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I live out in the middle of no were my closest neighbor lives 5 miles down the road, but I’m not complaining

living in a nice cozy house by myself I’m able to do as I please. In fact this allowed me to hide my secret

better. See I have 36 D boobs, round ass, slender body, long wavy brown hair, and ice blue eyes. Only

problem is not only do I have a pussy I also have a 9in dick. Every since I can remember I have always been

very very horny and have to find new ways to pleasure myself.

Chapter 1

I had just got home from stopping in town to stock up on food and other thing to be prepared for the

winter. The only problem was my dick was hard as a rock and my pussy was so wet my panties were

soaked. I was barely able to put the food away before I ran to my room striping as I went. I fell back onto

my bed rubbing my dick, “Mmmmmmmmmmm soooo gooood.” I reached over to my night stand and

grabbed my dildo and shoved it into my pussy. “Oooooo mmmmmmmm.” I was so close when someone

started bounding on my door I jumped up without thinking and ran to the door undressed and with my dick

as hard as a rock. Just as I opened the door a man fell forward onto me unconscious. After a moments

shock I pulled him into my house and dragged onto the recliner. I ran back to my room grabbed my robe

and some clothes for the unconscious soaked man. Sometime after I changed his clothes and put a

blanket on him I ended up falling asleep. But when I woke up I was in my room, on my bed unable to

move. Then I heard a man, “so you finally woke up. Good now I can have some real fun.”

I gasped as I felt my dildo turn onto high in my pussy. “Please stop why are you doing this?!” the man

grabbed my dick and laughed as I could hold back a moan. “ it seems your little friend thinks otherwise. As

does your pussy look how wet u r.” my hand started to move on its own and when I looked I screamed

there was a tentacle like appendage wrapped around it. “Now now shhh.” Then one of the tentacles was

pushed into my mouth blocking my scream. I jolted when I felt my hand placed on my pussy, but what

shocked me the most was how wet I was and that’s when I lost all fight and all I wanted was to have one

of the tentacles in my pussy. The dildo was pulled out of my pussy. “mmmmmm” I moaned around the

tentacle in my mouth. “good you are ready.” Next thing I knew the tentacle that was in my mouth pulled out

and rapped around my dick stroking it slowly, and then something huge was be pushed into my pussy.

“OOOO GOD STOP IT’S TO BIG!!!! Stop please it hurts stop.” “Just relax my pet I will bring to such pleaser

you won’t know what to do.” he grabbed my hand and had me feel his dick as it entered me inch by inch.

“MMMMMMM Uhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm.” Sure enough the pain was gone and I just wanted to be

fucked and the man did just that he started to ram into. “MORE FASTER GOOOOODDDDDDDDD. OOOO

IMMMM CUMMING.” My dick erupted and let jet after jet of cum out and my pussy clamped down on the

monster inside of me. I almost passed out from the mare bliss of it all. Then I felt a tentacle push into my

ass, “Nooo more I cant take it……SOOOOO GOOOD…no….plz stop no more…..” I was going crazy as the

monster worked its magic on both of my holes. This went on for days and each time the monster/man

came my stomach would extend a lil more. I lost track of how many times I cam and sometime during it all

I passed out. When I woke up the man was running his hand over my extended stomach. I will be back in

2 weeks time to see how my slave and babies are doing. I wanted to reach out to him but I was too weak

and blacked out again. A few hours later I woke up rubbing my stomach, “im going to be a mommy.” I

slowly sat up and as I did I felt my babies move around inside of me which made me very very horny. As

slowly made my way to my bathroom to shower I left a trail of my juices. As I stepped into the shower I

collapsed in orgasmic pleasure and for some reason I wasn’t able to stop cumming. “oooo god

no……more…..cant…..stop….someone….” then I saw a picture in my mind that told me what to do. I

forced myself to sit up and I pulled myself up into a squatting position and as I did I felt something start to

come out. i felt no pain just pleasure. I reached down and felt something hard like an egg start to push its

way farther out of my pussy as I gave a small push “mmmmmmm soooo goooooood…’s out finally.” But

I wasn’t able to rest as another one made its way out and then another one and another one. There were

10 all together and as the last one came out I fell over exhausted.

after a while a sat up in a daze and made my way to the kitchen made my self some food and after eating i

walked back into the bathroom and gathered the eggs and brought them to me bed. "You all are good

babies you gave mommy lots of pleasure didnt you. i cant wait till you all hatch."

anonymous readerReport

2012-08-14 21:58:11
Interesting but you need to tell us a little more. You sem to have shortened the story like you are in a hurry.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-05-13 15:55:42
good story but make sure you use full words and check punctuation


2010-04-08 20:51:59
the story was short. for that reason, i hope there r more parts to it.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-04-08 19:21:13
Very badly written. Terrible spelling, and no punctation. Idea good, but story rushed.

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