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When old friends meet
He looked at her sitting across the room in front of him, they sat in silence as the music from the turntable filled the room that's painted light blue with matching carpet on the floor, covering the carpet at three of its edges were cushions of various sizes. shapes and shades of blue.
As if suddenly awaken from a dream he said. "I had a dream of you last night, now you are here just as in my dream.
Let me tell you about my dream from the start, then perhaps you can make a move to defend yourself from the things that I'm very sure could happen here tonight.
Last night in my dreams I sat in my music room listening to some records, as the first of the three records on the turntable were half way through I saw the signal light in the far corner blink twice, I rose and went to the door, there you were, standing in the same clothes and hat you are wearing now.
I was quite surprise to see you, for when we ran into each other earlier in the day downtown and I gave you my address I never really thought that you would come, at least not so soon and alone.
Just the same I asked you in, we came into this room and sat in the same position and place as we are now, to make a long story short every thing that we have done and said up to now is exactly as in the dream, except that I didn't tell you about the dream, mmmmm come to think of it I do remember telling you about a dream.
We sat exchanging stories of or lives over the last five years that we hadn't seen each other, as we reminisced we drank wine and smoke cigarettes while the music played on. As time dragged on, we got closer and closer to each other until eventually we sat side by side on the same cushion, in the time it took for a record to play we had embraced each other, giggling as we exchange kisses to the forehead, cheeks, neck, ears and lips.
Two more records ran their course by that time we were laying on the floor amongst the cushions, exploring each other body with hands and lips, shirt and blouse were unbuttoned to reveal a hairless man chest and smooth satin textured breasts encased in pink cups of a brasiers, pants and slacks were unzipped, hairs were disarranged and makeup slightly smeared.
With some difficulty I managed to disengage myself from your embrace and staggered to put two more records on the turntable, I remember looking down at your beautiful innocent face and thinking of the many times in the past when I just wanted to take your slender body in my arms, carry you to my bed and make love to you all night long.
You extended your hands out to me thus breaking my trance, I held it but resisted as you tried to pull me back down to the floor where you laid, it wasn't until a minute later that my eye was filled with your innocent beauty and my lips once more wanted to taste the sweetness of you did I submit I fell to my knees between your open thighs.
Your body was firm and warm beneath me as I reached for your lips, I remember a particular point when we rolled over and you lay on me, the carpet floor seemed to drop out from beneath me, the music seemed to fade in the distance and pushed us away until we were drifting in the dark silence of space, dark except the pinpoint of star light around us, silent except our heavy breathing and songs of passions that seems to come from the very stars.
It was the sudden explosion of a star that blew us back in the silent room where our naked bodies laid tangled and twitching with passionate delights surrounded by disregard clothing, cushions and wine glasses, we laughed at the craziness of our action.
From some unknown source I felt a surge of energy flow through my body, the power I needed to disengage myself, take you in my arms and carry you to the bedroom where I gentle laid you on the large bed covered with silk sheets, I took only a moment to turn on the open reel player to fill the room with romantic jazz.
I knelt between your open legs and softly caress your body with only my finger tips, while my eyes fed on your beauty, in the glow of dim blue light which aluminate the room with a moonlight softness, your body generated a hue that I would truly accept as the true colour of love. I remember saying that if there really is a goddess of love it should be you for any other would be a waste.
Once again I held your firm young breasts in my hands while my tongue roamed from nipple to nipple, then on its own accord it began to wander down the length of your body, it rests for a moment in your pleasure garden, that was when it happened, the moves that made my head spin so fast that unconsciousness was only a breath away. Do you know what I did? My tongue found the solitary flower in your garden, my tongue tasted the sweet juices of your body, my love, it was so thick, so sweet and it flowed in such quantity that if I had not let out a scream of joy I would have been a helpless mass of human flesh between your thighs.
It seemed that never before in all my days have I ever tasted body juice so rich in flavour, so delicate in fragrance or flowed in such great quantity. Speak of the nectar of love, the essence of womanhood. My body jerk and went limp as all my energy rushed to my mouth only to escape in the flick of my tongue and a loud scream, yet I stayed and drank as you kept offering, I did what I had to do to draw your sweet nectar from your never ending spring, I thirst for your sweet nectar as if stranded in the desert heat without water, I drank as if I had found an Oasis after a hundred miles of travel.
As much as you gave, it was a mere trickle compare to what you offered shortly when I felt the pressure of your heels in my back, I felt the pressure of your thighs at the side of my head and I heard your muffled scream, your hips rose violently from the bed and your fingers clawed wildly at the sheets, your entire body shook and trembled as your fountain opened and in a series of squirt your precious nectar gust out in abundance, I hung on to you desperately trying to suck every drop from your flower.
When I had drank all of the nectar that you had to offer we laid side by side, kissing and caressing softly as passion once more rose in your body, I began to finger the petals and bud of you flower with one hand while the other caress the nipples of one breast and my tongue played with the other, it was shortly after this that I suddenly realized that the power in my body was about to burst free.
Still I continued to play and caress until the centre of your flower was very wet, it was then that I rolled on you and began to tease your ear with my tongue, at the same time my stem pass through your garden, between the petals and over the bud to the centre of your flower, with a slight forward push I felt your flower open as a soft moan escapes your lips, your fingers press on my back, I felt the silky tightness of your flower clasp unto my stem.
Like before when I first tasted your nectar my head began to spin which cause me to withdraw only to push a little harder and deeper, another moan came from your lips and your fingers dug harder into my back.
I think it was my forth of fifth push that made your body sank down into the mattress, this time your moan were louder and your fingers were like claws as they raked at my back, I felt your nails break my skin, my back was now afire as perspiration run into my torn flesh.
I didn't push any harder or deeper, I just took up the natural rhythm as I held you tightly in my arms constantly aware of your hot moist flower and the sliding of my stem, your soft moans soon became louder moans of pleasure and your body was caught up in the rhythm, I felt when you spread your thighs wider, your hips rose higher and you pull down on my ass as you try to suck in more of my stem, once again I heard pain mixed with pleasure as my stem slide a little deeper into you, yet when I tried to ease back you pulled harder on my body.
Up and down, side to side, round and round, faster and faster our body moves, always in perfect rhythm as if we kept time to some unnatural melodies, our sounds of pleasure increased until it fill the room, teeth and nails tore at flesh, legs and arms held tightly to the body that they enfold, salty perspiration and freshly open wounds added to the excitement, as were the many dreams I've had of you in the past, each that flashed through my mind brought newness to the excitement and new strength to my body.
I was aware of you moving rapidly under me, your sharp nails etching patterns on my back, your sharp teeth in my shoulder or neck, the savage sounds that you threw into the room, your legs that for one minute would be spread wide apart would the next minute be wrapped tightly around my body, your tight flower that was now overflowing with nectar that clings to my stem as it rapidly emerges and submerge, the slapping sounds of our body meeting my own inhuman sounds.
Yet all these came to an end when I felt a warm vibrating feeling in my head and toes, they moved slowly through my body until they finally came together at my stem, all the power I had gathered during the night suddenly exploded in a series of powerful blasts and with only one outlet it burst fort into the delicate flower that was violently pulling it in to mix with its own burst of power.
It seemed as if our combine explosion took us to the end of the universe for I remember passing galaxies of different colours, then at what appeared to be the end I felt the same vibrating feeling this time it started in the tip of my stem and spread through out my body and shot us back into our self made paradise.
A smile, a kiss, a touch and a few soft words of love were all it took to get the rhythm going again, there was no pain only the pleasure as your flooded flower welcome more and more of my glittering stem, the rhythm was slow and steady, it didn't take long before the explosions came and once again we were cast to the outer most regions of space and was slowly drawn back to our little paradise where a familiar friend call sleep wrapped our exhausted body in his dark blanket and carried us into his house of dreams.
The two remaining days that you spend with me were spend in sexual harmony, there were times that we spend refreshing ourselves together in the shower or in the bath, we would listen to music and would eventually retreat to our nest and drank each others nectar before your flower and my stem becomes one, then to float in bliss.
Naturally I was sad as I wash your tantalizing body under the shower, the sadness increased when you sat before the mirror and carefully apply your make-up, then I watched as you slowly got dress. An embrace, a kiss, a smile then you turned and passed through my door to the outside world, I watched as you drove down the street in the bright morning light, it wasn't until you turned the corner that I stepped back inside and close the door on the bright sunlight.
Well that's it, the dream I had last night. Excuse me a minute while I get a fresh bottle of wine, then I'll but on a tape and we can get into the grove of things."
With that he left her sitting there and walked towards the basement where his wine was stored.


2004-09-22 09:10:46
I think it;s very good. It's so poetic :)


2004-09-20 15:26:06
too much symbolisim, was he having sex or picking flowers?


2004-04-20 10:45:30

Keep your day job. Stem?? Cute. Take a writing class. You're damaging the image of the brotherhood, wimp.

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