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long story ahead.
To start this story im going to tell you bout me.first of im Patrick Mannings When i was younger my family life was nothing but transparent. right now my stats that almost anyone can see and if they were a doctor could check, i am 5'8 im quite athletic but still carry some weight. Well my childhood was only okay, I was the smart guy who had lots of friends. I had friends in every elementary school clique. I had it okay its just i developed very early i remember when i was reading class in fifth grade and i had this very hot teacher, she was about my moms age but she had that hourglass look , that rocked my life plus i was eleven, I knew no better. I got my first erection off her that i remember. She also had a voice that i could get lost in. But at the age i was i just went through the day not knowing what to do.
Well by six grade when we moved to the middle school i started to get some attention from girls. But I had trouble keeping my grades perfect when i got into the girl world. I lost many guy friends due to being nice to girls, walking girls to class, and just little thing but we were in middle school. I started to give this one girl name amber, she was a friend of mine from 1st grade, well i did a lot for her i even started to tutor her but me only being 13 i had a one way strain of thought. When i tutored i could only tutor until she started to tell me that she did want me to tutor her she just wanted to be with me. At this time i was aroused , so i told her that if i tutor her now we can have less thing to slow any of this down. she then kissed me on my cheek.
within weeks we officially came out to the school saying we were together. i was amazed how easy school got at this point now that i only had one girl in my life to worry bout. Our first date was different from others, i took her to a 4th of July city picnic. we had fun but once that was over i walked her through the park , it had to be after eight which was my curfew but i didn't care. i finally got her home but i tried to finish our good day together with a kiss. well she took control and it had to be a good ten minutes of making out on her doorstep.
that night when i got home my parents had terrible news for me and it was nothing about me being late for curfew it was about how my grandma had just died in a normal surgery. i was devastated i loved my grandma more then my own parents. but then they dropped a second nuke on my torn heart they told me we were going to move to a city called Oceanside. it was a three hour drive from where we did live which was Bakersfield. i didn't even get to tell amber that i was moving it was a quick thing.
here in this new town i had nothing. but on the first day of school i met this kid name Vince he seemed shady but he was cool and very and him had most of our classes together. but at lunch i didn't end up having a good day. i had sat down in a eighth graders seat and he chose to beat the living hell out of me. he didn't even talk to me. when Vince noticed it was me, he jumped in and got the kid off me.
after lunch Vince wanted to ditch our last class so we did i told him where i lived and we found out we lived 1 block away from each other. but when we were walking he talked about this painkiller he could use because he noticed my discomfort. before i got to say anything he pulled out a blunt. He lit it with his Zippo lighter , he passed it to me and told me to just puff at it. Which i did but a coughed so much at this time then i ever did in my life. But when the buzz came over me i was good for days.
We ended up at Vince's house and Vince's sister came through the door .Vince just turned to me and and introduced his sister. her name was Isabel and she is a 7th grade snob and I put my drugged hand out to shake but she just turned and started to ask him who i was. she finally just sat down next to me on the couch and the three of us made small talk. i explained myself to them i didn't take long until i somehow hit Isabel's soft spot when i mention amber. after saying that Isabel was all over me trying to comfort me when i was high. well then i noticed i could probably flirt with her which i did and i act all tough and got her to step off and then i told Vince i needed to get home not saying anything to Isabel. i finally left and got home and got the munchies so i went it search for food .
The next day i went to Vince's house but only Isabel was there. Well being sober i started just making small talk and she brought up how i didn't say good bye the other day . i just sighed at it and she gave me a look that could almost scare me. she pulled me in and took me to the couch. she then said i should just let her take control which i did. she pulled my aroused fiend out and of my shorts. when she touched it i was stand tall and proud. she rocked my sexual world upside down with only her mouth. i came all in her mouth in her mouth in minutes of starting.


2010-06-04 19:30:42
Your spelling was ok, I get the feeling you hurried it. Don't give up write it again with more detail. Things must have moved on a bit now.


2010-06-01 18:18:19
Dude, not only is your grammar horribly bad, but the plot sucks worse than BP's attempt to plug the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Learn to write and come back when you do.


2010-06-01 18:17:58
Dude, not only is your grammar horribly bad, but the plot sucks worse than BP's attempt to plug the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Learn to write and come back when you do.

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2010-05-09 15:16:33
Yo this actually realy sucks

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2010-04-08 03:12:59

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