy lowered her cunt. Spunk and cunt juice poured straight out of Izzy’s hole into her mother’s mouth.
“Get in closer with the camera son; let’s see that stuff in her gob.”
It made good viewing as more and more liquid can out of Izzy's cunt into her mouth. “Swallow it Darling, Drink your children’s juice.” I said. She began shaking as it went down her throat; she was cuming, from drinking their fuck cream.
Now it was time for some anal-action. I love having a cock up my arse. The fatter and longer the prick the better I like it. If it stretches my arse-hole so it hurt, I’d go to cloud nine. Carol doesn’t like it at all. Izzy wanted her brother to take her anal-cheery. Danny had only ever bugged me, but he liked it.
I sent Danny out the room with a list of things to get, while Izzy and I turned Carol over. We bent her over the bench with her bum up in the air and strapped her down. I placed the cameras so it would film all that was to take place. I asked Izzy if she was still willing to be sodomisd. She answered.
“Daddy I’m your whore, I’ll do everything you say. If my arsehole’s to be used that's fine. My body and its holes are yours to use or abuse. You can ravage them anyway you like.”
When Danny returned I made Izzy bend over besides Carol.
“Right son. You take your mother and I’ll take Izzy. Let’s get their arseholes ready for our pricks.” Pulling Izzy’s bum cheeks apart I licked her anus. Making her rosebud wet with my spit. Danny followed my example by licking and sucking on the anus in front of him. Getting Izzy’s wet I tongue-fuck her bottom. Pushing my tongue as deep into her anus as I could. Slowly it began to open up, ready to be used.
“Is your prick up yet son, this bum is ready for some dick. This little tart wants you to open it up for her, when you’ve finished with it I’ll fuck it as well.”
“Yes dad my cock’s up.” Danny said.
“Then came here and put it up your sister’s bum, I’ll hold it open for you.”
I pulled Izzy’s arse cheeks apart and guided Danny’s prick to the target.
“Put it in slowly so she can get used to it.”
It was a job to get it to go in. I had to suck both his cock and her arse to get them wetter. At last his knob popped in then slowly inch by inch he feed the rest in, until he was in up to his balls. Izzy groaning as it slid up her back passage. Carol asked. “Has she taken it all?”
“Yes her shit-chute is full of cock. Do it slowly now won’t you Danny.” I said. He nodded.
“What’s going to happen to me, why am I tied down like this?”
I left Danny feeding his cock in and out of his sister’s arse.
“Well darling, a cock is going up that arse of yours but not yet.”
Kneeling I spread her backside, opening both her fanny and her arse. I got a China ornament that Danny had brought in. It was a nine-inch statue of a flower-seller with her basket. It was my wife’s favourite ornament.
“Here is something I know you like.” I said. Opening up her fanny I pushed the statue in. At halfway the basket stopped it from going further in. Carol cried out. “What’s that you’re putting in me?”
I ignored her. I wanted the figuring inside her fanny. Wiggling the statue about and pulling her cunt this way and that until I got the basket passed the entrance. The rest of it followed until nine-inch’s of soiled China was up her cunt. Then I started on her anus by working a finger in and out of her arsehole. “Are you kid’s alright”? I asked.
Izzy replied. “Is beautiful dad, I feel so full.”
Then Danny answered. “Her arsehole’s so tight, it holds my dick like a hand, I think I’m going to cum.”
I hadn’t cum because I wanted to be the first to flood my daughter’s arsehole.
“Take your cock out Danny; I’m going to bugger her now.” He withdrew and I took his place. Her arsehole was very tight but I slowly pushed my big hard prick further into her back door.
“Right, you’re really going to get buggerd now! I’m going to fuck your little arsehole as hard as I can.”
“Fuck away daddy, Use my arse-hole just as you do my cunt. Hurt me with your fatherly cock, I love the pain. Put your cock all the way up me.”
I started arse-fucking my daughter with long, deep strokes. Making sure my whole cock what up her arse. Meanwhile Danny was admiring my handy-work. He was wiggling the statue’s base, making sure it stayed up his mother’s cunt as he stuck two fingers in her arse.
“Can I fuck mum’s arse? Dad.”
“Yes son, Let me finish with your sister’s arsehole, then I want you to stick your cock up all our bums.”
“Is Danny going to do my bum again dad?” Izzy Asked.
“Yes. At lest I hope so”. I answered.
“Goody, Will he shoot his spunk up it.”
“I don’t know about that. Now shut up! I’m about to cum; I’m going to fill my little girl’s arsehole with spunk.”
I gave two or three hard thrusts, then shoved it all the way into her and fired. Spurt after spurt went into her shit-chute. She went mad with lust at feeling my balls emptying into her rectum.
I told the kids to undo their mother’s hands but leave her were she was. I realigned the cameras for a wide angle. I wanted the viewer to see all three victims. Then I spoke to camera. “I hope you’ve liked the show so-far. The gays out there might like this next bit. My son is going to bugger his sister again, then his going to do his mother lastly his going to do me up the arse. All three of us are going to be arse-fucked. If you are watching with friends why not have a wank, soon you to could be fucking a new arse.”
We removed the statue from Carol’s cunt. Then Izzy and me bent over beside her.
“Dan I want you to fuck all our arses. Fuck them hard. Like I fucked Izzy’s. You must fuck us all before you cum. Are you ready girls? We’re going to get our arsehole’s filled with cock.”
Using our hands we pulled our bum cheeks apart. I was so desperate for him to do me; my anus had opened up of its own accord. He came over to me, yanked my bum apart even more then rammed his dick up my arse. Danny’s cock felt so good inside me. He was fucking me good and hard shoving all his cock up my bum.
“Bugger me! Bugger me!” I called out. “Fuck that arse. I love having my arsehole shagged.” Just as I was building up he pulled it out, and went to Izzy. Pulled her open and stuck it in her bum. I lay there with my back-door wide open, watching him shag his sister. He was doing her arsehole just as well as he’d done mine. He had a couple of deep thrusts in her arse and then he moved on to my wife.
Carol was holding her bottom open but she had hooked some fingers into her fanny and was pulling it wider still.
“Danny please put it in my fanny, I don’t like it in the other hole.”
He looked at mine and Izzy’s arses, then he smiled at me. I had told him to do all our bottoms.
“Sorry mum, but I’m going to use your arse.”
“But it’ll hurt.”
“That’s too bad, your arse is still going to get fucked, a slag like you should have her arsehole and cunt fucked everyday.”
Then he rams it into her, going in harder and deeper than he had with either his sister or me.
“Does it hurt bitch? Is my prick making your bottom-hole sore? Is mummy’s little boy hurting her botty? Well hard luck!” he said.
Pumping his cock in and out of his mother’s bum. He was doing a good job on my wife’s anus. It was good to see Carol’s arse being so well used, but I wanted my arsehole to be used.
“Izzy.’ I called out. “Came and ripe open my arse make the hole as big as you can.”
She came over to me and using her fingers she pulled my anal-ring wider and wider.
“I bet this hurts real good dad. Will you do it to me someday? Oh daddy it beautiful, I can see right up your bum-hole. I’d adore you to look up my bum just like this?”
“I’d love to Izzy.” I said. “But right now I want Dan’s cock. Came and fuck my arse just like a cunt, Danny. Fuck it as hard as you can and cum up me.”
He pulled out of Carol’s arse, and came to take mine. Izzy help him by keeping my anus open, and she guided her brother’s prick straight to my hole.
“There Dan,” she said, “Have a go at that. Dad’s hole is big enough to take two cocks, Shoot your load up his rectum.”
“Right! His shit-hole will get my slimy spunk.” He answered.
Then he was ramming it up my arse until our balls were touching. He kept on ramming away at me, sending me to queer boys’ heaven.
“This arse is great, I can fuck it really deep, it’s taking all my dick right up to my balls.”
It was excellent to hear my children talk like this. I was no longer their father. I was just an arsehole to fuck. And Danny was the one doing the fucking. I know he was on his way to cumming, by the speed his prick was pumping in and out of me. So I encouraged him.
“Go on son, shoot up my arse. Fill that dirty place with nice clean spunk.”
He fired and I could feel it hit the walls of my rectum, spurt after spurt going even farther up my bowels then his cock had been. As he cum in me, my prick unloaded too. Izzy got her mouth under my dick to swallow the spunk as it came out. So ended our Saturday night.


Sunday morning I was down in the garage again. Copying the video so I could sale it. I’d called it ‘Hard up Red Riding Hood’. I generally sold a few tapes to people I know in the pub. This was the first time that these people were going to see me in action. I hoped they would like what they were seeing. It was cheaper to make my own than copy other maker’s. Also I know it was hard to find real pornography on incest. I’d see a few about Old Men and Young Girls and vicer-vecer, but hardly any with Fathers and Mothers fucking their children. If the buyers believed my notation I know I was in for some good sales.
While the machines were running off some copies, Izzy came in to see what I was doing.
“Hallo Dad”, she said. “What are you up to?” She sat down to watch the T V. “Look dad, here’s the part where I’m getting your arse ready for Danny. I really liked this bit. It was beautiful to see inside your bum.”
I smiled at her. “It was beautiful having my penis in your bottom.”
“Can we do it now dad, can we look up each other’s bottoms.”
It was Sunday morning, we were in my garage and my daughter was asking for more anal action. I said. “I don’t think this is the time or the place.”
“But dad you started me on this kinky sex, and you did promise to look up my bum.”
Yes I had promised, but I hadn’t thought it would be so soon.
“Aright then you look up my bottom hole first, that’ll turn me on. But I might just fuck your arse after I’ve looking up it.”
I bent over my workhorse with my bum in the air, legs apart. Izzy undone my trousers and pulled then down to the floor. I stepped out of them and opened my legs wider. Couching down Izzy pulled my prick back between my legs and played with it. This girl was good. Here in her father’s garage she had his cock out and his bum in the air.
Couching lower she licked my cock and balls. It was strange having my prick facing backwards between my legs but it hardened up.
“Push the foreskin back so the crown cames out, Izzy. Lick around the nob you’ll like the taste.” She began moving her tongue around my nob’s crown. Then she’d pull the foreskin over her tongue so she could lick under it.
“Put the tip of your tongue into the piss-hole.”
She did and it was very difficult to stop myself from pissing in her mouth. Then she sucked my dick into her mouth leaving her hands free to play with my bottom. With my cock in her gob my arse-hole was about three inches from her face.
“From there you should see up my bottom very easy. Go on you filthy cow open up my arse-hole.”
She started by pulling my bun cheeks apart and looking at the puckered ring of my anus. I began to wish I’d set-up the video. This was good wanking material. A teenage girl fully clothed, sucking-off an older man while studying his backdoor.
Then she started pushing a finger into me. Now my arse-hole had taken a few pricks in its time. So it started to open up. Izzy put in another finger, then another. Moving them round and round relaxing the muscle. She stopped sucking my cock to ask, “Daddy how big can your hole get.”
“I don’t know; why not see how big you can make it.”
Putting my cock back in her mouth she added another finger from her other hand. Rotating and pulling at my anal-ring gradually adding more and more fingers. It felt so good. I was just going to tell her that, when she said, “Dad I’ve got three fingers from each hand in you. Can I pull them apart so I can see right up inside your bum?”
She was my slave. I was her master. She was asking permission to look up her master’s backside. “Yes open it up and tell me what you see.”
The pain in my rear was exhilarating. She was obviously going to make the hole as big as she could. “I can’t open it any farther Daddy. It’s as wide as it’ll go but it’s a lot wider than yesterday.”
“Tell me what it’s like back there. Describe to me how wide open it is. How far up my rectum can you see? Is there any shit up there?”
For some time she continued to pull my arse-hole this way and that. Finding a work lamp she hang it above my raised bottom. Pulling my arsehole open again she moved in closer to study it.
“Well,” she said, “The entrance is now very large, about two and a half inches across. I didn’t know you could get an arsehole to open so wide. I can see about seven or eight inches up the tube. The inside is open more than the entrance and it’s all red and vainy. I can’t see any shit. Basically dad your back passage is gorgeous, I wish I had a cock to put in it.”
Izzy loved bums and there holes just as much as I did. Anything to do with them and she’d be up for it.
“You don’t have a prick so use your hand. Put one of them inside me.”
She put four fingers in and started to push her right hand in but it got stuck at the knuckles. I had to have her hand in my arse so I pushed myself back onto it and at last it slide in. For years I have wanted a hand put up my arse. Now I had one, I was going to make the most of it.
“Make your hand into a fist Izzy and roll it around inside me.”
I felt my anal canal opening up. I felt my dick throbbing, aching to empty my balls. Yet I wanted more.
“Fist-fuck that arse. Pump your hand in and out of it. I want to feel my arse being filled by your hand. Take it way out and then push it back up again. Do it to me Izzy, fist-fuck my arsehole. Fist-fuck it very, very hard as hard as you can.”
Without a thought she pulled her hand out then shoved it back in. Punching her fist in and out of my arsehole. Getting faster and faster. I was on the verge of cumming and said.
“Put your hand as deep inside my arse as it will go then yank on my cock. Milk me like a cow. Make your father spunk-off all over the floor.”
In reply she inserted her hand and a good part of her arm up my back passage. Aimed my dick down and tossed it off. Spunk flow everywhere as it gushed from my nob. My anal-ring clamped onto Izzy’s arm. As she continued pumping my cock until my balls were empty.
We had to what for some time before Izzy could remove her arm. She’d got ten inches of arm and hand inside my rectum, and my arsehole was very sore. But we had both enjoyed the game. I did up my trousers and Izzy took my place over the workbench. She flipped up her dress and pulled down her knickers, to show me her bottom.
“Your little girls turn now to have her bottom inspected. You can try and put your hand inside my bum if you’d like Dad. Or your prick, or anything else you fancy.”
Time was moving on and I had to get to the pub. But there was time for just a quick look into her bum slit.
“I’ve got to get up the pub but I’ll admirer your bottom for awhile.”
I knelt behind her and kissed her bum on both cheeks.
“Dad I know you must go and I wouldn’t argue with you. But you did say you’d look at my botty ring.”
She got hold of her cheeks and spread them.
“Look at my arse daddy, last night your prick was up it. All I'm asking is for you to look up it. Your slave would like her father to look inside her bum-hole, is that too much to ask?”
She was desperate for me to see inside her, so putting my fingers on her anus I began working it open. As it started to widen I saw a turd beginning to can out and I stop.
“You dirty girl, you’re full of shit,” I said.
“Sorry dad I’ll go and have a crap.”
But I was angry with her, for begging me to look at it and then being full of shit. I was going to teach her a lesson.
“No you won’t go and have a crap. I’m going to the pub and this afternoon your cameing out with me. You’ll learn that I’m the boss and I don’t like looking at your shit. Don't use the toilet while I’m gone.”


I sold three tapes and had a couple of pints in the pub. I was so livid with Izzy; her punishment was going to be exceptional.
Arriving home I told Izzy to put on her tracksuit and trainers, with no underwear. Then I put her in the car and took her to the park. As I lead her to a secret spot I know I saw the tramp that had fucked my wife. He was drinking with another tramp.
In a clearing among the bushes I told Izzy to strip-off and lie on the grass with her legs apart. Telling her to close her eyes and not to move until I get back. I left my teenage daughter lying naked in the open. Anyone could have came along and seen her. But she would learn that 'I was Master'.
I went back to the car for a water bottle, and a funnel. On the way back I found the tramps. “Hallo,” I said to them. “Do you remember me?”
“I remember your wife better but I’ve keep my mouth shut.”
“Good for you! Now you and your friend can help me with a naughty little schoolgirl. You can’t fuck her, but I’m going to let you play with her.”
All three of us went to the clearing. Izzy looked so innocent lying there in the sun. The nipples were standing out on her small breasts. Her legs open enough to just see her crack.
“Remember I give the orders but I know you’ll enjoy using her. Starting from now she’s an IT. And we are going to do really decussating things to IT.”
We walked over to her. She looked even younger and more innocent just lying there.
“Open your eyes now, you little slag. This is Pat and Peter they are going to be my assistants. You can start by bringing your knees up so we can see your fanny better.”
The two of them crouched by her raised legs. “Is that alright boys can you see IT’S hairy minge.” I asked.
“Well eh, yes and no.” Said Peter.
“Pull the lips apart girl; Show them what a young fanny looks like. Both of you put a finger inside it and feel how wet it is. This THING won’t mind you rummaging around between its legs.
Pat and Peter both put a finger up her and moved closer for a better look while pocking their fingers in her fanny. This was even better then watching one of them fucking my wife. Two fifty year-old men were poking their dirty fingers into my teenage daughter’s cunt. I thought. I’ll have to make a video of her being shagged by some old man.
People like to watch old cocks fucking very young cunts or stiff young pricks being banged up old well used fannies. There is something exquisite about a well-used cunt that looks like it’s been fucked a lot. To think that maybe fifty or sixty men have shoot their spunk into it. I think women should let them-selves be fucked by any man that asks. Black, red, yellow, old or young. I love putting my prick into married women’s cunts, enjoying the fact that someone else has fucked her before me.
“Right men it’s time to watch IT having a crap”.
I get Izzy to stand up. “Go and bend over by that tree and wrap your arms around it. Bend your knees so that your bum is facing me.”
For anal lovers this was the tops. There was a magnificent bottom with the sun shining on it right in front of me. I got Pat and Peter to pull her buttocks apart. It was hard to accept I was doing this. Two strangers and myself were going to watch my daughter have a crap. I’d probably get a head-on viewing the shit cameing out of her arse.
“Start shiting. We want to see that arsehole opening up.”
The hole started to open and out popped a small peace of shit. Then it got wider and a thick dark brown trud slowly can out. Inch by inch it emerged.
Craping is one of the most private things we do. So watching an arsehole opening and letting the shit out was indescribable.
To my daughter it must have been humiliating, to have three men watching her have a shit in the open. Also there was the possibility of someone seeing her, an old lady walking her dog, a young boy riding his bike. The park-warden might notes three men standing round a naked girl watching her to take a shit.
The trud that was working its way out was very hard and thick. It was sticking straight out four inches when it turned and fell to the ground.
“Is that it? Is that all the crap you have inside you?” I asked.
“I think so, Sir, I can’t push any more out.” She replied.
“I think we’ll check, Peter stick your finger up IT's arse and feel if there’s any shit left in there.”
He shoved his finger as far up her arse as he could get it and wiggled it about.
“It feels empty to me.” He said.
“Good, now I’ll tell you something. This thing wanted me to look up its arse when it was full of crap. Now it’s empty we’ll all have a look up it. Take your belts off I have a job for them.”
We moved Izzy over between two trees and laid her on her back. Then lifting her bottom about two feet off the ground, we tied her legs to the trees. She was suspended upside-down with her legs wide apart. Her head was tilted up so she could see her raised fanny.
“This THING says, she’s not full of crap but I think she is. Peter I want you to go and got that big lump of trud.”
Looking bewildered but willing he went over and picked it up.
“Pat I want you to open her cunt, and Peter I want you to put that shit into it.”
Turning to me Peter said, “I can’t do that it’s filthy.”
“If you fancy fucking my wife again you’ll do it. Now shove that shit in that cunt!”
Pat and Peter exchanged looks. Then Pat grabbed hold of Izzy’s fanny lips and pulled them apart. Looking down at her cunt he got more and more turned-on. He pulled the lips harder until a hole appeared.
“I’m getting her cunt-hole to open. Came on Peter lets do as the man says. Put that lump of shit inside this cunt.”
Peter was holding it by the end. It was five inches long, stiff dark brown and quit thick. Pat kept the cunt open as Peter pushed the shit into it.
“Look at that you filthy cow; see that big brown thing going into you. It could be a big brown cock. Would you like a brown cock put into you?” I asked.
“Yes Master I’d love to take a brown cock inside me.”
It was hard to believe this was my daughter, she was loving it. To please her father she would take shit in her cunt. If it were my shit that was going in her fanny she would be even happier.
“Do as IT says boys put that thing all the way inside her and then close the hole up over it.”
Peter carried on forcing the shit into her hole. It was such a thick peace to have come out of her arse. At last it was all in and Pat pulled the flaps closed.
“Now we’ve got IT’s cunt nicely filled, we’ll refill IT’s arsehole. Pat you’re good at making holes, see if you can open her other hole for us.”
He knelt down and licked her arse crack. Looking at Peter I said, “He was very keen to lick her arse.”
“A nice young female arse like that, I should think so. The only arse he gets to lick is mine. We spend a lot of time in each other’s. We’d really like to get into this one. I haven’t buggerd a female for years.”
“Well your not getting your prick’s into this one to-day. But I might let you have my wife’s and this girl’s arsehole another time. Then you can both bugger them until your hearts content, or your cock’s worn-out.”
Izzy’s anus was just beginning to open, so I got the funnel and water. I put the tip of the funnel in her bum-hole and pushed it in a little way. Telling them to hold it so I could purr the water in.
“Hi Steve”. Said Pat. “What comes out her arse we’ve put in her cunt why don’t we put what comes out her cunt in her arse.
“She can’t piss into the funnel.” I said.
“No. What comes out of our cocks.”
“Do you mean piss or spunk?”
“Why not both. Pat and I are dying for a pee. We’ll piss into the funnel; you toss yourself off into it. Then maybe you’ll let us toss-off into it.
“Let’s do it, all that cock liquid will really open IT’s bowels up.”
Getting our dicks out we aimed at the mouth of the funnel. Peter was the first to start pissing. I began wanking my cock off, as Pat join in with he’s pee. The funnel began to fill up.
“It’s not going in,” I said, “The spout needs to be farther in.”
Pat stopped pissing and getting hold of the funnel’s rim pushed.
“Get in there you basted; I want to see my piss go into this girls arse.”
With an extra push the spout went all the way in. I wanked faster as we saw it begin to empty and Pat started peeing again. Although the funnel began to fill again it was slowly emptying.
“Wank your cock faster Steve.” Said Pat. “Your spunk can ride in on top of our piss.” Watching their pee spiralling down into Izzy’s arse I cum. My spunk joined the pee that was slowly filling her back passage. As their piss can to an end Pat and Peter started tossing-off. I’d seen Peters prick hard before. I’d watched it entering my wife’s cunt. It was a good size prick, as was Pat’s. But Pat cock was different; the nob on top was twice the size of the shaft. It resembled a big lollypop.
It was my turn to hold the funnel. I knelt down and held it under their cocks as they tossed-off.
“Let me suck you both of off, and then I’ll spit your spunk into the funnel.”
“You just fanny Pat’s big nob in your mouth don’t you Steve,” said Peter.
“Yes, his nob looks like a good mouth full. I love the taste of cock and spunk.”
Pat put his cock in my mouth and let me suck it. It tasted delightful and the nod really did fill my mouth. I went on sucking until he shot a load of white creamy spunk into my mouth. Then Peter put his cock in my mouth and shot his load. I rolled their spunk around my mouth, tasting it properly. Then I spat it into the funnel adding their spunk to their piss. Getting up I pissed into the funnel washing their spunk into Izzy’s arsehole.
“Let’s take the funnel out and have a look.” I said.
All the liquid had gone in and the ring had closed over it. I wondered what Carol would think if she know. That at this moment her sweet little girl was suspended naked upside-down in a park. Her cunt full of shit and her arsehole full of piss.
“Master, I can’t keep it in much longer.”
“Good girl just hold on a few more minutes and then you can empty both your holes. We'll just have a quick look at all that piss in your arse. We’ll look up your bottom hole when it's empty.”
Turning to Pat and Pete I said. “Time is moving on, we’ll have a quick look at IT's arsehole. And then we must go home. Do the honours Peter and open it.”
He wasted no time getting his fingers in and pulling her arse open. Because her bowels were full her anus opened very easily. All the spunk was floating on the top of our piss. I pick up a stick and pushed the spunk below the surface and stared it around. Mixing the two cock liquids together. As I removed the stick Pat dropped down and drunk the mixture, of piss and spunk straight from her arsehole. Swallowing it as fast as he could, until it was all gone.
We untied Izzy and made her clean out her cunt. We just had time to look inside her nice clean bottom-hole. I make her bend over and touch her toes with legs apart. Inserting two fingers from each hand I pulled her arsehole open.
“Came and look up this arse Peter, See inside the arse that’s had your spunk in it. You have a good look to Pat, See if her arse holes deep enough to take a long cock. Provided you talk to no one, I might let you put that big nob of yours in it, someday. Now hold her open for me to have a look.”
This was a lot better than last time, there was no crap in the way and Pat was holding it open for me.
“Open it wider than that Pat. Turn her till the Sun’s shining on it and yank it farther open. I need the light to see just how big it is inside.”
It was big. I was going to have a hard job finding something to fill it.
“Now slave we have all looked up your bottom what do you say.”
As she dressed herself she said. “Thank you gentleman for looking up my bum. If my master will allows it. It would be great to be shagged by the two of you, but now we must go.” As we were leaving the park, Peter called out.
“That’s a fucking great daughter you've got there”.
When we got home Izzy went to have a bath and clean herself up for tonight. I was tired after cumming twice already so I what to bed. I awoke to noises in the bathroom so I what to investigate. Izzy was sitting up in the bath sucking on her brother’s prick. At the same time he was sliding a bar of soup in and out of he fanny. Danny turned to me and said.
“Izzy has told me all about this afternoon so I’m cleaning out her cunt for her. She told me you had two old men fill her arsehole with piss. She asked to suck my cock and wee in her mouth. Can I do it dad! Can I piss in her mouth?”
“No son you can’t because tonight we are going to have water-sports. But seeing as she’s made your prick so hard you might as well face-fuck her. Hold her head and ram your cock down her throat. Empty your balls in her mouth.”
Danny face-fucked her like an expert. Getting his seven inch cock all the way in her mouth and down her throat.
“Here it comes dad; I’m shooting straight down her throat. Can you feel it Sis, can you feel your brother’s spunk shooting down your throat.”
She couldn’t answer; her mouth was to full of his spurting cock. When he’d finished I said.
“Now you two, it’s time you had a rest so you’re both fit for tonight.”


As the evening wore on I made sure we all had plenty to drink. Lots of lemonade and lager. Carol was the first to need the loo. As she got up to leave I told her to wait; I was going to tell them of tonight’s entertainment.
“We all know Carol liked to be made to do thing but tonight my darling I am going to need your help with the kids. We’re going to try water-sports. We’ll need a rubber mat on the floor with the coffee table on it. Plus a glass measuring jug and funnel. Lets get started before Carol starts pissing herself.”
The kids were very keen to get into this new act. Carol was a little apprehensive, but soon it was all laid out ready. In the middle of the sitting room stood the coffee table complete with jug and funnel.
“Lets get our cloths off so the fun can being. Carol I want you to squat on the table and show us your cunt as you piss.”
We all undressed and Carol climbed onto the table and pulled her fanny open. “Danny hold the jug and catch her urine as it cames out.”
“I don’t think I can do it with you all watching.” Carol said.
“Go on mum we all want to see you having a wee.” Izzy said, “When you’ve finished you can hold the jug for me. I can hardly wait for you to see me pissing.”
Looking at Carol I said, “I’ll let Danny shag you, but only if you join in the fun. So start pissing now or we’ll both fuck Izzy instead.”
At the threat of not getting her son’s prick, Carol started to urinate. It started as a trickle, which Danny collected in the jug. We all moved closer for a better look at the yellow liquid flowing from her fanny. Suddenly the dam burst and piss shot out spraying all three of us. Our faces and chests were peppered with her pee, which we licked off our lips.
“Keep going Carol, aim it into the jug.”
She looked down and managed to get it flowing into the container. There was half a pint of urine in the jug as the flow turned into a dribble.
“Izzy you can lick up the dribbles, then it’ll be your turn to pee.” I said.
Danny moved the jug out the way so Izzy could get at her mother’s cunt. She licked it dry before changing places. Carol sat between Danny and me, while Izzy squatted on the table and spread her leg. Carol lifted the jug up close to Izzy’s fanny. But Izzy said to her.
“That’s to near mummy. Daddy won’t be able to see my wee-wee cameing out.”
The jug was lowered to give us a better view of her cunt, which she spread even wider.
“Can you see the little hole that my pee cames from. Put the tip of your tongue in it, mum. That’ll make me go.”
Carol hesitated again, so I said to her. “Go on Carol lick her. You haven’t had your tongue anywhere near her cunt yet. Use just the tip on her piss-hole and when she starts to pee get the jug and catch it.”
Carol moved towards her daughter’s fanny and run her tongue around the out side not daring to go to deep.
“That’s no good, Mum. Put your lips over my wee-tube and try to suck the piss out of me.”
“Go on mother”. Said Danny. “Suck on her cunt, we want to see the piss cameing out of her fanny.”
“Suck on it Carol.” I said. “It’ll be good practise for when you suck out your sister’s cunt. Which you’ll do before and after I’ve fucked her.”
With the three of us encouraging her, Carol opened her mouth and sucked on the inner lips of Izzy’s fanny.
“Quick mum the jug.” Called Izzy as a perfusion of yellow liquid gusted from her hole. Carol held the jug just below her fanny so we could witness the yellow liquid leaving her body. Izzy was enjoying us watching her pee, she pushed her pussy up so the pee made an arch into the jug. When she’d finished Carol leaned in and licked it dry with her tongue. There was now a pint and a half of yellow urine in the jug. I added some lemonade to the jug and mixed the two together. Then filling two wineglasses with the mixture I handed one to Danny.
“Drink up son, the women will be wanting their drinks soon.”
“But dad this is piss and lemonade, we can’t drink this.”
“That’s from two women we love, from the very cunt’s we spend our time fucking. Also Izzy was prepared to drink your pee this afternoon. She was prepared to have it straight from your cock, so you can at lest drink hers with lemonade.”
Knowing the source only added to the flavour, I drank it fast while Dan took it a little slower.
“Have another glass full son, fill your bladder up. Piss is the only drink we’re going to have tonight.”
Izzy and Carol watch us swallowing their urine. They drank some more lager to refill their bladders. While we waited for that full feeling I told them of my planes for next week. Tomorrow I intended to fuck their Auntie Jane. So Danny and I will have another cunt to shag. Danny liked the idea of fucking his toffee-nosed Aunt. I told Carol that on Wednesday I was going to have her gang-banged. I had four men that were very keen on screwing her. Then on Thursday little Izzy was in for a surprise party to which Carol and Danny were invited. After this talk we were all bursting for a wee.
“As Carol what first last time, you can go first this time Izzy. Lay on the table so mum and I can watch Danny pissing on your tits. They got into position quickly with Danny standing over her, rubbing his prick to make it a little harder, before pulling the foreskin right back and pissed all over his sister's chest.
“She’s relishing it, the slut”. Carol Said. “Piss on the whore, Danny. The disgusting slag likes it. Here let me have a go.” Getting hold of Danny’s cock Carol aimed it at Izzy’s face.
“That’s it son piss all over your sister's face.” Carol Said, while holding his cock.
Getting up I pulled Izzy’s mouth open.
“Aim it here Carol, She can drink it direct from his cock.”
His urine splashed into her mouth and then down her cheeks. Carol pushed Danny nearer until his prick was nearly in her mouth. Some of the urine started going up her nose.
“Swallow it Izzy,” I said. “Swallow that lovely liquid.”
Suddenly she moved back and spat it out.
“I can’t do it dad there’s too much.”
“That’s alright darling.” I said. “I know a way you can do it, lean your head back on my chest and open your mouth wide. That’ll open your throat.”
“Now Danny put you cock inside her mouth and piss straight down her throat.”
Danny put his cock inside, right the way to the back and started pissing straight into her throat. Carol moved closer so she could watch, Danny’s pee going down Izzy’s throat. He went on pissing until his bladder was empty. When he removed his cock from Izzy’s mouth she smiled up at him. “That was lovely,” she said. “You can wee in my mouth any time.”
When Danny stopped Carol said she wanted to be peed on. I told her she was to be the grand finally, but we had to wait for Danny’s bladders to fill up again. While we waited Carol sucked her son’s prick. While Izzy sucked on mine.
When our pricks were stiff from the sucking and all bladders were full. We were going to empty then over Carol. Moving the table aside, she laid down on the mat. Like a lamb to the slaughter. I stood at her feet, my cock so rigid I had to push it down to aim it at her.
Starting at her legs I pissed up them and onto her belly aiming at her navel. I moved on to her breasts, which she pushed together so the wee hit her nipples. “See if you can get her head, dad.” Said Dan.
“You want to see me weeing on your mother’s face.” I asked.
They both nodded their heads. So I stopped to get into a better position. We arranged ourselves so they could see me pissing on her face. Izzy knelt with her mother’s head between her knees, so Carol couldn’t turn her face away. I stood over her head with my back to Izzy, and then I pulled Carol’s legs back to me and spread them apart. Danny stood between her legs, with his stiff prick pointing at me. Looking down at her open fanny we began to pee. A jet of Danny’s urine hit me in the face, so I opened my mouth and let him piss into it for a while. Drinking it at one end and pissing it out at the other.
Then I said to Izzy. “Aim my cock down so I’m pissing on her face and Danny you piss on her fanny.”
With Izzy aiming my cock we pissed all over Carol’s face and fanny. I wanted to see my wife drinking urine, so I stopped pissing, but Danny went on until he’d emptied himself over her fanny.
We getting the table back in and laid Carol over it.
“Danny. You shag her.” I said.
Danny lifted her legs into the air and stuffed his cock in her fanny. This is what she loved most. Having her son’s very stiff, hard cock ramming away at her cunt.
“You’re one of the best, son. Fuck me. Mummy likes you giving her a good shafting”.
As she lay there being fucked by her son I handed her the funnel.
“Put the end in your mouth, Carol”. I said.
Turning to Izzy I said. “You’ve seen this funnel before, you know what to do.” She climbed onto the table and lowering her fanny over the top of the funnel, pissed into it. Carol was getting a mouth full of piss at one end, and a cunt full of cock at the other. I to started pissing into the funnel, adding my pee to Izzy’s, for Carol to drink. With both Izzy’s and my urine going in her mouth it began running out over her cheeks. Watching the yellow liquid purring out of his mother’s mouth, Danny began banging her even harder. This sent Carol over the top with her body shacking and rolling about. Danny couldn’t hold on to her and is prick come out.
“Over here son. Toss-off into the funnel.” I said.
Carol had stop shacking, but continued drinking from the end of the funnel as Izzy and I began to run out of pee, and Danny had not yet cum.
“Sit up Carol and open your mouth, he can toss-off into it. That’ll be the cream topping.”
Danny was near to cuming and wanked his dick harder.
“Watch me tossing off into her mouth, watch my spunk go into her gob.”
We watched as he pushed his cock well forward, and wanked-off until his spunk burst out. Glob after glob landed in her wide-open mouth. When he’d finished Carol swallowed the lot.


In work on Monday I was working out how I was going to get into Jane’s knickers. She is a very stuck-up woman. At thirty-three she is two years younger than Carol but she likes to think she’s younger, so she wears short skirts and all the latest tight fitting fashions. Her breasts are big. They would be good for tit fucking. Being dark skinned I think she’ll have a hairy minge.
I told Carol to take her shopping for some sexy underwear. Then to a pub and give her plenty to drink. I said she should tell Jane about Jim servicing her on Wednesday and how she enjoyed having his dick. Then bring Jane back to our place and show her the video, of herself being fucked by Jim. We timed it so I’d come home just as they were watching it.
Entering the house quietly I went to the sitting room door and looked though the gap. Carol was sitting in a chair and Jane was on the sofa. The video was on with the sound turn down low. Just as it was getting to the part were Bill puts his cock in her mouth I walked in. They both jump up and looked at each other with embarrassment.
“It was Jane’s idea! She asked to see it Steve.” Said Carol.
I turned to Jane. She’d sat down again not believing that her sister had blamed her.
“Well Jane.” I said, “Do you always watch people’s private videos? Or did you just want to see your big sister being fucked? She was having fun wasn’t she, did you see the way she pulled that penis into her mouth. She didn’t know those men. Yet one of them had his penis in her vagina, and she wanted the other man’s penis in her mouth.”
Jane was bewildered by the scenes and by my outburst. She just sat there. So Carol joined in.
“Jim’s very good at it, I’d like to see him fucking you Jane.”
“No way.” said Jane “I couldn’t let a stranger do that to me and defiantly not with you watching.”
“If Carol wants to see you being screwed she will, I’ll fuck you myself.”
Then we both jumped on her and striped her down to her bra and pants.
“Look at her tits Carol there so big, I wonder if her nipples are as big. Pull her bra off so I can suck on them.”
Jane was fighting all the way but she was no match for the two of us. When Carol pulled the bra off Jane’s tits flopped either side of her chest. Getting hold of them I pushed them together. The aureoles were large and dark brown, but her nipples were very small. Carol grabbed hold of a tit and pinched the nipple while I stuffed her other tit in my mouth. Sucking on her nipple until it began to grow. Jane was beginning to like it. Taking my mouth away. I said to Carol.
“Go and see what’s happening between her legs.”
As Carol moved down, Jane clamped her legs together but Carol pushed her hand between them.
“The crutch of her knickers is socking wet, what shall I do?”
I looked down at my stuck-up sister-in-law I said.
“Hard or easy, either way I’m going to fuck you. No one need know but I am going to screw you and your sister’s going to watch. So open your legs and let her get your knickers off.”
Knowing she’d lost she relaxed her legs allowing Carol to pull her pants off.
“Steve she’s so hairy down here I can’t see anything.”
“A hairy minge. A Jane! Well hair won’t stop us. Open your legs and lets see were hubby puts his dick.”
Slowly her legs parted and her split came into view. Although well hidden it was a long one with large lips that hung outside; it was also very wet. Turning around I sat on Jane’s face and pushing her tits together, before putting my cock between them.
“Lick her cunt Carol. Make her hot and ready for fucking. If Jim’s to service both you, she must want to be fucked by other men.”
Carol parted the hairs around Jane’s fanny and began licking it. She licked it from top to bottom. Jane began bucking against Carol’s face and breathing heavy.
I could feel her breath on my anus. As she gasped for air I move back so my arsehole was over her mouth.
“Put your tongue in the hole, Carol. Get your tongue right up little sister’s cunt. Fuck her with your tongue then I’ll fuck her with my cock.”
Carol’s face disappeared among the pubic hair as her tongue went deeper into her sister’s cunt. And although Jane was clearly enjoying what we were doing to her, she made another attempt to stop us.
“Stop it! It’s not right! My sister shouldn’t be doing that to me. I think you two are filthy and decussating.”
Too shut her up I sat down on her face, my arsehole landing full on her mouth.
“She’s wet enough to fuck now. How are you going to do her, Steve?”
“We’ll turn her over and I’ll do her from behind. Doggy-style.”
She fought us all the way but in the end we had her bent over the arm of the sofa, with Carol sitting on her back. Carol then leant over and pulled her sister’s fanny lips apart. “Get that prick of yours in there, Steve. Show this stuck-up cow what it’s like to be properly fucked.”
I moved forward and Carol placed my prick at the entrance to Jane’s fanny. Her hole was tight and I had to push quite hard to get it going in. But once the head was in the rest sailed up her nicely.
If I was going to get my sister-in-law to join our circle she needed to enjoy this. So I took it nice and slow. Feeding my length all the way into her then all the way out. Each time my cock popped out Carol put it back in again. This was gentle intercourse and at this speed I could go on for a lone time. But then Jane’s inhibitions suddenly went. She turned from a little-goody-two-shoes into a randy whore.
“That’s no good. If you’re going to do me, then fucking do it! You’re acting just like my husband and I don’t like it. If you’re going to fuck me then fuck me like a whore. Go on Steve really use my cunt. Fill that cunt with your hard fucking cock; give it a good shagging, Steve. Fuck me ruthlessly.”
So she was not as sweet as she’d lead us to believe. And her husband obviously didn’t know how hot she was. But Carol and I were finding out.
“Alright Jane I’ll give you what you want. Promise me that if Jim fancies fucking you, you'll let him.”
Before she could answer Carol piped in.
“Promise him Jane. I want us both to be screwed by Jim. I think you’ll like him.”
“I can’t make that promise. I’m a married woman. I can’t just let some stranger fuck me.”
“Take that cock out, Steve. She doesn’t deserve it.”
“Okay, I promise! I’ll let Jim screw me. Now fuck me Steve. Screw my fucking arse off.”
Ramming my cock into her as far as it would go. I screwed her hard and fast. Giving her take the whole length, her cunt got wetter and wetter. This is what her cunt needed. It needed a good banging.
“I’m cumming Steve. Fuck it harder. Fuck me as hard as you can.”
Grabbing hold of her hips I drive it up her.
“Here it comes Jane, take my spunk. You Cow, You Whore, You Slag. Your husband should see you now with your brother-in-law's cock up your cunt, shooting his spunk right up it.”
“Fill her up Steve; I want to suck your spunk out of her.” Said Carol.
Jane was rolling around under Carol as we both cum. I shoot volley after volley of my special cream as far up her as it would go. Then I move out of the way so Carol could get at her sister’s cunt. Jane’s fuck-tube stayed open as if my cock was still in it and Carol began to suck it out. Jane went into her second orgasm.
“Suck his stuff out of me Carol. Suck your husband’s cum from my cunt. So I can take it home nice and clean.”
Carol sucked her out, drinking the mixer of cock and cunt juice. Jane put her clothing back on and she sat down telling us how much she had enjoyed it. She told us she dress young because she hoped to attract younger men. Her husband was no good in bed and she fancied younger men with their hard cocks. But so far she hadn’t been lucky. We told her she acted too toffee-nosed but if she was interested I may be able to help. But 'If and only If" she was willing to let Jim service her and Carol. I told her to come round Wednesday evening and if Jim wanted to fuck her. She’d have to let him and then she could watch her big sister being shafted. If she did all I asked, I’d arrange to get some young men for her.


Tuesday I got things arranged for Wednesday.
1 Making sure I had film for the video.
2 Phoning Jim and telling him the arrangements.
3 Finding Peter and Pat and giving them an offer. (They didn’t refuse)
4 Making sure that Izzy was out. (The men might want to fuck her)
5 Putting a two-way mirror in the bedroom. (So Danny could watch)
6 No wanking for me. (I was saving it for my daughter and Thursday)
Jane arrived on at 6 o’clock looking unsure about what was going to happen. So I sent her and Carol round the pub to have a few drinks. To get her more relaxed and so she wouldn’t see the men arriving. Jim and Bill came round at seven. Peter and Pat turned up at seven thirty. With drinks in their hands I lead them to Danny’s room. Danny was already there and looking forward to the entertainment. He was there only to watch the action.
I’d told him that his Auntie Jane was looking for younger men. So I was going to let him and maybe some of his friend’s have a go at her. They had to be teen-ages and willing to fuck a woman old enough to be their mother? Danny said he know a few. One was going to be thirteen in a couple of days and Jane’s body would be a good present.
With the men drinking and chatting behind the two-way mirror I went and set up the cameras waiting for the women to get back. When they came in I could see Carol has done a good job. Jane was slightly drunk but Carol was sober. She wanted to be aware of everything the men were going to do to her.
Taking them to the bedroom I told them to get ready, and strip down to their underwear. Both wear see-though bra and panties with stockings and suspenders. They were both aroused with hard nipples and wet crotches. Although Jane was slightly drunk she wasn’t happy about me videoing it. I took a firm stand.
“Jane! You’re here for one thing and one thing only. That’s to be fucked. If I film it, I film it. I’m the director; you’re the actress. You do what I say, when I say, now lets get an actor for you to work with.”
Jim came into the room in just his underpants and smiled at the two women. His penis was beginning to harden.
“Jane this is Jim. The man Carol wants to see fucking you. Carol! Show Jim her tits.”
Going up behind Jane, Carol undid her bra and took it off, then cupping Jane’s tits; she points then at Jim.
“Would you like to suck on these big knockers Jim, Came here and I’ll put one in your mouth.”
Jim came up to the tit that Carol held out to him and sucked on it. While he was sucking it he removed his underpants. His penis was now fully hard and sticking straight out. I move in with the camera for a close-up of it.
“Look at that cock Jane.” Said Carol. “Sucking your tits has made his cock really hard. Why don’t you hold it for him?”
Jane’s hand came into view and took hold of it. Then slowly her hand started to move. Rubbing it up and down, until it began to leak pre-cum onto the nob.
“Are you getting this on film Steve?” Carol asked. I nodded.
“Good, now Jane get down and put his cock in your mouth and look into the camera. Think of all the people that might one-day see it. Your husband, our mum and dad, your friends at the school were you work. Or even your own children. Anyone of them might someday watch this video and see you taking a stranger's cock in you mouth.”
I thought this might have put Jane off, but obviously Carol knows her better them me. Jane got on her knees and took Jim’s dick in her mouth. Then taking it out she looked straight into the camera, holding the cock in front of her she pulled the foreskin right back.
“This is for my friends and relations. If you think I’m stuck-up just keep watching. I don’t even know this man but I’m going to take his prick in my mouth and I’m going to let him screw me. Keep watching there’s going to be some nice close-ups of my cunt getting fucked.”
With that she sucked his nob into her mouth.
I left the camera on the tripod filming Jane. I told Carol the other men were next door, waiting and watching.
“Time to get fucked girls. Take your panties off and lay on the bed, fannies towards the mirror, please.”
Carol was first to lie back on the bed knowing the men would by watching. Pulling her fanny open she gyrated it at the mirror. Jane copied her. Not knowing that her nephew and three other men were looking. Danny would be studying her cunt, for one-day he was going to fuck it. With the two women lying there playing with their open cunts, I turn to Jim.
“Fuck Jane first so Carol can watch. Then fuck Carol while Jane watches but you must finish off by cumming up Jane’s cunt. Will you be able to go from cunt to cunt like that”?
“You bet Steve. How do you want them fucked”?
“Do Jane slowly so I can film your prick going in. We want close-ups of her cunt taking your cock, be sure to get it all the way in. Then take it out; I’m hoping her hole will stay open, so we can look inside it. Then give her long, deep strokes again making sure she takes it all. Then fuck my wife before finish off inside Jane.”
I lined the camera up on Jane’s hairy minge. She pulled her fanny lips open so Jim could see were to put his prick. She saw where the camera was pointing and shouted at me.
“Show my face before moving down to my fanny. I want everyone to see that it’s my hairy fanny being fucked. Think I’m toffee-nosed, well this will show them.”
I did as she asked and focused on her face; she smiled into the camera and said.
“I love being shagged. If any man seeing this video, fancies giving me a fuck. My cunt’s his for the asking.”
I made sure her face and body was recognisable before moving down to her fanny. Zooming in for a close-up of the penetration. Jane’s fanny was so wet that Jim’s dick slid in very easily, going in her up to his balls. Carol stopped wanking to the mirror and moved her head closer to the action.
“That’s beautiful Jim. Pull it out then put it back in, so I can see it going up her.”
He pulled out and her hole closed up.
“That’s no good. Pull the fanny open, Carol.” I said. “Jim poke it some more. I want shots of her hole being held open as the cock goes in.”
Jim started to fuck her again as Carol pulled on her fanny lips. He got a good rhythm going. Going in really deep each time.
“Did you know Jim. That’s my little sister you screwing. You’re going to fuck two sisters, one after the other. When you take your prick out of her I want you to put it straight up me. I want to be fucked by your cock while it’s covered with my sister’s cunt juice”
“I think I’ve opened this cunt up enough”. Said Jim. “Shall I do your wife now?”
“Yea, fuck her while I get some shots of Jane’s cunt. Do her doggie-style so she can keep Jane’s fanny open.”
Jim pulled out of Jane and went round to get at Carol’s cunt. He filled her with one thrust, but Carol pushed her arse back to take even more, all the time keeping her sister’s fanny held open. The men behind the mirror had a splendid view of Jane’s open hole.
“Just look at the size of that hole”. Said Carol. “It’s nearly as big as.” She stopped herself from saying too much.
“Get the camera in there, lets show everyone what a big hole my sisters got, and get some shots of Jim fucking me, before he unloads in her cunt.”
I zoomed in on Jane’s held open fanny. Filming the insides of her cunt. She did have a nice big vaginal hole. I panned out to show Carol being fucked, whilst holding Jane’s minge open. Both women were loving ever minute of it. I filmed Jim rogering my wife, getting close-ups of his big cock going right up my darling’s cunt.
“Jane!” I said. “Before Jim gets his prick back up you. I want you to stand up in front of the mirror, and wank telling your reflection your favourite fantasy.”
Jim and Carol what on fucking as Jane stood before the mirror. Rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples she looked at herself in the mirror.
“I fantasy about young men, seeing me naked then making love to me with their stiff cocks. Putting their strong young penises in my mouth and my fanny. Sometimes their just boys, but their penises are stiff and I’d want them in me.”
“That’s good Jane; I promise I’ll get some boys to fuck you. Now knell on the bed so Jim can finish off inside your cunt.”
Jim pulled out of Carol as Jane knelt on the bed. Standing behind her he stuck his prick in and started fucking her again. Carol lay on her back, pulling her legs back towards her tits. Making her cunt the perfect target. I signalled the men in the other room to come in. Peter, Pat and Bill walk in, each with a hard-on. Jane was surprised to see them, but Carol was keen for them all to have a go at her.
“There she is men. This is my wife’s first gang-bang so make it good. She’ll suck your dicks, while you’re waiting to fuck her. It’s important that you all cum in her cunt. Jane hold your sisters legs back. You’ll be able to see their cock’s go in her better.”
Bill was the first one to get his cock into Carol. Whilst Jane held her legs he pumped her four or five times, before Pat took his turn in her cunt.
“Get them to suck a cock, Steve”. Said Jim. “Seeing Jane sucking on Bill’s cock will have me cumming up her in no time. Your wife can suck on Peter’s.”
“Okay Boys put your cocks in their mouths. Girls suck their pricks while you’re being fucked.”
Bill stood in front of Jane and pushed his dick into her mouth while Peter lowered his into Carols
This was going to be one fantastic film.
This was great sex. Filming the four men shagging my wife, and sister-in-law. Both women had a cock in them at each end, and both were nearing their pecks. Just a little more and there’d be cumming. I move round to film Jim and Jane.
“I think she’s about ready to cum, Jim." I said. "You'd better unload inside her now.”
Jim’s pumping got a bit faster until suddenly he stopped, with his cock well up inside her. Jane pushed Bill away and said.
“He’s cumming. I can feel his cock twitching inside me. I can feel the spunk hitting the walls of my cunt. It’s so beautiful, his filling my hole up with his cum.”
Even as she spoke she was orgasming with Jim firing off inside her. She’d cum just like this when I’d fucked her. Obviously for her to orgasm, she needed to feel the man cumming first. I’ll have to find out if this happens when a man cums in her mouth. And he’s spunking down her throat.
“If that was good Jane. Think what Carol’s going to feel. All these men are going to shoot their loads up her”.
“If you boys are ready. Form a queue”.
Peter what first, as he hadn’t been in my wife’s fanny yet. And the way Carol had sucked his cock he was about ready to blow. Jane slide forward and placed her fanny over Carol’s face. Then pulling Carol’s legs back she hooked them over her shoulders. Peter, Pat and Bill lined up ready to service my wife. Jim tagged onto the end of the queue. Hoping to get another go at her cunt.
“My wife desires a good fucking so get your cocks in there. When you’ve finished move away, so the next man can have a go.”
With camera in hand I called. “Acton”.
Peter moved forward his cock at the ready. My sweet wife was going to get her first gang-bang. Four different cocks were going into her and all were going to unload up her cunt. Pete got his dick in and began pumping. It was obverse he hadn’t had a fuck for a long time. He was banging her very hard but Carol’s cunt was so wet he had no trouble fucking it. While Peter fucked her, the others wanked their cocks. Keeping them stiff.
“Came on.” Said Pat. “You’re supposed to be shagging her not making love. We all want to get our rocks off so hurry up and cum. So we can have a go at her.”
“Aright Pat. You have a go now. When you’ve finished I’ll get back up her". Said Peter.
“Thanks mate, I won’t be long. This cunt is one of the best I’ve every screwed.”
Peter pulled out and Pat jumped in. His cock going in up to the hilt and shagging Carol for all he was worth.
“Here it comes baby. Take this load.” He shouted as he cum up my wife’s cunt.
“Well done Pat”. I said. “Peter, get your cock back up her cunt and spunk up her as well.”
As his cock went in. Her fanny farted and dollops of Pat’s spunk started to ooze out. The added lubricate help Peter to fuck her even harder. His cock pistoned in and out like a steam hammer. While she was being fucked she was also licking Jane’s fanny. Sucking Jim’s spunk out of it. Jane was in raptures having her cunt sucked out by her sister whilst watching her being fucked.
Now Peter began to cum. He didn’t stop pumping until he’d emptied his balls. Jane suddenly climbed off Carol and got down by her legs.
“Take your prick out Pete. I want to see the spunk inside her.”
Peter move away so Jane could get closer. Telling Carol to keep her legs pulled back she opened her sister’s fanny and look inside it.
“Came and look at this Steve. Look at all this spunk swimming around inside your wife’s cunt.”
We both studied her sperm filled Fanny. It was puffed up and red, with her clitoris standing erect. I filmed it. Zooming in for a close-up of the spunk leaking from her hole. I then moved back so I could film Bill, and Jim having their go at fucking her.
“Knell on the bed Carol. I want to film them fucking you from behind.” I said, “Jane, you help them get their cocks up her.”
Carol knelt. Head down and arse up ready for her third fuck. Bill moved in and Jane held Carol’s hole open with two fingers, and guided his prick into her. We watched as he began shagging her.
“I wish I’d fucked her the first time I was here”. He said. “Instead of just being sucked off. She’s a bloody good grind. You’re going to get it now though little lady. Here’s more cream for your very fuckable hole.” He said. As he added his spunk to the lot already up her.
“Right Carol there’s only Jim left. Can you take him?” I asked.
“Whatever you want, Steve. They can all fuck me again if you like. But I’m getting a bit sore.”
“Fine, we’ll make Jim the last. All four will have shot up you then. You’ll have been properly gang-bang and your sweet fanny will be overflowing with spunk.”
To end the film I wanted some close ups of her cunt and his cock.
“I want you both to stand so I can get between your legs. For a worms-eye view of his cock going up your cunt.”
I made Carol stand up and bend over with her legs apart. Jim got behind her with his big prick standing to attention. I crawled between their legs with my camera.
“Jane while I’m filming. You can clean the fellow’s cocks with your mouth. When Jim’s finished fucking Carol they’re going. “Now pull yourself open Carol so I can see his prick entering you. Jim put just the nod in to start with then take it out. Then two inches and out. Then four and out. I want to see her hole gradually taking more and more. When it’s all in you can shag her as fast as you like.”
I got just the film I wanted. Jim’s cock going slowly deeper and deeper. With Carol’s cunt opening more and more. All the spunk inside her slowly cameing out to coat his cock and balls. Some even splashed the camera and me. If I weren’t saving myself for tomorrow I‘d have wanked. I was getting showered with spunk that was being force out of my wife's cunt. Jim’s lubricated cock was really working Carol up. She was starting to cum.
“Quick Jim put your prick in her arse. Fuck her arsehole as well.” I said.
His cock can out and was just as quickly stuffed up her arse. His prick was so wet it went in all the way to his balls.
“Fuck her arsehole as hard as you can, Jim. Bugger it! Really screw it! Use my wife’s arsehole like a cunt. Fuck it! Fuck it good but make sure to get back up her cunt before you cum.”
For someone who didn’t like anal sex Carol was taking to it very well. Pushing herself back to take all his cock. Jim was so far up her arse that his balls were bouncing on her fanny. These she pulled on, hoping to get even more cock up her hole. She was desperate to orgasm.
“Both holes Jim. Do my cunt and arsehole. Please Jim!”
“If you hold them open girl, I’ll fuck both of them.”
Carol pulled her arse-cheeks apart; Jim could now move his cock from her arsehole to cunt and back again. Both holes stayed open so he could fuck the cunt and then arse. He fucked both holes until he could take no more and cum up her cunt. She orgasmed as he finally shot into her.
After seeing the men out and getting my present from Jim. Jane, Carol and I sat down for a talk.
“How was it girls”. I asked. Jane was the first to reply.
“It was just great. That Jim fucked me so well. I orgasmed when he cum up me and there was so much spunk. Then watching Carol taking on four men. I hope you can arrange for me to get gang-banged like that.”
“I said I would Jane, and I will. I know someone that can get a group of boys together. All with young hard cocks ready to fuck your motherly cunt.”
“And my dear wife how did you find it”
“Look at this cunt of mine. Filled to the brim with men’s cream. I loved it! You’ll make me do more dirty things wont you Steve? Please.”
“Oh! I have a few things in mind.” I told her.

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