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I am a school boy in love with a married woman
I was 16 and living in the country. I had no brothers or sisters and had spent most of my life after 5 years of age at boarding schools where I was educated only coming home during school vacations.

The homestead I lived in was 4 kilometres from our neighbours place and out of sight of each other.

While I was at school I learned all about sex from other kids – masturbation mainly and I had two rather minor experiences with two different girls who like me were curious but uneducated in what one did when alone together. I fumbled through two embarrassing attempts to have sex with these girls. They were as inexperienced as I was - although I was not the first boy to attempt sex with them. One of them had actually been penetrated and he had ejaculated into her and she had become distraught about being pregnant so much so that the mistress of the school she was at assumed what had happened and fortunately was able to pacify her and assure her it was unlikely. She was to report to her if her period didn't arrive on time. She told me it was a day late and she said she was ready to commit suicide rather than let her parents find out. He was somebody important.

When she told the head mistress she was told to come back each day for a week and then she would decide what to do. Fortunately she said it came during the following night and she was so happy.

When she went home she told her sister who laughed and said you shouldn’t have worried. I got pregnant and was devastated but dad arranged for a doctor to abort me. He couldn’t have cared less.

The second girl and I fumbled through a feeling exercise and I managed to get my finger into her but that’s as far as we went. She held my cock but didn't know what to do with it.

On one Christmas holiday which is eight weeks I had to ride over to the neighbours place and deliver something for my mother. When I got there the station owners wife was home but her husband was out mustering. She invited me in and made a cup of tea and we had cake as well. She left the room for a few minutes and when she came back I couldn’t help notice, but I think she had undone a few buttons on her blouse. I am sure I would have noticed them before if she hadn’t. I could see the gap between her breasts and the bulge of them. I could not help but look. I later learned she did it deliberately.

She was very friendly and talked to me a lot and then got very close to me and I could smell her female scent and could not help but look down at her very exposed breasts. They looked beautiful and it was then I realised she didn't have a bra on. I couldn’t see her nipples but they were hard an showing through her blouse. It didn't take much for me to get aroused and I got a hard on. Then she started telling me how good looking I was and what a man I was.

She kept touching my arm and before I realised it she had an arm around me, I should have tried to get away but I didn't, I enjoyed what she was doing and I knew we shouldn’t be doing this – I was enjoying it and then she put both her arms around me and her head on my shoulder. I could feel her breasts against my chest and the fact she was breathing quite heavily. My hard cock was pressing between us. The smell of her was turning me on. Then she just kissed me and I virtually melted, I have never enjoyed kissing anybody like her before, her lips were soft and she put her tongue into my mouth. Luckily I knew how to open mouth kiss. I couldn’t help but enjoy it.

Then she put her hand up and undid the rest of her blouse as we kissed. She had no bra on and she put my hand on her breast and I have never felt anything as nice as them ever before – they were warm, sort of soft but firm and I could not take my hand off them. She told me to play with her nipples and I did what I was told willingly, at the same time we kept kissing. While we kissed and she told me how good it felt she sort of pushed me back gently and manoeuvred me into a bedroom and pushed me gently onto the bed. That’s when the pace of things went up a bit. As we kissed and rolled together I was getting red hot and thought I might cum in my pants. I had never been so worked up. I knew she was much older than me and married but I couldn’t help myself , I was really enjoying this. She removed her top completely and undid my shirt. Then she began to undo my belt and trousers. I was a bit embarrassed by this as my cock was bone hard and I didn't want her to see it. Then she stood up and took her skirt off and slipped out of her pants and she was naked. She looked stunningly beautiful. She didn't have very much hair around her cunt – nowhere near as much as I had seen in some photos of nude women.

Now she said let me lets see what god gave you to please women with. Then she slipped my jeans down and I stood there in my underpants with my huge bulge showing prominently. There was also a wet patch where my precum had leaked out. Then she put her fingers into the band of my underpants an slipped them down and as she did her head ended up right opposite my hard cock.

She looked up and said – that is absolutely beautiful can I hold it. I didn't answer and she just touched me and my cock jumped with the sensation. Then she put it in her mouth and I have never felt a sensation like that ever before – it was the most amazing feeling I have ever had. My knees nearly collapsed under me. My jeans and underpants were around my ankles.

She began to give me oral sex as I now know it, I had heard of guys being sucked off at school but had never experienced or seen it done. This was truly amazing.

She continued to rub her lips up and down my cock and I was so excited I was ready to cum in a couple of minutes. I said I am going to cum and I went to pull back and get it out of her mouth but she grabbed it with her hand and kept sucking and then I came and all my cum spurted into her mouth. I was sort of shocked at what I had done but she was keeping on sucking and must have swallowed it all. She was really enjoying it I could tell by the way she was doing it.

After I had finished cumming and my cock was beginning to get soft she took it out of her mouth and said that is the best man cum I have ever tasted – it was beautiful.

I didn't know what to say – I said that’s the first time that I have ever had that done. She said that’s nice, I have done it to a few men but I liked yours best. You have a lovely penis, it’s beautiful. Have you ever had sex before with a girl? I said not really, I tried but it didn't happen.

She said well today we will change all that. I want you to do it to me.

I said but your married.

That means nothing to me. Now get those pants and boots off.

I did this before I got married and once since. Thats how we got married, I thought I was pregnant and he agreed to marry me, when I wasn’t he still said he wanted to, so we did.

Now I want to make love to you – it will be special to me – it will be your first time – I will be enjoying the end of your virginity with you. I will be so happy.

We got back on the bed and she told me how we were going to do it. She said don’t be worried about cumming inside me I can’t have babies I use pills to stop them. I knew my mother did the same.

Then she opened her legs to show me her vagina and what it looked like,I was fascinated. Then she explained what all the bits of her her cunt were called. I was fascinated and asked her why she didn't have much hair. She told me she shaved it off to make it look nice for boys like me and her husband. He likes it like this she said and he kisses it for me. You might like to do that for me – I like it like you liked me sucking yours. I will show you what to do – you won’t be embarrassed.

I said I don’t know if I could – I have never heard of it before.

She said don’t be concerned all men do it. This will just be your first time and after this you will want to do it to girls all the time and they will really appreciate it I can assure you. I said are you sure? I might not be any good at it.

She said you can’t miss – its easy, I will show you.

Then she lay down on the bed and said now you get down between my legs and get your head close to it.

As I did she opened her legs wide and said now look how lovely it looks and how good it is going to taste.

She then guided me through what I had to do, she had a real musky smell down there and I was a bit apprehensive about it but finally I licked her cunt and it felt nice. There was a bit of moisture there and I got that on my tongue and it tasted strange but it wasn’t too bad. She told me to slip a finger into her and then lick in between her lips. I did what I was told and I was getting real worked up down between her legs and licking her. She was laying back and holding herself up o her arms. I could look up and see her face smiling down at me and her beautiful tits. After a couple of minutes trying I was used to the smell and taste and I began to do what I thought she wanted and every now and again she would tell me to do something a bit different or to suck or lick where she asked me. I soon realised she wanted me to lick and touch her clitoris more often that I was doing. It became obvious that where she really liked it. Then she explained about girls masturbating and rubbing their clit to make them cum. She said that’s where I was going to make her happy and she would eventually cum after I licked and sucked her there.

Then she said now turn around and I will show you how some people do this together, its called 69. Then she told me what to do and before I knew it I was sucking her cunt and she was sucking my cock at the same time. It was amazing.

After a while she said now you go back the other way and make me cum. That will be another experience for you to see me cum – its an amazing feeling as you already know.

I got down between her legs again and after a couple of instructions I was going great guns. Then she began to get excited and said it going to happen...... oh god..oh god ... I am going to cum....get ready.

I had never experienced anything like it and she really got excited and began to buck and bounce and have her orgasm, she was pulling her nipples and squealing it was amazing. She kept telling me to keep going...... keep going....... and she got more and more physical and excited. I wrapped my arms around her legs to hold on to her bum tight and pushed my face onto her cunt and really licked and sucked her clit and she got really really excited and was almost crying with the pleasure she was having. Then she gave another shudder and shake like she was going to do it all again then said stop stop stop no more. I stopped and put my head up and watched her go through the spasm of her orgasm.

I got really excited myself and she was really having a wonderful time and kept telling me she had a wonderful time and I was fantastic. We are going to do that again she said. I said was I ok? She then said
it’s the first time you have seen a woman cum is it.

I said yes.

Then she said you were magnificent.

I said it was fantastic, I was so happy I did it right for you. I have never done that before. I am so glad I did it right.

She said now for the first prize – we will have a rest and then you and I will actually have real sex together.

She got up and said come on lets have a cup of tea and a rest and we can do it properly this time.
I went to pick up my clothes and she said don’t worry about them nobody is going to see us and she took me by the hand and we walked out to the kitchen naked together. While she was making the tea I stood behind her and put my arms around her and played with her tits. Then she turned around and said would you like to suck them too. The two of us were nude and it was amazing looking at her nude body. My cock was slack and bobbing about as I walked ... it felt great. She finished making the tea and she took me out onto the veranda completely naked. We sat there in the warmth drinking tea, eating cake and me looking at the most beautiful body I have ever seen..... I got excited looking at a bit of tit earlier but now I could see all of her body as well as her beautiful tits. I wanted to hold them and suck them again.

After I finished my tea I didn't hesitate and bent down and took a nipple into my mouth and sucked and licked it. She pushed them up for me to do it even better. It was amazing. I got hard as a pole again. I swapped from one tit to the other sucking and she loved it. She played with my cock a few times as well.

She said it is the nicest cock she has ever seen.

After about half an hour of her sitting on my lap and us kissing and feeling each other she said ok lets go the whole way now.

She took me back into the bedroom and didn't say anything she just lay on the bed and patted the bed beside her for me to join her. I did what she wanted and we kissed and cuddled for a while again and I could touch and feel her wherever I wanted to and she was fantastic. Finally she said ok its time. I want you to remember this for the rest of your life.

She then lay down and pulled her legs back and spread them apart and I didn't have to be told what I had to do. My cock was hard and she had opened all the doors for me to fuck her. I got down and knelt between her legs and held my hard cock and guided it toward her cunt. I was so excited and apprehensive – would I do it right, how soon would I cum.

I put it against her cunt and she said do it.... then remember how it feels, you will be surprised.
I put my cock at her opening which I could see was all wet and sort of leaking stuff. Then I pushed my cock in to her and I could feel her cunt tight round my cock head and it was wet and warm as the top of my cock slipped into her and I just kept going and as my cock went further and further into her I could feel the warmth ofthe walls of her cunt firmly around my cock. It felt absolutely fantastic it was firm and warm and I could not imagine anything feeling as good as this, it was the most amazing thing I had ever done and we were naked when we did it. I never wanted to wear clothes again, I just wanted to be with her naked and doing this.

I said this is the most amazing thing I have ever done...... thank you for letting me.

She laughed and said letting you, it me who is leading you astray – its me who wanted you to do it to me. I have looked at you each time I saw you. I was so unhappy each time you went back to school and I hadn’t seduced you. I have wanted to do this with you for months and I had difficulty showing how happy I was as I asked your mother when you were coming home for Christmas, I knew Jack would be mustering so I have planned this for almost three months. I had to be careful I wasn’t having a period when you were due. I said why would that make a difference. I had no idea about periods apart from girls had them and they were bitchy when they did.

She said next time you are over here I will explain what they are all about - now I just want you and I to make love.

I was already inside her and I was just laying on top of her, it felt wonderful feeling her cunt all around my cock holding it in her firmly, still warm and wonderful.

Then she said it time for us to be doing it. I began to fuck her as best I could. I had no idea if I had to do anything other than go up and down on her. She seemed to be enjoying what I was doing and not giving me directions and she smiled a lot and held my head and said a couple of times – I could not wish for anyone better than you to do this with, it lovely. Then she would kiss me gently on the lips. I was in seventh heaven.

I wanted to ask her about her husband but wasn’t game – I thought if she wanted to say something she would. After all she was married to him and I was fucking her. She was committing adultery with me. She had already told me I wasn’t the first, so I didn't say anything.

I came out of her a couple of times when I pulled back too far but my cock went straight back in without any problem. I said I was sorry but she said don’t be – I love it.

I guess I was in seventh heaven because I didn't realise how long I had been fucking her but it only felt like a couple of minutes (when in fact it was almost15) when I could feel my cock beginning to get sensitive and I knew I was going to cum pretty soon. I said to her I think I am going to cum what do I do, She said just keep going its ok to do it inside me don’t worry. Its the same as you did in my mouth just do it when you are ready. Then she said can you go a bit faster and I said ok, then as I did I could feel my orgasm building up quickly and thought that was part of it as I know when I masturbated I often sped up when I was wanking.

I said it cumming its cumming as I began to ejaculate into her and a moment later she began to have her spasm too like she did when I was licking her cunt and she began to buck and bounce and grunt and moan a bit like me as I was doing it as I was cumming and I was gasping for breath already as I came and spurted into her time after time. It was an amazing sensation, I could not believe it could be better than her sucking me or me sucking on her. I had cum hundreds of times wanking but the feeling of her cunt making me cum and the feeling of my cum spurting into her was amazing.

After I had become exhausted I collapsed on top of her and I realised the both of us were out of breath. Like I had just run a 100 yard dash. She and I were wet with sweat, I didn't realise how wet I got. She was the same and the both of us were soaking wet. There was sweat running down between her tits. She held me to her and kissed me and said that was wonderful – I shouldn’t say this but I love you. I love your cock and I love the way you fuck me. I wish you were as old again. I hadn’t really thought of her age. She was almost twice my age – she looked about 25 but was 31, 15 years older than me. I was one when she was my age. I later learned she was 16 when she had her first fuck and as she put it lost her virginity, as I had just done.

The two of us spent the next couple of hours doing what we had just done twice more, we fucked three times that afternoon and I could not believe I could ejaculate cum every time. We only left the bedroom to wash my cock and her cunt and have a piss. We both got all mucky as each time I came into he there was more and more cum leaking out of her. She was so happy and proud of herself. She said she has never been happier. She called me her little man with a big cock. I wasn’t that big I thought, I was about seven inches long and about the same size as a few of the boys at school but some were smaller and only one was bigger than me. I was probably a bit thicker than them though. I was circumcised too as we soon worked out the difference at an early age. She told me she like cut men, they were better to suck she said.

One more thing I loved was playing with and sucking her tits and she never denied me the wonderful sensation it gave me. Her hard nipple between my lips felt great, I just wish I could get milk out of them, that would have been awesome.

When I had to leave it was the hardest thing I had ever had to do – leaving her was like cutting a leg off.

Another thing she liked doing was talking dirty to me and she only did that when we were fucking each other. After the first day I couldn’t wait to get back to her place and do it again. I had to be careful my mother didn't realise I was going over there as often as I did. I couldn’t help myself I rang her up every day and told her I loved her and she did the same for me and after that when we fucked we told each other we loved each other. I told her that I understood and she was married and we could not possibly do anything apart from fuck together. She always called it making love but I knew it was more than that.

Some days I would ride out into our property and we would meet secretly and have sex in the open using one of the cattle troughs to clean up after we had fucked. We even had sex in one trough full of water and it was hilarious fucking her in the water. Another thing she taught me was the different ways to fuck. We did a few different ways and I soon learned she loved it best when she was on top of me fucking me like when I was on top of her. My cock had never been as hard as often ever before and I had never cum as often as I was. I often would wank off at home thinking of her when I did. She admitted to me she sometimes did it herself thinking of me. I never imagined married people wanking off.

After 10 weeks I had to go back to school. I was going to miss her and the day we did it the last time before I left we both cried with the passion and the thought we could not be together for another 10 weeks. I could not possibly work out how often I had done everything with her. We did everything we did the first time, wanking, sucking and fucking, she never complained that I wanted to do things to her or ask her to suck me. She always did and swallowed my cum every time. I asked her only once if she still did it with her husband and she said yes she did, and sometimes the night before she did it with me but said I want you more than him. I never asked her what they did together and whether she sucked him and he sucked her.

She always had a nice clean cunt and she shaved it often. I was more than happy.

I was at school one day and I got a message to ring a hotel in town and ask for a room number, there was no name. When I did it was her, she was in town for two days and she wanted me to meet her and have dinner. She told me later she wanted to ask me to sleep with her but she didn't know if our phone calls were monitored.

I didn't know what to do, I couldn’t bunk off I would have too much explaining to do. Then she suggested she ring the school and say she was an aunt and she was in town for two days and could she pick me up and take me to the hotel for dinner both nights. She would have me back in school before breakfast the next day, which would be better than getting me back at midnight each day. For some reason the school agreed. I had two nights of the most wonderful food and sex I could ever have imagined. She picked me up at the school after lessons then took me to the hotel where we had a fuck and suck or whatever, then dinner and back to the room for our wonderful nudist evenings of sex. After dinner the first night we went back to the room and got ready to make love again. As we were making love she told me her husband wanted her to have a baby. I was extremely disappointed. I immediately thought she was going to tell me everything between us was over. This was going to be the finish of our association. Then she dropped a bombshell and she said I want you to be the father, I can organise it but you have to know. What would you say if you made the baby in me.

I said how could I – it wouldn’t look like him. She said nobody would ever know it was you. I said I would really like to and I was so happy she wanted me to be its father but I said what happens to me when I get married – I will also have another baby running around somewhere and I wont know. She said you will always know I will never forget you and if I have your baby I will make sure nobody but the two of us ever know and it will be the biggest secret of our lives. You will be told everything about it.

I said how can I, I am here at school and I will be here for another seven weeks. He will want to know why you aren’t pregnant after a month or so if you keep having periods.

She laughed and said you did listen to me didn't you when I explained my periods, well she said there are safe days and there are unsafe day when I am like an animal and on heat and ready to get pregnant. They are the best days to have sex and conceive.

How can we do it then if I am here and you are up there.

She said thats why I am here now, I am ready to conceive during the next few days and I am hoping you can do it while I am here otherwise I will be back next month to do the same.

I was totally confused – I wanted to badly, I was so proud, but then there were more problems that I had no idea of or control over either now or later. I had already had sex with her twice already and there were going to be a few more times as I would be sleeping with her in the hotel tonight and tomorrow night and I am sure she will want me to have sex with her as often as I can.

I sat there looking at her naked body and those wonderful tits I loved so much. She said please do it for me – you know we love each other but we are too far apart in age and everything else but love making. That is something we really are good at and we can do it with no problems. You fit me and I want you in me as often as I can. I even visited a sex shop and got a plastic cock that looks like yours to masturbate with. I will show it to you later. Now can you take me to bed and make love to me and make a baby..... Please.
I wanted to make love to her even more now- she wanted me to make a baby with her, that is the ultimate desire in life to make a baby and she wanted me to do it to her and not her husband. We had had sex together so often, far more than she did with her husband and we loved each other but knew it could never work as a married couple due to our age difference – at the moment.

Just looking at her sitting there naked was too much for me – I said I want to – lets go to bed and try. She cried and came to me and hugged and held me and said I love you – I love you more than its possible to love anybody.

I said I love you too – I cant believe you want to make a baby with me.

We went to bed and we made love like we had never made love before – this was true love we were trying to make a baby inside her with my semen. As we made love – not fucking now - I said I could not believe I could love her any more than I did before but I do. What I was feeling now was the strongest feeling of love I could ever imagine, I never wanted to leave her.

The two of us cried as we made love time and time again, I think I must have cum into her five or six times that night and that was the first night. We had a night to go.

The next day I was at school and miles away from the class room I was sitting in. All I could think about was her naked body and me making love to her. I even imagined me suckling on her tits and that our baby would do the same.

That afternoon she picked me up again and we went through the same ritual, even discussing whether we were doing the right thing trying to convince ourselves we were making a love child. We didn't care if it was a boy or girl, it was going to be a mixture of her and me.

We made love, had dinner and went back to bed to make love time and time again.

If she didn't get pregnant it wasnt going to be for the lack of trying.

The next day on the way back to school she said reiterated she would be back at about the same time next month when she was ovulating, whether she had her period or not, if she just missed a period we would again try and get her pregnant again, even if she was already. She said it wont matter , it will be fun anyhow even if she is pregnant.

It took me a couple of days to get my head around my studies again and luckily didn't miss too much important stuff. I got the notes from a couple of other guys and made sure I had not missed anything important.

During the month she texted me again and said she handnt had her period, it had worked I was going to be a daddy. When it was time for her to come again she texted me and said she would be in touch with the school and once again they agreed seeing it worked out well last time.

The two of us went through the same routine only this time we assumed she was pregnant but acted like she wasn’t and we made love as often as before but with far more feeling, knowing she had a baby inside her already that I had implanted in her.

It was two of the most emotional days of my life – I was truly in love with her, and her with me too I believed. We certainly believed we did.

I had suddenly become a man – I was fathering her baby.
I asked about her husband and she said I am letting him do it to me when I believe I am safe. It is possible he could be the father but I am sure he isn’t. It is yours.

After this we talked on my mobile phone when it was safe to do so from her time and mine too. Her husband would be away for a day or so working on the property so she could talk safely. I always made sure I was well away from any other person and used the sports ovals where I could see anybody close by and I could stop talking love talk to her if anybody came close enough.

She was pregnant and it did occur the first month we tried. The doctor confirmed that. She came to town every couple of months to see her gynaecologist and I got to sleep with her each time. Her tummy was getting bigger and so were her breasts. She made jokes about how big her tummy was getting and my cock wasn’t. She was still more than happy with it and the way it made her feel when we made love. I could not believe I had done it to her and that I had caused her bulge. Making love to her now was still the most amazing sensation I could ever imagine. It wasn’t until many months after our baby boy was born I began to think about the time I was married and I would make another woman pregnant. One day I would have to face it that I had a love baby somewhere in the world. If things kept going as well as they were I would know every week about its progress. She told me her husband was besotted with the baby and would never know it wasn’t his.

There had only been one instance where there had been a question about the father of her baby. After it was born the doctor asked if she was sure her husband was the father. She appeared devastated and wondered if our secret had been found out. She asked the midwife why they would ask. She said it wasn’t a problem it was just a blood test they took didn't seem to match. He said it happens sometimes.
From then on she said she was extremely careful her husband never heard of the question she was asked.

She came to town a few times after the baby was born for checkups and we got to do everything we had done before only when I suckled her breasts I got the milk from her made for our love child. I could not believe when I saw him I had made him. He was a wonder for me and I found it hard not to want to show openly my love for him and his mother. He didnt look like me so far and he didn't look like her husband either, maybe later some resemblance would show. Most times he was asleep in the same room we were making love together.

This affair continued for a few years while I was still at school. Whenever she was in town my so called auntie called and I was given overnight leave to make love to her. When I finally left school I was going to take a year off before university to travel the world. We were virtually still lovers, we met secretly and made love as often as we could. We also made another baby together and had a girl this time. Her husband never found out or realised she was being so unfaithful, even though we both suspected he did. She loved him but in a different way to how we were in love. He never had a clue I was the father and we were lovers and had been for years. This time it was far less traumatic as I already had fathered her first baby.

Years later we were still lovers. He suspected there was somebody else by now and accused her of being unfaithful a few years later when she caught him out having a casual affair with a town girl. He never suspected he was not the children’s father even though neither looked like him. The little girl had some resemblance to me but it was never noticed apart from her mother and I. Ten years later I married and I married for love. I knew I had loved before and had fathered two children. My wife would never know.

My children were at our marriage as were their mother and father, I felt so proud that they were there.
When I looked into their mothers eyes we knew it was not over –yes, I knew then I would be unfaithful but only to one woman – the mother of my two children. We both aged together but our love for each other still existed somewhat differently to a natural way of love but our ages would prevent us from ever being a married couple. We would be lovers forever. Sexually now as we had been forever but the bond was different. Our sex was still magnificent even after all these years and the number of times we had made love together in so many different ways.

When I made love to my wife she never realised who it was who had trained me to be the perfect lover. She often said she was the luckiest girl alive to have me. If she only realised she was one of two women in my life. One was a life long partner, the other a naked beauty that made love to me like an angel who was almost twice my age and had borne two children to me.

I was the luckiest man alive.


2012-04-07 03:05:00
I loved this story - true or not - I think it may be very close to the truth.As a country girl I know many a woman have had a relationship similar to this. I would love to go to bed with you - but I would give the preganacy a miss thank you.

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Great story!!! I would love to have you fuck me and get me pregnant. I have used this story to finger myself many times, it seems to get better with age.

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An awesome story, you can come get me pregnant anytime.....

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2011-01-15 14:34:55
great needed a few more diive passages about the sex.


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Great story!!!! Really hot!! I fingered myself to four orgasms while inhaling this letter. You can make a baby with me anytime you want.

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