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After Ray had his way with Ashleigh, it's now the other three's turn.
Ray dressed himself back into the clothes he’d discarded around the house and made his way outside, intending to check on the two girls he’d locked in the shed. He approached the small building and unlocked the door, swinging it open. On the cot inside, Kasey and Karah were both cuddled close, looking very terrified. He smiled at them.

“You girls are probably scared right now,” he said casually, “but I won’t hurt you.” The girls didn’t say anything and remained quiet. “Under one condition.”

“W-what?” Karah asked. She sounded like she had a head cold.


“No way!” Karah cried, gripping onto Kasey tighter, who just whimpered. Ray narrowed his eyes at them.

“We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. You choose.” He let that statement hang in the air for a moment before very slowly, Kasey stood up and began to slip off her bikini bottoms and untie her top. Karah was staring at her in horror.

“We have to listen to him, Karah,” Kasey said softly, now standing nude in front of her best friend. Karah swallowed hard before standing up and discarding what little clothing she had.

“You two aren’t as beautiful as Ash, but you’re definitely worth all the stress and trouble I went through to get you here. Now, sit back on the cot.” Simultaneously, the girls sat down, side by side. “Are you both virgins?” He questioned them, his hand slipping down to knead his growing cock through his jeans.

“I am,” Kasey said meekly. Karah shook her head.

“Ah, my own little slut. Well, as I already started with a virgin, maybe now I should continue the pattern.” Kasey whimpered again; Karah looked like she was going to throw up.

“Ashleigh. . .”

“She’s fine, just a little exhausted after our fuck fest,” Ray explained as he began to take his clothes off. He grabbed a dirty blanket on the ground and moved it in front of him. “Lay on that, Kasey,” he demanded, stepping out of his pants, completely nude once more. Shaking, Kasey slowly lowered herself to the filthy ground in front of Ray.

“Please,” Kasey pleaded with him, “please don’t do this.” Ray laughed loudly.

“What is it with you girls? I’m doing you a favor. Rather me than some inexperienced teen boy, am I right?” He grabbed her legs and spread them, licking his lips at Kasey’s pussy. “Looks yummy,” he told her and spit into his hand. He rubbed it on his dick before pressing the tip of it against her, groaning. “It’s gonna be another tight one,” he said with a sigh. He pushed halfway inside of her and she tried to pull away, crying out in pain.

“Please stop!” Kasey cried.

“Why on earth would I stop?” Ray asked, grunting as he sank balls deep. “Mmm, fuck yes.” He drew back and in one fluid movement, thrusted deep inside of her. Kasey screamed bloody murder. “Shut up!” He growled, thrusting into shallowly, “just shut up!”

“Nooo, please, please don’t do this! Stop!”

Ray paid her no attention as he tore into her, snapping his hips forward violently. Kasey clawed at the dirt beneath her, the blanket bunched up down by her ass. She lurched back and forth as Ray fucked her, screaming and crying.

“Stop!” It was Karah, this time. Ray didn’t stop completely, but slowed his thrusts to deep, powerful ones.

“What?” He asked her, irritated. Kasey was blubbering beneath him.

“Please. . .stop. Not her. Take me instead.” Ray rolled his eyes at her request.

“I’m fucking a virgin pussy and you’re offering me you’re used one? Why would I even consider that?” He said, giving Kasey an extra hard thrust to prove his point. She screamed again, choking on her sobs.

“You’re hurting her!” Karah said desperately, “please stop! I’ll-I’ll suck your cock! I’ll let you fuck me, I’ll ride you, please, just stop hurting her. . .”

And Ray did stop; the idea of Karah riding him suddenly appealed to him very much. “Yeah?”

“Yes, yes, please. . .just stop. . .” Karah begged, dropping to her knees with relief.

“Hm. Yeah, well. Just don’t make me regret this, bitch.” With a final thrust inside Kasey, Ray pulled out frowning at the red streaks on his dick. Kasey curled up on her side and sobbed quietly. Karah bit her lip as she looked up at him, sniffling. “All right, well. Get to it. Suck the blood off.” She took a deep breath before reaching up and grasping the shaft, leaning forward and wrapping her lips around it. He groaned. It wasn’t quite the same as fucking Kasey’s tight little cunt, but it was still great.

Ray let his hands wrap around the back of Karah’s head as he pushed forward into her mouth. She gagged and coughed as it hit the back of her throat but Ray kept her head in place as he started to fuck her mouth. He even tilted her head back a little so he could get it down her throat. The gagging noises she was making was actually kind of turning him on even more and he yanked her head away by her hair and peered down into her face.

Karah’s make up was streaming down her cheeks, eyes red and puffy, saliva dripping down her chin as she wheezed for breath. There was determination in her eyes, however, and Ray knew he was going to have a difficult time breaking her. He pulled her to her feet and led her to the cot and sat down on it. Karah stared down at his rock hard dick, resting against his stomach. He grabbed the bottom of it and waved it at her.

“Come on now, get up here.” His voice suddenly sounded very gentle and caring; like he was her boyfriend
reassuring her it was okay. Karah felt sick.

“Which way?” She asked, closing her eyes briefly to fight the waves of nausea. Ray thought for a moment.

“Reverse cowgirl. I wanna see that ass of yours.”

Slowly, Karah turned around and climbed up on top of Ray, lowering herself until the tip of his cock brushed her hole. Ray grasped her hips and pulled her down, spearing her pussy on his dick. “Ow,” Karah said softly as she shifted uncomfortably. She’d only had sex a handful of times and neither guy was near as big as Ray was.

“You’re not going to complain too, now are you?” Ray asked exasperatedly. Karah grunted.

“No, I’m not.”

“Good. Make this worth my while or I’ll just go back to that slut on the ground.” Karah glanced back at her friend, who was still on the ground. Kasey was no longer crying but was still breathing heavily. Karah silently said a prayer for her. Ray was not going to touch her anymore if she could help it.
Karah lifted herself up off his cock then slammed herself back down onto it. She gasped in pain but didn’t let up, fucking him as hard as she could. Ray let out a surprised laugh. “Wow, you’re not so bad,” he said, letting his hands glide up her flat stomach and to her bouncing tits, grasping them in his hands and squeezing. “You like that, little girl?” Karah rolled her eyes despite the immense pain and decided to indulge him.

“Oh, yes, it’s so good,” she panted, trying her best to sound seductive.

“You like fucking my cock?”

“I do,” Karah said, not sure how she should’ve responded to that. Ray was such a pig; it sickened her to the core.

“Oh, I know you like it, you little slut.” Ray watched as his cock sank in and out of the pink folds, using one hand to spread her ass and the other to hold onto her hip. “Fuck me hard, make me cum.”

“Ooh yes, I like fucking your big cock,” she said, becoming desperate. She wished he’d just hurry up and blow his load already.

“Mmm, you’re so hot,” he moaned and leaned back, enjoying it. Karah panted harshly; the sound of their skin slapping together was the only sound in the stuffy little shack. She wrinkled her nose when he suddenly stuck a finger inside her puckered asshole. “I wanna fuck this ass later. . .” Panic filled Karah and she hoped that it wouldn’t come to that. He let out another groan as his hips began to buck. “I’m gonna . . . oh fuck.” With a loud grunt, Ray came, thrusting shallowly and rapidly as his dick spurted off load after load. When he caught his breath, he shoved her away, watching his cum dribbled down the inside of her thigh. He dressed himself quickly, ignoring Kasey, who was still on the ground.

“I’ll be back for you two later. I’m off to go find that other friend of yours. Leah was it? What an attitude that one had. I’m sure she’d be a blast.” With that, Ray disappeared from sight, locking the shed up behind him. Karah knelt down by Kasey’s side and drew her into her arms.

“Shh, it’s okay,” she chided, “we’ll get out of here. I promise.” Kasey started to sob in earnest, burying her face into Karah’s bare shoulders. “I won’t let him hurt you no more, I won’t. . .” Her mind drifted to Ashleigh and once again, felt sick. If that was what they had been forced to endure, what on earth had he done to Ashleigh?

Ray set off down the beach, scanning the shore for Leah. Finally, he spotted her, standing at the water’s edge looking very anxious. “Leah!” He called. She turned and narrowed her eyes at the sight of him.

“Where are my friends?” She demanded, strutting up to him. This was almost too easy, he thought to himself.

“We found Chance by the Ranger’s station and they stopped inside for something to eat. I told them I’d come get you. Let’s go.”

Leah eyed him suspiciously. He could see that she did not believe him; however, she followed him anyway.

Through the sparse forest of trees, down the steep embankment, Leah followed Ray in silence. They passed the shed; Ray silently thanked the two girls inside for being quiet, even though he knew they were probably asleep after their little game.

“This doesn’t look like a Ranger’s station,” Leah said suspiciously as Ray led her up to the front door of his house.

“Well, he lives here too,” he tried to explain.

“I don’t believe you,” she accused. Ray sighed.

“Okay, you caught me. Come in and I’ll explain what happened.” Ray disappeared inside the house and Leah, against her better judgment, followed him in.

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Its was okay. Not a good as the first.


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Good stuff use the shit out of them and either keep them and breed them or you will have to get rid of the edviance. Can go more into a torture story with snuff,

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