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The light fog added a moisture to the air. The coolness of the night wrapped around her like a wet towel, sending a shiver up her spine. She was lucky she knew the area so well, or she could have easily become lost. She looked through the trees at the house where he lived, slightly smiling at the one electric candle burning in the kitchen window.

She watched him every day, he would wave but never said a word, she had often wondered why. Had he been a husband? Was he still? What was his story? She found herself oddly attracted to him yet he kept himself separated. He never left the house across the street; often she would see deliveries left on the stoop. The questions plagued her she had been watching him for over a year now and not a word between them. What would she say? Could she bring herself to walk across the street? She had seen him working in the side yard earlier in the week chopping wood for the cast iron stove that she saw through the window.

She sat in her little kitchen her hands trembling around a cup of hot chocolate. Did she dare go and talk to him? She would she decided, perhaps a nice pie or, oh who was she kidding the best she could do was go and buy some cookies or a cake at the bakery around the corner.

Her mind drifted back to him chopping wood his muscled broad back glistening in the early sunlight as the steady rhythm of the axe echoed down the lonely street. She thought about it her mind wandering. She would bring him a pie an peach pie she could handle warming it up in the oven that was much better than the disaster she knew would happen if she attempted it herself. She would bring it over to him and he would invite her in. They would sit at his lonely kitchen table and talk she would tell him her story. He would tell her how he came to live across the street. She would invite him over for supper.

They would have a nice dinner with wine and song. They would dance in the sitting room and he would take her by the wrists and kiss her; A long slow kiss the kind that felt like you were partaking of the other person’s soul. She imagined her fingers on his hard muscled chest the smooth skin beneath her fingertips as she opened his shirt. She could almost feel his breath on her neck as his fingers worked the fastenings of her blouse. His strong calloused hands on her bra encased breasts. His lips against her neck as she embraced him. She could feel of his fingers digging into she plump flesh of her buttock; the feeling of his manhood pressing against her, as she trembled beneath the stroke of his touch.

She knew his cock would be large and it was hot in her hand as she worked his pants into a pool around his ankles. The salty flavor as she held it in her mouth looking up into his smiling eyes. She could feel his big hands on her shoulder and his fingers curling in her short hair. She could feel his pulse through her tongue; she could savor the feeling of him throbbing inside of her mouth. He pulled her from her knees and lifted up her loose skirt his fingers entangling in her panties pulling them to the floor.

He gripped her bare buttocks lifting her off her feet as he pressed her back against the wall. She could feel the hot tip of his cock at the entrance of her hungry pussy. The tip of his cock parting the lips as her hungry hole sucked his iron hard rod inside.

The light tapping of rain broke her from her reverie, perhaps another day she thought. She finished dressing and went to work.

She walked home in the rain the fat drops of water making a steady beating noise on the umbrella. She walked past the bakery pausing thinking she went inside and sat down laying the umbrella beside her, ordering a cup of coffee and a cookie she munched at it
Nervously trying to decide. Perhaps not today…

This story is very vanilla with romantic overtones... so if that's not what your looking for .... move on.

She woke the next morning and watched the man through her window the teakettle whistled and she combined the ingredients for her morning chocolate. She ate breakfast slowly, maybe today would be the day, and she could see him there leaning over the table. Her heart went out to touch him hold him console him for whatever was wrong. He leaned over the table his head in his hands barely moving. Something stirred inside her she finished her cocoa and walked across the street. She paused at the front walk asking herself if she could do this. She reached the door and knocked, there was a long pause and the sound of a chair squeaking across a polished floor. The door opened and there he was rugged and handsome yet sad.

“Hi” she said, “I’m your neighbor I live there across the street and I couldn’t help but notice that well your alone here and you never get any visitors and I was wondering if maybe you would like to talk. The door slammed in her face and she hung her shoulders and walked slowly back across the road, she could feel his eyes on her back. It seemed a much longer walk back. She mechanically dressed and went to work.

She came back home the same way she looked out the window it was getting dark she could see him looking at her through his window. He beckoned, her heart skipped a beat, she walked up to the front door and it opened before she could knock.

“I apologize for this morning I really wasn’t in the mood in fact I haven’t been in the mood for some time”

“No I’m sorry I shouldn’t have, it’s just that you looked so alone I felt that you needed someone to talk to”

“I do” he confided “but first come sit” she followed him to the small kitchen it was warm and smelled faintly of wood smoke and beef stew. He bade her sit and produced bowls and spoons and crackers. A steaming thick stew was ladled into her bowl and then his. She tasted it experimentally and found it to be better than she could have thought and at the second spoonful with perhaps a little too much enthusiasm. They talked and ate he poured a red wine into her glass and soon she was full and giddy with the company. They talked on the sofa explaining their lives their likes and then she kissed him. she didn’t know why she did it but she did. And soon she was in those warm strong arms that she had only dreamt about. His hands touched her body making those warm electric feelings explode in her brain. His lips caressed her breast and she gasped and pulled his head in tight against her body. He carried her to a bed stacked with thick warm quilts and she watched enthralled as he disrobed before her it was just like she imagined it was better even when his hands pulled her blouse away. Her bra and skirt found their own place on the floor and her panties well she hoped maybe she’d find them later. His body felt good under her fingers and she squeezed his hips between her thighs trying to draw him into her nexus. She gasped when she felt him slide inside her in one long delicious movement. The first time was short and sweet she could feel his juices leaking out of her and onto the sheets.

She craved more she had to have more and she let him relax there beside her for a while her hand gently caressing his muscled chest and abdomen. She closed her eyes and promised herself that this was really happening and she slowly lowered herself under the covers. She grasped his wilted rod and began to stroke it gently licking the head and then slowly sucking it into her mouth until it regained its rigidity. She straddled his strong hips and took him inside of her. She offered her breasts for him to feast on. His mouth did wonderful things to her aching breasts as she rode him. She felt the climax coming it was like the long build of a storm and when it broke over her it was like nothing she had ever experienced her whole body trembled and she screamed silently her nails digging into his chest, she could feel him pumping his hot creamy juice inside her and it made her buck harder.

She gasped when she woke in the morning. He was still inside her she looked into his eyes and smiled.


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