My first time was when I was 13 with my 14 year-old cousin. We were at his birthday party and I had brought my best friend, his girlfriend, to the party. It was at his new house and there were tons of extra rooms where no one went. He asked to talk with me in private and lead me into a room I hadn’t seen before.
“ Tori listen I have like a really big secret thing I have to tell you and I’ve been hiding it from you for 4 years”
“Okay. Well what??”
“Tori. I’ve been attracted to you for years.”
I stand there shocked because no one knew but I felt the same way and I thought he was playing a joke.
“your joking! Right?”
“NO!!! no I swear I’m not. If u think I’m like really nasty and gross just don’t say a thing and leave me in my pitiful cousinluver loneliness”
“ Nikko?” I’m so amazed I felt the same way but my best friend is his girlfriend. OMG what do I do.
“What” he asks me looking up at me.
I give him the first kiss I had ever had and he sticks his tongue down my throat.I loved it it was my first ever kiss and the best I’ve had yet. I pull away.
“Wait Wait Chelsea is my best friend and ur gf we cant do this” I tell him not even wanting to hear my words. Hormones were taking over I wanted him so badly or to at least kiss him.
“Who cares no one has to know” he said giving me a longer deeper kiss.
“Fuck it” I say as I plunge into his kisses.
He starts to lead me to the bed and he takes off his jacket. I didn’t know wat he was thinking but I only went to a catholic school and I was only 13 I didn’t know how to fuck.
“Nikko what were u expecting for u to fuck me silly?” I ask wishing he could.
“u don’t know how???” he said a little laugh in his voice
“shut up im only 13”
“o yea I learned last year” he said
“yea dork” I said swatting his arm
“I can teach you” he said excited
I was a little worried because well it was my first time his to and he was my cousin. At that moment nothing felt so wrong to me.
“don’t worry” he says “I’ll take care of you” he says pulling me on the bed
He was my cousin and I had always felt safe with him so I relaxed.
He put me on the bed and took off my sweatshirt. He took off his shirt and started to kiss me again.
"I've wanted you for so long"
"i have to. i felt the same way"
I kiss him deeply and he takes off my shirt and i start to undo his pants.
he gets off my shirt and i his pants and before we knew it we were both naked on top of each other.
"okay" he told me "i'm going to stick my dick in your pussy ok?" he askied movign closer
"Dude i know wat to do i just dont know how to do it." I said angry that he wouldn't know that just cuz i was younger dosn't mean i dont know.
"o ok well just relax i'll slowly stick it in you ok?"
How he expected me to keep relaxed i don't know. He was only 14 but he had a decent 7 inch cock for his age. It went into me and my body went crazy i twitched and it hurt me not alot but more than i expected.
"it hurts nikko"
"it dose?" he says starting to pull out. oooo nnnnoooo i was so close to getting fucked by him i wasnt backing out know.
i grabed his ass pushuing him back.
"don't worry i'll be okay just let me get use to it" i said hoping it really worked
"ok" he said going back
to my surprise i was right and i did get use to it. I was starting to feel pleasure sweeping over me from his cock.
"Ok. What do i do now?" i asked eagar and ready.
"ok well just relax i'll put it in and out and once you get use to my rythm then go with me ok?" he said being so understanding.
"ok go on" i said
he started rocking back and fourth filling me up with every thrust.
"mmmmmmmm" i mumble quietly to myself.
As close as he was he heard. "o you like that huh" he said going a lilttle faster. I started on his rythm and we were fucking in no time.
"Thats it follow me"
"ok o god this feels good."
"i know" he says giving me a deep kiss
"oooooo keep going" it was my first time and i was coming toward my orgasm fast.
"Tori i'm cumming" he said franticly he couldnt cum in me we were cuzs and my folks would freak.
"ok" i said pullig out so disappointed that i couldn't cum first.
I kneel down by his legs thinking he wanted me to suck his cock.
but instead he lys me down on the ground and starts to lick my pussy. His lips and tounge were touching places i didn't think possibole to touch with a tounge. My body was going nuts my back arched as my orgasm came to its starts. My feet curled my C cup breasts hardend to a hardness that didnt seem posssible.
"OOOOOOOOOOOOO my god" i screamed
him not wanting anyone to hear removed one of his hands from my hips and placingit over my mouth.
Then my orgasm came to its peak i was holding his head pushing him deeper into me and feeling his warm tounge go in and out of my pussy. All to soon it wqas over and he came and laid next to me me being exhausted.
he kissed me"that felt ssssoooo ggggooooooooooooodddddd" he said
" o god yes but how are we going to do this?" I ask him expecting this to be our only time.
"about 7ish meet me up here and i'll steal a condom from my parents room ok?"
I was shocked i wanted to fuck him but i wasnt expecting this not that i argued.
we both put on our clothes and went to the bathroom to wash up it was 2 hours untill 7 so i couldn't wait. TO BE CONTINUED

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Veryyyy Goooooooood Toriiii !!

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so continue, please go on with your deflowering you
need to tell all of us about it. May I have the pleasure of gtting your ass cherry, please. I'll be gentle, just look at my eyes, I never lie to a little girl


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Tori you should put a blank line after each paragraph ... that will make it easier to read... Also don't rush things ... give more detailed descriptions ... 6/10


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some of the worst spelling ever

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